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  1. I assume Amanda is american? America is the only country where people are too lazy to pump their own gas. In other countries, it’s not even an option for someone else to do it for you, I’m pretty sure they teach you how in driving lessons. I mean, I don’t even fucking drive and I’m pretty sure I could open a little door, stick the nozzle in and press the lever! Jeez, it’s not hard.

    Lol I had a Dayna moment on MSN a few years back, i asked someone what DW meant and they said “Don’t worry”. I said no, tell me what it means….etc etc.

  2. Dayna made me chuckle a bit.

  3. Eric just reminded me of that Simpsons episode. Hurrah!


  4. Also @ Lizzle, there are some states in the U.S. that allow you to pump your own gas, I don’t know which states but I know New Jersey is one.


    That’s the one

  6. I LOLed at the first post! How hilarious and how utterly clueless that Dayna was!

    Amanda is just pure bimbo.

  7. @ 4…oh, ok. I suppose it’s just a culture thing, in the UK it’s not even an option for someone else to pump it for you, everyone does it themselves. You can only get away with asking an attendent to do it for you if you’re disabled. Otherwise, you’d be laughed at!

  8. @Lizzle only two states in the country (Oregon and New Jersey) forbid you from pumping your own gas (although I did just that once in Oregon…the attendant ran out and acted like he had caught me in the act of raping his sister). Everywhere else, there’s no other option but to pump your own gas.

  9. Most Americans pump their own gas, but there are some states that don’t allow it for whatever reason.

  10. @8 but why is it forbidden? Seems a bit strange that it’s only in those 2 states! Do they not trust people to do it or something? You have to have a special license to point a nozzle?

    I’m not being rude towards Americans BTW, I just genuinely don’t understand.

  11. @ Lizzle/Anon Amous, MOST states make you pump your own gas. Full service gas stations faded out in the 80′s. I have never had someone pump my gas and I have been to most states in the U.S. I want to say Oregon is one of the few (if not the only) states that will still pump your gas for you at most every gas station.

  12. @10

    I’m American and I don’t understand either.

  13. @ Lizzle, It’s because many people, whether we’re talking about the U.S. or Europe or wherever, are morons.

  14. For example, I saw a lady in Lawrence, KS spill 20 gallons of gas all over the parking lot just because she couldn’t figure out how to undo the (incredibly easy to use) automatic nozzle latching system.

  15. @10 I assume the original reason was because of the powerful gas station attendant lobby in those two states, but really I have no idea. I do know that Oregonians cling to their full service gas stations like a fat person clings to the last slice of pie, and attempts to get the law overturned in the past have failed.

  16. @ Lizzle

    “America is the only country where people are too lazy to pump their own gas.”

    Not being rude towards Americans? Get your facts straight before you insult 300 million people.

  17. In Canada, most gas stations have like 8 pumps self-serve and 8 pumps full-serve.. its sad that ppl will pay an extra 2 cents per litre just so that they dont have to get their fat asses out of the car

  18. Rick – true that.

  19. It’s called petrol, not gas ;)

  20. @16 – yes, I said that because, at that point, I thought that they did full service in EVERY state. I have since been corrected on this, as you can see if you read all of the comments. Calm down.

  21. Jackpot – yes it is :-)

    and Uhhhhh – none of the other Americans on here who responded to my comments were offended by them. I think you need to lighten up.

  22. @Lizzle
    I’ve lived and traveled in quite a few states, but outside of New Jersey I don’t think I’ve seen more than 1 or 2 gas stations that even offered full service. (By the way, I believe that full service was common both in the US and Europe back in the 1960s when labor costs were lower).

    I think the New Jersey law is a labor issue. Basically, all of the gas station attendants would lose their jobs if the law were repealed, so the politicians keep it on the books. A few years back, I saw a NJ politician trying to defend the law on safety grounds on the Daily Show. It was quite funny.

  23. In UAE we do not have a single self service station.

  24. I’m originally from Washington State and always got caught off-guard by the full-service stations in Oregon. On the one hand, an attendant (or two) was usually out pretty quickly to pump gas and wash the car’s windows but, on the other, I always had a hard time finding stations open after sunset. What do you do when you’re low on gas and all the full-service stations are closed for the night?

    Now I’m living in South Korea and it was only last year – if I’m remembering correctly – that gas stations started offering self-service pumps.

  25. @Lizzle

    On another note, I used to live in Philadelphia which is across the Delaware River from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Even with the stupid law about using attendants, it was cheaper to buy a tank of gas in NJ than in PA (I assume because of state taxes). As bad as NJ’s government is, somehow PA’s manages to be even worse.

  26. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Eric knows the word ‘idiom’ but doesn’t know the saying ‘up-and-at-’em’. Really? Hmmm, colour me suspicious.

  27. I have always despised “idk”. I especially despise people who post a picture of themselves and title it “idk lol”. Those people are usually the same ones who continuously use “fml”. Yes, you make me question why the fuck you’re in my life. The reason? I don’t know.

    As for the gas thing, I live in NYC, and I haven’t seen a full service gas station since Reagan was president. Amanda would be in big trouble if she moved here.

  28. @ hitmewithyourrhythmvic: I agree I think someone wanted attention or is a complete idiot. Might as well wipe that application with his ass. It did remind me of the time my husband said his friend was “as useless as tits on a bowl.” After I stopped laughing I had to tell him that its “tits on a bull.” Though his way was pretty useless too. My brother who is a complete idiot once said “Someday they will get their Kermuffins.” I didnt bother correcting him. It was way funnier to let that one slide.

  29. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ me – awww hun, you seem to surround yourself with ‘interesting’ people! :-) Although you can tell your husband from me that I will now be using ‘as useless as tits on a bowl’ every hour on the hour for the rest of my life, or at least the next week. I promise. I freaking love that!!

    I’m still trying to locate my Kermuffins. Put them down somewhere, idk where!

  30. The Scarlet Pimple

    LOLZ at Amanda and Princeton Kid.

    Also, the cover story behind those lingering full service gas stations is that it’s “safer” to have some teenage kid pump it for you. Last time I was in Oregon, I saw one of these attendants spill gas all over the damn place. Very safe.

  31. LOL! I often wonder what its like to be that stupid. Is the world shinier or more colorful when you’re a dullard? Im admittedly no genius but I get by. But But how the hell do you not question things like that. I asked him to repeat the kermuffin comment in case he was mumbling or having a stroke and he stood by it. I think he meant comeuppance. He’ll be plaesed that “tits on a bowl” will live on. :)

  32. idk made me laugh and lizzle your not allowed to pump your own gas in Japan.

  33. I’m impressed by the number of people who would answer the gas question without knowing what they are talking about. In the States, you may not pump your own gas in Oregon nor New Jersey. By requiring gas station attendants to pump gas, those states create jobs. However, since people usually pump their own gas in the other 48 states, this can be very confusing for people not familiar with the laws.

    In addition to pumping, the attendant will wash your windows, check the air pressure in your tires, and offer other courtesy services (e.g. checking your oil). In many states, you can find one “full service” pump in the station, where you will pay more to have someone pump your gas and offer these additional services. Especially with gas prices as high as they are, few people want to pay an additional premium.

  34. In all the only people lazy enough to not pump their own gas are the people in New Jersey and Oregon.
    The End.

  35. Lah dee dah, Rachel.

    In other news, Omaha (where I’m currently at) was the first place to offer a self-service station. Whooo us.

  36. Like just about every single thing in the world – Full Service Petrol Stations were first introduced in England. The reason is that the government didn’t trust us to put out our pipes/cigs before using the pumps.

    That and because they never though people would fill up and pay after (cynical b’stards) – but would just drive away.

    The places in the U.S that still do it, do it because North America is the place of the fat and the land of the lazy.

  37. I like to be the one to put gas in the car. I dont drive and am easily amused. Kind of explains why I spend time on here huh?

  38. Expect Amanda to get far in life. Becoming a gas station attendant might be a little bit ambitious though.

  39. lol @ amanda… “this is trivial information to me and i have better things to think about.”

    she needs people to do the trivial things for her, because she’s coming up with the solution to all of mankind’s problems. amanda is going to be our salvation.

  40. #39, knobjockey, aren’t you one of those “first!” people? Why are you pretending to have a brain all of the sudden?

  41. I could see how Dayna could get confused by that. The other two are just retarted.

  42. I worked at a gas station that had full service. The amount of people who don’t know how to pump their own gas is frustrating. As to what side the tank is on, if you look on your dashboard there is a picture of a gas pump and an arrow to show what side it is on. I learned that when I got my license… at 16. As to being judgmental, people treated me like I was an idiot because I was working at a gas station even though the money I earned went towards my college degree. We do the jobs you find yourself incapable of doing, remember that the next time you have someone pump your gas.

  43. #42 zombie “As to what side the tank is on, if you look on your dashboard there is a picture of a gas pump and an arrow to show what side it is on.”

    It also works if you use the mirrors, or, God-help-you, get out and look!

    And you’re not the first person to do a menial job to pay for university (I personally did 3 simultaneously), so stop trying to make out you’re hard done by.

  44. first of all those of you who apprecieated this comment and it made you laugh..good…secondly to all you douchebags who have no lives and nothing better to do then tell me im lazy, or stupid id just like you all to know that im neither thank you very much…and to whoever said “amanda is going far in life” id liek you to know that right now i attend the #1 undergraduate university in canada on a full scholarship, like i said i have better things to think about

  45. @zombie, is that really true? Do cars in America have a little arrow to remind the driver what side the tank is on? No wonder you guys have got issues… it seems that no one wants to think any more. The USA is so full of labour saving devices (and gadgets like that dashboard arrow that saves you having to remember something from one week to the next) that you end up with fecking idiots like Amanda. I’d also wager there isn’t too much going around her brain, “i (sic) have better things to think about” ha ha, bull.

    @ knobjockey, lol

  46. The Scarlet Pimple

    Aww, Amanda: did Daddy always fill up the car for you before you went away to Number One Candada U? Pobrecita. Life can be hard when you have no common sense, can’t it?

  47. @ amanda (#44)

    This is lamebook. We poke fun at random facebook posts, submitted by random friends on facebook. We don’t know who you are, so there’s really nothing personal in the comments posted.

    Entering the fray is (mostly) a huge mistake. Thanks to you and you only, we now know you’re a Canadian attending the #1 undergraduate university … now it’s going to become personal. Beeg mistake. Which happened because you always have better things to think about.

  48. @42 Zombie, actually, not all cars do have an arrow that tells you what side of the car your tank is on. My ’99 subaru legacy has no such thing and neither do the other cars in my family. And my mom’s is newer. So saying that all cars have them, isn’t true. But I must say I feel your pain about working at a gas station. I work at one too. Some people do act like I’m stupid because I’m working there but hey, at least I’m not sitting around doing absolutely nothing. I’m doing what I need to do to go to college. I must say, I can be pretty judging towards people that ask stupid questions. I live in PA and I always have people that ask me how to pump gas. I just give them a blank look.

    @44 Amanda, Honestly, you deserved it. Let me ask you something, How long have you had your car? Because after a few times of pumping your own gas, you know which side the tank is on. Also, you know where the “button is”. Yes some pumps are different then others. BUT if you follow a few simple steps, this may help you out. 1. Stand at look at the pump. 2. read the directions. Make sure you start at the first one and keep reading down the list. If you go from bottom to top, you’re doing it wrong. 3. If you get confused, stomp your feet and throw a temper tantrum until you get some idiot to do it for you.
    You deserve to be judged if you can’t figure out how to pump gas. I have family that have lived in Jersey for their entire lives and they know how to pump their own gas when they need to. Why don’t you?

    Oh and please, learn how to spell.

  49. sorry about the long post guys. go reward yourself with a cookie if you read it all :D

  50. @Antarctic Circle: This is lamebook. We poke fun at random facebook posts, submitted by random friends on facebook. Then in most cases make shit fights for no reason with other randoms using this site. We don’t know who you are, so there’s really nothing personal in the comments posted by most people. However thanks to you and you only, we now know you take these things and intentionally try and attack people and make this trivial shit personal. You’re pathetic.

  51. @49…… WOOHOO free cookies!!!! Awesome! :)

  52. @ 51… can you send me one too? I’m all out :(

  53. @52 – just cos i like you :) I will share my cookies….

  54. awww yay! :D <3

  55. Dayna you caused me to Roll on my floor Laughing! Nice!

    Amanda: You sir are a moron! She is the kind of idiot that would replace the coolant in her Radiator with Dishwashing liquid.

    Eric shouldn’t be applying to University if he can’t phonetically work out a simple idiom.

  56. @44Amanda;So you choose to reveal yourself on Lamebook a place that pokes fun at some of the dumb things Facebookers post on their walls and where people who they thought were their friends then post them because of how stupid they think they are. Just how smart is that? Clearly your advanced education has not done much…oh wait, you said Cananda. That explains a lot.
    I would stop worrying about this group and start trying to figure out just who among your FB friends you’re going to unfriend.

  57. Why do Canadians always do it doggy style eh?
    So they can both watch the hockey game…eh.

  58. Dear SeeBea: On behalf of my fellow Canadians let me say that this fucking moron should be put in a catapult and blasted out of here. Seriously if the Parliament would get their shit together people like her would not be allowed to breed nevermind seek a higher education. Do not judge all of us by the actions and ignorance of this idiot. Also as a Canadian finding out this moron could be sharing the same Province as me, Im gonna go sit in the corner for awhile. I hope my sobbing and rocking doesnt disturb my kids while they watch spongebob.

  59. #57 See Bea

    Learn the correct use of ‘eh’ during your clever display of Canada envy.

    Amanda’s “credential” saddens me. She is clearly not street smart and therefore worthy of a Darwin Award sometime soon-perhaps in a freak gasoline spraying accident. Of course, this is only if you’re really, really, really, really incredibly good looking.

  60. @ Me

    I agree, but I would like to add:
    Try turning off the fucking TV to prevent the further spread of idiocy.

  61. Amanda can always try a University in Italy. I hear there’s some roommates there looking for an ex-pat naive poor little rich american girl to experience new things.

  62. @ Anitalaff: They don’t watch too much t.v. Mostly when I need to do something and need to get away. I shouldnt use it as a “babysitter” but if I can go to the can in peace Im all for it.

  63. @ Amanda1218: Seriously if you are attending the number 1 Canadian University then i must ask “How stupid can you be to add more personal information into Lamebook”? You will be the Terrance and Phillip (but) of all jokes for a while to come.

    I think some of you missed what Zombie was saying. it is his clincher that has real meaning.

  64. @ Awful “is that really true? Do cars in America have a little arrow to remind the driver what side the tank is on? No wonder you guys have got issues… ”
    Most cars have this type of “labour saving device” as to what side your tank is on…look at the icon of the petrol pump near your petrol gague… whichever side the handle of the petrol pump is on the icon, is the side your petrol tank is on your car.
    *disclaimer* I am not clamining this is 100% absolute fact. It’s just something I have used in most cars I have been in around the world and it works.

    @ Me: Kermuffins! BRILLIANT…. absolutely brilliant.

  65. I like the implication that Dayna has been asking around and is really frustrated because everyone replies with “I don’t know.”

  66. @amanda1218 You don’t know something that, in most parts of the world, is common knowledge. Just accept that and move on, you’re making yourself look even worse by defending it. Every person here has more important stuff to think about than how to pump gas, but most of us still know how to do it.

    As for the gas station attendant question, the answer is “insurance.” Gas stations have to pay a bit extra in insurance if they’re going to let every mouth-breather who comes along work the pumps by himself. I’m not sure who much exactly, especially compared to the cost of hiring attendants, but that’s the answer that I’ve always heard when I asked. But good for you, to all of you out there who just assumed that the answer had to be because all Americans are lazy and stupid. It’s strange how when Europeans create a labor-saving system it’s clever and efficient, but when Americans do it, it’s because we’re lazy and stupid.

  67. Oh my gosh, Danya is so funny!I can’t believe that she doesn’t understand hte fact that IDK means i don’t know.

  68. Never seen a car with the arrow pointing to which side the tank is on, and I’m pretty well travelled

  69. On the topic of Amanda and her having a full scholarship to her University, I think it’s worth noting her current status:

    “doesnt know if taking business because ill get to wear cute outfits and stelettos to work was really the best choice in deciding my future carreer.”

    lol you’d think she would’ve learned by now

  70. @McG: We still rag on him about kermuffins. A running joke is too look all pained and then say how the person who wronged you will get thier kermuffins. I really think Mom was huffing glue when she was pregnant with that kid. (Shakes head) He also thought those commercials for the movie 2012 where they talk about the survival lottery were real. And he’s college educated here in Canada too, with scholarships also. So suck on that Amanda!

  71. I’m just pleased I live all the way over in Australia so I have zero chance of running into her on the roads. What a moronic attitude to driving cars, OK we can’t all be mechanics, but we all take some responsibility in maintaining the bloody things.

    That have better things to think about and brag about being in the #1 undergraduate university in Canada; whoop-de-shit. You can’t spell, which when you come to apply for a Mc-Job, that will still let you down, never mind if you get your degree and get to wear “stelettos”.

    Darwin award in the making.

  72. @Lizzle – Some states (not every state) in the USA require gas station attendants because it helps the economy by keeping people employed.

    @Anon – New Jersey is one of the states where you CAN’T pump your own gas.

    Anyway that girl is from Canada so this doesn’t even matter.

  73. @Me

    You are so sweet to take me seriously. Thanks!!

  74. #70 OMG Me, where did your brother go to school?? Anywhere in Ontario perchance?? He’s hilarious.

    Mmmmm stilettos. No WAIT. I have better things to think about, like ‘stelettos’.

  75. Lolling at Amanduh.

    You all know it’s probably not even her right?

  76. i hate tla

  77. The Scarlet Pimple

    Ohh, I hope that IS the real Amanduh. THEN her idiocy, laziness, and snobbishness would belong to Canadia, and not to the US. We really don’t need any more dummies padding our tally.

  78. @Mcg, thanks for that heads up, I’ll go and look at mine now. Apologies if I cast aspersions over a whole country. By the way, it’s spelt ‘gauge’.

  79. @67, Arielle, you are brilliant.

    @76, laugh out loud wordpervert… thank you.

  80. I just think it’s hilarious that people were insulting Americans and the girl ended up being Canadian.

  81. In Australia we had “service stations” back in the 80′s. They used to fill up the petrol tank and squeegee the windows. I’m not sure when this changed. I guess at some point in the 90′s. A few years ago, the 2 major grocery stores, Coles and Woolworths started taking over the petrol stations. Now most petrol stations seem to be owned by Coles or Woolworths/Safeway. So they won’t hire attendants, because it would cost money. I have only put petrol in a car once, but I think I did okay.

  82. Oh and I meant to say, when I was in the UK a few years ago I noticed almost every bottle or jar had arrows drawn on and said, “turn to open”. I thought that was funny.

  83. Aphrael: I had my mother teach me how to put petrol in a car when i was 10.

    I don’t mean to sound nasty but pumping petrol/gas is really fucking easy. It is nowhere near as hard as rocket science. If this stupid Amanda bitch wasn’t worried about superficial things (steletos and guchi) then im sure she would learn how it is done after watching someone do it once. Although she is at Uni and apparently cannot spell.

    It is unbelievable how people are allowed to get cars without knowing the basics. The basics (how to refuel, check water and oil, check tyre pressure etc) should become a mandatory part of getting your license!

  84. I am pretty sure Dayna was joking, so not that lame.

    As for Amanda, she makes me cry. Most states don’t have anyone pumping your gas in America for those who think Americans don’t pump their own gas. I only once had someone do it for me and it made me VERY uncomfortable. I was in a state that required it at the time. Hated it.

    And yes, pumping your own gas is fucking ass easy.

  85. If Amanda is from the number 1 undergraduate university in Canada, then the Canadian university system is well and truly fucked.

    If I had some time with Amanda I could locate and push her button for her and then pump a full load of my fluid into her tank. Brrrm Brrrm.

  86. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Mercure – hahahahahahahaha! Thank you, spirits lifted! I needed something chucklesome after the Not Safe For Life rooster poo.

    Now all I want is for Amanda to get back here and defend herself. Amandaaaaa? Woohoo? We’re over here. Here, girl.

  87. I was thinking Queen’s U, but it looks like it’s McGill U or Simon Fraser U.

    Or perhaps she’s been listening too earnestly to the University recruiters’ claims. Sheesh, she could be ANYWHERE.

  88. @ Anitalaff yup here in good old Ontario. The boy is well on his way to becoming a professional student. He’s on his 3rd career now. He may as well saved the money and went to flipping burger university or clown college. But bless the poor lad for trying. Some day he’ll have it all figured out or sell his diploma’s etc for some magic beans. Either way I’ll be there to post the outcome annonymously on the internet. :)

  89. @athousandtimesno Wait….you mean Canadians aren’t Americans? Crap. (Or should I say rooster crap!)

  90. haha as soon as I saw the one about IDK I had to post it as my status. And within a couple minutes it worked out exactly like this post!! LOL that made my day! :D

  91. There are a few places in Massachusetts that are full-serve. I know of 3, one if which has gone out of business. The rest are self-serve. As much as I enjoy the Brits and Canadians, I think they have a twisted view of us and how we live. We’re not all fat, lazy, stupid slobs. I work at a gas station and I HATE people like Amanda. If you’ve been driving your car and have had to pump your own gas, you should know. I can understand if she just wasn’t sure about how the pump worked, but seriously? I know where my tank is. I know how to start the pump. I know how to pump. This sounds like a case of the spoiled brat, if you ask me. I’m sure there wouldn’t be so many problems with people like Amanda if they would just READ THE SIGNS ON THE PUMP.

  92. Just because Amanda has better things to think about and stunning features, it doesn’t mean that she too can’t not die in a freak gasoline fight accident.

  93. FlapjacksAreAmazing


    You forgot all those combined servos. Coles Express/Shell and the Caltex/StarMart/Woolworths.

    Incidentally, “servo” is an Aussie colloquialism for service station.

    As for Amanda… you are truly a unique “idoit”

  94. Hey Rick….Lawrence, Ks….Rock it! Dumb Lady!

  95. Part of Amanduh’s complete and utter fail in the brains department is her failure to realize that millions and millions of people manage to juggle bazillions of important obligations and tasks day in and day out. I bet the majority of them know where their gas tank is or how to find it.
    If being merely a student excuses Amanduh from the rigors of knowing where her gas tank is, I should think that would excuse just about every other person in the free world.
    Funny that most of us can probably gas up without even being consciously aware of what we’re doing while poor Amanduh can’t have two thoughts in her wee brain at the same time.
    Seriously. I have to remember to feed and water myself or I could die!! Now I’m supposed to remember how to fill my car up too?!? I’m a university student! I have better things to think about!!!

  96. Dayna needs to shut off the internet in her house

  97. Amanda is a sweetheart, extremely smart and I would pump her gas anytime ;)

  98. Hey Lizzle. I’m gonna assume youre a foreigner for saying some stupid shit like that. I live in right across the state line of Oregon and there its fucking illegal to pump your own gas. Why? Because the economy there sucks and it provides jobs. Suck a dick. We’re not all lazy, you foreign piece of shit. Our government is just retarded.

  99. I’m completely offended that anyone would say that Oregon had lazy people because we have a law that makes illegal to pump your own gas. This law has been on the ballots several times and it always fails in great numbers. As I write this the unemployment rate is 11.3 percent(which only counts people on unemployment and doesn’t count the thousands or more of people not eligible or have exhausted their benefits). If we eliminate these jobs we’d be well above the 15% of Michigan…

    But if you buy Nike shoes and Douglas Fir Christmas trees thank you for providing a little money to come back to Oregon, even if it barely scratches the service of helping our economy.

  100. I don’t mind being thought of as lazy, if it means I don’t have to get out of my nice, heated car that my body temp has adjusted to so that I can touch some grimy pump that’s probably covered in germs in the middle of winter.
    Besides, some of those gas station attendants are pretty cute.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to argue with your statement, it is a stupid generalization, but it’s also nothing to stress about.

    As for our economy, Addicted (#99), after this next deployment, I think we’re pretty much screwed. Now THAT worries me.

  101. It’s 2:28 here and I haven’t had breakfast. Guess I better get up and Adam.


    Whar you go? O.o

  102. i would like to say that i am an american.. and i pump my own gas.. as for amanda..well.. she’s not going far.. without gas. har har har.

  103. Dayna reminded me of this one time when someone asked my teacher what apathy meant, and his only response was “I don’t care.”

  104. “Dayna reminded me of this one time when someone asked my teacher what apathy meant, and his only response was “I don’t care.””

    That was an old line from ‘Married… With Children’, Bud asked his father what was the difference between ignorance and apathy. Al looked at him with disdain, shrugged, and said “Don’t know, don’t care!”

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