Thursday, April 22, 2010

TITillating Updates

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  1. blah

  2. Tiffany and Daveny sould like fools.

  3. Ok… so I really don’t get this first, Ben thing at all. Was I supposed to get a warm, tingly feeling? * thinks about the moment she submitted her previous comment * Nopes… nothing…

  4. I can fit 14 pencils under each boob, but I never thought to weigh them.

  5. I feel sorry for Noah as he gets older!! When he finds out his mother broadcasted that to facebook

  6. Is Daniel for real? (I seem to be asking this in every post, you’d think I’d learn). I wonder if that line has actually ever worked… At least he’s not beating around the bush about it.


  7. Daniel has probly found the best way to get rid of unwanted, unsolicited FB friends.

  8. well elle… daniel is hoping she added him with these things in mind… he figures that he dont know her and has nothing to lose out of it… she should of been cooler about it if you ask me… what a tease

  9. well given what we learned about Mexican from blue eyes on the last lamebook entry i guess it is safe to assume that Tiffany and Daveny aren’t Mexican because if they were there kids would be “running around.” way to keep the boys close to home. YESH!

  10. @slimjayz.. I can see what you mean about the teasing, I always find “um no.” to my advances such a turn on.

    And Daveny (Daveny? Seriously?) obviously had never heard that age old acronym, TMI.


  11. Holy fuck.

  12. If the kid is tall enough to grab some tit, maybe you shouldn’t be having showers with it. Just a thought.

    And Kennedy! Stop being such a cock tease! What is wrong with you!

  13. Also .. why did she write tig bitties. Was this some sort of apropos way of reminding everyone she has kids and they are SO CUTE DON’T YOU WUV BABY TAWK or is she just a dumb bitch?

  14. @elle… no, what i mean is adding him cuz he was cute was a clear sign she wanted his jizz… then she pulls out the um, no… thats rude

  15. @ Cum Dumpster

    I thinks shes just being stupid and trying to be “cool” like when all the “cool” people said Tig O Bitties a few years back when Lil John or someone said it. Thats just my theory.

  16. I had to go back and check if it actually said “tig bitties” because I think I just confirmed I have dyslexia.

  17. Sigh, I wish I could weigh my boobs on a food scale. :(

  18. ee , my hands are the best human scales on the world

    I am in the guiness book of records under “human boob scale”

  19. And Daniel isn’t a male chauvinist pig , his mom just told him girls prefer the honest approach

  20. hmm never thought about weighing them on a food scale…now I’m curious

  21. why the fuck are tiffany and daveny (<– really??) taking showers with their sons!? if the kids are old enough to know what boobs are then they are way too old to be taking showers with their moms. that is gross.

  22. Thanks Father!I’ll take you up on that offer, seeing as how you are well qualified and all!

  23. I’m with Slim. If you don’t want to be sexually harrassed 1. Don’t add randoms, 2. Don’t tell them they’re attractive. She’s just waving her arse at him over facebook.

  24. who cares how much boobs weigh… just matter how hard the gal can slap them against your face while she riding… that’ll tell ya all you need to know

  25. @slimjayz: you said it!

  26. slim, I’d want to know what I got slapping ya, that’s why.

  27. Pics help

  28. verb pervert- a tribute

    @Slimjays, I could give you more concussions then Eric Lindros.

  29. Tiffany fails to mention the fact that Noah is actually seventeen.

  30. @virgo – I completely agree. I can understand why a mother would stand there, I don’t know, helping their kid shower if the kid was like 3 or 4, but to actually get in the shower!? That’s just weird.

  31. I just spit out my water thanks to Chairman Blao.

    The first one is so lame in so many ways. Both Kennedy and Daniel are jackasses.

  32. Kennedy was just asking for a response like that. Good for Daniel to call her out.

    And I would never weigh my boobs on a scale. If a man can fit them in his mouth then that’s all that matters!

  33. my doctor told me i had to stick to eating low portions of meat because of high cholesterol, 300 grams max

    so i have to weigh them before i put them in my mouth.

  34. @Father Sha: serious up! you’re just going to suck on her breasts, not actually eat them!

  35. Daveny is a girl? OHHH! now I get it.


  36. @ verb pervert – a tribute

    Please please please, if you´re going to make a tribute to someone, don’t spell their names wrong – it’s such an utter degradation!

    Also, I’m a bit concerned that I no longer find hardly any of the Lamebook posts fun, what’s happening to me?!

  37. @Missfang

    Its not just you, the comments are funnier then the posts lately.

  38. missfang

    there are two possibilities IMO :
    Are you growing hair on places where there was none before , is your sweat starting to smell really bad, are you becoming increasingly attracted to the opposite sex ? No worries , it is just puberty messing with you.

    Option 2 however is that lamebook has been a bit off lately.

  39. Option 2 for sure.

  40. Tiffany and Daveny are going to have some players for sons :P BEWBS!

  41. If I didn’t know Freud was the biggest bullshitter in psychology, I’d say Tiffany and Daveny’s sons probably have some serious Oedipal complexes.

  42. Thank you, aec for helping me study for my psychology test in 45 minutes.

  43. Tiffany scared me. Little boys actually shower/bath with their mother?

  44. Kennedy obviously wants to feel some self-satisfaction by getting lots of attractive male ‘friends’ on Facebook.

    All the other girls will be soooooo jealous.

    Fucking Peasant !

  45. Toadette is the winner

    Poor Noah is going to need a lot of therapy later on…

  46. so whats the age limit for boys showering with thier mothers? I mean that 3 to 5 range is tricky for stuff like that… And with kids its funny… you dont really think about stuff like that until they say something like those kids

  47. Girls, get your boobs out.

    I’m sitting here braless.

  48. @ Father Sha

    You actually made me smile, congratulations.
    Option 3. People at facebook aren’t as lame as before.

    Probable? Hmm…

  49. slim, I came from a large family, and back in the day before all this delicate PC bullshit invaded the world, showering and bathing with my siblings, and my dad was the norm.

    No one thought anything of it, it was a way to save time and water in a home where money had to go a long way.

    I can tell you we were older than 3 or 5.
    There was nothing sexual about it, it was just practical.

    If done now, my dad would probably be carted away or torn apart, for doing absolutely nothing.

    Poor dads these days.

    I miss the innocent times.

  50. badcoverversion

    Jesus peeps, bathing/showering with your young children is perfectly natural and practical…it’s a fucked up world when it’s seen as something more sinister.

    If you’re open about your the naked body then chances are they will turn out well adjusted and comfortable in their own skin.

    Me and my kids Pop prance around half naked all the time…but we also educate our wee one on boundaries and he’s well aware that his own body isn’t meant to be flaunted in public/around strangers.

    That being said, this entry is piss-poor and I hope Heather hosed down those food scales afterwards.

  51. CommentsAtLarge

    Darth Raider?

    @ bra-less word

    If you need anyone to pull a Noah and be your hand-cups, lemme know.

  52. Tiffany’s little kid was only trying make sense out of this new world, then she pushes him away, ahahaha? Then she goes and posts it on fb as if he’s a bit freaky.

    Tiffany you’re supah lame, but only in the depressing way, not in the lamebook worthy way.

  53. My friend just told me that i was on this site. I am Tiffany. My son Noah JUST turned two, and i am only 4 ft 10in tall (thats why he can reach up there). I highly doubt that he is going to have a complex being that young, and if your kid still says “put on, put on” and are older than that, then you have bigger issues. It was just something that was funny that happened that day that i was telling my friends. Also (not that its any of your business) Noah doesn’t like it when you touch his hair and fights me, its just easier (safer), while he is so little to get in with him to wash and rinse his hair.

  54. Do you have a daughter?

  55. Don’t worry Tiffany, you don’t have to defend your actions or your facebook status to the deviant, slighly psychotic people who comment on this website.

  56. Daveny’s son sounds pretty normal to me.

  57. Well obviously you did think it was our business or you wouldn’t have posted the story on a public website. You clearly wanted everyone to read about it so don’t cry when people criticise your tmi story.

    Next time you have a story that will humiliate your child in ten years just pick up the phone and tell your close friends instead of posting it for the whole world to see.

  58. @padme — Oh, shut up. There’s obviously a difference between telling the people she’s selected to be on her friends list this story and putting it on a website with a bunch of strangers judging it. She clearly wanted everyone she knew to read about it and not everyone in general.

    What exactly is the point of us all personally attacking anyone who provides fuel for the LB fire? Can’t we just stick to mocking the moments of lameness alone?

  59. Daveny’s son has a big weenie? and they still shower together?

  60. cunninglinguist

    @badcoverversion — My parents were very open with me about stuff like that, too. As I result, I grew up to be comfortable in my own skin and not self-conscious. It transcends beyond just body image, too – into all-around self-confidence.

    I didn’t see anything wrong with either mother’s post. Nudity and learning about the human body are only sexual if you make them sexual. Both Tiffany and Daveny were just being honest and open with their children.

  61. It is perfectly normal and natural to shower/bathe with your kids, I was surprised that was even an issue with some ppl here.

    What bothered me was the fact that Tiffany’s son’s perfectly normal and natural behaviour was met with being pushed away and then ridiculed on fb.

    It’s hardly the worst thing I have heard of :) But I just wish all parents would have the same respect for their children’s viewpoint, as human kind has always had before.

  62. lol

  63. I wonder how much they weigh?

  64. Father, it is possible that the fear of being posted on Lamebook has spread to Fb and now everyone is scared to post stupid stuff that may appear here. I said could be.

  65. It could hapopen.

  66. I only just learned that Kennedy is also a girls name.
    It was funnier when I thought Kennedy was a boy.

  67. I’m incredibly late commenting here, but I’m just cycling through the site.

    @ ThePurpleApple: From my understanding, everything posted on Lamebook is public things on Facebook. If a person has something so only friends can see, it wouldn’t be on this site. So if she wanted only her FB friends to read it, she would’ve had her privacy settings that way and therefore would not have her post on Lamebook.

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