Thursday, April 29, 2010

Terrible TypOHs

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  1. First

  2. alen002

  3. Hopefully Kenneth gets his brain stem lipo suckonsed, Chinko needs to die in a fire, and obviously Jaxon is going to have life-long problems with spelling due to his name being spelled that way.

  4. #1 Who measures their weight in stones?
    #2 Caleb almost took the win…but he was named Caleb
    #3 Owes me some advil
    #4 I wanna punch #4′s cheek right in the face!

  5. Is Chinko speaking English? I’m not sure I want to know if that is a real name or a nickname. “owtaa my caqe” made me laugh. I read it as “cake.”

  6. @reescan
    Stones is used in the UK.

  7. i got 2 stones… any gals wanna weigh them?

  8. prolefeedprocessor

    Yeah, somebody let Chinko out of her cake!

  9. Lipo suckons!! Hahahahaaaa!! Oh my sweetbahbyjeesuhs!! That was beautiful.

  10. they all suck.

  11. @Girlpants Ahh…thanks. I thought maybe the aussie’s but now I know. :)

  12. …and I’m all over your stones, slim… all over ‘em. ;)

  13. stones…pebbles…gravel… same difference :D

  14. Caleb! I don’t understand. All that effort yet you couldn’t be bothered using your poor overworked pinky finger on the shift key here and there. Lack of capitalisation ruins the whole stance for me. Perhaps you might be better off if you stuck to a more productive method of grammar criticism, like Lamebook commenting.

    Here we can really make a difference. Have YOU criticised someone today? START NOW, THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS!

  15. oh and “Jaxon” should be spelled “Jackson”

  16. I think maybe Kenneth was trying to lose a few ounces by omitting those pesky extra letters. Those can add up, you know.

  17. Jackson spelled Jaxon is almost as bad as Kate spelled K8

  18. Chinko translation: Finally, somebody let me out of my cape! What’s up with all these white boys? I want one that’s on some “jungle” fever type of shit. You have to forgive me people, I was just rolling up my bag of sunshine- you dig? You dig. Fuck it. You have to stay high because who wants to be low, anyway? Shit, not me. “Aim high”, “the skies the limit”, and “reach for the stars” are some favorite quotes of mine. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right; these are subliminally telling you to get high. Well played, my friend, well played.

  19. *”jungle fever”

  20. wow… sounds like chinko is looking for me… a stoner white boy… um, i will pass… my stones are in good hands at the moment ;)

  21. Good Gob my brain hurts. Attempting to figure out #3 has caused my eyes to blur.

  22. I would hate to be the English teacher that reads Kenneth’s and Chinko’s essays.

  23. @Dixie Normus, I’m pretty sure that it’s supposed to be “Finally someone let me outta my CAGE!” Chinko appears to be quoting Gorillaz. Or attempting to. Which oddly enough makes me feel a little warm towards him. Or her.

  24. Oh, okay! That’s definitely makes more sense than cape, now. Hahaha. My brain isn’t used to substituting “g” for “q”…

  25. *That

  26. @Dixie

    Don’t listen to the haters, “let me out of my cape” is awesome and I will be using that in the future!

  27. @jmdp

    you have a good point… time for me is nothing cuz Im counting no age

  28. @mcowles

    Hahaha, thanks :) ! I found it to be clever, too.

  29. Caleb has got to be one of you guys , the true grammar nazi’s that roam free here

    So come clean , which one of you is bearing the burden of having a name like Caled ?

  30. Let me out of my cape lol , superhero cheech getting stuck in his own cape

  31. This is why you have to careful if you’re going to play the grammar nazi card. Your shit better be immaculate, and Caleb’s is not. He didn’t use capitalization, and he should have put quotes around the words he was referencing in his little rant.

    Congratulations, Faileb.

  32. Emma, you should be a promoter for lamebook. I try to get my healthy dosage of criticism on lamebook each day. It’s really healthy for stress levels.

  33. I love the idea of, “let me out of my cape” as a new phrase!

    “Let me out of my cape, will you?! I’m not a superhero, so get off my back and stop nagging me!”

    Yeah, that one really works for me.

  34. Daniel, you almost got it right.
    “dosent even know how to spell anymore”
    Your auto correct should have given you “docent”

    But I’m pretty sure most Docents would know how to spell.

    And I wish people would use pounds or kilos to measure weight.
    The word stones just SOUNDS heavier when you say it.

    The only stones for me are the rolling ones.

  35. Wel playd my freind, wel playd

  36. @word , did you try it out on the autocorrect to see what it does to dosent ?

  37. No Father, it was the word that came into my head when I saw the comment.

  38. CommentsAtLarge

    Unintentional type-o’s are fun (see “Arts and Jizz Festival”; writing like Chinko does on purpose is just annoying.

    The UK still uses “stones” as a weight measurement? I guess I just kind of assumed that was an old system. What does 1 stone equal weightwise?

    Oh and @Bucky, Faileb is my new favorite name.

  39. CommentsAtLarge

    * Festival”)

    Damn you grammatical karma…

  40. CommentAtLarge theres 14lb in 1 stone

  41. CommentsAtLarge



  42. So Kenneth is 14 stone, and 14 pounds are in one stone.

    You do the math.

  43. He sure does want to lose a lot of weight. 56 lbs when you weigh 196?

  44. Eh, on second thought I guess he didn’t weigh that much in the first place

  45. Number 1 – Muscles weigh more than fat!

  46. That is very true robiscool.

  47. I think Chinko’s post was a stroke of genius. Wel played Chinko, wel played.

  48. kenneth and chinko made my brain and eyes hurt..yikes in what language are we typing?!

  49. Are there really people as stupid as Kenneth and Chinko? Lord…

  50. I could use some lipo suckons, too.

  51. Perhaps, they are the very few surviving enthusiast of president Roosevelt’s 1870s “simpler spelling reform” ?

  52. My younger brother’s name is Jaxon. My mom found the name Jax and completely loved it. However my dad wouldn’t let her name him simply “Jax”. So they went with Jaxon instead. I have seen names that are much worse on here…

  53. I like Daniel. At least he’s honest about his lack of knowledge.

  54. I hear that lipo suckons is much cheaper than liposuction.

  55. Caleb forgot *Jackson

  56. lol

    I’ll give Kenneth lipo suckons.

  57. Alright well, I could be wrong but I THINK Chinko is quoting a GORILLAZ song (Clint Eastwood) When he says “Caqe” It should actually be cage. That and the whole “Sunshine in a bag” thing. But is clearly really high…on paint thinner.

  58. Why do people think it’s cool to write like that? What the fuck?

  59. This is brilliant! i’ve got kenneth as one of my friends on fb and i remember thinking about how seriously terrible his spelling was on this status update, although you should read his other ones, they’re just as bad if not worse!

  60. Someone needs to tell Caleb that periods go inside quotations marks. If you’re going to be picky about grammar, you’d better really know about what you are talking.
    Ha. Ha.

  61. @LXIX
    Umm, no. Since it’s not a period at the end of the quote, the period goes after. :)

  62. Not true, saralooo. LXIX is right. The period always goes inside the quote if a quote is at the end of the sentence.

  63. Actually, this is a difference between US and UK English. US English has a rule– in my mind, a wholly illogical one (and I am an American myself)– that no matter whether the period goes with the quoted material or not, it goes inside the quotes. In UK English, however, this is not the case: the period belongs inside the quotes only if it actually part of the quoted material. So what Caleb wrote was fine in UK English.

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