Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Misinformed

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  1. I weep.

  2. I laugh, the supidity of some people makes me happy 🙂

  3. oops stupidity

  4. If Jada’s friends really wanted to have some fun, they could go further and convince her that even looking at some men can impregnate them.

  5. I bet Jada is the product of an unwed teenage mother. No one who had a proper Christian upbringing would be that ignorant. If I were Jada’s mother, I’d send Jada to Bible study so she can learn the virtues of the Creator and hopefully turn her life around.

  6. I just want to know how facebook got a microchip in every users head.

  7. Simple: cut into soft spot. Insert microchip. Have nachos.

  8. Zoe, yeah. They just didn’t put any in you or your kids cos nobody likes you.

    They told me not to tell but I felt mean.

  9. Well that is good to know that my facebook account will delete when I die, because that is definitely my main concern about death.

  10. All Facebook Accounts Go to Heaven.

  11. Are you kidding me? Someone this dumb shouldn’t be allowed near a computer…

  12. How utterly sad.

  13. Melancholy43920

    Sadly none of these posts are even a tenth as dumb or lame as dan_fargis.

  14. @dan_fargis; cool story bro

  15. yo dan_fargis.

    What the fuck does a “proper Christian upbringing” have to with it, other than the fact Christianity has done nothing but brainwash people to thinking they are superior to anyone who is not a christian. I think your comment was a useless and the jada post. Take your fucking bible beating mentality and kindly go fuck yourself.

  16. What amazes me the most is how these people can still be alive nowadays with all those dangerous sockets and stairs out there…

  17. I die a little inside whenever I’m confronted with the fact that people this dumb really do exist… I’ll just have to take solace in the fact that they’ll inevitably forget to chew their food before swallowing it; hopefully there won’t be anyone around unlucky enough to resuscitate rhem. Really. Just… Wow.

  18. Melancholy43920, that made me laugh. Fargie clearly likes to try to get a rise out of people.

  19. its hilarious how stupid some people are.. sometimes i wonder if they are faking it…

  20. No..Fucking…Way
    Microwave? oven?
    >< shit, i can't believe this

  21. @dan_fargis

    This was actually a pretty good lamebook-post, but you just had to ruin my mood by talking about how fucking stupid I am ? FUCK YOU!

  22. I believe in only one thing, and that is that religion makes you stupid and is just a way for religious people to diss people of other beliefs/non-believers 🙂

  23. Dawn of the Dan

    The way she says “Why are you ALLOWED to put metal in…” leads me to think maybe she’s just a curious little girl whose parents told her not to do something but didn’t fully explain why she shouldn’t.
    If she’s an adult, then yeah, she’s dumb.

  24. Awh, I don’t want my facebook to be deleted. How will I see how see many RIP wall posts I get if its gone?

  25. Idocracy, thy time is now.
    I will not propogate the species because the idiots have taken over.

  26. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    So how does Jada explain the fact that everybody had both an oven AND a microwave?

  27. on a positive note, at least jada aint wanna a babi.

  28. The last one is fake, it’s from an old Yahoo! Answers “fail”, only the asked wanted to know what haoppens to all online profiles, accounts.

  29. *asker

  30. @kelly – she’d just get confused when someone asked her if she had a bun in the oven… and then try to put metal in her vagina.

  31. MsBuzzkillington

    Jada is a perfect example of why we need better sex education in schools. Kids are fooling around and have no clue.

    Plus, everyone knows that you can get pregnant just from kissing a dude.

  32. … That means my best friend is still alive she’s just hiding o.O

    @dan_fargus: just because someone would have a Christian upbringing means nothing. each person is responsible for their own choices and thoughts, whether they want them to be appropriate, false, whatever, it’s up to them. she is ignorant like that because like MsBuzzkillington, we need better sex education because kids are being idiots and THAT is why they are getting pregnant at earlier ages than previous generations. I am a Christian so there’s obviously something wrong with one or both of us because my views are horribly different than yours. To me this country has gone down the hole in the past hundred years or so and that’s why things are the way they are. I’m waiting for what happened in Legion to happen in real life.

    @ FuckMustard: I agree.

  33. andie-la, you bring up good points, no doubt about that. However, dan_FAGis is a troll and not worth the time an effort of a response from anyone.

  34. which part andie, that stupid people make you happy or that you too are concerned about your facebook account when you die?

  35. @andie-la, sorry for my foul language, but i slightly lost my temper there

  36. Apparently my comment is under moderation…nice.

    andie-la, you bring up good points, no doubt about that. However, dan_fargis is a troll and not worth the time an effort of a response from anyone.

  37. I’m willing to bet dan_fargis is about as fucking stupid as Jada is. I mean, seriously, being impregnated by swallowing a load is about as believable as Mary being impregnated by an invisible man in the sky. lol

  38. Solution to Dan_fargis… drum roll folks… Ignore! Just let him post and be on your merry way, and replying to them results in more, you guessed it, Dan!

  39. Since Jada is empty on the inside–especially her head–it’s quite probable that she’d get knocked up if a “boi” unloaded in her stupid, stupid mouth.

    I like that royalty like Lady Destiny uses Facebook and microwave ovens, just like us commoners do.

  40. I’m guessing that most of the people in here today have NEVER read a Lamebook comments post before, or they have, but they stubbornly refused to take any of it in because they don’t do no reading… wait, what was my point? Oh yeah, stop getting into arguments about religion with dan_fargis, dumbasses.

  41. can someone get in contact with “Lady Destiny” and try to convince her it is perfectly safe to put metal things in a microwave as long as she stands really close to it… that would thin the herd so to speak 🙂

  42. did anyone actually read the article on msnbc the other day where a girl actually did get pregnant from a blowjob? She had oral sex with her boyfriend, then not much later someone stabbed her. Knife ripped through part of her stomach and uterus. She was stitched up and survived, then went to the doctor with mysterious pains 9 months later. Turned out she was in labor, managed to get impregnated from the sperm that leaked from her stomach to her uterus. Craziest part of the story? According to the doctors the girl didn’t even have a vagina….there was no opening. They were amazed she was even able to sustain a pregnancy. Check out the article for yourselves, it was just absolutely ridiculous.

  43. @fuck_off, please do not condemn a group of people by the actions of one, i am a christian and i most certainly do not think i am superior to anybody, and i am definitely nothing like dan_fuckin_fargis, hell to tell u the truth, i listen to slipknot and smoke weed and drink, so just think before you speak.
    And @dan_fargis, please go fuck your pompous ass, or i will find you, and smack you so hard, that you’ll end up in the hole where u crawled out of in the first place.

  44. I was skeptical of oochie’s claim of a crazy vaginaless pregnancy so I Googled and WTF? That’s friggin’ ABC, not The Daily Mail!

  45. ha, yeah i was about to post the link. Pretty outlandish.

  46. oochie…ok whatever.

    I agree with Nuff and BH. I notice when everyone ignores the TROLL he doesn’t comment as much and all have sweet sweet peace. For a minute or two anyway.

  47. did you even read the linked article slippyslappy? How I am I trying to troll? I am posting a fascinating article that is directly related to the above discussion and lamebook posts.

  48. nevermind. wasn’t paying attention to the above commentary.

  49. krasivaya_devushka

    Stuff white people like?? So are you also white??

  50. and everything’s back to normal, people are biting and wriggling on dan_fargis’ hook, i can hear the soothing more-than-silence of the m1 outside my window, wine is making my eyes sleepy, tomorrow i’ll wake up to a new day, where the sky is blue, and i respire etc, and old crotchety posters make cynical jokes about generation z.

    ahhhh – the natural order of things is restored…. yoink? YOINK! WHAT THE F ARE YOU DOING IN MY BEDROOM?!?

    *i’m not yoink – i’m the soul of all humankind. you are a worthless, greedy lot…*


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