Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Suck It

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  1. first

  2. second

  3. gross

  4. third

  5. damn you jenami

  6. Wow, I bet his boyfriend could suck-start a leaf blower.

  7. he got into a fight with a jellyfish ?

  8. what a fucking tool

  9. Are those hickeys or strangling/suicide marks? It looks disgusting…

    @knobjockey: Sigh.

  10. I think that’s a pearl necklace from his boyfriend.

  11. lostintranslation

    @Sensible Madness: hee hee… “suck-start a leaf blower”. You made my day :-)

  12. WTF is it? I thought it was a rope burn from trying to hang himself, but didn’t think anyone would be so tasteless as to put it as their profile picture.

    @anonanus: I know, I’m bored as hell studying and saw an opportunity for some mediocre-at-best entertainment to lighten up my day. I should have known better and believe me, I am hanging my head in shame. There’s no-one I’ve let down more than myself.

  13. Jons been making out with the Kirby again.

  14. There’s nothing wrong with hickeys… in fact, they’re quite fun getting.

    But THIS MANY, all visible (no matter what shirt he’s wearing) AND posted on facebook… is horribly, horribly lame.

    It looks like the mob tried to kill him with a garrote, but when they couldn’t find any piano wire, they used some benwa balls instead.

    He’s lucky to have survived!

  15. @knobjockey: Thanks for admitting it. My first thought was something along the lines of ‘what an illiterate twat’. You have redeemed yourself, Sir.

  16. Looks like my 23 year old son after his wife gets hold of him. As an adult (meaning one who is over 30) I find hickeys gross to look at and distracting. But as a person who used to be under 30, I can recall how much fun it was getting them and the strange need to show the world someone wants to give you one, or twelve, as in the case of this lucky young fella.

  17. Hickeys are crappy fourplay.

  18. And here I am thinking they’re strangulation marks…

  19. looks like some sort of skin disease.

  20. You guys are missing the best part of this pic… His sweet mustache

  21. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Looks like someone had a date with the new Dyson DC25…

  22. i like hickeys on my phallus

  23. @anonanus: I doff my cap to you in light of your gracious acceptance of my apology. Thank you, and good day to you sir.

  24. carlo, he wouldn’t say ‘the aftermath’ if it was a skin disease. unless a chick with a disease was grinding his neck.

  25. What the fuck is wrong with people! Best part of lamebook are the lame douchebags that say “First!” Who gives a fuck. Get a fucking life!

  26. first

  27. 27th

  28. second

  29. damn!

  30. Herpes sores from where his lover’s nutsack was rubbing against his neck while he was sucking cock?

  31. twenty-seventh

  32. hahaha damn!

  33. I like how they’re spaced. As if with a ruler. How romantic.

  34. They’re boils.

  35. His boyfriend must have been playing a little choking game with the anal beads

  36. OH GOD. I know him.
    I had sex with him once… Oh my.

    I remember when he posted this, too. A whole album.
    I died laughing.

    It’s… Cute in a douche-y way.
    He means the best, he really does. XD

  37. looks like the general consensus is that Jon is a homosexual. i would have to agree.

  38. I must have missed the 20-something-hicky-fun. I’ve never found them to feel good or romantic. They are pretty much always gross looking.

  39. Hickey’s aren’t even remotely cool unless you’re in the under 15 set, and even then, it’s a very lame kind of cool. A, “wow, my girlfriend sucked on my neck so I want everyone to believe she’s sucking my dick” sort of lame…sweetie, if you’re that intent on showing off what you’re girl/boyfriend is sucking on, I can guaren-fucking-tee you s/he’s not going anywhere near your cock.

  40. Maybe this is some kind of lame vampire crap?

  41. Ahh to be young and mildly retarded again.

  42. Hickeys are trashy at any age!

  43. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHaha no he got beat up

  44. @BillyBaroo You stole exactly what I was going to say, that is most definitely the aftermath of a strangling with anal beads :D

  45. The lamest part of this post is now Rhube.

  46. … Thanks.

  47. Message to everyone on Facebook who thinks I give a single, flying SHIT about their relationship, or their sex life, or how much they love their partner, or how ‘awesome’ last night was, or how fucking ‘amazing’ it was to cuddle with their girlfriend/boyfriend all night, or what you guys are gonna do all night the next time you get together, or how damn much you’re missing each other, or ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR RELATIONSHIP AT ALL:


    (What do you think of having this as my FB status? Yeah, I know, seems like an out of order rant seeing as this was just one picture, but it’s just in general, this whole pathetic ‘show off your relationship on Facebook’ thing is pissing me off. Ooh, you’re happy, wonderful, you made out with your partner all last night, that’s great, I don’t give a shit.

    But don’t get me wrong. I don’t want everyone to be miserable. Somebody’s making you happy? That’s great for you. Great, I’m happy for you. But stop being a bitch, post it to THEIR damn wall, and don’t fucking rub it in.

    Stupidly long, bitter, OT Lamebook comment :D )

  48. I would say win to mcowles definitely LOL’d with the benwa balls call, bravo!

  49. i would definitly not put that up on facebook, how old is he… 14? actually, he probably is :p

  50. is it cool to be proud of a hickey? i think not. He just looks like an idiot.

  51. what kind of paintball gun was it?

  52. Oh snap leech rape

  53. oh, Rhube… that is so…. lame.

  54. This reminds me of tonight’s episode of Nip/Tuck where a guy needed plastic surgery on his neck to remove the marks his studded belt left on his neck while he was practicing auto-erotic asphyxiation. At first, I thought that’s what it was.

  55. I’d hit it.

  56. I reckon both swverausc214 and BillyBaroo have got it right between them – autoerotic asphyxiation with anal beads

  57. worst part: PROFILE PIC?!

  58. @BillyBaroo LMAO

  59. BritishHobo brilliant rant, I think you should put that as your status.

  60. sing :
    Are you ready to bite me?
    Delight me,
    I’ll pay handsomely for you to excite me.
    Your body is something I might not survive,
    so bite me..
    BITE ME!

  61. ToxicDeficiencies

    why dont you cock suckers all bite my soft fleshy ass. Fuck you all, i had fun getting these. ;D

  62. @BritishHobo: Chillax guy, go get laid.

  63. Hey Hey Hey. I like it when people have hickeys in visible areas. It makes it easier to distinguish the skanks. Keep up the white trash agenda. We’re all super proud. ;)

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