Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Social Parenthood

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  1. why is she smiling ?

  2. Wastey the Walrus

    somebody forgot to deflate her

  3. This is fake!

  4. T1000, you’re broken. stop action now, go drown in lava

  5. Incorrect. I am a mimetic poly alloy. Liquid metal. I cannot be broken.

  6. Awwwe this teengage girls that is drinking can hurt the heart of God :'( :'( <3 but she stull is black so I geuss it hurts less i think!!!!

  7. Lol haha may be that was mean of me to tho so sorry JK!!!!!!! :/ awwwe

  8. ^You’re a fucking genius. I wish I had half your talent.

  9. Awwe lol thankx i think!!!everything i learned is wroten on the bible cause its the words of God like jesuss diary <3 <3 <3

  10. Doesn’t the bible say negros are an abomination and minions of satan?

  11. I’m not trying to sound racist or anything, but it doesn’t really matter how much she drinks, does it? She’s still going to burn in fucking hell for being all jungle-bunny n shit…

  12. Haha lol ‘jungle bunny” lol their less scary black ppl when u can think of them like bunnys!!!!!!!! <3 <3

  13. but i cant think bunnys as santas pets?????!!!! There so sweet and fluffy <3 :'( the fires make them ……. :'(

  14. We call them Jungle-bunnies because they fuck a lot and make lots of niglet bunny babies, but since they’re not married and fucking for pleasure and leaving their young to starve the fire is used to cleanse their negro souls.

  15. I literally just created an account for the sole purpose of telling sexci how badly I want to jump off of a cliff every time I read her comments. Thank you.

  16. *his, dearest Lacy, from what I understand ms bunnei is the kinda fella that lives in mothers basement playing minecraft or got and working on his third case of monster…but its ok lunacy is encouraged here, I’m willing to play along 😀

  17. Good parenting.

  18. Lmao. I think you’re right Capn. Though to his/her/it’s credit, I have been getting a kick out of some of the more recent comments. I plan to stick around awhile, lol. I’ve been lurking in the shadows (not in my mom’s basement) long enough. Time to poke my head out.

  19. ultra-conservative backlash…or what?
    ‘photos of me holding liquor’. so what’s the fucking problem? at least the bitch can hold her liquor.

    but, how fucking sheltered are some of these suburbanites? it’s not like young shaneequa up there posted pics of herself being fisted by a hobo while she sucks off a german shepherd, is it?

  20. is it?

  21. Hahaha awwwwe lol no body ansered uu!!! Lol JK sorry!!!!!! 🙂 😀 <3

  22. <3 <3 <3

  23. yeah look, don’t even fucking bother, bitch.
    you’re like the mcdonald’s dollar menu of trolls – good enough for fat fools and fuckwits with no taste, but I’ve personally never been hungry enough to stoop that low.

  24. Bunnei, your spelling gives me a headache.

  25. OMG you nevr had mcccdonalds?????? OMG haha i know it bad for u lol bit sometime it tast soooo gooooood 🙂 😀 haha yummmmy!!! <3

  26. Sexcibunnei I for one am a fan of your work. It is clear to me that your intellect surpasses the likes of Msanne and Capn!

    It is not as much the delivery but the subtle wit that underpins your comments.

  27. <3 <3 <3 lol Awwe thankx I like u to!!!! I all ways liked makeing new intrenet friends!!!! <3 <3 <3

  28. Wastey the Walrus

    no wit in her shit at all. just annoying.

  29. So, sexci was NOT created by MsAnne to torture us all?

  30. Bobger, are you metally retarded?

  31. Mr T, what is ‘metally retarded’? Think you should check what you post before calling people names.

  32. Metal retardation is what occurs when a foetus is exposed to too much mercury in utero. Side effects include brain damage and underdeveloped cognitive skills, such as that displayed by sexci, Bobger and sababe above.

    (Source: www .

  33. ^see also; ‘caving in some cunt’s skull with a cast-iron camp oven.’ metally retarded.

  34. Retarts.

  35. by liquor she means a FOURTY right ?

  36. No results found for fourty:
    Did you mean forty? 

  37. Awww Bacchante, you feel a bit down coz Bunnei is receiving more attention in the 5 minutes that she has been trolling and you have yet to get any?

    Little advice,stop trying so hard to emulate Assthrobs and be a little more original and maybe someone will notice when you have not posted in a while.

  38. Don’t be silly, Flames. Liquor is the name of her boyfriend’s penis. ‘Cause that’s what he says every time he whips it out(penis’s are female.. like cars or ships).

  39. You seem like an expert on mental retardation Sababe. Does it run in your family by any chance?

  40. ^I am glad you went and looked up the word.

    I would also assume the reason you have such a short username is because there would be no risk at fucking that up hey.

  41. Sorry, to answer your question,no, I don’t think we are related.

  42. ^so why does Bacchante need anyone else to notice what she does and does not chose to do when she has you, sabebeba, creepily commenting on her every post?
    look, I know she hurt you, kid. I heartily approved at the time and I still do now. But you gotta let it go. It’s affecting your every comment and is clearly not healthy for you.

  43. g0d, I’m just so fucking sincere and caring and shit.
    <3 me.

  44. Recently she listed a few requirements to be a successful troll or something to that effect.I mentioned something, she called me an idiot…you know the usual drill.

    Then on this post, i asked Mr T a question, she attempts at insulting me and i retaliate. Yeah that is what you call “creepily commenting on her every post”.

    I can go look up how many times she posted something on here and how many times I have reacted to such a comment,but I trust you get what I conveying here.

  45. *am

  46. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @44 She never attempted to insult you, she just diagnosed the medical condition you are suffering from.

  47. ^She should issue me with a doctor’s certificate then, i could use a break from work.

  48. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    ^Not a problem I know for a fact that she is a fully qualified veterinarian.

  49. I for one am a big fan of children drinking alcohol…

    It makes them more fun to be around the attention seeking, entitled, little money grabbing bastards.

  50. methinks that sababby doth protest too heartily. verily.

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