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  1. haha good one!

  2. First!!!

  3. fuck

  4. This one makes no sense to me. He’s calling his mate on the phone which he can hear ringing, which must mean he’s nearby so why not go knock on his door to speak to him?

  5. good sense of humor by mellisa :)

  6. bob are you five years old?

    this entry was actually funny. and there’s no way i’d pick up my phone in the middle of sex because my roommate needs toilet paper. i’m totally with Nick on this one. . . except that his girlfriend seems oh so classy :/

  7. @ Bob

    First loser. Stop being a douche.

  8. Tidy – he’s taking a shit and needs his roommate to bring him TP

  9. Tidy, he’s asking for TP, or toilet paper, so he’s obviously using the bathroom and therefore doesn’t really need to be knocking on anyone’s door.

  10. Go right to hell Bob.

    In other news, if his friend is so busy fucking Melissa then why can’t he just scurry his crappy ass to where ever the nearest flushable paper goods are stored and scurry back?

  11. @ Tidy

    Well he needed TP so maybe he was on the toilet.

  12. @Tidy My guess is that Nick is stuck on the toilet and needs teepee for his bunghole.

  13. It seems Nick maybe a little jealous of Melissa. Perhaps he wants some of Ken’s pork sword.

  14. @Tidy

    TP stands for toilet paper, which most people need when they are in the restroom. I think it’s safe to assume that Nick just took a shit and would rather not get up without first wiping his ass.

  15. @ Penny

    Good point. Maybe he is one of those asshole friends (bros over hoes) and expects loyalty from his friend even if he is in the middle of something with his GF/Wife

  16. Uh, I get it now.

  17. Ah now I get it.

    When I was in Uni there was only one solution in my house in that situation walk with your ass out to the other bathromm where (hopefully) there was paper.

  18. I think the REAL question is: If he’s fucking Melissa, why is he on Facebook?

  19. Ringinginmy head -I think he is laying in bed after banging Melissa, on his laptop to check facebook. He replies to his roomate and tells Melissa that he (the roomate) mentioned her in his status. She reads it and uses the same laptop to log on to her account and also comment on the same thread. This in turn dooms Nick to have nothing to wipe with.

  20. LOL. I love how he’s been sitting on the toilet for *at least* 15 minutes before Ken even posts his second comment.

  21. at this point i would’ve just jumped in the shower.

  22. I feel sorry for Boz – it’s only because some other asshole started that shit about being first, he’s only doing it to got on their nerves, not everyone elses.

    Sorry Boz, I immediately assumed you were a guy, you could be a woman… or?

  23. l0l0l0l0l0lololol

    Where’s Boz in this thread? I see a Bob. Is that is new name?

    BTW, is real Boz gone completely? “Boz” still posts, I believe, but I’m not sure if any serious posts have been around for the past few weeks…

  24. I love Zombie Kid.

  25. So Nick can get on facebook but can’t take his bro TP?

  26. If Nick needed a shit, why didn’t he ensure there were sufficient amounts of toilet paper before commencing with the process of taking said shit?

  27. I love zombie kid

  28. If I was Nick I would have wiped my ass with the good towels and threw it in Kens face.

  29. I have an idea: water flavored candy. Huh?
    Think about it, it tastes like water and
    doesn’t have any sugar in it, and you can kind
    of eat it like a jolly rancher where it lasts
    about twenty minutes or so. Wait, those are
    ice cube, nevermind.

  30. @ Ron

    Is that somekind of porn star humor?

  31. Well, all I can say is THANK GOD for wireless devices, without which we would never be witness to such situations.

  32. total fake

  33. Seriously love Zombie Kid…

  34. Nikki, you wouldn’t by chance be a turtle would you?


  35. So, Nick has taken his phone to the toilet with him and is using that phone in the toilet while he is taking a crap. Ew.
    And, Ken can check Facebook but not his phone? I’m assuming if Nick can hear the phone ringing he could probably just shout.

    Melissa WINS!

  36. Bunch of twilight emo fans !

  37. Nick needs a Bidet!!!!

  38. Bob Fail
    Melissa FTW

  39. zombie kid=awesomeness
    what dedication….loving turtles thru each n every post :)

  40. lol @ 36.nor’n monkey

    its 2009, damn i bring my phone in while i take a shitter too so i can play games, it passes the time. also nothing like a joint game of alive4ever through wifi/bluetooth with my bf hahahahaha

  41. Damn, Ken is a douche. I don’t care if he was being a jerk, man rules = ALWAYS come to your friend’s aid in the event of a TP emergency. You just have to. “Not with that attitude” is an unacceptably lame response.

  42. Lol, Melissa knows what she’s talking bout..

  43. If I were Melissa I would have posted, “You should always check for toilet paper BEFORE taking a shit.”

  44. I want to know what it is that Kaylee likes about this.

  45. Seriously…who uses the last of the TP and doesn’t replace the roll? What sort of wanker does that?

  46. So, just to be clear, Nick is on the toilet and also facebook, and Ken and Melissa, despite busy “fucking”, are also on facebook?

    come on…

  47. @Huh

    All ‘man rules’ are automatically suspended where pussy is involved. Fact.

    And if he had given me the abuse that he gave Ken, I’d not be bringing Nick any paper in the near future either.
    Well – some sandpaper, maybe.

    Melissa is full of win. And Ken. Sweet!

  48. ok all you prude geniuses,
    whatever happened to the win of stomping out of the shitter cabinet with your pants around your ankles and just grabbing the first piece of paper in sight (preferrably religious or commercial fodder) and WIPE LIKE THE ASSWIPE YOU ARE.
    The most effective solution wins. That’s this one.

  49. What a bunch of idiots. And sorry Melissa, dickless or no, I find it hard to believe that there was any quality babymaking going on in that room if you’re all on your laptops in there checking out FB. Stop overcompensating.

  50. Nick FTW! Fake anyway

  51. @Ruth
    its true every time i take a shit or have sex i always get on facebook half way through to tell everyone that im still alive snarf snarf

  52. facebook runs peoples lives.

  53. Yeah i’m still around… But i now frequent gay porn sites all the time so don’t really have time to comment a lot.

  54. OMG I can not believe that this got posted here lol. It was meant to be an inside joke just for all of our friends and friend circles to see.

  55. Haha that just made my day. Technology is lovely.

  56. #48 is a fag

  57. nice!! no bloke would stop shagging just to take some lamearse some tp, just because he was too thick to check before starting to take a dump. Go melissa!!

  58. I’m with Nick. Whatever the situation, when you need TP, everyone should drop everything to fetch it. Up to and including emergency surgeries.

  59. hey, its the room mates fault if he or his girlfriend used the last of the toilet paper, otherwise the guy on the shitter is at fault and needs to find his own way out.

    look before you shit.

  60. Instead of asking his roommate to get him toilet paper, why doesn’t he just use his iPhone to wipe? Surely there’s an app for that?

  61. Right…. I always make sure there is a toilet roll before using a toilet so this just seems stupid to me

  62. The best part is the time span. He’s been stuck in there for over 40 minutes haha.

  63. Who taught you math?

  64. who tought you english?

  65. who taught YOU english?

  66. Really, really. They are having sex and fbing at the same time. Can be very good. And the guys stuck in the bathroom, what is up with that?

  67. Really, really. They are having sex and fbing at the same time. Can’t be very good. And the guys stuck in the bathroom, what is up with that?

  68. @arlene & ruth – can’t believe you’re the only 2 ppl who’ve pointed out the lamest part which of course is that ken n melissa are supposed to be fuckin, yet can reply to the posts in minutes..

  69. lol So Nick writes on Alex’s Facebook wall when he’s in the next room or something. Nick stops having sex to reply. And then Melisa logs into her account to reply too. Huh?

  70. FUCK! That was Nick and then Ken. WTF? I’m just too high right now. Fuck it.

  71. champion_nibble FTW

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