Thursday, April 29, 2010

(Three) Arms Length Away

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  1. WTH. Not bad.

  2. first!

  3. wtf?
    where did that third arm come from?!!?

  4. damn it! and that was my first post ever!!

  5. was mine too twinky, i just choose not to be uncool.

  6. Am I drunk? Whoa, I need to lay off the booze, my eyes are playing tricks me on.

  7. pffft, what would u know a bout being cool?

  8. liketotallycool

    Whoever took this photo I’d definitely hire for my future photos, too. Third arm FTW.

  9. WhyNotTheWhales

    Hm.. Seems the hand is edited. If you look at the girl’s (sexy) thigh, where his hand is, you should be able to see what I mean.

    And mustaches are not cool (Except for Tom Selleck)

  10. kinda freaky and not the good kind of freaky.

  11. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    AAHHHH… this picture is hurting my mind.

  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @eenerbl saying “I need to lay off the booze” is blasphemy.

  13. Dukey! I know! But I didn’t say I am, I said I need to! All is well. (as she types with glass in hand)

  14. hi everyone! I’m new at this and I wanted to say hello!

    ummmmm, I don’t know why this pic has been photo-shopped… you would think if you were going to mess with it you’d at least make it funny?!

  15. @twinky: a little more than you I’m afraid. Apart from being a pilot, I am the vocalist in a band (guitar too), was a football (soccer) player in college and, the most important, I don’t ‘FIRST’.

  16. @thejetblas: I still dont think ur cool

  17. @twinky: thats cos you “first!”. and its jetblasT.

  18. Uh, I don’t know if most of you are being sarcastic but that pic is not shopped.

    Her leg is going over his thigh. It’s a total of 4 arms in the pic.

    And even still, if that was his arm, dude would need to quit the frantic jerk off sessions. His HULK arm would be amazing.

  19. *jetblasphemy

  20. @ HulkSmash:
    It has to be shopped. Otherwise his right arm is doing some funky bending where it shouldn’t.

  21. There aren’t in extra arms, nor is it photo-shopped . She has one arm on his chest, and one behind his head (obviously). The two lower hands are his. The confusion comes in because her leg is wrapped around him… that combined with her stomach showing by his side makes it look like an extra arm.

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @ twinky and jetblast why don’t you guys whoop out your dicks and start measuring. (as he types with a can of beer in hand)

  23. It actually is not shopped. His arm is making a perfect 90 degree angle. Her stomach in the background behind his arm is what’s throwing everyone off.

  24. ? OH WOW. YOU ARE SO COOL NOW. such a waste of my time.

  25. @Duke: Im sure mines bigger

  26. To me, it looks like they’re stitched two pictures together. Maybe to hide something in the picture? I don’t know. The guys arm that’s on her leg, doesn’t connect to how his shoulder is positioned.. And if that is how she posed for the picture, it looks incredibly uncomfortable.

  27. Oy smoothy buns, you think twinky is a guy?

  28. @jetblast: you used caps, you just lost ur cool

  29. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    twinky, have fun with that dude

    yeah jetblast I figured only 2 guys would be arguing randomly over about coolness over the internet.

  30. you must be a chick.

  31. @jetblaster: I can be if u want me to ;-)

  32. I vote for comparing dicks! That would make your banter more interesting.

  33. thejetblast.. you can never convince people of your supposed “coolness” by listing a bunch of lame “accomplishments.” you’re in a band? HAH!

    look at me throwing my legs wide for you! what a hunk!

  34. @eenerbl: where should I post a pic?

  35. I agree shutit. Not any band. Played at HRC last week. Its not lame to have done all that under the age of 19 btw.

  36. AND he played soccer. TOTAL badass, I must say

  37. @jetBS: a 19 yr old pilot? you forgot to mention that ur also a pathological liar in ur cool list

  38. Is it just me or is the thejetblast-twinky conversation more interesting (*YAWN*) than the photo itself?? This is bad, very bad photoshoping …

  39. Gah. Where are her finger nails!?

  40. Dancinganimal256

    This is one of the saddest things I’ve read in awhile. You were in a band congratulations so are a bunch of high school kids. You are a pilot, congrats for having a job. If it is this easy to become ‘cool’ (I do not even know if people actually use this word at all now), then you are a dime a dozen.
    Now to the picture. Not the best fake photo I’ve seen. There is a comp. sci. assignment in my uni. were you have to blend two pictures together (Last year was a self portrait and the Hulk, not sure what it was this year though). Would be kind of creepy if it were real, but I doubt it.

  41. Pathetic Lamebook comments are pathetic.


  42. his left arm is too long (imo) and the bottom half of his arm and the top half of his arms have two different skin textures. Why they would photoshop that part, I dunno. But all of it looks fake to me.

  43. I’m not proud of knowing this, but I can vouch that this photo is real. This is a picture of the porn star Candace Cage and her (gay) brother.

  44. Aha! I finally see how it works. It looks like his shoulder is going straight down, and I assumed the forearm on the left was going towards the back. But if you look his shoulder is angling out, and the forearm is connected to it. Try to fill in the space covered by her arm going around him.

    Yeah I know that was confusing, but trust me, the photo makes sense.

  45. prolefeedprocessor

    How…exactly do you know that? Can you also tell us what’s going on with the arms here? But, more importantly, can you hook me up with the brother?

  46. prolefeedprocessor

    Just had an “oh” moment. Thanks.

  47. #15 thejetblast FTW

  48. just google Candace Cage and go to her twitter page, and look at the background.

    I have no idea what’s going on with the arms. All I know is that 1) I have seen this picture before, 2) that is her, and 3) that is her brother. Therefore I conclude that this photo is real.

    Again, I am totally not proud of knowing this. I clearly spend too much time on porn.

  49. liketotallycool

    @ thejetblast wow, the day has come! people mention high school soccer in their [online] resume and are proud of it. don’t get me wrong I’m a soccer player too but I don’t go around saying “I’m cool, my junk is bigger than yours! why? I play soccer!”

    on topic: the guy in the pic does look somehow bent in many ways. so I’m gonna have to trust invitrogen with that info…

  50. Has to be a fake, there are 5 elbows

  51. @Lenny, @prolefeedprocessor, @liketotallycool
    alternatively, google Mathew Cage and go to his twitter page.

  52. I think twinky and thejetblast are the same person. A person who is neither cool nor largely endowed. And if they aren’t the same person literally, they are metaphorically.

  53. liketotallycool

    @Ben Waiting

    comment win!

  54. It’s just her leg isn’t it?

  55. @Ben: Yes I am jetblast and I have a very small penis

  56. YorkshirebornNBread

    I go to work…I come back, cheerfully depressed, log on and you’re all insane…..WTF??? How the hell did porn, footy, gay brothers and junk comparison occur from one shoite piccy?? Thank you for cheering me up.quality!

  57. @YorkshirebornNBread: I’m happy to contribute. I enjoy a good laugh after a long day of work myself. (well, I guess I also enjoy porn when my gf isn’t around)

  58. I think I drank waaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much Buttered Rum tonight.

  59. YorkshirebornNBread

    cheers, and don’t you get buttered rum in harry potter books?…damn, damn, damn..I’m not suppossed to know that!

  60. To thejetblast and twinky: Participating in an argument about who’s cooler makes you both incredibly uncool.

    thejetblast gets extra uncool points for taking the time to brag about his superficial coolnes.


  61. I see it now lol freaky…

  62. Where’s HIS other arm? D:

  63. Holy shit, that made my brain hurt. I had to stare at it forever to figure it out. Bad photography there. lol

  64. it doesn’t look right no matter what. even if you block out where you think his arm is…yes the angle does look better. but its not perfect and nobody’s stomach looks like that.

  65. I can finally see it! It’s a sailboat.

  66. Soup, it’s not a sailboat. It’s a Jet Ski, you need to try squinting, then you’ll see it.

  67. My thoughts are that the pic has been shopped from his wrist to hide the fact she’s a chunky monkey …

  68. … I feel dissapointed that the picture looks completely normal to me. Nothing seems out of place and it all seems to work out pretty well. I mean, it’s a pretty crappy picture, but meh. Lamebook posting this is lame in itself…
    Tried reading through the entire ‘thejetblast vs. pinky’ thing and all it did was hurt my head. Now, unless you have some awesome pilot stories about babes you’ve banged in the cockpit, I don’t care how cool you think you are.

  69. nuff! Now that’s what I’m talking about! But did he, no! Disappointment.

  70. I know, epic fail. I’ll just have to grab another beer and go play some hockey to make up for it now. Cya later!

  71. haha this is a weird optical illusion! I was reading these comments and was thinking “there’s no way these people are serious that are saying this ISN’T photoshopped”. Then all of a sudden I saw how this picture actually works. Just try to ignore the girl and imagine the guy with his elbow and shoulder pointed back and you might see it. I don’t really know how to explain it lol

  72. The pic is cool, the chick hot, and the dude’s a tool.

  73. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Guys, it’s easy. She has four arms. You can’t see the fourth one, but it’s there, behind his back. Think, “slightly more effeminate ‘Machamp’;

    In other news, Jetboat, Twink, you’re both tools!

  74. Vishnu is a chick? And she does porn? Man, those Hindus are going to be pissed.

  75. prolefeedprocessor

    The dude’s a tool? The dude’s a studmuffin. It’s an unwritten law that gay guys can get away with all sorts of looks that are and should be considered douchey on straight guys. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :P

  76. prolefeedprocessor

    Scratch that. I just read his Twitter. He is, in fact, a bit of a tool.

    Hmm…still hot, though.

  77. I don’t care what anyone says, there are 4 and a 1/2 arms in this pic.

    Candace has one arm round his chest, one up behind her head, tool boy brother has his left arm on her lower leg, and his right (the half), behind his back.

    The 5th arm resting on her knee is probably her other tool of a brother skulking behind her.

    All makes perfect sense to me.
    Either that or I need to put a lock on my fridge door so I can’t get at the beer so readily.

  78. Why is she naked and he isn’t?

  79. And if that really is her bro, I don’t even want to think about what he’s doing to her with that arm that is behind his back, in what appears to be a compromising position anatomically.

  80. But whatever he’s doing, neither of them look particularly pleased with it.

    He looks bored, she looks asleep.

  81. prolefeedprocessor

    It looks a tad more incestuous without the pixelated eyes.

  82. The angle of his right arm looks the same as his left arm and if his arm was angled back and sticking out there their two arms would be smashed together or his arm bends has an extra elbow that bends outward.

    Also the angle of where there girls ass would be doesn;
    ‘t fit with how her head is at the same height as his, unless she is 7 feet tall.

  83. bert_and_pattie

    Weird arm… sure….

    Fuckin DREADFUL facial hair is my biggest worry

  84. bert_and_pattie

    P.S Check out the 2 pics (here and the one on twitter) She has photoshopped HER HAIR, the vain, preening twit and in doing so, sent all the shaddows out of whack!

    PS He is clearly gay and not her husband, by the sound of that twitter…. eek His sister??????

  85. In my family it’s the opposite. My sister is the gay one, so when we take naked pictures she has to sit in front. This works out well for me, cause it allows my penis to stealthily creep up on her butt. And since the gays only like it in the ass, and she can’t see my face, she just leans back and enjoys the ride.

  86. Paranoid Android

    Hi, I work on a mac, scratch my balls, drink beer and am way more cooler than anyone on here.

    So there.

    … and that pic is freaky (not in the sexy sex way either).

  87. First time i saw this pic i knew something was seriously wrong n disturbing about it..then i realised it was that 3rd arm and very abnormal position of that (sexy) thigh/leg…so i had to take 3shots of vodka and now i see clearly! that’s another 3rd girl altogether,3sum!
    wow! that was some intense analysis,am ‘stoned’ now…wait do i need to weigh myself? …..> nm

  88. They get even worse here: (Mathew’s Myspace, which is public).

    If anyone ever asked me to pose with my brother that way, gay or not, I’d probably punch them.

  89. Hey look, some siamese twins!!

    If I had a rug like that I would be naked all day

  90. I wonder if he uses his sister like a puppy – to attract hot guys to his place?

  91. Paranoid Android

    @ kkkateindeed – Man, you shoulda give us a STRONG warning, my eyeballs just jumped outta their sockets and are refusing to come back for subjecting them to such horror.

  92. prolefeedprocessor

    @Paranoid Android
    At first I was thinking “What? That’s basically the same pose, only with eyes showing.” Then I realized there was a “next” button. Oh. My. God. Cannot unsee!!!

    No, that seems to have the opposite effect. He was rather attractive right up until I saw him feeling up his sister.

  93. urghhh…. Well, I looked at the link and here’s another one of a motion’esque type photos of that one up there. There are no imaginary arms, this proves it. It just looks really weird where his sisters arm makes it look like his own is separated.
    Now, let’s all just get trashed and have a good night, ok?

  94. nuff, agreed, my fridge will be empty of beer by the end of the evening.

    Count on it.

  95. Paranoid Android

    nuff – It’s 9.31 am in the morning in the sunny U.K. I am at work and have to live with those images for the rest of the day without the benefit of alcohol. Rest assured, as soon as I finish, I will be both drinking spirits and cleansing my eyeball with them.

  96. Paranoid Android

    *eyeballs (I am not a cyclops)

  97. nuff, well I took at a look at your link, and I am speechless, I’m quite motion sick right now.
    Every photo is nauseating in extremis.

    I won’t forget in a hurry that you led me there nuff buddy, that was MEAN.

  98. word, wasn’t that fridge completely full just a few hours ago? lol

    Android, it’s 1:35AM, just finished a game of hockey and having a few brewskies now. Probably gonna hit the sack soon so I can wake up for my day off. Got a bottle of Lambs 151 for the next night, it will be epic.

  99. wank face

  100. The truth hurts word, the truth hurts, even if it’s done really shittily (I like this new word).

  101. My girlfriend better get here in a hurry, I’ve just downed a few very quickly after seeing that display of utter shit, supplies are dwindling.

    Damn you nuff.

  102. Better hope she brings a new case of brew. You’ll be needing it, I don’t think the amount you have had is enough to erase said images…

  103. Paranoid Android

    nuff – May the great sky-pixie have mercy on your black, black soul.

  104. It’s the liquor doing it, I swear!

  105. Wait…Nuff, did you say his SISTER?

  106. Incest at its finest. At least, that seems to be the information i’ve been dealt regarding the original picture. I’m just going to blame kkkateindeed for having put up the first link. I just happened to find that horrible atrocity of a second one that has crippled word’s beer supply in a matter of seconds. It was a heavy blow.

  107. Well, I have drawn a handy diagram for all you photoshop believers. Enjoy!

  108. i love malteaser too

    I like the fact that lamebook scratched out their color coordinated eyes (done with some cheap-ass lenses) in the pic.

  109. Nice job MPS. You’re hired for future photos.

  110. This is wrong on so many levels. they do look a like but hell…this is like that dude and his grandma.

  111. Thanks nuff, I’m glad someone appreciates my art!

  112. Has anyone bothered looking at his actual myspace profile?

    If you haven’t – DON’T

    I’ll put it this way – they went to a GaGa show and I think their outfits might have outdone hers

  113. After looking at those other photos I agree it’s not photoshopped.

    The thing that makes it look confusing is the shadow on the woman’s stomach that looks like it’s the guys arm bent behind his back.

  114. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    I am just so confused. I tried to see the arm-angle thing but I still don’t understand. To me it looks like his right upper arm morphs into her left calf. Does this man have a calf for a forearm? My. Head. Hurts.

    Can someone post the link to the Gaga photos? I have no idea how to use myspace but followed the link above – any guy who would hold his sister’s tatas is gonna wear some carnival-freak-crazy shit to a Gaga concert.

  115. Is it just me or… If those two hands are from the same guy he OBVIOUSLY HAS A PROBLEM…
    Fingers on the right hand are double size of the ones in the left. LOOK at his THUMBS!

  116. Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?

  117. It’s clearly shopped. 3 points…

    1 – follow his right arm down. It cant physically bent that way.

    2 – look at the postion of her bum in comparison to her head and shoulders. Her torso would haveto be twisted AND about a foot longer than his.

    3 – where’s her left leg? the upper body position is as if she is kneeling. lower is legs wrapped around. the join line is along her right arm

  118. They are beautiful, this is a nice pic and yall are trippin. Only a high or nearly blind person would be confused by this <>

  119. DUH! Imagine that her arm is gone, use your mind to lift her right arm (the one that goes across his chest) up and away. Go ahead, lift it. Now. Start at his shoulder and follow his arm down to where it bends at the elbow then follow his arm (in your imagination you can use your finger to trace it) down to his wrist then hand. If you need to, you can look at the parts of his arm that you can see in comparision to how those parts are positioned next to his body then put your own arm parts in those same positions in comparison to your body. Please, just pretend like you don’t see her, her arm, her leg, her tiny little bottom or her stomach. Does that help?

  120. #15,

    I can’t think of a better way to show how uncool you are then to go out of your way to make points trying to explain your pseudo-coolness. And arguing over who’s cooler? Please. Douche much?

  121. shits and giggles

    @greesee, I’m guessing you have a few pictures of yourself and your naked sibling/your sibling and your naked self that were taken after childhood, when such photo’s were still ok-ish because it was cute/funny/taken by a pedo.

    I’m niether high, nor confused, however this particular picture is sickeningly incestuous, thus making me wish I was either high or confused.


  122. Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.

  123. OK. People,
    1. I admit reading #15 from your perspective is kinda ‘douchey’ but then hey!, twinky was firsting. i think we all agree how lame firsts are.
    2. Not lying. Don’t need to. You can start flying alone when you’re 16 and become a commander as early as 21. I’m 20 right now.
    3. Don’t you know what HRC is? Not everyone gets a gig there.
    4. Out of my respect for women and air-hostesses (and company policy) I shall not degrade them by humoring you with ‘banging stories’. They have a tough job you know, say thanks once in a while.
    5. As far as the pic goes, definitely photoshopped. Guy looks like a male avril lavigne.
    6. Twinky I offer you an olive branch but advise you against peeing in your panties ‘firsting’.

  124. Nuff’s link just fucked up my equilibrium, but he is pretty delicious with those light eyes. A bit too into his appearance, though, considering his eyebrows are perfect.

  125. @thejetblast

    I thought your HRC gig was perform last week when you were 19?

    Of course, it’s possible that your birthday was actually on one of the days in between, and that your age isn’t as suspect as your list of ‘cool’ accomplishments…

  126. Oh I didn’t recognise the 3rd arm til you all commented. My penis was too busy thinking about that woman.

  127. thanks to everyone for helping me figure out this damn picture.

    And congrats to thejetblast, who, determined to prove how absolutely cool he is, has actually managed to be the uncoolest person in this “room”…which is quite a feat considering I’m in here too….

  128. Dancinganimal256

    The very fact that you are attempting (quite poorly I might add) to defend the idea that you are ‘cool’ is pathetic. The very fact that you are trying to convince a bunch of strangers on the internet that you know nothing about besides their user names that you are ‘cool’ makes you the worst attention seeking whore ever. All the things that you say might be true, but you are nothing but a sad little person inside seeking approval from any given person.

    And to whoever posted that link of pictures, you have scarred me for life. I shall forever have nightmares about a guy with bad facial hair groping his sister while both of them are staring at me.

  129. I saw the original pic, and it is real. But this one was edited poorly to enhance her curves. When you see the original it all makes sense.

  130. Whatever, the girl’s hot!

  131. @ S&G, who said anything about them being siblings? Did that happen to you? Were you touched :-(

  132. I would have been better off saying ‘first’.
    And @dancinganimal256, thanks for the psychoanalysis but I do not seek attention or recognition from anyone (else I would say first, cos people say THAT to get attention- even negative) and the sole purpose of #15 was to tell twinky firsting isn’t cool using socially accepted stereotypes of ‘cool’.
    Been ‘poorly defending’ myself since.

  133. Dancinganimal256

    I cannot believe I’m allowing myself to be dragged into this but oh well. The whole ‘First’ thing goes on in every single fucking forum and it has nothing to do with seeking attention. It is a fun thing to do; it is simple little joy on the internet. No, it does not make you narcissistic to say first, and yes it can be a tad annoying if you go a rod stuck up your ass or you are trying to fight a bear while reading a forum. But the very fact that you go on a rant about how ‘cool’ you are just because you play a sport, you have a hobby and managed to play on a venue, and that you have a job makes you quite pathetic. That is the message I was trying to get across. And when did playing sports or being a pilot make one cool? I question to were you in fact learn that these things are “socially accepted stereotypes of ‘cool’”. Now please no more of this crap for I am off to have breakfast.

  134. Thats not cool

  135. Who gives a fuck, there’s an ‘extra’ arm and the people on the pic are twats.It’s slightly amusing. End of.

  136. So many different debates under every submission…

  137. @thejetblast

    Don’t let haters get you down. I’m cool too. I’m a professional surfer, have met the Dalai Lama , and own my own FTSE 100 company. In fact, my (smoking hot) secretary is typing up this message for me whilst I bang my (even hotter) supermodel girlfriend on my Harley. Parked inside Hooters.

    So yeah, we KNOW how to roll, right?

  138. there’s nothing wrong with the picture, we just been fooled by our eyes. There’s no third arm nor the lucky bastard has a huge arm. See clearly the right big hand of that man is actually the leg of the girl, and the guy hand holding her leg.
    @thejetblast: why don’t you just fuck twinky, he already welcome you

  139. Look at where his right shoulder is and where the rest of his arm and hand touch her leg… there is clearly something off there.

  140. But no, there isn’t an extra arm.

  141. It has DEFINITELY been phtoshopped. Are you guys blind? Compare with the original:


  142. prolefeedprocessor

    No, there are several different photos similar to this. The twitter photo, his head is turned more toward her. They are two different pics.

  143. Who's That Girl?

    Who cares about the effing picture! I like thejetblast debate! It’s okay honey, just change your screen name and start over. No one will ever know…

  144. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    LOL @ Who’s That Girl

    I was JUST about to type that! lol!

  145. @MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    I really hope he sticks around. In any case, his obstinate refusal to comprehend the reason for his derision is even more spectacular than the exhalted Ben, in my opinion.

  146. @drxxxxboy
    Oh I’m here much to all your amusement.
    “his obstinate refusal to comprehend the reason for his derision”
    I did that in 121. I think I know where I went wrong.
    I need twinky’s cooridinates.

  147. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @drcoolboy he’s also young and immature. takes a bit of abuse before he understands. Everyone is doing him a community service by abusing him to no end! He’ll learn quicker (hopefully!)

  148. I’m cool too. That’s why my name is Walter Sobchak – because he is the cooooolest character in the history of cool.

    I also work as an engineer and I can play “Where is Thumpkin” on the piano.

    Now excuse me, it’s Saturday night and it’s time for me to play with my PS3.

  149. @thejerblast: u need my what?

  150. @twinky – He needs the directions to your location.

  151. Forgot to say that I was reading the sister’s twitter and it said

    “I’m an official godsgirl my stuff will be up shortly and hopefully you guys will follow my blog and get to see a (cont)”

    and actually thought idiot! She can’t even spell cunt. I can’t even use too much to drink as an excuse. Stone sober. :(

  152. Damn moderators

    Forgot to say that I was reading the sister’s twitter and it said

    “I’m an official godsgirl my stuff will be up shortly and hopefully you guys will follow my blog and get to see a (cont)”

    and actually thought idiot! She can’t even spell c u n t. I can’t even use too much to drink as an excuse. Stone sober. :(

  153. @Nonnieyrissa: I think I’d like to see a picture before we fuck

  154. can we say fuck here?

  155. ^^^^^^^You just did, didn’t you?

  156. @cnjIndi: I meant are we allowed to, or is this like a family site?

  157. @twinky I was answering your question, “U need my what?”, that was in response to thejetblast’s statement that he needed your coordinates. Family site? You’re taking the piss here, right? :)

  158. @ Noonieyrissa: I was referring to jetblast with the fucking.
    and no, Im dead serious. why does lamebook blur out swear words then?

  159. thankyou MrChris, I can see it now. And it meant I could skip over 145 lame comments =P

  160. is everyone retard here?? this pic is not photoshopped.The guy is holding the girls leg. The guy’s right hand goes round her leg from her armpits and if you look properly its her belly that’s between her arm and legs and the shadows created by them is fooling the mind. Look at the pic properly.

  161. ^ I dunno about that. If you look at the angle of his shoulder, I don’t think it’s possible for his arm to be reaching around anything.

  162. It took me a second, then it hit me.

    @m30: The human anatomy does not allow you to bend your arm that way. But if it did, I don’t think I would ever leave the house.

  163. FlonkertonChamp

    damn that’s a horrible shop. look where his right arm should be… it looks like it was just “smeared” in photoshop

  164. Did anyone else notice he has abnormally small hands as well as having three of them?

  165. Damn. I meant three arms. His hands ARE abnormally small, though.

  166. he looks like that guy from the burgerking commercial with the really small hands…

  167. I know this is months after this thread died but here’s my 2 cents. To all those who think this has not been photoshopped, it clearly has, but it is not an additional arm as the argument seems to be the focus of. I’m just going to list them to avoid a huge run-on sentence.

    1. The back part of the shag was airbrushed on.
    2. Increased brightness in backlight area.
    3. Increased brightness on her stomach next to his arm, and severely messed around with the shadows.
    4. Blended outside of both where his right arm and her ass touch the shag.
    5. Sharpened and lightened his arm.

    I know it looks like it’s completely altered but it’s just a horrible editing job. I stared at this for an hour before i realized what was so messed up about it.

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