Friday, January 8, 2010

TGIF, Baby!!




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  1. I’m lost for words :/

  2. From my own ultrasound experience I know that they do give you this “gender” picture. Baffling, yes but really why would you post it on Facebook? Keep it to yourself and use it for blackmail later on :)

  3. Womb pissing contest ahoy. Of course, it would be a real shame if those turned out to be the shape of the babies heads….

  4. Oh and Kemper? WTF

  5. These guys are going to be upset when they realize their sons have impotency problems.

  6. My hoochie coochie is laughing

  7. Those people are going to end up being murdered by their kids after they grow up and discover these pics on facebook.

  8. It’s bigger than mine :(

  9. Brandy Alexander

    I’ve seen a similar problem:

  10. Now I know how babby is formed

  11. Is this the thing about the babies that are geniuses?

  12. Yikes. I’d hate to have these guys as my parents. I’m sure naked baby pictures on facebook are sure to follow.

  13. Wow. I think these pictures must be like magic eye ones because I seriously can’t see what I’m supposed to be seeing?!?

  14. Could this be considered extreme child porn?

  15. there’s nothing wrong with these, it’s not like you’re actually looking at the babies “peanut” (as my 3 year old would say)

  16. I know the focus is on the winkies, but sweet Jesus are these some god awful names! What is with this stupid name trend? I’m so afraid that one day I will be under the rule of someone named Kymbrlei Bryleauh Jones or Ninja Blade Muthafuckin Smith.

  17. i know, seriously…”Kemper”??? that’s not even a word. ‘delaney’ is pretty awful too.

  18. Ninja Blade Muthafuckin Smith! lmao

  19. This reminds me, someone on my facebook posted very CLEAR pictures of her daughter’s vadge in the womb.

  20. by us looking at this does it count as child-porn? should it be nsfw?? there r genitals

  21. I have similar pictures of my son, but definitely not on Facebook! (Maybe in a baby book, that I will most likely show a future girlfriend) I would never torture my son like that, if and when he ever found out that I’d have ever put them on a site, I’m sure a lot of child rebellion would follow.

  22. Young Jackson Alvin David will one day be showing someone his family tree. When he does, I wonder how difficult it will be to explain that Nicholya is in fact his mother’s first name, not a venereal disease.

  23. Oh – and Delaney Melissa is only about one half step up from Jasmynn Magen in the baby name book. Egads.

  24. lol “pee-pee” and “hoochie coochie”. haha.

  25. I could see a problem with these if they were 3D ultrasounds where you can actually see something.

  26. Gee, Nicole was pregnant at 20. There’ll be another kid in day care as mommy goes to work hard at McDonalds.

  27. Far more disturbingly, why are those babies aroused?

  28. aw i was pregnant at 20 and im still in University, we arent all huge losers… im a sociology major though so i probably will end up at McDonalds after i graduate anyway with the way the economy is ;) but anyway i dont see anything ‘lame’ or ‘funny’ about these… so they posted pics of the ‘money shot’ big deal.. i want something i can laugh at boooo

  29. Nerdy Nerdenstein

    They are naming him Kemper because he’s going to be a lady killer.

  30. This is the weirdest Rorschach test I’ve ever taken.

  31. @15 and 28
    Exactly. I might’ve posted some like this, if I had actually gotten them..but the little bugger only cooperated long enough for them to say, “Oh,it’s a girl!” and then..drat, she moved!

  32. Lol, anyone else find it a bit creepy that parents are oggling their infant’s genitals, especially online? Jeezuz.

  33. Is it weird that I find the left picture of the very last photo to resemble a certain piece of “manhood” more than the right one?

  34. lostintranslation

    Has anyone else noticed that the shot on the left of the last picture, which is supposed to be Jackson Alvin David’s pee-pee is actually labelled “foot” on the ultrasound?

  35. Has anyone else noticed that the ultrasound of ‘Kemper’ is dated 9/10/88? Which means ‘Kemper’ is now a 21 year old man.

  36. No LIT it says “picture on the right”.


  37. @Sanrio90 – if you think looking at ultrasounds of one’s child’s genitalia online is a bit weird, wait until you hear what parents have to do to a baby’s genitals. They have to… touch them. And even creepier… clean poo off them. (Oh, the horror). Seriously, from the time you become a parent to the time your child is toilet trained you will spend so much time looking at their pink bits that it’s utterly prosaic.

    Did anyone else notice that the sonographer had tagged the first photo with ‘big boy’. Now there’s someone with a good sense of humour LOL.

    Oh, and maybe the baby wasn’t really called Kemper, but the mum was actually saying that this one was a keeper, (maybe she only wanted a baby with ginormous tackle), and mistyped?

  38. @ Ithurtswhenipee, the ultrasound isn’t dated 9/10/88, that’s the mother’s date of birth, hence why it is inmediately next to her name!

    The ultrasound was taken at 12:05 PM of the 30th of June 2009, as clearly specified on the ultrasound…

    Therefore, the mother, Nicole, is now 21, and Kemper (uj) is probably crying about the awful name he got…

  39. Maybe it’s labelled “foot” because it’s a foot long… I wouldn’t know though, I’m Frodo. With a pool.

  40. these pictures are very cool!

  41. @ Makster: Yep, you are correct. My bad!

  42. A teenage girl: Sister i dont want my husband’s semen in my cervix so i draw full semen from my cervix so i want to fill my sister’s husband semen in my cervix so sister could you please help me to put semen inside my uterus.

    sister: No problem, you sleep with my husband.



  43. Did I miss something or is shabi1687′s comment completely nonsensical?

  44. @shabi1687

  45. I don’t see a penis, but if you look close enough, you’ll see a creepy face O.O

  46. on the last one.

  47. lostintranslation

    @36: oops, my bad! I never did learn left from right…

  48. If you look closely, you can see a penis in the last one. It looks like the one in the first picture.

  49. And do we think these babies are going to come out fully clothed? I see nothing lame or wrong with posting the gender ultrasound pics. Had I gotten to a scanner with my kids ultrasound pics I would have posted them for family to see. I have pics of my kids when they were first born (and my kids werent born with clothes on). I posted them for my family and friends to see. Is that wrong? Some people need to get a grip.

  50. ringdingdongdingding

    Aw jeez. |:

  51. What these ladies fail to understand is that their kid is no more special to anyone else than someone’s cat or dog. A baby is a baby is a baby. NO ONE REALLY CARES.

  52. Does anyone else see that the 3rd picture has the word ‘semens’ on it?

  53. Looks like a doppler radar.

  54. @Mello it says Siemens.

  55. Poor Kemper looks like he’s gonna have a really big snozzle…as in nose. I’m not convinced these are penises.

  56. @IvannaHumpalot
    yes they are, i have a photo like this of my son as well.
    If you actually go in for an ultrasound you know this is nowhere near the face.

  57. Fingerman:

    I am pretty sure that these were posted on someone’s facebook to show off to family and friends, who typically DO care to see things like this. Any pics I post of my kids on facebook are so my family who lives out of town can see them.

  58. @fingerman

    The fact that you are a soulless bastard and can’t understand why people are happy when their friends/family are going to have a baby doesn’t mean that the rest of the world must share your ‘retartation’.

    The only lame things in this post are the babies’ and parents’ names and the “peepee” and “hoochie coochie” business, imho.

  59. Too bad there’s not an age of delaney’s mom on the ultrasound picture. probably another 15 yr old that thinks the idea of being a mommy is cool or cute, like playing a game of house. seriously, ‘hoochie coochie’? does it annoy anyone else as much as myself when seems as if every 15, 16, 17 yr old girl you know is pregnant or has been? it’s RIDICULOUS!! Don’t get me wrong, it is possible that it is an accident, and it is possible for these young girls to wise up and act responsible and mature and be good mothers, but 90% of the time that’s sadly not the case. :(

  60. @Makster: Agreed. If you’re going to post an u/s “money shot,” be mature enough to say “penis” and “vagina.”

  61. Can’t say anything about the hoochie coochie thing..
    My stepmom is in her 40′s, and she still says that.

  62. Posting that you’re pregnant on Facebook? That’s fair. It’s a quick and easy way to have all of your friends hear the news without having to waste money on calls and texts to everyone.

    Posting ultrasound pics? Ehh… I understand you’re proud and happy and you want all your friends to see it, so I guess it’s alright. Kinda public, but alright.

    Pointing out it’s penis/vagina to everyone on your Facebook? You can fuck right off.

  63. THANKYOU BritishHobo!!

    They may try to defend it, but they are still parading their babies’ genitals around for all to see, like anyone cares.

    Ego-centric and just plain TACKY. DO you hear me baby pic posters?? Tacky.

  64. @ Makster
    What the hell is “retartation”??
    Wow you sure are angry about having the right to post baby genitals. What’s up with that?

  65. Kiddy porn. Interesting.Ring Police.

  66. What Zippo said.
    I see it like this. If I wanted to see your babies genitals, I’d be in prison. In fact, if I ASKED to look at his ‘manhood’ or her ‘hoochie coochie’, I’m pretty sure you’d (ironically) remove me from your Facebook, ring the police and never ever speak to me again. Hmm… DOUBLE STANDARDS?!?!?

  67. That last sentence might have undermined my point somewhat.

  68. I don’t find this lame. Finding out the gender of your baby is a big deal.

    Posting pictures of your placenta, yourself in labour or a full frontal of your just-born baby when their genitals are red and swollen is lame (and it really does happen – one of my friends just posted 2 out of 3 of those things this week and actually, it was 50 photos of them in labour!)

  69. Fact, it’s just a way of them to let everyone know the gender of their baby… it has absolutely nothing to do with childporn (wtf!?), that’s just retartaterd!

  70. I just find it rather disturbing when parents use phrases like “What a man!” or “Manhood” etc. when they talk about their very own children.

  71. I find this lame because they actually think that’s their baby’s genitals.

  72. you need a license to drive a car, be a doctor, or to do lot’s of menial jobs. But any fecking idiot can pop out a kid. Poor kids.

  73. What’s the big deal about this? I don’t even know why it’s featured. They’re just proud and letting people know what the sex of the baby is. People need to relax.

  74. No hun, letting people know what sex the baby is would look like, “It’s a boy”, not hey here’s a blown up pic of his genitalia.

    It’s all about this self-absorbed idea that fucking and getting knocked up is magical and unique and everything you spawn should be admired and fawned over. THOSE people should relax.

  75. I know all of the moms here want to believe that anyone gives a care that you have a kid, but no one really does. Since there’s 5+billion people on this rock, it’s no big feat to have a kid. The best thing technology did was to obsolete the slide shows you would be forced to sit through of people’s vacations and kid pictures. No one is saying that your kid isn’t the most important thing to you, but please don’t throw pictures at me to look at. No one in their family is really all that amazed that someone is having a kid, and I know that most people internally groan and roll their eyes when someone starts bringing out the ultrasound and baby pictures. It’s news for about 40 seconds, then you fall into the group of people that are going to have kids and bring them to restaurants and let them run around screaming and annoying me while I am trying to eat.

  76. “It’s news for about 40 seconds, then you fall into the group of people that are going to have kids and bring them to restaurants and let them run around screaming and annoying me while I am trying to eat.”

    I pissed myself laughing at that.

  77. @fingerman LOL! My bf once asked for us to be moved in a restaurant because there was a table of 3 mothers and their children and they were ALL screaming and crying whilst the mothers just sat there and talked and ate pizza.

    In relation to the post..I think the pics are fine…people are proud that they are having a child and they want to tell/show people. However I do agree that the cutsie names for the genitals are a tad disturbing, I actually thought “pee-pee” was a reference to the kids urine 0_0

  78. @ithurtswhenipee– The 1988 date is the mother’s date of birth. The sonogram picture is from 6/30/2009.

  79. These people are on their way to STFUParents if they keep this up. Just kind of stupid. “Dur hur look at my kid’s junk!!” Yeah letting us know it’s a boy or girl will do just fine, thanks.

  80. I think some people have to realise that when we mothers post stuff about our kids it’s more for the benefit of grandparents and family and our mother friends. I know there are friends on FB who won’t be so interested and kind of get caught in the crossfire, but just ignore it. Childless people post boring stuff too – about what they ate for lunch, being hungover again, endless youtube videos of their favourite band, not to mention all that farmville stuff. If you’re really friends with someone, surely you just accept it otherwise just remove them as a friend or from your feed. There is such a thing as too much info though and boy do I have some of those friends.

  81. Posting pictures of the fruits of your loins (babies not piss and shit) I can understand, but not these genetically twisted mutants.

    Nicole seems to be pregnant with the offspring of an Atlantic Sea Nettle jellyfish.

    Chelsea has a swarm of midges camped out in her womb and finally Nicholya is carrying an elephant child, which will make Joseph Merrick look like a catalogue model.

  82. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    this is sooo, i bet their kids will be embarrased later on when they found out there parents put their ultra sound pics on facebook

  83. Gaahhhh. As much as I love Lamebook, I really could have done without the photos of fetal wang.

    And by “fetal wang” I don’t mean a little, curled-up Chinese guy. I’m referring to pre-natal schlong.

  84. Ugh, maybe it’s me and my hatred for children, but everytime I see someone post their ultrasound pictures on their facebook, I wanna punch them in the twat!

    Enough already! Nobody wants to see pictures of your uterus!

  85. @ sideways- No shit, there’s a difference between needed hygiene/health procedures and posting online your kid’s genitals and basically saying “omg look how big it is!” That’s unecessary and if any other adult was concerned with how big a child’s penis or they were oggling a child like that, they’d be branded a creep and rightly so.

  86. I honestly thought the first one was cool because it made me think of darth vaders mask. I imagined going near her stomach and hearing the ominous deep breathing of a fetus gone bad.

  87. @35- I was seriously about to make this same comment. Which makes me wonder, is Nicole the “big boy”‘s mother or girlfriend/fiancé/wife?

  88. Direction fail.

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