Thursday, March 11, 2010

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  1. Ben!

  2. i’ve always liked the name Felicity

  3. All I can say boys is if you care anything for your sexual safety, steer clear of Vera. There’s so much wrong going on in her genital area that it’s defying description.

  4. sophie is fat

  5. Umm…what the hell is going on in the last one?

  6. Vera’s description sounds a lot like a miscarriage. I’m surprised she hadn’t already had a pregnancy test when she went in with the infection.

  7. How the hell does sex stain/smell/whatever so much for Alannah and TJ? I’ve never had that problem.

  8. Vera sounds about 14 anyway.

  9. I’m guessing they are really nasty. And probably should get on some meds. And someone should tell Alannah that nasty sheets are nothing to be impressed with.

  10. DragonflyOfDoom

    Felicity: go all the way.

    Vera probably had a miscarriage. I just had an abortion and it sounds the same, bunch on ugly stuff coming from THERE! Vera should be happy that it was dead when it came.

  11. Oh god there is so much wrong with the last one. It really makes me want to puke/never have sex. (Not the fact she had a miscarriage, the way she describes it.)

    And to Aleah, no they can’t get preggers, but they can still herpes. In which case you wouldn’t need to worry about getting pregnany cause no one would touch you.

  12. I love how these get progressively more disgusting from the top.

  13. lol

  14. Eurgh tramp stamps are just ick.

  15. @Girlpants – to which tramp stamp do you refer?

  16. I’m kinda jealous of Alannah, sounds like she’s been having a fucking great time, and the stained sheets are her trophies.
    She can always look at them with fond memories, a bit like a Monica Lewinsky stained dress type situation.

  17. @BritishHobette
    The many on Sophie’s neck, although I think ‘slagtag’ was what I meant to use..

  18. Can someone please explain to me the whole “ben” first comments that keep appearing? Is it an acronym or a continued harassment of the user named Ben and the herpes comment fiasco?

  19. Sometimes on Lamebook, people put ‘lol’ in statuses that aren’t even meant to be funny, or don’t make anyone laugh.
    But Vera’s… Vera’s… that’s on a whole new fucking level.

    ‘omgggg a babyyyy’

    Jesus Christ 😐

  20. Say something else malteaser, come on, I dare you.

  21. I assume the hickeys are on Sophie’s shoulder and upper chest area because her boyfriend didn’t want to go near those deep sweaty neck creases.

  22. Maybe if alannah followed the teachings of aleah should could be playing with herself instead of laundry… silly bitch

  23. *she not should :/

  24. Wow, I think I might be a little sick to my stomach. Lamebook makes me feel fantastic about myself.

  25. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @MyJobIsTheSuck thats exactly what I was thinking.

    @Wordpervert I’m now a Malteaser fan Go Malteaser GO those lols now make me laugh

    BTW who the fuck are the 6 people who “liked” this post?

  26. The 1st one doesn’t really fit into the theme. It is a threat that trashy people use that basically means I can still beat on your face because the baby is in your stomach. Classy, and the rest, just ewwe!

  27. Ugh, hickeys are SO disgustingly trashy and OMG Vera, I can tell you from experience, that was a miscarriage.

  28. Wow Dragonfly, I just saw your comment.
    Now that’s unpleasant.
    And some people get a little uptight when I talk dirty on occasion.

  29. Nonnieyrissa – I think that was a woman posting that, and I took it to mean “you can’t get pregnant from a blow job” rather than anything implying violence.

    And I was grossed out by the last one wondering why you would post that until it got to the part about the baby, then it was kinda sad. I still don’t think I would have posted the details, though….

  30. Vera, yep, miscarriage, sorry.

  31. @nonnieyrissa: your interpretation is HILARIOUS!!! Made me laugh much harder than any of the lames!!! You’re either really innocent – or the whole “baby is in your STOMACH” is intentional based on what the post was REALLY referring to! Hahaha… maybe I’m not being clear here but I’m laughing at you too hard to really think about my typing. Thanks for that!

  32. @Hobo – I think I used my rant about ‘lols’ too early, on a much less worthy post. That is an unbelievably inappropriate use! Having said that, malteaser makes me laugh. Stick with it dude, don’t be forced into saying anything else. I love you.

  33. I think it’s fair enough that Felicity wants to get people’s opinions on what she should do with her pubes, since they’re probably public property. Considerate, really.

  34. Who is this malteaser fellow?

  35. i didn’t see any posts after the picture for some reason and then i looked back and read the rest…..and immediately regretted it. i am legitimately and in equal parts disgusted and saddened.

  36. i think he is a her and her name is “lol”, short for lolita maybe?

  37. SomeRandomChick

    I would love to find Dragonfly’s profile, I think we got a little ball of crazy right there.

  38. Chewbacca shagger

    Mmm, malteaser…a chocolaty, malty ball of heaven

  39. *and

  40. UncreativeUsername


  41. lol @ Jessica’s use of “welp” in a post about a miscarriage.

  42. @Uncreative, from what I can gather in quick research, waipareira trust is an organization in New Zealand that has something to do with protecting the maori and whanau cultures and making sure people have adequate health care. Not sure, that’s just a quick search job.

  43. I’m fairly sure Waipareira is a swimming pool or hot pools or something like that (I live in New Zealand) so I guess she thinks she got something from the water.

    (I don’t think the second one belongs here, yes it’s oversharing but it’s not gross like the others, especially number 5. Anyone who gets squeamish about breastfeeding needs to grow up)

  44. …also whanau isn’t a culture it’s the Maori word for family but is often used in the extended sense so it means wider family or community.

  45. Ummmmm @gawds I am not sure what messed up world you live in but the first one is definitely referring to the fact that you can give blowjobs and not get pregnant…..

    Perhaps Vera could take this advice and avoid another miscarriage…which brings me to another point….

    I find it ironic that while commenting on a post about sharing just a little too much information at least 3 women have informed us all about their miscarriages, and another let us know about her recent abortion.

    Some things need to remain private….for serious.

  46. @gawds…..sorry I misread your post, you apparently live in the same world I do!!

    All the rest stands….

  47. I guess it depends on your opinion on what should remain private. Going through a miscarriage is hard, and it’s harder when you are around people who think you should never mention it and be over it in 5 minutes.

    I wouldn’t go into the bloody details on facebook, but I don’t personally think it’s oversharing to say you’ve had a miscarriage.

  48. @Anna, you’re correct – Waipareira Trust is a Maori healthcare organisation. I assume they weren’t helping Vera like they are supposed to, since she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her.

  49. grrrrrrrroooooooosssssss girls!!!! please keep that shit to yourselves. What is WRONG with females these days ??!?!?!

  50. What the FUCK Vera.

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