Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thoughs Classy Tattoos


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  1. It would actually be kind of pretty if not for the pistols – and the glaring spelling error, of course.

  2. Oh dear God, I want to find her full name just so I can contact her to warn her to not get this tattooed on her body :o

  3. the only way this could possibly be improved is if the cross itself were actually made of guns.

  4. Haha! “Thoughs”

  5. Uhm…this isn’t a tattoo…it appears to just be drawn on a piece of paper.

  6. TrainReq, yeah, we know. Isie wants to warn her NOT to get that as a tattoo.

  7. and the photo album also appears to to say ‘Ideas for tattoos -drawn by me :)

  8. That and the album is called “ideas for tattoos–drawn by me:)”

  9. You all know I can’t read. Thanks for making me feel terrible because my parents didn’t love me enough.

  10. Yep, ditto. No delete option on comments, I see. Great. ;-)

  11. Thoughs who can’t spell are retards

  12. orbson FTW!
    aww, TrainReq, I’m sorry your parents didn’t love you enough. *hugs* maybe if you had just tried harder to earn it…

  13. Not only should the cross be made of guns, but the guns should be made of guns.

  14. If Jesus had actually had two guns hidden behind the cross…

  15. …his hands would still be nailed to it?

  16. Thoughs tatoos rawk.

  17. NO!

  18. Why are “Never” and “Forgotten” capitalized? I guess I would understand it more all letters in both words were capitalized because it might put more emphasis on the phrase, but she is treating the words as if they were nouns. Unless, of course, the people who have fallen are part of a group called Never Forgotten and Stefanie simply wants to state facts.

  19. Well, I forgot to put “if” in between “more” and “all”. I am a failure to all mankind.

  20. Let me get this straight: I’m a PhD of Electrical Engineering with a Professional Engineers license but I have a very hard time with grammar and spelling. That makes me retarded. Good to know…
    What about people that can’t understand something very simple to me like electromagnetic field theory? Does that make thoughs people even more retarded since they can’t understand something so simple to a retard?

    But I guess you’re right, it’s still fun to make fun of thoughs who can’t spell.

  21. Wow James, I never thought of it that way.

    Please Lamebook, for James’ and Stephanie’s sake, and for the sake of all those other PhDs of electrical engineering with professional engineering licenses everywhere, shut this site down; James’ doesn’t find it funny.

  22. Brian, please re-read. I did say it was fun. Dumbass…

  23. Ben,

    I think it would be much better if the guns were actually biceps, but…wait for it…sweet ass biceps made out of guns, that also shoot gun-shaped bullets.

  24. “Does that make thoughs people even more retarded since they can’t understand something so simple to a retard?”


  25. I think I’m going to get this tattoo’d on my arm, and in the blank space in the middle I’ll get Micheal Jacksons face. Spelling errors and all.

  26. I’m pretty impressed that she spelled ‘though’ correctly. I mean technically the only thing that what misspelled was the fact that she put an ‘s’ on the end. Word usage, however, seems to be a problem for her.

  27. Oh, she means “thugs.” It took me a while to figure out. “Thoughts WHO have FALLEN” just didn’t make sense. Then again, why did I ever think it would?

  28. [...] Oh and that’s permanent? [...]

  29. I’m really upset that I can’t “like” this. This is awesome in so many ways.

  30. Bri Bri Bee Rat

    Is this a tribute to “the troops”? Do they use Wild West guns in Iraq?

  31. FTW!!!

    think it would be much better if the guns were actually biceps, but…wait for it…sweet ass biceps made out of guns, that also shoot gun-shaped bullets.

  32. guys, guys, guys.

    her parents trained her to spell things phonetically, obviously. that’s why they put an “f” in her name.

  33. LadyPac, you know she meant those, right?

  34. hahahaha. i really hope she gets this tattooed on herself.
    frick. i would pay for it!! well, not really, but you get the point!

  35. TrainReq, if you live anywhere near Scotland, I demand you come and tattoo me.

    A cross made of guns, with guns behind it that are made of sweet ass biceps made of guns, firing gun-shaped bullets. Maybe you could chuck in a crying unicorn somewhere?

  36. Ben,

    I suppose I could make a unicorn (crying tears made of guns, naturally) galloping through the background, perhaps around the delicate flowers somewhere. Its horn would naturally be some sort of large automatic weapon, preferably a Kalashnikov AK-47.

  37. I need an ID 10 T form-I didn’t get it @ first.Either I spend an inordinate amount of time on facebook or my college dollars are being spent unwisely.

  38. A symbol of Roman torture and guns. Nice. I hope this person gets the tattoo and it catches on throughout all his/her demographic. Because, for the rest of us, that would be some good job security.

  39. Actually, TrainReq, the biceps need tattoos of guns on them shooting gun-shaped biceps with tattoos of guns on them shooting …

  40. what is it with christians and guns??

    tsk tsk WWJD?

  41. This made me think about goatse.

  42. She has a lot more drawings of tattoos and makes this same spelling mistake like 4 times and then someone corrected her and she erased it on one and fixed it hahaha

  43. Guinevere:

    Actually, if he parents had taught her to spell phonetically, she wouldn’t have spelled it “thoughs” because “thoughs” has a lot of silent letters.

  44. There are no limitations to the mind except thoughs we acknowledge.

  45. Fortunately, this can easily be changed to ThoughTs OF THOSE who have fallen…

  46. Who the fuck wants the symbol of a false god on them. Fuck that!!

  47. i am amazed at how many people can’t spell… who’s going to teach children fifty years from now if noone knows how to spell properly anymore?

  48. at 46. (GENIII)
    wow,you think ur cool cuz you called him a false god,i couldnt agree more,but theres no need to bring religion into spelling mistakes.

  49. What would be even worse is if the tattoo’er didn’t tell her it was misspelled & did it anyway…

  50. you know… never mind.

  51. Thoughs ignorant bastards need to learn how to frikkin spell.

  52. Stefani would have to be AMERICAN

    or just black, with spelling like that.

  53. And you’d have to be a twat, with a comment like that.

  54. And you would have to be a twat, with a comment like that.

  55. At least it’s only a plan. It’s all part of the process!

  56. wow. a permanent illustration of an oxymoron.

  57. WHY OH WHY??? if you are going to have something permanently inked into your body double hell TRIPLE check the spelling.

  58. @Rick

    You mean they’re not proper nouns :p We don’t capitalise every noun in English, that’d be a German thing ;)

  59. Fran – they’re not actually nouns at all. Since we’re being pedantic…

  60. But for the terrible spelling this is actually a great tattoo.

  61. that is some ugly handwriting..

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