Friday, February 26, 2010

Terrible Type

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  1. Lots o’ angle and angel jokes today.

  2. i want that hat with every fibre of my being!

  3. No way I’m eating a shart stack! That one really made me laugh.

  4. hahahahaha! who made that hat? Muna? hahahahahaha

  5. I see anyone wearing that hat, I’m running the other way. It’s not that that I mind being raped, but pink? TACKY!

  6. Rhiannon should, perhaps, live at school. Home is for doing things you like!!!!! And spelling is obviously not one of those things.

  7. That’s acute angle hat.

  8. Very nice, Norman.

  9. I just laughed harder at Norman than anything in the post.

  10. Angel’s got some angles. ;)

  11. Norman FTW!

  12. I read the hat as “Anglo” the first time. Need more sleep…

  13. No more replies please, Norman capped this one.

  14. Bravo, Norman! Well played.

  15. I resent Scotts’ status.

  16. I’ll rape you Soup, but you got to wear the hat.

  17. actually Amy’s isn’t a typo. Ihop’s food is pretty much made of fecal matter.

  18. Hey everyone remember Tabbiy from yesterday? You know, crazy, dating a murderer girl? Well, she finally caught on to us. Today she posted

    “thinking ppl on fb need 2 mind their own freakin business!! lamebook is 4 idiots!!!”

    hahaha, i say we harass her more!

  19. Howdy you are a fucking twat.

  20. Yeah howdy… finding people from Lamebook on Facebook and stalking/harassing them = creepy. Though if you’re already following her on there, maybe you could tell her she can probably have her post taken down if she contacts Lamebook. Speaking of which, I miss Jason’s Monster Fail : (

  21. well Spanka and mittens…I’m not actually stalking or harassing her, but thanks for the kind words. I saw someone else post on yesterday’s entry that she was complaining about it, and since her profile is easy to find and not private, I took a look, and then simply informed. So no I won’t be contacting her since I agree, that is creepy. But in the meantime you could practice deciphering the difference between a joke and a serious comment. I guess it’s a skill some people never learn…twat

  22. Shart = lols
    ’nuff said

  23. This is the man of her dreams..

  24. Wouldn’t it be funny if Tabbiy used the application, “Who’s stalking your profile” and there were like 568 names on it?

  25. Oh howdy, at least have enough guts to stand by your own words. You weren’t joking when you typed ” lets harass her more”.Do you really think that is funny? You are trying so hard to relive the days of SHMBM. Give it up. You lose. Twat.

  26. @nashntth, even thought I’ve never stalked Tabbiy’s profile, I would join that group, only because it’s funny. Kudos to you!

  27. Oh yeah Spanka you know me so well. Actually I don’t think its funny when people actually harass others on facebook. Like I said I agree that it is creepy when people try to contact people from entries. That’s why I don’t do it. I never friended or contacted that girl, and I never will. Do you want me to apologize? You obviously want some form of affirmation. Ok here it goes: I’m sorry for saying that we should harass her. When I said that, I was merely poking fun at the girls troubles with OTHER lamebookers. If you think that’s inappropriate then again I apologize. But I don’t live by your standards and I won’t make you live by mine. So no, I do not lose. Anyways I’d rather not argue more, so let’s just end it here. Oh and I don’t even know what SHMBM is, sorry.

  28. YAY! Weekend theater starts early!

  29. Apology accepted.

  30. Well, that was…anticlimactic.

  31. Ahh Soup, it’s it always anticlimactic?

  32. whoa… *isn’t

  33. No. They were building. The pressure was growing. The feelings were getting hot. It was ready to spill all over this board. An explosion was imminent!

    I blame myself for getting involved. I have a knack for turning down the heat in these situations.

  34. You should keep the fire burning!

  35. But how can I generate that kind of belief? That passion?

  36. Grab hold of it! And pull!

  37. I’m hesitant to cause that kind of abuse.

  38. Faith Soup, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands to get the job done!

  39. But I prefer other people to maintain the action. I just toss in occasionally to stoke the flame.

  40. Two hands are better then one I suppose. However, you need to fuel the flame as well at stoke it.

  41. Other people’s predilections usually do the job for me. I might inject something now and again, but I don’t want the focus to turn to me.

  42. You need some satisfaction too, you need your own flame stoked! I would offer Soup…

  43. …? Then do something inflammatory. That is what I live for.

  44. Evidently “apology accepted” was a tad too subtle. What that was code for was “You are such a fucking loser, you giant wanker. Take your half arsed apology and shove it up your arse, you massive twat”.

  45. I’ll get you to rise to the occasion Soup, one of my many talents.

  46. Spanka:
    You are an hour too late to serve my needs. Apparently eenerbl has something exciting for me.

  47. Coming late is a specialty of mine.

  48. I’m good at what I do Soup! I’ve got a bag of tricks calling your name!

  49. Spanka, coming late could be a bad thing.

  50. Spanka, don’t be stealing my internet girls with your superior prowess.

    eenerbl, could you…ah…describe some of said tricks?

  51. I do not give my tricks away, but I can tell you that the magic lies within the hole.

  52. But you said they were calling my name! What hole? I’m so confused!

  53. I will perform the tricks for you, on you, what have you. Also, if you have to question the hole, I may have to seal it up! Do you want that? Think hard before you answer.

  54. Well, in my experience, most holes need to be filled, so sealing it up would just be silly. It would be empty and lacking for all eternity.

    And if one were interested in magic, how would one gain access to your tricks of magnificence?

  55. Good answer!

    Magic words, those oh so sweet magic words! Do you have them?

  56. I’m have money?

  57. Wrong magic words soup, but we can discus your bank account later.

    I do have to say, I’m a little disappointed. I may have to close up shop and move elsewhere. Here I thought you were creative.

    But you do get a wink for making me laugh!

  58. Magic words, hmmmm. A sandpaper condom and my dad, naked, holding my hand would not stop me from going at you like a rabid badger.

    It’s all about the laugh. But if it helps, I do hate myself for the typo.

  59. 8 inch hard on w/ girth. Are those the words you wish to hear? I may have what you are searching for.

  60. And we have a winner! I knew you had it in you. Or in me, as the case may be.

  61. Spanka, are you wanting to join in?

  62. Now before I pack my bags and hop the red eye to where ever you are, are you talking to me?

  63. I just want to lose my V card.

  64. Once again, Spanka’s working my territory. Unfortunately, comparing cock size would be like comparing how many times the Earth fits into the sun.

  65. Spanka, if you’re wanting to loose your V card, I might kill you with the passion. Jail (as we’ve already learned yesterday) is no good!

  66. Soup? again, what are YOU packing?

  67. You guys are adorable.

  68. What do you want me to bend over??? To see how many times the Earth fits in the sun.

  69. I would die a happy man!

  70. Ha ha! I can hold my own (Ha! Again!), but I don’t measure up to John Holmes up there.

  71. No, no, no… Hello! I bend over. Spanka, if you’re talking to Soup, I may have some issues with this situation.

  72. Ee I will do what ever you want, Soup can watch.

  73. Those are words a woman likes to hear!

  74. I’m a virgin too! I’ve only ever had anal, I mean done anal. Don’t listen to Spanka, he was totally the bottom.

  75. Soup! I knew those short shorts held secrets! lol!

  76. Yes, but only on Halloween. It doesn’t count. It’s like being in a different country.

  77. Eager to please, baby.

    Hey where did Soup go? Don’t tell me he got frightened of my massive throbbing appendage.

  78. So since I was a naughty school girl last year for Halloween, that doesn’t count?

  79. OK, totally off topic. Spanka, Soup, where are you from?

  80. Only curious because it’s 5am where I am.

  81. Not into school girls, be the teacher.

  82. eenerbl, let me see the pictures and I will make a ruling.

    Spanka, you’re like a Mensa member working as a busboy. You might have the goods, but you have no idea on how to put them to productive use.

  83. Chicago burbs.

  84. Soup you see me….really see me. I may have my first man crush.

  85. Spanka, I have a yard stick with your name on it.

    Soup, I only have one pic. What’s the site you used the other day?
    Also, your only an hour behind me. FL for this gal.

  86. Goldcoast, Queensland Australia.

  87. Oh my god, Spanka… I may love you. I’ll tell you why in a bit.

  88. We might be able to work a 4-way if we can get Girlpants to come out of her shell.

    eenerbl: Photobucket.

  89. Photobucket. Ok, give me a few to work my skills and I’ll be back.

  90. Aww baby, don’t keep me waiting!

  91. Don’t beg Spanka. It’s unseemly.

  92. 2 secs. I’m afraid if I don’t blur some faces, I may get a lashing (not that’s a bad thing)

  93. ok, issues have come about.

    Photobucket will not take my info.

  94. Oh well, just picture my blog photo with a white T and plaid shirt! (Photobucket can suck it btw!)

  95. skirt… damn.

  96. Well, you should just send it directly to me, along with any other explicit pictures you might have. Purely for educational purposes, of course.

  97. Soup did I ever tell you that I used to be a nude model while I was in college? (seriously) My nakedness is all over Savanna, GA. Take a road trip!

  98. You never did. And you completely skirted my request. I’ve been through Georgia numerous times in previous road trips to Florida. It’s been a few years, and the last couple times I just flew directly into Miami.

  99. You’re missing out.

    I fear all I have is printed copies of my talented work, that will do me (and you) no good. I’ll see at a later date if I can scan them for you ;)

    I fear Spanka has left us!?

  100. If it’s up on billboards, I have to imagine that it causes some traffic problems. Tease.

    So much for Spanka’s staying power.

  101. Poor Spanka, I’ll chalk it up to a distraction.

    No billboards I’m afraid, but galleries, and known for sure a local coffee shop.

  102. I hate to cut the party short Soup, but it’s 6am and I need sleep. As always, a pleasure!

  103. Have a good night. Next time I’m good and liquored up (again), I’ll be looking for a picture of those titties.

  104. Hey I’m back, whats this about titties?? I like titties!

  105. jesus christ you’ll. Is this MSN? Take it easy Spanka. It was just a joke. No need to get all abusive…whew

  106. Lamebookpro do you want a piece of me?

  107. All a y’all get a room, or two. ffs. lol

  108. hmmm…which piece Spanka? turn around a sec?

  109. Jesus Christ, you guys xD Is there not a single post on here that you don’t bring around to some kind of cyber sex chat? :P

    Also, as much as I’d like to tear Scott to pieces… he’s right. I live in North Wales, and we fucking suck.

  110. Rhiannon’s probably Welsh.

  111. tbh, my first thought was “what kind of name is millard?”

  112. I have a strong desire to smoke a cigarette and I don’t even smoke but WOW that was good for me! Hope it was good for you guys too!

  113. Does Matt even know anything about Millard Fillmore? I’m guessing he doesn’t, and not even because his attempt at spelling imbecile looks more like a certain brand of vacuum cleaner.

  114. Lol I totally forgot what this lamebook post is about thanks to eenerbl, soup and spanka, I’m not complaining though ;)

  115. There needs to be funnier lamebooks tbqh;
    RAR; hope some of the facebook fights end up on here,
    because they truely make me Lol.

  116. ee and Soup, how quickly you discard me for another in the pursuit of the menage e trois. (wipes away tears)
    I’ll let you off the hook this time cos Spanka is cool, and he lives on my continent too, so he’s doubly cool.

  117. Spanka, I like latecomers, you’re all good in my book.

  118. lol! I missed you word, I was hoping you would have joined us!

  119. I was busy gettin’ lucky in the flesh, ee x

  120. Buncha pervs! I’m disgusted by you all! Sullying the name of this site with your vaginas and peni! and testicles… and fun bags… and crotch rockets… and hatchet wounds… and filtration systems… and seat belts… and rolled up sleeping bags… and microwaved grapefruit… and deflated basketballs!

  121. You need a hug mc, by the sounds.

  122. You lost me towards the end, microwaved grapefruit?…you may need to draw me a picture.

  123. Filtration systems and seat belts are of the devil.

  124. Scott’s a fool. Welsh people aren’t stupid at all! We can spell for a start.

  125. Every single one of you can spell? Wow.

  126. a shart stack doesn’t sound too appetizing

  127. in the movie “hot fuzz” a newspaper misspells the surname of the main character, and angel becomes angle. but thinking about it now doesn’t make me laugh.

  128. You have to adore stupid people who berate others for their supposed lack of intelligence.

  129. So did eernerbl and spanka get a room?

  130. No more Lamebook updates on the weekends? :(

  131. Once again, I am disappointed, Lamebook. This is supposed to be a place where we find stupid things people do on Facebook; this is not the place to post stupid things people find in the real world. Those hats are pretty lame, but they have nothing to do with Facebook.
    Where’s the status updates about menstrual cycles, the group-joins in incongruous order, the horrible baby pictures that should never be shared.
    This photo of hats SHOULD be shared, and is therefore not lame.
    Gettin’ sloppy, editors.

  132. I used to have a silicone wristband that said ‘Angle’. It was so funny I had to buy it. I was hoping people would ask me if I was acute or obtuse.

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