Friday, October 9, 2009

The Right Response




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  1. I’m guessing Liam was completely disapointed when he signed up to farmville and found out he couldn’t cyber shag the sheep.

  2. Liam must be Australian.

  3. LMAO ….. That last one liam commented on is gold

  4. Score one for Sam!

    And agreed, Liam must be an Aussie!

  5. @txikiwi

    Ooh nice one, trying to turn that NZ stereotype back on us Aussies.

  6. Top one was submitted by the guy who rebutted, but the others are funny at least. I guess.

  7. I don’t think that it is necessarily wrong to submit something that you said to Lamebook. I mean sometimes you have to take it upon yourself to get a job done right.

  8. Yeah sorry twikiwi. That’s the Kiwi’s not us Aussies.

  9. I submitted the top one, and yes, it’s Kiwi’s that shag the sheep :P I love the second one.

  10. Liam humped three sheep,
    There are a total of eight;
    How many are left?

  11. Liam is Irish, I submitted it. We love our sheep us!

  12. Is there seriously a New Zealand vs. Australia argument going on in here where the people of each country are trying to make fun of the other by saying they shag sheep?

    That in itself is lame.

    btw, when’s the new season of Flight of the Conchords going to air? I love that show.

  13. I love Neighbours and Home & Away. I rush home from work just to catch it on time :)

  14. Isn’t the sheep shagging tag reserved for the Welsh?

  15. Australia was founded as a penal colony for debtors and sheep fuckers.

  16. why don’t you all go shag a goat and shut up

  17. mcowles:
    Ask any Kiwi, we love people banging on about this one – especially Australians!
    (taken from … the rest of their site is hilarious too.

    Nina, Louise, Venus:
    You appear to be females? I suspect Australian? Why don´t you ask your boyfriends what they do in the outback….

  18. Sheep shagging’s at its most prevalent in Aberdeen.

  19. Nah, Liam and Conor are Irish, I’m willing to bet.

  20. I thought it was a global thing: urbanites everywhere claim their rural cousins sexually assault whatever farm stock is prevalent, and whole nations accuse their neighbours / enemy states of bestial practices.
    Examples follow.
    Q: Definition of an Egyptian virgin?
    A: A goat that can run faster than an Arab.

    Q: How does a Welshman find a sheep in long grass?
    A: Fucking irresistible!

    Feel free to change the nationality / ethnicity of these jokes to suit your local needs (but if you can imitate the accent, the words ‘fucking irresistible’ are *particularly* funny delivered with a welsh twang)

  21. @Adam

    Either that, or the other submitters have enough Photoshop skills to remove the “Delete”.

  22. @Boz

    I’ve thought about that numerous times before. You could easily remove “delete”, even with Microsoft Paint. If I ever posted something that I commented on, I’d definitely do that. Because of this, it no longer bothers me if someone sends something here, after commenting themselves.

  23. no! liam must be welsh

  24. @mcowles

    I’d cut and paste it under someone else’s name.

    It’s how I roll.


    Or at least the password for a second one.

    None of my fake facebook accounts are “friends” with my friends, so they can’t see the walls/statuses in order to copy/paste them in the first place.

  26. @mcowles

    If you’re the real mcowles.

    1. I would screencap the exchange from my friend’s wall.
    2. I would load it into Photoshop.
    3. I would cut and paste the “Delete” from one name to another. Using Photoshop.

    Get it?

  27. Shagging sheep is only a minor pass time in Aust, it’s mandatory for all men of voting age in NZ.

  28. @ Kaisha
    “Australia was founded as a penal colony for debtors and sheep fuckers.”

    LOL, you said penal…..

  29. “Australia was founded as a penal colony for debtors and sheep fuckers.”

    LOL, you said penal…that law term always makes me laugh!

  30. sigh…it posted twice…stupid operator error :(

  31. ha ha, that Farmville one with Conor and Liam is priceless, Conor is a workmate of mine, and no not Australian but actually Irish. And that Farmville is headwrecking, come home from work log on and a 100+ farmville, mafia wars and some other shit takes up must of the updates….

  32. “I make them good girls go baaaaaaahhd.”
    That is all.

  33. Sheep fucking aside, that Joseph Fritzl comment was priceless…

  34. @milkproof robot
    I completely agree.
    ten bucks says Victoria didn’t get it.


  36. And what’s with Ms Haiku ripping off Mr Haiku’s gig? Surely you could have come up with your own idea Ms Haiku. Maybe try limericks or something.

  37. Sam FTW

  38. Who is Ms Haiku?
    I do not have relatives,
    She must be a fraud!

  39. Fritzl lives next door.
    Maybe I should introduce
    Him to Ms Haiku.

  40. HHAHAHAHAHHA you people are all focusing on the wrong comment the Joesph Fitzel one was priceless!!!! Sounds like Sheep Shagging is a favourite past time of the both Antipodeans from lands down under. Cant blame them though if you see what there women look like lol

  41. * apologies for my incorrect sentence construction, meant of “both the”

  42. @ South African

    And I’m guessing you meant “both of the” in your correction ya blockhead.

  43. what is this a f%#2ing english lesson, p%ss off lol, who goes on lamebook to correct people’s grammar anyway??? How sad.

  44. @ South African

    Er…you corrected your own grammar, then fucked up the correction. That in itself is pretty sad.

    Enjoy hosting the World Cup next year, try not to drop *this* one.

  45. Bite me my first language isn’t english anyway.

  46. @txikiwi
    Agreed, they fuck anything.

  47. Kiwis, Aussies and the Irish shag sheep

  48. Renee - Aussie Pride Mafuckas

    BAHAHAHAHA aussies don’t fuck sheep you queer fucks!! that’s tha kiwi’s!!

  49. How do Kiwis find sheep in long grass?


  50. Surely the myspace one was by far the lamest!

  51. That was Milarious =]

  52. 2. Maybe if ur father wasnt a child molestor incest freak
    3. I shag the sheep, farmville or no farmville


  53. De-bumped so that Rick shit isn’t what everyone sees.

  54. Stereotypes? Everyone knows that the Welsh, Australians and Kiwis all shag sheep on a bidaily basis.

  55. Those are Irish names, and you say you’re English. don’t you guys WATCH them do it bidaily? If you meant to say also at the end, you can ignore this.

  56. that Fritzl reference was funny as hell!!! and at the same time absolutely over the top…

  57. Soon enough, Liam will start a petition named ‘Add ability to shag sheep on FarmVille’.

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