Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Check Your Inbox for the Ring

We think the comments on Lamebook are just as funny as the posts. So we’re asking you to come up with a clever title for this post and at the end of the day, we will title it with the best one!

Congrats brentp! You came up with the best title.

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  1. my <4 is taken by a fucker

  2. It all just started with a f***!

  3. sexy time tuesday….

    Ahem I feel like I’m intruding on a special moment here (puts headphones on) ahhhhhh that’s better… (starts moshing)

    Whatever happened to personal in boxes these days?

  4. Didn’t see that coming at all… “F*** that noise” to “Will You Marry Me”?

    The romance of it all…

  5. Tuesday TMI?

    I’m liking this idea, Lamebook.

  6. A noisy proposal.
    no pun intended

  7. The title should be “Convescating, yo”

  8. Fuck that noisy proposal

  9. Indecent proposal.

  10. Indecent proposal sounds appropriate haha

  11. My name is Nick and I’m a giant fag and I’m so desperate for people to know how totally not lame I am that I’m going to bang on about my relationship on Facebook where everybody can see it just so that theyknow how damn awesome I am with my awesome awesome relationship, and oh, by the way, will you marry me so that then I can bug the shit out of all my friends by going on and on about how madly in love me and my wife are? I was going to ask you in person, but I’m such a massive attention seeking fag that I decided to do it on here. I didn’t get you a ring, but I did get you a status update boasting about the fact that I’m in a relationship.

  12. Douchbag of the week.

  13. @ 9 Indecent Proposal seems accurate.

  14. Marry That Noise

  15. F*ck that… ummm WHAT?

  16. A few other suggestions:

    The Saints Come Marching In

    You Had Me at Hello

    Nick, Desperado in Need of Repair

    A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

    Of Course, You Can!

    The Aristocrats

    I Love the Smell of Na-Palm in the Morning

    Circle Takes the Square

    Dr. Strangenick (Or I How I Came to Stop Worrying and Love the F-Bomb)

  17. Matrimony Baloney
    Touched in the Wed
    Ex Lacks Proposal
    A Tard’s Regard
    A Cunt’s Affront

  18. TM[barf]I

  19. Newly Weds: Nick & Christina


  20. I’d Like To Stab Nick In The Face.

  21. tldr, Booby call proposal!

  22. oops tl;dr :(

  23. Fuck Love

  24. while mamas away…

  25. idiots love

  26. nick’s a dick

  27. Private messaging: You’re doing it wrong

  28. @7 “Convescating, yo” is perfect.

    On a side note, I really hope Nick’s parents neutered him.

  29. Cum as you are.

  30. Nick puts the “N” in ick

  31. Only your stare gazes me

    Tired of looking at your bare ass…ring finger!

    Drop down and get your marriage on girl

    Proposal F

  32. Lovin’ too much
    Romance for Realz
    A Fuck Too Far
    Love – WHUT WHUT!

  33. If You Like It, Write A Paragraph Comment On It

  34. Fuck that noise, mamas coming home!

  35. Noisy Fuckers.

  36. OMG (REMIX)

  37. Check your inbox for the ring.

  38. Shallow Nick

  39. Off The Cuff

  40. Momma Might Not Be Coming Home Now

  41. Barry Wrong.

  42. Or…….All you need is love (and some noise)

  43. (I don’t have a Title, I’d just like to say as corny as this was, I thought that rap/ song was very cute and sweet… ah hell I’ll try)

    Nick Sinatra

  44. Get hitched die old

  45. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @rozc don’t you mean Get hitch’d or die tryin’?

    I laughed hard @Alord #1

  46. I’d come for you – Noisy Nickelback

  47. lol @ The Aritocrats, but then again now I’m going to hear Gilbert Gottfried in my sleep.

  48. If lamebook ignores funny submissions and posts unfunny ones, and lamebook thinks the comments are funny, then…..

  49. Alrighty then.

  50. Hey Lamebook, check your inbox for a picture of my dog’s impacted anus. You seem to understand shitty offerings, so I’d hate to deny you the anal spray that you mistake for grey matter.

  51. Congrats brentp, despite being probably the unfunniest suggestion, lamebook deems you worthy of titling this offering.

    I would have gone with “I’m a cuntbag, look how cuntbaggery I am”

  52. I bet these two will be broken up within a week.

  53. I am thinking What the fuck is this shit? Really?
    But PA’s cunt was good too.

  54. @Paranoid Android:

    Someone’s a bit of a hater.
    The title is actuallly clever as hell.

    “A Tard’s Regard” and “A Cunt’s Affront”
    aren’t even related to the post. And I’m
    pretty sure Lamebook doesn’t use inappropriate
    crap for their titles. They save that for the post.

    IMO, none of the shit suggestions were funny.

  55. Calm down little one.

  56. The title is clever as hell? I must be missing something.

  57. Me too Word, out.

  58. I like how he asks if he said something aloud, as if the text is audible.

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