Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tons of TMI Tuesday!







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  1. first!

  2. oh, also my first post on this website.

    suck on that, random people with no lives :)

  3. I want to know what the hell Jake was doing to Winnie the Pooh that made him so sloppy. Sick freak.

  4. I was just about to masturbate with exfoliating scrub. PHEW! Thanks for the warning Antonio.

  5. Does anyone else find it hilarious that the person who submitted the first one has their FB language set to Pirate?

  6. whoever posted that looks like a jackass because the language is set to pirate.

  7. “Ring piece” is my new favorite expression.

  8. I find it funny that Jessica only put a (.) and her friend Michelle already understood what she meant. I wouldn’t even look twice at that post,lol.

  9. “to stop everything falling out”?! The bottom (heehee) one has got to be a fake. Whether or not it is it is the most disgusting notion I’ve come across here for a while.

  10. WTF is “Mark” talking about….a “pad”? Like a maxi-pad? LOL

  11. That Mark can wear a pad to keep his insides from falling out his A-hole is important information. I wouldn’t trade knowing it for the world.

  12. Mark was totally fisted

  13. Do you like turtles too CumDog?

  14. @fistacular
    I hadn’t considered fisting as a possibility. Thanks fistacular!

  15. Mammygram = mammy gets her tits squeezed? Does that mean that a Daddygram = father getting his bollocks prodded?

    I love this site. It makes my fb friends appear relatively normal, well-adjusted people.

  16. I like skeezers.

  17. The mammygram chick is such a brat. It’s all about her need to party, never mind her mother in the next room, hoping she doesn’t find a life-threatening illness.
    Stupid cancer-ridden mother… my SONG is ON!!!!!

  18. Antonio’s post made me laugh out loud. While not something I would post to facebook, it could be a real warning to all masturbators out there. He just saved some penis’ from being rubbed raw. :-P

    And Michelle – me *too

  19. @rachel_A I didnt even understand Jessica’s status until I read your comment

  20. @Uhmanduh ….Oh mahgod..

    You’re the singer from operator please right?

    I totally wanna lick your vagina.

    xx Clarice

  21. Wow, this just took an interesting turn.

  22. @Uhmanduh …….Oh mahgod..

    You’re the singer from operator please right?

    I totally wanna lick your vagina.

    xx Clarice

  23. Oh, ring piece…I get it now.

  24. I hope Mark ran out and got his Depends undergarments before the man juice started leaking.

    {I wrote this while gagging over my toilet..}

  25. @ratcoons widow

    You are truly dedicated. Gagging over the toilet and typing simultaneously? Do you give lessons?

    I’ll bet you don’t even need someone to hold your hair.

  26. I didnt read the name and it didnt register that the disgusting person going on about their insides was a dude. Now I too am suffering with a case of the voms.

  27. AWWW come on. Dudes can lose their insides just like the ladies can.

    Note to dude. MORE LUBE.

  28. TMI-FTW…

  29. Ouch to Mark, that being said, what was Jessica saying, I don’t get it.

  30. She said “period.”

  31. Shouldn’t a “note to self” be…oh I don’t know…kept to yourself?

  32. Ooooh, I get it now :D

  33. signing and dancing…an interesting concept

  34. just rub the foreskin forward and back and u don’t need lotion or whatnot

  35. I like turtles.

  36. Antonio LMAO!!!
    Hey he didn’t say anything about not using sand paper soaked in sugar soap! Phew! My date for tonight is safe :)

  37. @Zombie Kid: Just imagine what this Mark guy could be doing with Turtles? If his insides are ready to fall out he is obviously loose enough to stick a Turtle or two up there.

  38. hehe imagining poor jamie in the ER surrounded by doctors trying to release his tongue from between the legs of his girl was fun

    and then i read Mark’s status

  39. 1) So it’s not possible anymore to masturbate without props?

    2) As for Jamie with his tongue stud, serves him right. Be careful not to get caught in the left flap next time.

    3) Hillary: from laughing to being pissed within one status update. Quite the emotional yo-yo.

    4) Jake & Mark… mankind’s ring pieces.

    But I like Jessica. Subtle, yet to the point.

  40. @Antarctic Circle: 1) It is possible to masturbate without props, but masturbating with props can be alot more fun ;)

  41. i hate turtles but i love my clitoris

  42. @ Insane (#41)

    Haha, especially certain props!

  43. What’s wrong with expressing happiness when ladies are getting their tits squeezed? I can’t think of a better time.

  44. I like squeezing tits (even French ‘A’ cups). I wonder how much money I could make doing that?

  45. @ Antarctic Circle #43: Yes like Sand paper soaked in Sugar Soap. “Because III’ve, had, the time of my lifeee, and i owe it all to yooooou”. – singing to said sand paper soaked in sugar soap ;)

  46. Ouch. Thanks Insane, but I’m a bit old-school, I’d rather pass on that! I’d love to meet the person though who was the very first to look at sandpaper, and sugar soap… and then one thing led to another… or maybe I don’t really want to meet him!

  47. You are most welcome Antarctic Circle! Old school is awesome because that is where everything originated from. Variety is awesome too (so long as its not too creepy like beastiality or grandparent sex).In all fairness my variation idea came from Antonio, so he does deserve most of the credit. As for me i am back to the drawing board to find a variation which hurts less.

  48. @johnjohn he must be cut. too bad for him.

  49. I held ratcoons widow’s hair back for her.
    (She’s gonna need a pad tomorrow)

  50. What part of exfoliating sounded safe to put near one’s penis?!

    And after a few more sessions like that, Mark’s going to need to upgrade from pads to tampons. I’m sure Jessica could point him in the right direction.

  51. @52: The word safe was replaced by fun and the structure of sentence was changed to suit “Let’s do it”!

  52. #49 Thesaurapist for the (evil) win!!

  53. why on earth would Hillary want to dance to “Party in the USA”?

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