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  1. She definitely took it up the ass.

  2. she’s a ho….fa’ sho

  3. What’s with the unpixellated photos?

  4. LMAO!

  5. Mom and Dad must be so proud of their little girl!

  6. I wonder how many dudes are search for Maria on fb right now.

  7. What the hell is an A-card?

  8. Sara:

  9. I wonder why Robin likes the status if she doesn’t even know what it’s about.

  10. ahahahahaha! and leaving the photo untouched = hilarity.

    and GROSS. why even announce that? this is all porn’s fault! ;)

  11. Maybe Maria doesn’t know what it means either. She seems very non-chalant for someone who’s just been ass-reamed. Either that or she’s dating Dick “tiny” O’Toole.

  12. Ha, hope you guys enjoyed our fuck up.

  13. Man I love me some buttsluts. Where do I find this Inter-ho?

  14. @admin: You do realize that we can still see the unpixellated version by clicking “view image” in our browsers and removing the “2″ from its URL, right?

  15. @Sparky: noted

  16. How cute – she got her butt cherry popped.

  17. @admin: I’m laughing. It appears you just replaced the “2″ with a “1″ in the URL, but we can still see the original unpixellated image by now removing the “1″ instead.

  18. HOTT!!

  19. Whoa! I thought she meant American Express Card at first, but then I realised it was her ass that was swiped!

  20. @ admin, better remove the image w/o the 1! I can still see it too.

  21. gahhh. I love you guys….

  22. fucking nasty haha, who the hell brags about that gross shit anyways lol

  23. no one wants to know that. seriously.
    && for some reason, Dear Maria, Count Me In is stuck in my head now.

  24. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with anal sex. ;) However, posting about it on Facebook is all kinds of wrong.

  25. I am actually speechless, I have no comment because I am gobsmacked this would be posted on FB….

  26. one in the stink

  27. how very classy

  28. Helena Handbasket

    @International…if you forget where the other two go, Maria will tell you!

  29. “A-card”? Who makes up crappy terminology like this? Sex words should at least have a little imagination or humor value. This just sounds a word that electronics hobbyists would toss around while sorting through transistors and capacitors.

  30. @Stella I love that your name is Stella and you made an ATL reference. But I don’t know; I think in this case, it should be “Dear Maria, count me OUT.” If I were her Facebook friend, I would wish she’d left me out of the loop.
    This is just…awkward and gross and NOT something you broadcast to all your friends on Facebook. You definitely do not proudly shout it from the rooftops while looking upon the people sans “A-cards.”
    At least her mother doesn’t appear to be her Facebook friend.

  31. @Josie exactly. i love those boys.
    LMFAO, agreed, i wouldn’t want that on my homepage. && ohlord could you imagine, if she was fb friends with her mother?!
    people these days.

  32. I should have screencapped the unpixellated version!

  33. At least her mum hasn’t left a comment.

  34. Dammit Mr Griswald & dontdothatdonna, why’d you ruin it for us? Only computer geeks would have figured it out…
    I demand to see the face of the idiot that would post this.

  35. lost that card a long time ago :)


  37. so, i just got this link sent to me from one of my actual friends on facebook who frequents this site. what the link didnt show was my post BELOW that, which said that i really really hated the guy who infultrated my account when i forgot to log out on his iphone, and wrote that as a joke. for all those who think i’m some sort of “butt-slut inter-ho,” im really really not. and after learning what an a-card actually was, i can guarantee that mine is still very much in-tact.

    on the flip side of things, i guess this was a really successful prank.


    p.s. this site is stupid.

  38. tl;dr, but I strongly suspect that comment did not advance the lulz in any way.

  39. Maria, the “logged in from someone elses iphone who then posted this as a joke” excuse is the “dog ate my homework” of your generation. No one’s buying it & you shouldn’t be selling it.

    BTW, free Friday night? NSA, safe, my place, ten-ish?

  40. So I fess up, maria is a friend of mine, and we like to chew each other out by writing rude facebook status’ when we catch them unguarded, so yeah, it was a joke, maria’s a sweetheart.

    seriously though, this website is fucking disturbing, basically facebook stalkers from the world over peep comments on walls and photos of people they don’t even know???

    Do you guys cruise your mini feed for saucy comments about “friends” (and lord do I use the term lightly) and then meet back here for the hardcore stuff?

    Christ, one of your categories is “relationships.” There’s all kinds of wrong with that…

    and Sgt. Hulka, If “dog ate my homework” is from YOUR generation, I don’t think Maria will be spending any time at your place.

  41. eat a dick? thanks.

  42. Uh Nick, you might want to cotton onto the idea that nothing on the Internet is as private as you think, PARTICULARLY all those nifty little social networking sites you and your peers have infested/invaded. It used to be said that if you didn’t want something you said quoted in the New York Times to not e-mail it; well, the same goes for FB in this day and age. And yes, Sgt. Hulka IS right, “logged in from someone else’s iPhone who then posted this as a joke” = “dog ate my homework”, i.e. a totally lame excuse that no one’s buying.

  43. @Nick
    “Do you guys cruise your mini feed for saucy comments about “friends” (and lord do I use the term lightly) and then meet back here for the hardcore stuff?”

    Yes. All the time. And before lamebook, I had to screencap them and email them individually to all my friends. Now I just send them a link.

  44. The problem with Nick’s comments are that he thinks it’s funny to post that Maria lost her a-card on a public forum, but is offended by this site.

  45. Dear Jeebus:

    please let maria and Nick be the actual Maria and “Nick”. oh, i’m sorry, one more thing. please also let maria and “Nick” continute to “forget” to log out of Facebook on each others’ iPhones so we can continue to enjoy their hilarity.

    thank you.

  46. To all the people who’re saying thank god her mothers not on her facebook… well, maybe Robin IS her mother.

    Hence not knowing what an A-card is.

  47. Guys’ there is no IPhone sign next to her comment, somebodies lying!

  48. Haha I love how the person you ‘liked’ it didn’t even know what it meant

  49. Let’s make the world a better place…one less anal virgin at a time.

  50. she lost her triple A card people its not that serious!

  51. Holely crap…I hope not …

  52. what freya said, the status update wasn’t made from a mobile phone, maria is full of shit

  53. @Freya
    I absolutely love when people spot shit like that on this website. 3 points for you sir.

  54. Sir? Freya is a female name if there ever was one. It’s on par with Eva and Maria.

  55. Poor girl, all she wanted was to express her delight that she can now poop bigger poops!

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