Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Great Divorce, Long Time no Sussex


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  1. Is Allyson terminally ill or something?

  2. They probably just got married for immigration purposes now he actually wants to get married.

  3. Facebook: it’s not just connecting you with your long lost classmates.

  4. I’m pretty sure they are talking about divorce papers. Some people take a long damn time before they make it official. At least they are being polite about it.

  5. The last comment from Chris wins.

  6. bahahahahahahahahaha

  7. @Jean the papers probably have to be signed by a certain date.

    Who loses touch with their spouse (even if it is their ex) for 11 years? Think you’d take care of the divorce papers BEFORE losing contact for a decade.

  8. Julie wins!

  9. Top comment, Julie! (#3)

  10. lmfao. This made me laugh pretty hard.
    Julie wins.
    :) :)

  11. “Selling magazines” = Selling “The Big Issue” in the UK, which is a charity magazine given to homeless people so they can sell them. The man was probably a vagabond for three years.

  12. “D November 17th, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    “Selling magazines” = Selling “The Big Issue” in the UK, which is a charity magazine given to homeless people so they can sell them. The man was probably a vagabond for three years.”

    This was most likely new jersey not england. there is a sussex county and a bergen county in new jersey too.

  13. i agree. sounds like an immigration marriage. but yeah, how do you lose touch for 11 years?

    nice one, Julie :)

  14. Not that uncommon. A quick marriage when you’re young, can’t afford the divorce and just assume you’ll never get married again. They usually come to a legal resolution when one wants to remarry.

  15. Agree with Charlie that it’s NJ not anywhere in England. Sussex is a county in England, but it would never be called “Sussex County”… and Bergen isn’t a English county or an English anywhere else, as far as I know! The guy’s been selling magazines all over the US, evidently… unlucky bugger.

  16. You also don’t get a Sheriff’s Department in England…

  17. I’m glad Chris was sellin’ those magizines and not editing them.

  18. Errr, that too, nor’n monkey, that too!

  19. It could be Jersey, Virginia, or Delaware. Either way, they’re pretty polite to one another considering that they are most likely talking about a divorce.

  20. You think after selling magazines for 3 years you could spell magazine

  21. I suck cocks for fun

  22. flyingpotatofairy

    ha, they live right near me @_@

  23. Lol, Julie’s comment made me wonder if the event that jogged Chris’s memory into “Oh yeah, we still need to get divorced” mode was one of the Reconnect with so-and-so boxes, and if so, how much longer would he have left it without the reminder?

  24. Allyson go for 11 years worth of anniversary presents before you sign those papers! lmao Just goes to show that some relationship break-ups are amicable

  25. For some reason I find it amusing that Chris calls Allyson ‘girl’ in his original post. Especially when she comes off more mature than him.

  26. Zombie Kid's Father

    I like shuffling forward slowly and braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains…

  27. Fuck you and fuck your zombie shit.

  28. is appalled at all of the seriousness that is being translated through these viewer comments. what the fuck? where’s the comedy? We should applaud “Boz” for his/her blatant bluntness. and we should be dicing and slicing this thread to pieces. This is horribly funny. Long lost divorce? there has to be more to this thread than what’s posted here. I’m guessing: one nighter after some shit ass rave on the upper east coast (we’ll assume New Jersey, cuz that place sucks anyway), they’re still awake from the saturday before, when they stroll into a courthouse on monday morning, complete with red, stretched open eyes and slobberishly say, “I do”. Only to find out a day or three later that they’re not compatible. He splits town, she starts a beauty shop, he’s out part of the infamous mag crew, and now facebook has brought them together……..or some variation of this.

  29. @28 Shut up! The Zombies rock!

  30. They’re very pleasant about it…. too pleasant.

  31. Hahahahaha!

  32. Judging from Chris’ last comment it sounds like there still might be a spark in this marriage

  33. Yeah, we should fix them up again

  34. Quality.

  35. @28 Leave Zombie Kid alone

  36. @Nikki. Maybe he was talking to Zombie Kids Father and not Zombie Kid. Everyone loves Zombie Kid.

  37. sorry to be a buzz kill but i do not like zombie kid…in the beginning i did but i just dont like turtles

    maybe had some kind of bad experience with turtles when i was younger ?

    sorry m8

  38. First I am a she and second I still hate Happy Gilmore and anything to do with Adam Sandler ,except that movie made by Paul Thomas Anderson. I fail to see why people think Sandler is funny.
    I dunno , he’s just not my kinda of actors.

  39. Euuuh this somment wasn’t suppose to be in this post.I need my coffee *headdesk*

  40. It’s always awKward when somebody asks how you are doing on your wall and you have to announce to everybody you know that you’re a nomadic roving gypsy who sells British newspapers in America.

  41. @ Father sha

    You don’t have to like turtles to like Zombie kid. Click his name and watch his video. That should make you love him. If not… You’re gonna be shanked

  42. My gripe is only with the father. The Kid, he’s OK.

  43. Zombie Kid is lame

  44. I’m a big fat New Zealand FAIL who blames my idiocies on inanimate objects/coffee

  45. Actually, I am a 23 years old Italian girl.But kudos on the last part ,I do blame my idiocies on coffee,douche.

  46. I dated a guy once who’d been separated from his wife for five years. Took him another two (three?) to actually divorce her, so it’s possible. However, the reason it took them so long to get through the final papers because they had a kid and (I found out later) the douchetruck was trying to get out of paying child support, so I have no idea WHY it would take two childless people 11 years to get a divorce.

  47. My guess as to why it took so long: Chris was in jail.

  48. @ WSQHGal: I bet you’re right – three years selling whatever (the prison newsletter?) and five years of being “out here” still doesn’t add up to eleven years…

  49. Ohh, New Jersey and its residents<3

  50. Also, @Jem, I don’t know what you’re talking about… NJ is the only state with both of those counties. Just sayin’.

  51. Hahaha, this submission made me chuckle a little bit!

  52. When my older co worker divorced his first wife they did it in a very civil manner no kids or major expenses. so it was quick and painless after the divorce they went to lunch.
    it happens.

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