Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Red Fox


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  1. She forgot to mention how I put it in her butt and she cried.

  2. what kind of girl admits that.

  3. more like FMFAO

    …I hope she found out his dick wasn’t always his own.

  5. I didn’t know Jose still played for the Sox?

  6. So they posed for a photo with a cup in her hand again, but naked? Well, whatever gets you off I suppose.

  7. oh
    fterklang I see what you did there.
    But apparently what I can see from this is they were in that position in her bedroom, but naked. Ya know doin’ it…idk if she was still holding the cup though…

  8. OHMIGODNOWAY!!!!! That’s so embarrassing!

    She’ll spill her drink for a start.

  9. Who wouldn’t be turned on surrounded by that Art Repo decor. I know stackable plastic lawn furniture indoors always gets me hot. And the bedroom had a mattress with milk crates so, you know, all bets were off.

  10. kids these days.

  11. Well Bri Bri it looks as if they were in front of a computer. Perhaps some underage porn got this guy off? the smell of cheap liquor and felony after felony probably did it for this guy.

  12. He’s wearing a Red Sox shirt. I am so ashamed.

  13. Keepin’ It Klassy!!!

  14. It is hard to say for sure, but it almost looks through the pixels like this could be her profile photo too.

  15. I dont get it..

  16. @Jonas, at the risk of being horrifically pathetic, I’m renaming you “jenius” — at least in my [scarred, sickened, occasionally-aroused) Lamebook heart! Yours was brillant & I thank you for it.

  17. PS *Brillant* is a name I up for people I don’t know, with opinions I spontaneously agree with, with a keyboard that’s as reliable as the aliens I’m learning about on Primetime at the moment.

  18. she looks pregnant..hmmm

  19. LMFAO HAAAAAHR DURR, god I hate when people laugh at their own retarded jokes.

  20. Angie is what Jimmy Norton refers to as “a good egg”.

  21. forget about her…HE looks pregnant.

  22. Angie, you did? Really??
    That thought hadn’t even occurred to me

  23. I had to double take because I couldn’t bring myself to believe that wasn’t the guy that wrote the comment.

  24. So later, she drank out of a cup naked?


  25. The very definition of TMI. Why not just change your status to “XXXX had sex last night, doggy style! He lasted a record breaking five minutes everyone!”

  26. They’re breeding.

  27. So sad that this generation thinks it’s not only acceptable, but necessary, to share such information. Morons.

  28. What a fat-hole.

  29. Gotta give props, she-not-too-bad.

  30. Jose’s so fat they would have to do it doggy style. He’d crush her to death otherwise.

  31. He’s not that fat….@30 ure just being mean coz u aint getting any…not even eye candy freebies on the internet…dont call people fat…..call em…….lol what do i care
    this is just boring!

  32. wow, just wow

  33. kooooooool-aaiiidd

  34. Yeah, I’d hit it…

  35. Two Churls, One Cup

  36. Now THAT’S class.

  37. jose can you see…by the dawn’s early light

  38. well, what else can you expect from a red sox fan…

  39. MooMoo FTW!

  40. @Alize – I think you’re right.

  41. glad im a yankees fan. at least i know my team, and fellow yankee lovers have some sort of class.

  42. What a woman of class.
    Mommy’s so proud.

  43. Don’t know why she’d post this commment – she looks like she’s already been there done that and got the baby.

  44. Shit man, she looks about 12 years old, some one phone take that drink off her and phone the pervert police.

  45. Am I the only who thinks this chick looks pregnant? With a cup of… something alcoholic… in her hand???

  46. Looks like a dip cup to me

  47. I like how it looks like she’s about to throw up into that cup

  48. She’s getting rap3d by a fat fuck in pajamas.

  49. The generosity of women never ceases to amaze me.

  50. hahaha! i know this girl. she was in my highschool. i thought she was one of those wicked quiet girls. this made my day

  51. Captain Oblivious?

  52. is angie short for slut?

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