Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Casey Case

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  1. Ugggggg. People suck.

  2. Yawn.

  3. I live in Georgia and apparently the rest of the western world is paying more attention to this crap than we are. I just saw a post from my niece back in Connecticut: “how could she do this to her daughter???” Dear Connecticut, go find shit to do. Break stuff, set your neighbor’s house on fire, get laid for a change. Is it any wonder I left.

  4. littlemissgenius

    throwingtofu, I’m with you. I’m already tired of hearing about this broad and I’m really tired of the rabid, moronic comments on Facebook (and elsewhere) from people crying about injustice. Yeah, it’s a fucked up situation but some people are taking this shit far too personally.

  5. pandainspandex

    This whole Casey Anthony mess reminds me of that one “question” that (for whatever reason) was on just about EVERY online job application I’ve ever filled out- “It is maddening when the court lets guilty criminals go free.”
    I never know quite how to answer that… yeah, it sucks, but I’m not going to kill my kids over it. *rimshot*

  6. I will carry this motion throwingtofu.

    Unfortunately, this kind of stuff happens all the time. Also, there is worse that goes on in this sick world. But now she will become a celebrity and go on Oprah, Maury, or some other talk show, make a few thousand, and probably get married or re-married, (Shows you how much attention I have been paying attention to this deal.)and have another child.

    One thing that just stupefies me about this story is how hard can it be to put your child up for adoption?

  7. What really bothers me is the people on my facebook friends list talking about vigilante justice. Because nothing brings justice better than a slaughter in the street. Oh, and this stupid facebook event about turning on the porch lights for Caylee from 9 pm to 6 am. You’re supposed to have your porch lights on over night. That’s what they’re for! What an empty and pointless gesture. The bottom line is the jury wasn’t offered enough evidence to convict Casey Anthony. That’s all there is to it.

  8. I can find most things funny… a murdered two year old is not one of them.

  9. The people who care about this have no life. It happened THREE YEARS AGO people!

  10. And the trial just ended today, Audball. Hence the renewed media interest.

  11. “audball911
    July 5th, 2011 at 9:58 pm
    The people who care about this have no life. It happened THREE YEARS AGO people!”

    Are you kidding me? Says a lot about you, you *#&%ing idiot.

  12. What is even the point of porch lights, though? If I or anyone I knew ever actually used their porches for anything, perhaps sitting on it at night, I wouldn’t want a spotlight on advertising me to passerby. The only logical conclusion I can come up with is if you order a delivery service after dark and they need to see your building number, but if you don’t live in BFE that shouldn’t be a problem anyway (i.e. light pollution).

    Megamel99, please tell me why you are supposed to have porch lights on overnight. I am not calling you out on anything, it’s just a genuine question from me as I was unaware of this before today.

  13. littlemissgenius

    “Are you kidding me? Says a lot about you, you *#&%ing idiot.”

    Uh, why is someone not being up in arms about a case that doesn’t affect their actual life a “#&%ing idiot”? I personally find the faux concern and outrage to be more idiotic than someone who expresses disinterest in something that is really none of their damn business.

    Scratch that, I find the attention on ONE child’s death idiotic and disrespectful as all hell. Thousands of kids are killed by their abusive, fuckwit parents everyday, but the media focuses on one cute little white kid, why?

  14. “I personally find the faux concern and outrage to be more idiotic than someone who expresses disinterest in something that is really none of their damn business.”

    Murder: it’s no one else’s business.

    There sure are a lot of sociopaths these days.

  15. PraetorianXVIII

    none of you are allowed to be upset about one instance of injustice ever, because injustice happens every day

  16. The third one is actually funny in a sick way, but then again this is Lamebook not a forum on the inequities of the justice system.

  17. So now that Caylee is no longer evidence, she’s fair game, right? I’ve got this one in the bag.

  18. I have a great sense of humor and can usually find something funny in everything, but none of this is funny. A beautiful little girl was murdered by her mom, and Casey doesn’t even need to pay for it. It’s bullshit. How hard is it to give your daughter up to someone who wants her?

    And just because it happened three years ago doesn’t mean it suddenly goes away. Shit just doesn’t disappear because time passes.

  19. mich1125, I completely agree with you.

    I find it absolutely disgusting that anyone finds this funny. Any death of a child is horrible.

    Soup, you should be fucking ashamed of yourself!

  20. This story didn’t get much press here in Oz, but after seeing Steven Soderbergh’s “Tot Mom” last year, I learned all about it. Can’t say the subject material was anything out of the ordinary (sadly), but the girl who played Nancy Grace was absolutely brilliant. She nailed that crazy bitch.

    On another note, it’s the big game tonight. Go Blues.

  21. There’s nothing funny about the death of a child Lamebook.

  22. interesting how everyone seems to know that casey anthony did it, despite the court ruling otherwise. who needs the criminal justice system when you can have mob vigilantism, right america?

    anyway, i don’t see what the fuss is about. casey looked stunning in her mugshot, and little caylee is playing with maddie in the great kindergarten in the sky (slegs blankes). can’t we just move on now?

  23. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @Vincent, Casey had given false information to the police on four occasions. That is a horrible thing to do and this should be punished, the Americans are outraged and not without reason this time.

    PS Why do you hate America? Are you still seeking revenge for that death goat? Losing a loved one is hard but filling yourself with hate, isn’t going to bring her back. Besides, like I explained to you, GPS isn’t always that accurate and sometimes even a smart bomb can behave a bit silly. It was collateral damage and you received an inflatable sheep and bucket of KY as compensation…

  24. Word – GO MAROONS! Queenslander! Lol.

    Also I only heard about this here in Australia because for some mystifying reason our late night tv is America’s Today show. And it is mortifying. I have a young daughter and reading about any case at all like this makes me feel physically sick.

    And the porch light thing is a stupid variation on ‘lighting a candle’ – does a whole lotta nothing.

  25. Hmmm… In a “mine’s bigger than yours” frame of mind…
    There’s a man here who stabbed his two young kids to death 46 times between the both of them. Because, you know, stabbing them once wasn’t enough…
    Yesterday, he was declared not criminally responsible. He wasn’t himself or something.
    Yes, I’m fucking angry. No, I won’t sympathise when he winds up dead.
    Drinking anti-freeze and being dumped by your girlfriend has now become a legitimate and successful defense.
    And I don’t know who Casey Anthony is.

    Back to trolling, now

  26. BeautifullyDizzy

    wandr, to top it all off the guy’s a fucking doctor!! His wife wanted to divorce, so he kills his kids.

  27. I just logged in to comment on the second entry. Please Lamebook, FB is being used all over the world. I’m very very sure that if you ask grown-up, high educated people from my town near Amsterdam, The Netherlands, no one knows who this Casey is. It’s nowhere in the papers or on tv. I just know it because i did a little research online, and maybe Justin should have done so as well. But to be honest, I think the entire world population minus USA responded like him.

    Sorry for this long post lol I just had to say this.

  28. Yeah, it’s strange they put that rubbish on our screens, naynay104. I must say, though, I’ll take it over Karl Stefanovic.

    Blues cocked it up… again. Congrats on the win, QLD.

  29. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Ahhhhh nostalgia.

  30. If most of America wants to Kill this Casey Whomever, then she probably did it. OJ probably did too. I think we should set them up on a hot date…

  31. I’ll be honest. I don’t know shit about Casey Anthony. I hadn’t even heard of her until the entire intarwebz exploded yesterday. What I do know is this: a jury of people heard every argument the prosecution could throw against her, and they decided that it wasn’t enough to convict her of murder. We, on the other hand, have second- and thirdhand accounts of the trial, the crime, etc, etc. I’m not sure why anyone feels qualified to make a judgement on this women under these circumstances, but that’s the world we live in. Judge first and get the facts later.

  32. lamebookEQUALSlove

    To those of you who think we need to “get over it, it was a long time ago” or “find something better to do with our time” how about you have a f**king heart. A child was MURDERED, an innocent 3 year old little girl. How about you all go jump off a bridge together and we will make sure we forget all about you and find something better to do w/ out time than mourn your death. And forget about remembering you on the anniversary of your death, because well, we will be finding something better to do w/ our time. Inconsiderate pricks.

  33. lamebookEQUALSlove

    google Shaniya Davis. race is NOT an issue when a child is MURDERED. god you people are ridiculous!!

  34. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Am I drunk or did I pick a good day to get on Lamebook?

  35. Who the fuck cares about Casey Anthony and that kid. Kids get murdered by their parents every day and it’s not blasted over the news. I feel worse for the kids who get captures, brutally raped, held in a basement, starving, and live through it. That is much worse going through your whole life dealing with that then getting murdered. It was 3 years ago, get over it.

  36. I don’t get why people can’t get riled up over the fact that around 6-7 million children die each year from starvation…

  37. CommentsAtLarge

    Getting over it is too close to just accepting that these things happen; rather than focus on some sort of vigilante justice on Casey Anthony though, we should use the anger over the situation to make a societal change to improve laws protecting all children (as the point has been well-made here that this isn’t an isolated incident) and punishing those who would harm them.

    No? Right then, I’ll just sit over here…

  38. hpcan for president of this post.

  39. vaginalroundhouse

    I’m hoping I can get a piece of her. Ra-tat-tat-tat-tap that ass!

  40. lamebookEQUALSlove

    hpcan, how the HELL do you compare starvation w/ murder? the starving children can’t help the fact they are born into that. Caylee had a beautiful life, and her mother took it from her. go to hell.

  41. pepelongstocking

    OK, I didn’t watch this everyday but I saw enough to acquit Casey Anthony. First the allegations of her father and brother repeatedly sexually assaulting her were never disproved. Second all the testimony of the father went out the window when a female “acquaintance” testified that he had told her that his granddaughter had drowned in the pool, something he denied ever stating in previous testimony. And lastly when the father admitted that the way they had buried all of their departed housepets were exactly the way that they found Calees body (wrapped in plastic bound with ducktape- said ducktape, with pretty hearts on it- was found in the fathers garage). I live in the US and the way we do things over here is innocent until proven guilty and there was little physical evidence and enough doubt to convict anyone. And as for her lying(Casey) she was found guilty of that and will be sentenced to up to 4 years of which she’s already served 3. But by what I’ve seen today on television, and some of the commenters here, Casey will never be able to get to a “normal” life and most likely will be murdered by someone who has never met her before, or commit suicide to end the suffering. Most of you should just be glad that you haven’t had to live her life.

  42. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  43. whoa whoa whoa, I’m not saying that it wasn’t tragic. I’m just saying it would be good for people to put as much focus on an issue like children dying of starvation, as they did for one little girl… Children suffering, children getting murdered by they’re parents- it’s all tragic.. That’s all I’m saying. Think of that before telling people to go to hell out of anger. Caylee couldn’t help the fact that she was born to a mother with serious mental issues. (Just like you said children can’t help the fact that they are born into starvation.)

    Children are murdered everyday, children are forced into the sex trade everyday, children are sold into slavery everyday. This world is a vile and unjust place. I never said that Caylees death wasn’t terrible. I’m a mother and if something ever happened to my children you better believe I would be out there hunting for answers until the day I died..

    So please instead of telling me to go to hell, try spreading a little more love in this world. Thanks.

  44. littlemissgenius

    @cigouave – If I were a sociopath, I wouldn’t help plan funerals for a fucking living. You know, deal with death and people who are grieving in the REAL world on a daily basis. I don’t sit in my chair and hem and haw about having empathy – I do that shit for a living so spare me your bullshit. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t anyone’s business except the family and friends of the child that was murdered. This affects them and changes their lives forever, not some idiots who rants and raves about this because it’s news and then forgets about it by next month.

    @lamebookEQUALSlove – Thanks for proving my point. Name three children of color who were murdered whose cases were crammed down our throats like this one or that JonBenet case? Please…enlighten me. The truth remains that the media globs onto the cases about cute, murdered white kids just like they glob onto to cases about pretty, young white women being murdered. Google that shit and then get back to me.

  45. @Everyone – Shut up. Especially littlemissgenius. Your condescending comments and uppity attitude are very annoying. Congrats on being an educated black chick. You truly are a needle in a haystack. A haystack that was purchased with government checks.

  46. People want to turn on their lights to mourn the death of a child. When did that become wrong? Yes, children do die everyday, so when they turn on their porch lights they think of every child. When you turn on your porch lights it shows that you care about every child no matter what. People do this because no matter what, when a child dies you feel sad even if you have nothing to do with the case. I don’t see how it makes people mad that people are caring about a child, someone has to.

    @littlemissgenius: I don’t see at ALL how this has anything to do with race. No matter what race a child is, they’re still a child. Sounds like your being racist.

    It was obvious that Casey did this to her daughter. The evidence was all there, the jury just didn’t use it or their common sense. It’s sad that lamebook has turned the murder of a child into a joke.

  47. “It’s sad that lamebook has turned the murder of a child into a joke.”

    Shut up. The internet is a place where no joke is too far or too soon. If you can’t handle the trolls, don’t log on.

    I for one hope that Casey Anthony takes the offer from Vivid. I’d love to see her get smashed by 3 black dudes.

  48. @willienelson: “Shut up. The internet is a place where no joke is too far or too soon. If you can’t handle the trolls, don’t log on.”

    Anything is way to far when it involves a dead child. But there is sick people like you that couldn’t understand that.

  49. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    It was her kid, after all. I hate when the government tries to tell people what they can and can’t do with their own stuff.

  50. @beautyrush22:

    Your grammar is far more disgusting than a million dead baby jokes.

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