Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Terrible TypOHs

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  1. Ryan fails.

  2. chris fails too

  3. Chris is a douche

  4. HOT DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Squish was so close ta bein MISTA BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What’s really interesting to me about Tuesday typOHS is that there is a delete option on Fb status updates.

  6. Seriously Chris? Screenshot it first and THEN tell them you’re submitting it if you really must. It killed it.

  7. Chris just wanted his name on Lamebook so he could be like “Hey look I got on Lamebook too!” I agree it kills the post to add that in. I hope it doesn’t become a trend.

  8. BlueWolfSerenade

    Wowww.. Drew been hanging out with Michael? Haha.

  9. First and Last one, made me chuckle.

  10. Second time someone’s mentioned Lamebook in the post.. It is becoming self aware…

  11. I love how Dawson not only doesn’t know how to spell colonel, but that he can’t even spell dumb correctly when telling someone off. What a douche.

  12. First and last are good.
    Hayley fails for intentionally posting that typo to submit herself.
    Chris is an asshole.
    Ryan was hoisted by his own petard.

  13. …am I the only one who thinks going to an Arts and Jizz festival would be kind of fantastic?

    word? ee? slim? you with me? ;)

  14. Paranoid Android

    No Ben yet? Slackers.

    Arts & Jizz, my kind of festival.

  15. @katypants- I’m with you. Arts & Jizz Festival here we come!!

  16. grammar*

  17. There’s a Farts & Jizz festival happening right now in my pants and you’re all invited.

  18. i love malteaser too

    OMG OMG look look, Hailey typed I do its instead of idiots. OMG OMG.

  19. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Paranoid Andriod, I salute your name.

  20. I also felt a kid on Christmas day. That’s why I only get Internet access as a reward for good behavior and it’s still only 10 minutes a day. Some of you would go crazy if you weren’t on lamebook 16 hours a day, so just be careful and only touch grown women next Christmas. Peace.

  21. @16: Yep. Nice try, though, Ryan!

  22. Dustin, FTW

  23. @knobjockey, Just because it says, “3 seconds ago” doesn’t mean she posted it. I see stuff on my wall all the time posted within a few seconds. Also, if she did post it (though I do admit it could be shopped out), it would say “delete”.

  24. Grammer….lol. Idoits.

  25. @Paranoid and catwoman – let’s go! I’ll bring the lotion if you bring the tissues and saxophone.

  26. Why do you need a saxophone?

  27. Anyone else think Laquineesha is the ladyboy we saw in a previous post posing in the women’s dressing room!

  28. So you can give people the horn.

  29. @Walter – I figured it’s more sexy than paint brushes to fulfill the “arts” section of the Arts and Jizz festival… but now that you mention it….

  30. you people are idoits! oh look typos that is so hilarious….NOT!

  31. Katypants, make sure you stop by my facepainting booth at the Arts & Jizz festival.

  32. @eyenose you mean darrian? I think his/her name was something like that

  33. Ryan needs to download Chrome. It spell checks just about anything.

  34. @knobjockey That is the second time I have seen the phrase “hoisted by his own petard” today, the first was on Twitter… what does it mean?

  35. i prefer feeling up grannys on Easter

  36. Paranoid Android

    @ katypants – I would come in my jizz-pants (pun/typo very much intended).

  37. @knobjockey I’ve done a bit of googling and it seems you are quoting Hamlet… well done.

  38. Crashball

    Shakespeare used it in Hamlet , it literally means getting blown up by your own explosives

    You can imagine the figurative meaning i suppose.

  39. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Good morning!

  40. I had to read the last on six or seven times to figure out why it was on here. My brain seems to be doing it’s own spell / grammar / word correction without me these days in self defense.

  41. @Bulldog – will you be next to the “whack a mole” stand?

    @Paranoid – ohhhh, you dirty monkey ;)

    …speaking of which, good morning MonkeyC!!

  42. *one

  43. If there wasn’t for websites like you, there isn’t be comments like this

  44. If Dawson was my son I would shoot him.

  45. I clearly need to watch The Big Lebowski tonight, Sobchak’s name is the fourth reference I’ve seen today in four different places.

    Katy, I’m actually set up next to the Funnel Cake stand. It’s a high traffic area.

  46. I don’t get what is wrong with Drew’s post? Is it just because he didn’t capitalize ‘Christmas’?

  47. There seems to be an Internet law that anyone posting criticisms of another person’s grammar will invariably misspell the word “grammar”. There must be some supernatural phenomenon that causes this, because the word isn’t really that difficult to spell. I suppose I could blame Kelsey Grammer for making everyone think it’s spelled that way, but I doubt any of these morons even know who he is. So, the only plausible explanation is letter-switching gremlins hiding in the computers of pedantic self-righteous twits who feed on the user’s own sense of smug self-satisfaction.

  48. Chelsey is an attention whore. How could she type ‘i’ instead of ‘a’? They’re nowhere near each other on the keyboard, and she was paying enough attention to her typing to capitalise the title of the festival; so it was obviously deliberate.

  49. Or she types the word “jizz” enough to make it become a habit for fingers?

  50. @Mimi he felt a kid on Christmas (one can go to jail for this)… he didn’t “feel LIKE a kid on Christmas”

    get it now?

    Also, the first and last made me chuckle

  51. Oh noes, Ryan! Somebody gone done made a little mistake! We can’t let that slide, can we? Nooooo, we must seize every opportunity to unleash our inner insufferable cunt and mock them for it!

    Whenever I see somebody make what they thing is a hilarious comment, then submit it to Lamebook, as we can see with their comment having the ‘delete’ button, I always start to wonder whether it’s a regular contributor on here. Is it me, supplying myself with lame material to get pissed over?

  52. Oh noes, Ryan! Somebody gone done made a little mistake! We can’t let that slide, can we? Nooooo, we must seize every opportunity to unleash our inner insufferable see you enn tee and mock them for it!

    Whenever I see somebody make what they thing is a hilarious comment, then submit it to Lamebook, as we can see with their comment having the ‘delete’ button, I always start to wonder whether it’s a regular contributor on here. Is it me, supplying myself with lame material to get pissed over?

  53. Katypants I got all excited when I read Arts and Jizz Festival..

  54. Something about Chelseys post really annoys me… I have a feeling she did it on purpose so she could be all ‘ooops! Lookie what I did! I’m such a silly, but otherwise totally innocent, girrrl’

    And Chris fails for self submittal. Unless him and Chelsey had some plan to be on lamebook and set the whole thing up.

  55. I know it, Cupid… I giggled like a schoolgirl myself.

    And it opened my brain up to all sorts of sick, twisted, wonderful things… ;)

  56. @ Miss Shegas – *its

  57. It sounds like the happiest place on earth.

  58. OK, my town so needs an Arts & Jizz Festival!

    I’m with ya there katypants!

  59. Edderzz, double ugh! :D
    No excuses. Just full lame today, myself.

  60. i would totally perform at the arts and jizz festival…

    first exhit i need to black gals to be on their knees with lips touching… i will call it double stuffed oreos

    next i need a cute chic with lots of piercings… i will call it lubrication al natural

    then i will need 3 gals with huge titties… That will be called melon patch madness

    finally i will need a gal with a nice camel toe… it will be my masterpiece called creampie camel cun+

  61. Hey ee!! If you’re coming too, we’re definately going to need more lotion… :D

  62. And Gatorade. For hydration.

  63. Man, Self-Submitters aren’t that bad. Unless is an active submiter in the Fail/Win, I don’t see the problem of refering Lamebook. Most of the submissions are from friends of the person anyway!

    A lame self submiter is someone that makes a FTW! for example and thinks “eh eh, I just made a win, I’m gonna submit my win to lamebook”, but in cases like Chris, is more like “Eh eh, you just screwed up! You’re going to LameBook Sucka’!!!” And in the last case I think it’s kind of funny

  64. first one had me cracking up.

    as for the arts and jizz festival, i’m like the van gogh of that shit.

  65. LAme. That Alen002 person is spamming TFLN AND here now.

  66. Chris… *facepalm*

  67. MsBuzzkillington

    Yet another person mentioning they are going to get on lamebook.

    *vomit* That makes it the kind of lame I don’t want to see on lamebook.

  68. CommentsAtLarge

    Arts and Jizz Festival immediately made me think of a exhibition of still painting followed by bodypainting.

  69. There’s an Arts and Jizz Festival every year in Vegas. They call it the Adult Film awards though. Eh, potatoe, potato…

  70. creampie camel cun+ was definitely my favourite piece from that exhibit slim, a true work of art. It must have been fun making it and seeing it come to fruition.
    I would definitely volunteer for the army of Orville though, those jiffy poppers just don’t make the grade.

  71. Comments, love your thinking, and I love that it’s comment number 69.

    Ahh the poetry of it.

  72. Love the “grammer” guy…he reelly knews whet he’s telking abeet. ;)

  73. CommentsAtLarge

    @word – for some reason, the numbers get cut off on my screen; I had no idea I was comment 69. Sweet, sweet irony.

  74. The thing about Ryan is that I didn’t even notice he’d misspelled “grammar” because I was too busy noticing that the first clause should have been in the subjunctive: “If it weren’t for grammar like yours, &c.”

  75. @slimjayz I would have cleaned up my grammEr if I were making your post on this particular discussion; never mind the actual content as previous posts have set the tone there …

  76. Some of these are not typos, they are spelling errors and I don’t see any reason to credit these individuals as if they simply hit the wrong keys.

  77. lol

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