Monday, March 29, 2010

Take A Dance on Me

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  1. Cool

  2. Random

  3. Golden!

  4. i’d watch that. can’t be any worse than that crap with paxton and tripplehorn.

  5. Whats with the fat kid in the background wearing swim trunks and eating a corn dog?

  6. i dunno, but when he’s done with the corn dog he’s going to swallow that hippie chick whole.

  7. FTW.

  8. That was the best thing I’ve ever read.

  9. Agreed. This is awesome.

  10. What a way to start off the week, Jack FTW.

  11. Funniest. Thing. Ever.

  12. That was awesome! And the scary thing – that could probably work for a few episodes…

  13. Hey Jack, great pitch. However, I’m thinking that Bravo might make a better home than USA.

  14. What show are they referencing? I never watch TV

  15. Liza is too big a name to play some kid named Jeremy.

    HeeZee, i think the fat kid with no shoes in the background might steal the whole show.

  16. Anyone else think these look like the cast of harry potter? Ron eating the corn dog. Hermine the girl obviously and harry on the right with the big pink tampon thing. I have no idea who the middle guy would be though.

  17. The middle one looks like a young Jerry Seinfeld. In a bad way.

  18. @sprent2922 The middle one could be Neville Longbottom.. always the tag-along..

    Absolutely hilarious post here Lamebook! I love it how the foot has a voice..

  19. i would say that Neville would be eating the corndog and Ron the one in the blue hoodie. he always did have a thing for Hermione.

  20. lol

  21. reckon the one on the right looks like a young version of the raging queen in Will & Grace

  22. Point for creativity.

  23. Lamebook? Are you kidding me? This should be on… Bloody… Awesome… Book.

    You know, the sort of place this comment wouldn’t be found anywhere near.

  24. Am I the only person slightly offended by Michael’s shoes?

  25. Elizabeth Bathory

    Jack FTW.

  26. Ahahahahahahahahaha: “Tay Zonday as the voice of the foot!”

    This made me laugh at my desk at work like a “WTF is she laughing at?” weirdo.

  27. Win.

  28. I had a french text book when I was 15, the cover had a group of supposedly “cool” kids on the front, I swear it was the spits of this bunch of misfit gimps, btw is anyone here seeing the uncanny resemblance that “Footloose” has to tennis star andrew murry?

  29. Andrew Murry is Michael –

  30. That was amazing.

  31. Lamebook needs more creative stuff like this, love it

  32. a) I love Jack a little.

    b) I was distracted from the awesome of Jack’s comment because I couldn’t stop wondering how the girl keeps that hat from sliding right off the back of her head as she walks around.

  33. @ Miss Shegas

    A cleverly concealed hairclip attached to the hat and a lock of hair probably.

    Or she has a conveniently shaped head.

  34. @5 Heezee:

    You made me laugh so hard i’m crying.

    Best post ever.

  35. Seriously though, WTF is going on with that kid’s legs??

  36. He likely saw an attractive man staring over at the girl, undressing her with his eyes, assumed it was for him, and got all giddy with blossoming romantic fantasies.

  37. Frankly, he looks like a bit of a queen to me. Although a queen would never be caught dead in those sandals.

  38. He is either a) trying to tuck a boner or b) trying to cover the fact that he just let off a load in his pants

    creepy fat kid with corndog ftw

  39. I’m sorry – a pic with a bloke looking that gay and seemingly holding a pink penis and the best they come up with is a dancing leg?!?! F**ckin amateurs.

  40. Absofuckinlutely JD.

  41. That pink thing looks like a tampon. Very fitting for the gay guy. I could be wrong though, Hygiene is not a necessity for my women.

  42. Excellent stuff there from Jack.

  43. this is an epic win. just epic

  44. At least they put the fat kid in the back so it would be less offensive to our superficial sensibilities. As for Michael’s ugly-ass sandles…at least they’re dancing!

  45. Why is Olive pulling the bottom of her top down, if she trying to get a little cleavage in the shot? As for dancing homer, he has a pink thing in one hand and a similar sized green thing in the other hand, perhaps these are what the joke is

  46. Sounds like the most awesome show ever. Take that, How I Met Your Mother…

  47. And -

    @DanR – You may not like those shoes, but that’s the kind of guy Michael is. A maverick.

  48. He’s kind of got Andy Murray’s hair, but he doesn’t really look like him that much. I thought the photo on its own was joke enough, but then Jack went and made it better, huzzah!

  49. Just in time for passover!

  50. CommentsAtLarge

    Rain Man 2: The Early Years

  51. This is absolutely epic, Jack is some kind of literary genius.

  52. I guess I’m the only one that doesn’t find this funny. It’s original, and so so funny. I guess it also has to do with the fact that I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor. I have never in my life seen a tampon that big. I really feel sorry for all of you that have. If it was for a horse, then I would agree.

    Just to clarify, the girl is Lindsey Lohan, the kid next to her is a fat Harry Potter, I do agree that the kid after that looks like a teenage Jerry (Seinfeld or Springer, take your pick), and the last one is just a queer. I mean after all that is a dildo in his hand, not a tampon.

    @ Jim: That is a wad of money he is going to give the fat kid to shove that fat pink dildo up his ass after he gets done deep throating his corn dog.

  53. Thanks everyone who gave nice comments. You people saying I’m just a fat kid with a corn dog can go die. Thanks again!

  54. P.S. Michael is holding a cluster of pink tickets, as we were just at a carnival at a school

  55. hahaha, big pink tampon. maybe it’s a huge Cherokee hair tampon.

    that was so good. that guy should work in advertisement.

  56. This fall on The WB: “Concave-Chested Hipsters”

  57. Jack is AWESOME.

  58. I. Love. This.

    However, I think it has more to do with Michael preparing for his transition to a woman. Obviously he has wrapped and tucked his manhood and is preventing it from falling down. Also, his t-shirt is on backwards?!? The 3 friends are preparing to ostrasize him once he becomes “Michaela”.

  59. Anytime Jack, that’s what we are here for! By the way, how much did he pay you to shove that pink dildo up his ass anyway.(Just curious.) Also, could you give me Lindsey Lohan’s number? She looks like she takes it like the bottom of your feet, rough and nasty! Of course if that’s the case I’m sure she smells like ass.

  60. Oh I almost forgot Jack! I love the name! So does that stand for Mac n` Cheese?

  61. Or is Mac what you call your penis?

  62. Jack, I love you. This is fantastic. You are actually not fat enough for my tastes, as I am a bit of a chubby-chaser, but I’m willing to overlook that since your sitcom pitch was such gold.

  63. @JackTheMac
    C’mon Jack,give us the high school sitcom back story! We’re fanging to relive our youth here!
    Can I guess?! Can I guess??!
    Ok: So Jack, you’re the still-plumpish funny kid who overcompensates for his weight related insecurities with an excellent sense of humour. (It’s ok man, you peak in high school, it’s all down hill from there- you’ll be in charge of Fortune 500 by the time you’re 25…or a serial killer.. I hope it’s the former…)

    Olive, right well, Jack’s secretly in love with her. He’s attracted to slightly plain but kind hearted hippie features. Except for that hat. (Ed note: I REALLY hate those fucking hats…)Unfortunately for Jack- Olive wouldn’t notice if Jack’s corndog exploded in her face (pardon the pun)and fantasises about the day when Jeremy actually looks at her, rather than just over her shoulder for someone slightly more interesting to speak to.

    In the meantime, she is content to pine in silence all the while, attaching ‘Olive’ to his last name in the back of her exercise book…

    As for Mike well, he wins, hands down as my favourite character in this piece. Camp as a row of pink tents, he’s gotta be in the school glee club or whatever it is the yanks call it and has no idea that all his ships are about to come in.

    Two weeks from when this photo is taken, Jeremy comes to his homoerotic senses and whisks Mike up in his arms in the deserted locker room and, as their towls fall away in the steam… well I’ll leave it there boys and grrls, this is getting a bit MA15+

  64. Best thing on lamebook!!

  65. OMG this made my life. I love you Jack (and you’re kinda cute :P )
    I think the middle kid (Jeremy, I’m guessin) is kinda weird lookin though. He looks like he’s got an adam’s apple the size of a cantaloupe lol

    Haha and I found this, I was confused too:

  66. @HeSaidWhat God have you never heard of Mac Dre? Psssh you need an education!!!

    Jack you are so amazing. That girl Olive could never please you (she has weird teeth). You should email me :D (its my username minus spaces plus yahoo .com)

  67. Hilarious.

    Also, I’m lazy and don’t feel like reading the comments so I apologise if this has been mentioned, but what’s in Legs McGee’s hand? The pink thing?

  68. @chiiro

    It’s one of those food container boxes that they usually put fries or a corn dog in, he’s rolled it up in his hand.

  69. and I think some dollar bills in the other.

  70. I had to sign up just to comment on this.

    I laughed so hard I cried.

  71. I didn’t even realise Jack was the corndog kid with no shoes until he became involved in the comments here.

  72. haha i too signed up just to comment on this. I was laughing for a good few minutes!

  73. This was vaguely unfunny until “Police Chief ‘The Chief’ Chiefston.”

    Muy bien, señor.

  74. That homo on the right is taking advantage of this photo shoot. And I do believe he is holding a giant pink tampon.

  75. @ Henrietta: Yes I know who Andre Hicks is. I’m pretty sure thats not something they teach in school either. At least not where I went anyway. Not to mention that it was a joke and you pwned your self trying to knock it. Besiddes, Jack could never be that cool. His career is in comedy.

  76. Hahahha I really cracked up at this one…. LOOOOL

  77. Best post EVER! But am I the only one who thinks the guy in the blue sweater is the spitting image of Jessie Eisenberg? I honestly thought it was him when I first looked at this photo.

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