Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TMI Tuesday



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  1. Jennifer is soooo clever!

  2. Wow.

  3. If I shit myself I would tell NO ONE.

  4. haha i hope daniel was at least drunk or had eaten alot of laxatives. Either what a freaking doosh!

  5. pants shitting stories always make me laugh…maybe he was at walmart at the time and it will be on pow too!

  6. If you are going to call someone a retarded moron please spell it correctly…

  7. To the moron who will undoubtedly stumble into this thread and try to correct flexo’s spelling:


  8. Im shocked she was going around with her udders flopping free. She probably soaked the bottom of her shirt and thats why she didnt notice.

  9. Oh fuck, I’m already too late.

    Good job, Katie.


    Daniel gotta be the most discreet person ever.

  11. There should be a sign at the top of every thread that reads “Do not feed the animal named flexo”.

  12. Has no one thought that perhaps the troll is feeding himself?

  13. That is a possibility Megan, but I doubt it’s all him.

  14. That’s possible Megan and that’s really sad.

  15. I’m thinking that Lisa may not have noticed she was leaking milk because the wet spot was on her stomach. Perhaps now she will finally invest in a bra.

  16. I find flexo’s humour refreshing. Seriously i dont know too many adults that can chuck a tantrum like our little troll.

  17. flexo doesn’t go to school, he lives at my house, we’ve already been over this. He’s my butt slave, my apologies for his problem causing on here. I assure you he will be taken care of tonight, for his internet time is almost over.

  18. Please don’t use my name in vain, retart!

  19. since Zombie Kid isn’t here to say it

    I like turtles.

  20. I like turtles, too. Where is our dear Zombie Kid?

  21. Flexo, You’re such a retart. Why don’t you go be retarted somewhere else you retarted retart. Retartedness is not welcome here…

    Do you think I got my point across?

  22. I don’t like turtles anymore.

  23. Oh and also, the majority of the world outside the USA spells it ‘HUMOUR’ You fucking knobhead twat

  24. Re:Tart. I also like Pies.

    Lisa’s lactating Spaniels Ears and Jennifer’s comment FTW!

  25. someone really needs education.

  26. what kind of brianless retart spells moron any other way you humourless dooshbags! :-P

  27. Zombie Kid doesn’t even like turtles anymore?! Oh god, there goes any faith I still had in this website.. WHAT IS LAMEBOOK COMING TO?!

  28. Flexo you retart H*U*M*O*U*R is the word here you sloppy asshole! Sigh somebody get our troll a world dictionary please?

  29. today is tuseday night

  30. Haha, just to avoid all confusion: It’s ‘RETARD’ with a D at the end. NOT a T you fuckhead. And don’t go saying not to be racist when you come back with a comment like “Mexico is the only country that matters” that just shows how ignorant you are.

  31. pille palle alle pralle

  32. “I say Taco they say Taco. I say something else they still say Taco”.

  33. #40 you poop ice cream

  34. im glad you like my flavour qwertzxcv! :)

  35. #41 is that where muck-flurries come from then?

  36. By the fuck! every comment thread on this site has turned into a “flexo-fest”. It’s definitely stupid, but I’ll admit I laugh sometimes over it.

  37. If your gonna be critical of spelling, I should remind you that doosh is spelled douche. And as a retard myself, I enjoy waffles and turtles. I can also identify my own kind and flexo is most certainly not a retard, however he is a pickle smuggling, fart sniffing, needle dicked, horse faced, ass clown,that likes to wear ladies under pants and do the hokey pokey, while feeding small rodents in to his rectum. But I digress.

  38. Zombie kid no longer likes turtles. The world has stopped spinning, the sun has stopped shining, and Lamebook is jumping the shark as we speak…

    We can quickly put an end to this insanity by simply skipping over any troll posts. Don’t read them. Just keep scrolling until a normal post appears. Please people. Zombie kid, and the whole of the Earth, are depending on you.


  40. lol @ foolishwolf. “By the fuck” is a wicked phrase, gonna put that one to the top of my list to use at work along with “cock-spanners”. Cheers dude :)

  41. To all those throwing humour into this thread, especially the irony filled “retart” gag then please may I supply a handy tip so your humour becomes obvious to those whose brains cannot quite handle the concept of irony. Here it is, just use (sic) after each word you mispelt, you will make more people laugh and seem even more intelligent than you do now…..also if it gets used a lot, then stupid people try and use (sic) in the wrong circumstances and THEN you can seriously laugh at them….

    Yours sincerely

    (ps quickly re-reading this before I post it can I say that “yes mispelt” is correctly spelt, please look it up in a dictionary before wasting your time typing)

  42. #40,42 but you are an alien, you can take on any shape you want

    #43 i also like beans

  43. silverstone you are lame that idea sucked

  44. only because you dont know what the word humour means let alone irony.

  45. so please educate us on the difference between sarcasm and irony.

  46. @ Silvertone… you know flexo’s going to start using sic instead of sick now, don’t you? Like “sic retarted asshole” lol

  47. @ beans – I’m not the originator of it, but yes, agreed, the phrase is fucking badass haha

  48. I don’t know why people are surprised or upset that these comment sections are quickly going to shit and being polluted by 13 year old trolls. The Internet brings out the absolute worst in a lot of people. For a simpler explanation, just google “John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.”

  49. Flexo, what’s your highest level of education?

  50. I think we lost the troll he has not replied what a retart

  51. hey, where did flexo go. I was waiting for a rebuttal.

  52. Although I’m totally stealing that last line from flexo to use as an everyday insult- “you are a bigger asshole than Hitler”. LMFAO

  53. damn

  54. why can’t anybody be decent anymore.. she goes around with no bra on and then even posts about it… ugh……..

  55. That goes without saying, but wanker trolls with cavernous sobering vaginae have a hard time sitting on stools. Don’t they?

  56. bong.

  57. @ 64 — of all things in this entry to gripe about, you chose the fact this woman does not regularly wear a bra??? that’s a gift on a winter day

  58. Yah but shes a prego 68

  59. yech

  60. true mikey, true

  61. mikey lavey you assholes, you are bigger dooshbags than that asshole Silvertone. yuse yer gotdamn brians!

  62. looks like i spoke far to soon

  63. Brians = cabeza? Or did you brians (sic), yah wab.

  64. I like turtles.

  65. Hey that was funny, I commend you fake flexo.

  66. Flexo is such a Paulbag

    I don’t wear a bra if I’m comfy at home, or sick in bed. However, I’d never leave the house without one. Nor would I if I was pregnant. I’m more less disturbed a grown man shit his pants, because he couldn’t hold it any longer. O__o

  67. lol welcome to my world just one more hand i can hold it just one more hand i can hold it… oh crap.

  68. hey fake flexo, i’d never say looser you retart. you are the biggest asshole on here.

  69. somebody please bismarck flexo.

  70. and i just lost the game… so so lame

  71. We can register! Praise Jesus!

  72. @ Flexo

    Look it up.

  73. At last…this site has registration! No more clones!

    Come back Mr Haiku!

  74. @ Ratcoons widow, LB jumped the shark a loooong time ago. (well, long in the sense of internet time) x)

    I miss the real boz, Mr.Haiku and silent koala. Also others that I can’t think of. I miss when I was the only one with nothing amusing to say.

  75. *when I just read the witty comments and agreed. I made it sound like I’m tryin’a be soo oldskool. I was really just bagging myself out and praising old LB comments. WTF LvH? and now I shut-up.

  76. Of all the things I have ever said, they put this up? Ba ha ha ha ha Funny shit.

  77. @Lisa

    So glad you have a sense of humor about this. So many people put ridiculous, lame, and inappropriate things on Facebook (hence the need for Lamebook), then come on here and are completely shocked and appalled that it’s been posted here. Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity. :)

  78. Lisa, we live in a society that thinks breastfeeding is akin to shitting or fucking. A lot of real grown-ups.

  79. What is wrong with breastfeeding? Especially in public places. I have respect for those women becuase they dont mind flashing a bit of boob to innocent bystanders. God bless them! *TEAR*

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