Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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  1. I just got my hole downstairs scrubbed, too. Clean as a whistle.

  2. Poor Kelsey… we can only imagine what life must be like when her little bubble of self-delusion is so cruelly burst.

  3. perhaps her writing is ok… really only it was her spelling that we know is bad.

  4. RAPE juice! You gonnas be raped!

  5. Rape Juice = Win

    I <4 Madeline.

  6. What school gives grades like P for Passing?

  7. We all remember the 3 R’s – Reading, Riting & Rithmatic.

    YES! That’s a “P” for Pass for me!

  8. I’ve always assumed that rape juice was for the catholic priests.

  9. Or maybe he wants to watch the History Channel.

  10. That’s why I stopped attending mass; couldn’t stomach the rape juice.
    And I predict that future posts from Jessica will show that she ends up working at Waffle House to support her illegitimate children.

  11. My cousin did her freshman and sophomore year at a school that graded like that, P for passing and what not. It was supposed to be some new, alternative method. We’re not about grades, we’re about learning! :/
    The entire school was a bunch of morons who couldn’t read or write for shit, and she had to do all kinds of tutoring just to catch up with the public school kids when she transferred.
    Anyways that was a bit ranty, sorry.:)

  12. Jessica, he just wants you to take tips from the show, because back then, women didn’t have any rights. He’s just livin’ in the past. I on the other hand rather enjoy the Discovery Channel, a woman can learn so much from that.

  13. RAPE JUICE! Hide ya kids, hide ya wife! Dey rapin errbody in hya!

  14. You and me, baby, ain’t nothin’ but mammals, so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

  15. Win, win

  16. Yey for Madeleine. liking these today :-)

  17. Rape Juice? That doesn’t make any sence.

  18. hahahahaha poor Lisamarie… how crucial one little letter can be!
    as for Jessica, hopefully her man keeps watching the history channel so the poor fool can be the bread winner for her dumb ass.

  19. @Ofthemossie

    …Grape juice?

    Also, *sense.

  20. Wallace alert! ^

  21. Pretty sure Ofthemossie was using that to echo Kelsey’s “sence”…

  22. Double Wallace.

  23. lol burger

  24. Nothing seems to make any sence today. Although it does make a lot of sense.
    By the way I believe the catholics use fermented rape juice only.

  25. I heard The Pope prefers strong rape wine.

  26. WTF? Did Valenya23 just morph into Valenya? Or has the fermented rape juice been too much for me?

  27. bollywood_rocks83

    I believe most of the colonies if not England too use a P grading system. It’s A,B,C,P and then F. Passing means you did enough work to advance but you don’t have sufficient grasp of the material.

  28. I’m building an arch – that won’t help much
    :D made my day

  29. I’m pretty sure any type of rape juice (diluted or fermented) has effed you up pretty good mad2!

    Hehe, I was messing around with my profile and Gravatar (which is not working properly BTW) and I decided to lop off the 23 from my name… >_>

    There seems to be a reoccurring theme of nasty juice drinking on Lamebook comments as of late. I’m all for it, just saying.

    Oh and I love how anorexicpanda just ignores the fact that he/she was accused of being Wallace! :D I, myself, will be so happy and excited if I ever get the Wallace badge one day

  30. Yeah, you gotta keep that downstairs hole nice and clean. Good job Lisamarie.
    Well Sam if you’re a young boy, and they ask you if you want a little “extra rape juice in the back room” you should tell them no…just a friendly piece of advice.

  31. I feel foolish for asking but can someone explain the fourth one?

  32. @helpimalive
    Nick syas building arch…not ARC(as in Noahs ARC)…

  33. *says

  34. Don’t feel foolish helpim… an arch just wouldn’t hold as many people as an arc. I mean, you could build an arch high and wide enough but an arc seems more realistic…plus it’s been done so.

  35. How the hell would building a curve help you hold people?
    Ark* to buck and mass btw.

  36. Damn … thanks madphys.

  37. *mad2phys..damn.

  38. I am not quite sure what a ‘Wallace’ is.

  39. anorexicpanda I can’t get that damn song out of my head now lol

  40. I posted the Jessica screenshot. Everyday I check her FB page, because everyday she has something equally as stupid as this one. It’s pretty entertaining. BTW, she’s a cashier at CVS(which in our town is directly across the street from the Waffle House, so you were close). Her husband is dumb as a frakin’ rock also.

  41. Jessica, NOBODY is cute enough to be that stupid. Except maybe a puppy.

  42. @mad2physicist I guess that if you build the arch upsidedown it would be able to hold people. I doubt it would be of great help during the flooding though

  43. Amphigory, the ‘curve’ refers to an ‘arc’ as in ‘an arc between two points.’ An ‘arch’ might actually be useful, as long as the flood doesn’t take out its foundation. An ‘ark’ is a kind of boat.

  44. Thanks again mad2physicist.

    My theory was ‘correct’…. spelling, not so much.

  45. sorry about that :)
    should’ve done my research, didn’t know there was an actual difference between arch and arc

    i blame my english teachers in high school

  46. I think an ‘arch’ tends to be considered more of a structure .. an arc more ‘mathematical’? An ark a large boat..

    OK… outta here.

  47. ii hat faling n ryting skilz 2. dumbass ticher ~<3~

    Also, apropos Kelsey's terrible language skills, there's a "Kelsey Grammar" joke in there somewhere.

  48. Rape juice is the best. Just don’t leave it out too long, it’ll ferment and turn into whine.

  49. Wonder if rape juice is sticky when it dries…

  50. I’ll scrub your hole downstairs…

  51. @ amphigory – did you get a “P” in English????

    Some students are on individual education plans which require a p/f rather than a letter grade. These are special ed students who only need to show some improvement to advance……

  52. I got an S for Satisfactory in my righting class.
    Jessica, is history chanel a new perfume? Or are you too cutes to wear that? I bet you like to drink rape juice..it tastes like blood, sweat, tears, and every time you swallow, you scream a little. Nick’s arch will surely help, he simply needs to sit atop it, grab a paddle, and start rowing. He can row right into Lisamarie’s freshly scrubbed hole for safety from the flood.

  53. I would hope Lisamarie’s scrubbed hole has flooding problems of its own, otherwise, poor Lisamarie.

  54. Swiss cheese, anyone? I’m making an Arch de Triumph sandwich.

  55. This brings up an excellent point. In French, ‘arch’ IS ‘arc,’ as in l’Arc de Triomphe. But in English they are not synonymous. Although I imagine they are etymologically related.

  56. Thank you for the lesson, prof. (no sarcasm) I just made a bad pun…joke..thing. Ugh, brain’s not on the ball today. The hamster stopped running. :(

  57. Wait, you mean there’s no such thing as a l’Arc de Triomphe sandwich? I assumed you were just switching between English and French to describe an actual thing.
    Also why would Swiss cheese be involved? Shouldn’t it be a nice French cheese?

  58. Hahaha, the Swiss cheese was in reference to the scrubbed hole. ;) and the Arch was in reference to the flooding post.

    I’m sorry for my fail at spelling that right. Dam Frenchies and their cool looking words..

  59. Damn* I’ve done it again..I have dishonored my Lame Book family. *stabs self with Katana*

  60. How fucking hard is it to spell check? How fucking hard is it? (That’s what she said)

  61. Was that towards me, Hawkbit? I DO spell check everything, and I don’t need to usually. I had recently woken up and was not 100% on the ball as I said ^

  62. Is this because you were 100% on a pair of balls?

  63. Yes. I’m short enough to crawl on a pair.

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