Monday, May 3, 2010

They Need Sexual Healing

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  1. I think Matthew saw Soup’s April fools joke comment a while back on lamebook, and is taking it as his own.

    Plagiarist bastard.

  2. ben!

  3. nope, not ben…
    not yay either…

  4. And Soup did it SO much better by the way Matthew.

  5. Finish her!

  6. And Megan, I love the morning after the night before side effects too.

  7. stair jokes and coat hanger jokes about pregnancies have been around for years and years… matthew didnt invent them, soup didnt invent them… i heard that shit back in middle school… not really funny then, still not funny now

  8. However I will yell out beast mode tonight… will report back tomorrow

  9. The Brett-Matthew scenario made me chuckle, but only because of Brett’s response to Matthew’s lame diversion.

    As for Adam… well that just made my day.

  10. Also, as with slimjayz, I may try Adam’s theory tonight. Depends whether I have the guts to do it.

  11. I didn’t say Soup invented it slim, he just delivered his version of the joke to perfection.

  12. Hahaha, Adam is with the wrong girl!

  13. word… If i take the perfect shit… its still a pile of shit… nothing against soup or you… you folks can enjoy whatever jokes you want… i just dont find much chuckle power in jokes involving dead fetuses or dead babies, no matter how well constructed

  14. uh oh, am I sensing a chink in the armor that is Slim-pervert?

    btw, I laughed at the fact that wordpervert used the word “delivered” in her comments about Soup’s abortion jokes.

  15. lol… word and i dont agree on everything… dont worry about us… make up sex… i will take out my disgust and anger on her pussy

  16. Wonder what beast mode is all about?

  17. Adam’s is awesome! Though I have heard before of a guy shouting out ‘I’ve only got a tiny twanger… but it works well!’ during a blow job in the voice of george from rainbow. (This will only be appreciated by people who know what the show rainbow was and those who have seen the banned episode of it. I urge you to look it up on youtube if you haven’t.)

  18. BananaRepublic

    The fact that Adam would post that leads me to believe that Adam is most probably a virgin, and after that post, will remain one for a very long time.

    Matthew is also a massive dickhead for that piss poor abortion joke.

    And Megan, well now all of her friends list probably think she’s a whore.

  19. Yeah but Adam, I bet they’d love it if you said something about werewolves and Twilight.

    Girls, huh? Right? Am I right?

    Ugh. I wrote this out thinking there’d been somebody sexist in this Lamebook post that I was making fun of, but I was wrong. So I’m going to blame my lack of humour on the redundantly mild flu I have.

  20. @uoykcuf: No way. I refuse to accept that as true xD There’s brave, there’s idiotic, and then there’s quoting a kid’s TV show during sex.

  21. @BananaRepublic and Adam’s compiling an extensive guide for himself which he will refer to throughout his very first experience of coitus, the lucky girl.

  22. I personally thought that Adam was hilarious, he just made my day. What a sad life I lead. But yay for Beast Wars!!

  23. @britishhobo unfortunately it is true the man in question is to this day still wound up about it, the blow job did end there though.

  24. Who's That Girl?

    Dawnstar FTW! What the hell is wrong with you people! Slim, Silly Billy – Go for it! Don’t forget to slap her ass too!

  25. I thought the beast mode was funny as shit. I would love to see the expression on a girl’s face when somebody yells that out…

  26. if i fall down the stairs and take a hanger in my mouth in the process, the resulting grin is a result of mcowles’ way-too-long absence.

  27. I’m pretty sure post 2 and 3 have been on here before..

    as for Adam I don’t know what to say but please don’t ruin doggie style for me

  28. wtg… well i already growl and roar… she will probably just take it as my intention to finish up in that position… i doubt she will even notice or say anything except oh yeah or right there

    now if i started singing

    sunny day
    on a hot ass, im pounding away
    on my way to where the cum runs free
    can you tell me how to get
    how to get to bust a nut street

    then she might say something

  29. Who's That Girl?

    Oh no Slim – spank, slap, pull hair, grunt, and call out dirty words all you like. But never, NEVER mix children’s songs with the bedroom…

  30. @slimjayz- You are my hero! Too funny, love the song.

    Unfortuanately you have probably now ruined Sesame street for me forever.

  31. @ word: You took the words right out of my mouth.

    I think slim is banging Miss Piggy.

    The women I have been with would love it if I yelled Beast Mode when switching to doggy style. By the time we switch again, their ass is so red it looks like a beast did get a hold of them.

  32. Adam, FTW!! but i would appreciate that HAHAHAHAH

  33. slim slim slim……funny funny funny!!

    I snorted out loud at Adam….beast mode……haha

  34. Hahhaa. I’m female and wouldn’t mind Beast Mode being shouted.

  35. tangalangadingdong

    Adam’s cracked me up. I snorted too!

    And I know when I do this, it will get a laugh. Hopefully it will get the RIGHT KIND of laugh…

  36. @ Zoned: I didn’t think to many women would mind. This is what makes me think Adam is a virgin. Or he is messing with a bunch of girls.

  37. See, now Word’s got me daydreaming about making her throat and body sore.

  38. Body sore? Word I told you about slim. . . . . .

  39. I agree HeSaidWhat..

  40. Who's That Girl?

    As Word’s wingman (woman, whatever), I will be accepting applications oh her behalf to fill the “Beast Mode” position of making her body sore. She is worthy of top notch sex, so experienced applicants only please.

  41. I will just send my resume`. Your application doesn’t have enough room to fill in my experience or why I think I would be good for the job.

  42. Who's That Girl?

    Arrogant applications will be rejected immediately ;-)

  43. Hahahahahahaha! Nice!

  44. I inserted my application into word… im sure she will be spitting out the results in a moment

  45. If a guy yelled “Best mode!” i would probably laugh and continue having sex XD

  46. Slim loves my jokes, but he’s feeling threatened by what word and I have, so now he’s just lashing out.

  47. slim, I have reviewed your application.

    I put it through the shredder.

  48. lol

  49. Abortion joke? I thought it was a physics joke. Boy, is my face red.

  50. Who's That Girl?

    *currently taping slim’s application back together*

    Just a few questions slim: What exactly to you do with the midgets and why does the paper smell like tuna fish?

  51. @MochaMike

    I’ve missed you as well, haha.

  52. Adam’s post is from TFLN. I saw it months ago.

  53. polishsausage

    Agreed with SuzieQ. TFLN. Adam FAIL.

  54. Beast mode! I love it.

  55. BEAST MODE! LMFAO! I am seriously going to have to say that one time, just for shits and giggles.

  56. lol

  57. @ WTG: I can answer that for you. That was kinda my fault. It all stemmed from the gay orgy I was telling you about.

  58. “Warning: Energon overload.”

    For those who don’t know, it’s from Beast Wars. Go watch NOW!

  59. Well that’s just prime.

  60. “Beast Mode”— I almost uncorked a sip of coffee when I saw read that. @ Nuff—you are correct, will have to give that a try. I normally just yell, “Knees, NOW”!

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