Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Prisoner of Azkabone


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  1. harry porner

  2. hey im not funny and im annoying and take lamebook too seriously, READ MY LJ, ITS SO COOL CUS IM A FAG

  3. Facebook: Giving nerds, who can’t look a girl in the eye, the confidence to flirt, the only way they know how.

  4. I am so going to magic school now.

  5. I bet you she wouldn’t be the only fast little snitch if he was actually to get his hands on her in real life, if you get my drift.

    Magic goo

  6. i now have a chub.

  7. Someone should find these two people, and chop them into small pieces. Then set them on fire. Then jump up and down on the ashes.

    In my youth, we used to go to parties and get drunk. Not make lewd comments on Facebook. Even if we had done, they wouldn’t have been themed around a fucking kids’ book.

  8. Dear Ben,

    Perhaps it’s possible to do both? The conversation took place over the span of what appears to be 15 minutes at what could have been 9:30 in the morning.


    PS – No one cares what you did in college so stfu old man

  9. Ben,
    You’re telling me Harry Potter is a kids book?!
    next you’ll be telling me it’s fiction!
    Jees, way to burst a girls bubble.

  10. @ FiendishFuManchu

    Angry much?

  11. Hahaha- holy fuck balls.

    Why?! Just…WHY?!

    How the fuck is “you’ll stop flapping your wings” a euphemism for ANYTHING?!

    I like Harry Potter but if any guy referred to his dick as his broomstick my only response would be ‘get the fuck out of my house’.

  12. I think this proves my theory that people who give two shits about harry potter (Which means knowing what all the stuff in it is called), Are gross.
    That was gross. I have lost my appetite.

  13. I’m also confused as to what Chris plans to put INSIDE his mouth, for it then to open up.

  14. her entire vagina?

  15. Jeez so lame!

  16. My response is similar to Dakota’s.

    And to “Boz”, please attempt to borrow, buy or steal a life ASAP.

  17. ohhhh.
    that’s dirrrrttttyyyy. :)
    This just made Harry Potter even more of my favourite. ;)

  18. Oh, Erika.

  19. Hey Erika, once Boz is done with you you’ll have a goblet of fire.

    STDs etc..

  20. Hahahaha, apparently he’s not used to women that “stop flapping their wings” around after he catches them…pffffffff…

  21. I accidentally her entire snitch.

  22. @femanon Is this bad?

  23. These are kids talking like this? Sad, sad, sad :-(

  24. Oh god, Harry Potter sex talk, UBER SADFACE.

  25. Aunt Gertrude Agnus Smyth

    Oh my goodness gracious me. My eyes bleed at the sight of these disgraceful words. I only reached the second comment and my body began to tremble – it’s too much, just too much… Lock these devils away and throw away the key! Oh my goodness… did I just speak those hurtful words? What has become of me, oh Gertrude Agnus Smyth? I have become one of these foul children of today – pregnant and fat and smelly.

    basically ye man dey is screwed fak ya.

  26. Aunt Gertrude Agnus Smyth, your comment was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on this site. Thanks for making me laugh.

    Also, the flapping of the wings comment Chris made gave me horrible images; female genitalia and flapping are two things that should never go together…

  27. Aunt Gertrude Agnus Smyth

    lol I’m ill and bored as HELL, I can’t believe you found my comment funny, it was just whatever came into my head… basically a load of shit :L

  28. Old Ben,

    15 minutes of online conversarion doesn’t resume an entire youth. Maybe they do what you say you did. Probably, if you had internet, you’d act the same way. Or worst.

  29. i like dakota’s comment. she knows the score.

  30. LOLZ @ Stealthbanana!!

    And to the comments further up…taking a stab in the dark here..but I’m guessing the things he was emplying would be opening..was her legs?? What put was in his mouth for that to happen could be a number of things..HAHA! ;)

  31. *was put

  32. HAHAHA dirty Harry Potter talk. Love it.

  33. I am not ashamed to say that I wish these people were my friends.

  34. Has anyone else noticed that all these Harry Potter things are the same?

    In all the books/movies:

    He starts out in that horrible house with that horrible family. Then he goes to the school. Some new character/thing is introduced. Funny things happen. Hagrid’s advice is sought. Then there is a completely pointless broomstick football match. As the movie draws to a close, there is lots of running around in dark corridors underground and Harry saves the day. Dumbledore arrives a bit too late, but understands.

  35. Come now, Tuca, it should be fairly obvious that I know this isn’t a precis of their entire relationship. But it’s still a fucking stupid waste of time, and is an entirely lame conversation to conduct in a public forum.

    Having said that, they probably are total douchebags all the time.

  36. @ 34 Boz

    Blah blah blah…

  37. Sorry, “Boz”, I lost interest after the first “blah”.

  38. I’m guessing the flapping her wings part was somehow vagina related. Some people call the labia “wings”, don’t they?

    That being said, who the fuck has wings in Harry Potter? I mean aside from animals, which could mean it’s to be taken an entirely different way.


  39. The snitch has wings.

  40. FLAW: A male still cannot visit the female rooms even if his uses the invisibility cloak. It knows better.

  41. I love harry potter, i dont love this. this is for the bedroom. if your into that sort of thing..

  42. @ Xac

    I see. I thought they meant a character? Oh well, you’re right.

  43. @Paul – she said to use the invisibility cloak AND broomstick with which to fly over the stairs.

    I don’t think that the Harry Potter theme is what makes it Lame (it’s cute and mostly accurate, if it floats your boat. I think that fact that two people are basically cybering on a PUBLIC forum – that is the Lame part.

    (Lame is capitalised for emphasis, “s” is used because I’m from Australia)

  44. No worries, belle. I honestly don’t think a snitch would be a good way of describing interest in sex. After all, a snitch tries to run from you and has to be held down for victory, against its will. :P :)

  45. It is a Invisibility Cloak, not cape, CLOAK. Damn it !

  46. oh ew….harry potter porn

  47. GOLD!

  48. WIN!

  49. this is actually even funnier if you read harry potter.

  50. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    @39 Thank fuck someone finally pointed that out to the muggles . . .

  51. Oh my god, LAME.

  52. LOL harry potter sex talk

  53. LOOOOOOL !

  54. are there seriously people this lame in the world?

  55. but pleese don;t tell polis on me

  56. lighten up folks , i honestly believe that most of the comments on this site qualify as Lame

    I’m aware of the irony in pointing this out while responding in an evenly lame fashion …

  57. All I could think of while reading this, was “I put on my robe and wizard hat”…

  58. aight

  59. Dirty Harry Potter sex talk. Classic!

  60. [...] Harry Potter fans need to be neutered [...]

  61. I guess it makes me a total nerd that I think this is awesome!

  62. what happens when geeks get it on

  63. Is it just me or do I have dejavu?

  64. It amuses me that every old post I read has a recent comment from you, HeSaidWhat. I feel like a stalker.

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