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  1. Fucking lol. WHY DO YOU LIKE THIS CHAD?

  2. misha’s an asshole who gives men everywhere a bad name. but ellen’s a dumb twat — you asked him to wear a condom, he refused, there was one sitting right there but you went along with unprotected sex in spite of the fact that you were sober. now you have an STD and you’re bitching about it? maybe you shouldn’t be such a desperate ho and have some standards for yourself. misha has some responsibility here, sure, but as a woman and a feminist i have to say that in this day and age its high time women stepped up and took responsibility for themselves and their bodies.

    misha’s last two comments simultaneously pissed me off and cracked me up.

  3. first

  4. Misha, what a man. LOL

  5. that’s a fail, ben :-)

  6. Holy Crap!

  7. …and my brother? Gross!

  8. Misha sounds like a girl’s name

  9. Misha is a jackass, but Ellen really needs to take more responsibility for what she allows into her hooch. Seriously, if you’re going to let a guy get away with not wearing a condom because he doesn’t like how they feel, you deserve everything you get.

  10. …and smk5815 beats me to it ans says it much better. well done.

  11. i do not know if i have to applaud Misha or hunt him down

    Confusing , aye

  12. i am finding the whole thing hilariuos

  13. Ugh! So disgusting that he wouldn’t tell people so he can still get laid! What a douchebag! This infuriates me. He really should have told her, that’s horrible, and just to minimize it like he does, so gross! Sucks that you just have to assume the absolute worst about people due to jerk-offs like Misha!

  14. @smk5815 “but as a woman and a feminist” “maybe you shouldn’t be such a desperate ho”

    yeah, your not a feminist dear!!

  15. Yes, Ellen should’ve insisted on a condom, BUT Misha knew he had an STD and pretty much thought “I’m gonna give you herpes, but I’ll get off, so I don’t care.”

    He should be arrested.

    There’s no joke here… he’s made her life hell, now. For the rest of her life she’s going to have to tell her partners that she has herpes. She’ll have to use cream and take expensive pills daily, hoping that she doesn’t have an outbreak. Even going over a year without an outbreak doesn’t mean she’s not thinking about it every hour of every day.

    The fact that Misha just shrugs it off is pretty ridiculous also. “Oh, if you do some daily maintenance, you’ll barely realize that I’ve infected you with a virus that will never leave your body. You could go a year or two before my disease will cause puss-filled lesions to appear all over your genitals. Oh, and every guy from this point forward will think you’re a slut, due to the stigma that people suffer, from having this disease. But lighten up and stop PMSing, it’s no big deal!”

    Fuck you Misha!

  16. HAHA, best line being.. Ellen-You can’t always get what you want. But if you try, sometimes you might find you’ve got herpes…

    As for Sunny… I would say WTF but… common sense is telling me that her bro slept with Mehgan.

  17. Hahaha! Misha is my hero! F*ck all the haters! Hey, if I’m drunk when drive a hammer through my ex-s skull, does that mean I’m not responsible??

  18. Misha should be shot… that is all

  19. i have to argue with you, patti.

    a feminist is defined as someone who believes and fights for equal rights for women, plain and simple. and i think that a large portion of the problems that plague women, especially in interpersonal relationships, are propagated by women themselves in their eagerness to please a man/win a man/be “worthy” of a man. calling women, including myself, on their silly bullshit, is not anti-feminist. how is it incorrect to say that if you don’t want to be marginalized, you should stop undertaking behaviors that tell the outside world that you don’t even value yourself?

    or, the cliffs notes version: if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, looks like a duck, and has sex without a condom like a duck, it’s a duck.

  20. Kayla’s right–Misha could go to jail for that, or Ellen could sue him.

    @ mistaphill

    I think his name is Russian.

  21. I am thinking though that Michael is probably to blame if he has slept with that many people in the past year that he can’t pm them

  22. @tamika

    Maybe it was only a few, but he’s too embarrassed to pm them directly… oh wait, he’s broadcasting it on facebook… hmmm. There are a lot of sluts in that friends list of his (male and female).

  23. Misha is hilarious. Nothing like great tragedy to bring about great comedy.

  24. What’s Misha going to say when he gets AIDS?

  25. Misha probably ought to be arrested, but that doesn’t change the fact that Ellen is a retard who was going to get herself in trouble in the form of an STD or a baby (or both) sooner or later with her cavalier attitude. I suppose we could blame her parents for not drilling it into her head that protection is ALWAYS required, no matter what the guy says.

  26. I’m liking the use of the word “dilemma” here.

    I’m not really liking the naming of a boy as “Misha” though. Totally a girl’s name in my country. No offense.

    Hey, Misha might be a douchebag, but we have a plenty of reasons to like him, while the only reason Ellen is even amusing is when she says she didn’t want herpes but did want to get laid.

    And Sunny’s brother might have slept with Meghan, or……..

  27. @ 15, mcowles u said it perfectly!

    But it’s not just Misha that’s wrong… Ellen was the sober one, and therefore the one that can practice the better sense of judgment of the two. She totally deserved being burned like that, it’s not like he forced her or anything… so sick of the female always playing the victim

  28. What exactly is Misha going to be arrested for? Sadly, being a douche (albeit a funny one)isn’t a crime.

  29. Why does Ellen like it? If Chad’s not allowed to like it, then nor should she.
    Oh, and if I’ve slept with any of you, then maybe you should go get checked…

  30. *worships*

  31. @mcowles – I think you demonstrate a very naive understanding of HSV. The herpes virus (genital) is a variant of the “cold sores” people get except it lays dormant in the nervous system of the genital region rather than facial nerves.

    A person with HPV does not have to spend fortunes on creams or drugs at all – that is totally misguided. Most people will only have an outbreak every couple of years (those with lower immune response to the virus may have more frequent occurrences). Even then the body generally fights the visible symptoms (crusty scabs) within 5-7 days. Outbreaks are generally preempted by the person, they will experience a tingly sensation in the hands a day ro so before, during which time they can go to an STI clinic, get the necessary week course fo tablets that suppress the symptoms, and in some cases prevent an outbreak.

    As far as STI’s go, HSV is very trivial, although not entirely pleasant for some during an episode, it is not going to kill you. I would be far more worried about HEP C which can survive for 2 weeks in dried blood and causes serious liver problems, or HIV which despite the amazing drug cocktails that can improve a sufferers quality of life, is a death sentence, a very slow one.

  32. how can you tell that chad likes the status?

  33. What’s wrong with herpes? According to TV commercials, it will allow me to meet a hot outdoorsy chick who obviously puts out.

    We can then go kayaking followed by me bottoming out my paddle on her speed bumps of love.

  34. Its not about how much she’ll be spending on medication,Ben, its the fact that she has to worry about it for the rest of her life; what if she wanted to have children at some point?

  35. am I the only person that thinks this is fake? No one is as flippant about herpes as Misha is, and Ellen likes her status… I’m not buying it.

  36. Now if she has kids she’ll have to have C sections – which is waaaay more risky then doing it the old fashioned way – and if she delivers vaginally because of an emergency, the virus could easily kill her baby. Also, Herpes is worse(more painful)for women than it is for men. Poor girl. Can’t un-ring that bell though.

  37. @ Continental Op:
    If you have any STD/STI and you knowingly have unprotected sex without first warning your partner, you can be brought up on charges.
    I think it’s termed Reckless Endangerment.
    If she screenshots this (just in case he deleted his comments) she can prove he knew he was risking infecting her.

  38. @ Spicy Boughner He’ll say “I forgive you for warning people I have AIDS. I still think you’re cool. We should hang out some time. Want to see my herpes breakouts from last time? If you have your period, we can wait until it’s over. I’ll call you then!”

  39. @Tante – HSV is only passed on during active periods, if she went into labour during an outbreak she would be very unlucky as there is the possibility of passing them onto the child through traditional child birth, I would be more concerned that someone who appears so irresponsible and immature would have children full stop – regardless of any STI.

    Do you spend the whole of your life worrying about when you might come down with a cold or the flu? No you don’t, would you serious support the notion that people would worry everyday about something that, might be around the corner? Jesus christ, that would be so histerical. You might as well stay in doors. On a further note, in most cases of people with HSV they will only have an outbreak every 3-10 years – and the severity of these attacks decreases considerably – the initial one, like flu for example, will always be more severe. It’s not ideal or great to have it but you would be stupid to loose sleep over it – you just need to be responsible and wear protection when you think you might have an outbreak coming on.

  40. @Gawds – that again is rediculous. The baby would not die, show me one documented case of this. And it is not imperative to deliver by C-Section if you’re not actively suffering an outbreak. Do you’re homework before talking shit.

  41. looks like Ben spreads the herp

  42. Misha is a prick but everyone is acting like they are surprised. Why would he tell Ellen? What would he gain from that? Welcome to the real world, people. How many infected people are going to tell a casual partner? They are already infected, they don’t give a fuck. The “uninfected” have more of a responsibility to stay uninfected.

    The person that should be shot happens to be a totally sober chick who points out a nearby condom to a drunk, horny GUY and when he says “nah”, she goes “ok. fuck me anyway then”.

    In all reality she is more of a risk to the human race than Misha. She’s lucky she doesn’t have HIV. Dumb fuck

  43. Ellen is an idiot for having unprotected sex, but Misha is a million times worse for refusing to wear a condom. What a cock.

    I’m thinking Sunny’s brother had sex with Meghan… or possibly Michael, or both.

    rosinbackrider – because Ellen says so.

  44. @slimjayz – No in fact I am a 3rd year medical student.

  45. @Ben

    The commercials say you can spread HSV even when you don’t have an outbreak, it’s just more likely, if you do. All medical sites online agree with this. In fact, most say that a majority of cases happen this way. I personally look pretty closely at the genitals of who I’m sleeping with… not to inspect, but just “during” other things. If I saw something similar to a sore, I’d call it off.

    Also, I’m not saying everyone HAS to spend a fortune on Valtrex and creams, but I know damn well that if I got it, I’d be doing anything that might lessen my chances of an outbreak.

    And if I had herpes I would definitely think about it daily and be incredibly self conscious. You can’t compare a cold or the flu to herpes… who’s the one being naive now?

    Just because you know a few facts about HSV or because you googled some stuff while you were bored at some point in the past doesn’t make you an expert.

  46. @slimjayz – yeah sounds like Ben is infected. so touchy. Way to downplay an STD Ben. It’s not just physical. In case you didn’t notice most people live in a “society” and society doesn’t judge flu victims but they tend to scorn people with Herpes. If you meet a new chick and you’re about to get laid you don’t say “um I feel like I should tell you that I may get the flu one day”. But whether or not you have an outbreak you have to tell a partner.

    But if I ever get Herpes, I’ll be sure to print out your explanation and keep a copy in my back pocket when I go out on the town!

  47. @Ben

    I hope I don’t have you treating my herpes (if I get it) in the future.

    This is from a website called herpesonline (dot) org :

    Q: Can I spread Herpes even when I am not having an outbreak?

    A: Yes. The genital herpes virus can still be spread through the skin although there are no visible signs of an outbreak. This is called asymptomatic viral shedding.

    But I’m sure they just throw random data onto the site, so you’re probably still right.

  48. Ben, I’ve googled Herpes after ur last post, u make it sound like its no big deal. If a flu/cold did to me what I saw on google images about herpes,then YES, I’D WORRY about getting it!FYI: there’s still a risk of infection even if you use a condom (apparently, still reading up on it)

    gawds, Nevermind the labour process; she risks infecting her partner if she conceives naturally, and no the baby is not going to die! gawd!

  49. its illegal and a douchebag move… All the other issues are just red herrings

  50. Ben:

    Either you have HSV and are trying to downplay it, have heard this information from someone like that or honestly don’t know anyone who has it. My SiL has it. She spends about $50 a month on pills, cremes and other treatments, has had three outbreaks since she found out she was infected a year and a half ago and does constantly worry about an outbreak, despite the fact that she and her current boyfriend always use protection and she has no intention to have kids. Why? Because by the time there’s any sign that she’s going to have one, it’s too late to do much about it but minimize it. It’s very painful, at least for her, and makes it incredibly hard for her to work her desk job when she has an outbreak.

    The worst part is that the guy who gave it to her was even worse than Misha: they’d been dating for over a year and she wouldn’t have sex with him without protection so he got her drunk by mixing alcohol into her fruit juice and then had sex with her when she couldn’t even realize that he wasn’t using a condom. He dumped her a few weeks later.

  51. uh oh. Ben’s gonna fail his final…

  52. I wonder if perhaps Ellen is on the pill so she wasn’t worrying about getting pregnant. She pointed out the condom, he said “Nah.” so her thought process could’ve been this:
    “I won’t get pregnant, and he says we don’t need a condom, he must be clean.”
    Just a scenario.

  53. “In all reality she is more of a risk to the human race than Misha”

    *like this*

  54. @GoddessDigi – some people don’t know they’re infected. You have to watch your own back. this ain’t the army

  55. Well, he did know, in this case.
    The joys of being married- I don’t have to worry about this sort of crap. :)

  56. Misha killef it with the period stuff lol

  57. @lamebookpro

    You should ALWAYS wear a condom, while in the army, especially since you’re not allowed to ask OR tell about STDs.

  58. @GoddessDigi That’s my point. You have to watch your own back. You can’t rely on casual sex partners (or anyone else for that matter) to be concerned about your health. Either they know and won’t tell you, or they don’t know.

    ditto on the marriage part :-)

  59. @Ben the moron:

    “In addition, genital HSV can lead to potentially fatal infections in babies.” source:the Centers for Disease Control website -http://www.cdc.gov/std/Herpes/STDFact-Herpes.htm#complications
    “Unfortunately, when infants do contract neonatal herpes, the results can be tragic. About half of infants who are treated with antiviral medication escape permanent damage. But others may suffer serious neurological damage, mental retardation or death.” source: the Herpes.com website (even though you have it – I think they know more about it than you) http://www.herpes.com/pregnancy.shtml

    I spent 4 years in University obtaining a Microbiology degree, so maybe YOU should do YOUR homwork before YOU post, asshole!

  60. @goddess

    I here you… often times people stop using condoms once they are dating and/or trust the person… I know my wife and I started using condoms and pills and we stopped the condoms once we were dating

    A friend of mine got herpes from her husband and another got it from a man she was starting to date seriously… And it is way more than a cold… These gals had to join a support group

    Think about it this way… If you were dating 2 people that were near equal in ways you liked them… But one has herpes… Hell I’d pick a 4 without herpes over a 10 with anyday… who the fuck ever wants to use outbreak and my genitals in the same sentance ever

  61. I wonder what possesses people to be this irresponsible and inconsiderate… *shakes my head* … It’s a pity and cause for much sadness :o (

  62. ^^^ well that was a major fail on the smiley… : o (

  63. Thanks guys, now I’m afraid to have to crazy hot sex with the pool boy!

  64. Ellen is a moron. If he didn’t want to wear a condom then DON’T HAVE SEX WITH HIM, you stupid idiot!

  65. @eenerbl

    Just ask him if he’s got any STDs first. BTW, Spanish for “I have no STDs” is “Que?”.

    Have fun, tiger.

  66. where’s Ben? off to the clinic?

  67. @mcowles, I think I’ll just stick to watching him in his speedo, skimming the water. What’s Spanish for “show mama what you got?”

  68. @eenerbl

    It is: “En realidad soy un hombre, vamos a comparar los testículos.”

  69. mcowle ftw in giving incorrect spanish!

  70. mcowles… awww, that was mean. :(

  71. Show mama what you got is actually Tengo gusto de estrangular en bolas

  72. Uh huh.

  73. Wait… You want me to do what with your balls?

  74. Med student – explains the arrogance
    (I’m a microbiologist too but I’m not weighing in on the HSV debate as I’m a bacteriologist not a virologist)

    Misha: “you might just be having your period” – wtf?
    My crystal ball tells me he’s going to keep having problems with women for quite some time.

  75. spanish fails all around…but hilarious :)

    “huevos” would be the preferred term for balls….

  76. Um, gargle my huevos plz…

  77. Anyone notice the add up top?


  78. @slimjayz: jijijijjijijijji

  79. PS oh and Ben is pustulant

  80. It’s against the law to not tell a partner you have an STD before having sex? Is that really true? I’ve never heard that before, but then again I’ve fortunately never been in that situation before either, so yeah.

    Either way, Misha’s a huge douche but Ellen should have been more insistent on using protection.

  81. LMAO @ “Herpes isn’t all that bad”

  82. ben sure shut the hell up in a hurry. It must have been devestating to learn that he’s not as smart as he thought.

  83. @GoddessDigi

    I can’t find any instances online where any laws are cited that it is against the law to transmit any STD other than HIV.

    I see lots of people in talkback sections like this saying it is, but no actual cases of anyone actually being prosecuted for it or any notices of laws being passed.

    I may just be missing it but I would be interested in seeing a link to any example of this being the case.

  84. Oh slim, I’ll have to check my schedule and see if I have any free time. I’m afraid I’m a busy person, that might take some time, and lead to other things.

  85. I wonder how sunny’s brother aswell…that is just a weird thought…haha

  86. Thanks to that blistered bastard Misha, I’m never gonna hear one of my favourite Stones songs in the same way again!
    “Herpes” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  87. You know, I was gonna post that the upside to this is how easy it’ll be for you guys to bring it round to sex :P But I forgot. Until now.
    I’m hungry.

  88. In terms of the legality of informed consent, at least in the U.S., it differs from state to state. For instance, Oklahoma’s law w.r.t. HIV is:

    “Oklahoma Statute Title 21 Section 1192.1 provides that: It shall be unlawful for any person, knowing that he or she has AIDS or HIV and with intent to infect another, to engage in conduct reasonably likely to result in the transfer of the person’s own blood, semen or vaginal secretions into the bloodstream of another, or thorough the skin or other membranes of another person. It is a defense that the transmission was in utero, or that the other person consented to the transmission of the blood or fluid with knowledge of the HIV positive status.”

    New Jersey: “New Jersey Statutes Annotated Section 2C:34-5 provides that: A person is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree if, knowing that he or she is infected with an STD, he or she commits an act of sexual penetration without the informed consent of the other person. The crime is of the third degree if the disease is HIV.”


  89. There maybe some fruit around here BritishHobo, keep your eyes open.

  90. Also the question of knowingly spreading a disease and its legality… Even if the state does not have a specific law making it illegal then a civil suit can be taken up… I’d doubt she’d have any problem proving what he did with the fb posts

  91. @ eenerbl… no mights about it… better clear your calendar…

  92. When can I pencil you in?

  93. Hobo, I’ll talk about sex til the cows come home, but on this post, I’m noting the musical reference of Misha’s comment. Music is my second favourite topic. I’m surprised no other Stones fans on here picked it up.

  94. @eenerbl

    You have no idea how appropriate your “pencil you in” comment was. He’s not called slimjayz for nothing.

    Have you ever seen someone stir their coffee with one of those tiny straws, making sure to touch the sides all the way around?

  95. ee, are you claiming slim is just packing a pencil?

  96. Got there before me mc, good job cowboy!
    All that indicates is like minds I suppose.

  97. @wordpervert

    House (the tv show) quoted that song pretty heavily in one episode. Ever since then, every time I see someone use it, I think they’re quoting house instead of the Stones.

    It was a good episode, though.

    I find it somewhat arousing (in a beastiality sense) that you said you’d talk about sex til the cows come home. I’m picturing that once they come home, the talking is over… because it’s time for action!

  98. @word

    You know what they say… like minds think alike!

  99. @ Ben “A person with HPV does not have to spend fortunes on creams or drugs at all – that is totally misguided. Most people will only have an outbreak every couple of years (those with lower immune response to the virus may have more frequent occurrences). Even then the body generally fights the visible symptoms (crusty scabs) within 5-7 days. Outbreaks are generally preempted by the person, they will experience a tingly sensation in the hands a day ro so before, during which time they can go to an STI clinic, get the necessary week course fo tablets that suppress the symptoms, and in some cases prevent an outbreak.”

    HPV is human papillomavirus, which causes genital warts, not herpes.
    HSV, or herpes simplex virus really needs to be broken down into HSV-1 and HSV-2 when being spoken about. To just define it as HSV is too broad and then you start getting your statistics mixed up as they carry their own. HSV-1 is most commonly associated with oral herpes such as cold sores. HSV-2 is most commonly associated with genital herpes.

    Some interesting facts:
    If a person has a cut, possibly from shaving, on their genitals and is the recipient of oral intercourse with someone with a current HSV-1 outbreak, they can contract HSV-1 on their genitals. However, once the initial outbreak clears, it does not happen again unless the same situation is repeated. Furthermore, if tested at a later date in time, HSV does not show up in the blood and the person is considered non-infected. Yet, if a person has contact with a HSV-1 infected partner and contracts the infection on/near their mouth, they will be (mostly) forever infected and battle cold sores the remainder of their life.
    There are some rare cases of people who have been confirmed infected and then at a later time the HSV virus is not found in the blood. Seemingly in these cases, the body has rejected the virus and “healed” itself.
    A person can be a carrier of either HSV virus and never know it. Most people do not get tested specifically for HSV unless they have an outbreak. Some people can carry the virus and NEVER have an outbreak. Since both types of HSV can be transferred without a current outbreak, the disease can be spread amongst partners without ever knowing where it came from.
    1 in 5 people carry the HSV-2 virus. Some knowingly, some never having a clue.
    I do agree that Ellen needs to take responsibility for herself and HER actions (or rather non-actions in this case). Misha also needs to grow up, be responsible and alert his sexual partners. But I think we all know, this is probably never going to happen based on his comments.

  100. Yes mc, I milk those cows for all their worth.

  101. mc, I’ve never seen House, so it will always be Mick and the boys for me.

  102. haha. poor slim.

    hey word, you get that fruit basket I mailed to ya?

  103. where’s Ben? At his college’s finance dept trying to get his money back and trying to transfer his credits to Sports Management?

  104. Yeah ee, enjoyed it muchly, but I don’t recommend the rough end of the pineapple… I had a little difficulty walking for a day or so.

  105. Tell me about it, slim and I went though a whole tree of bananas last night. lol!

  106. And by the way mc, a cow’s worth tastes quite a bit better than what most of you fellas offer up, sorry.

  107. didn’t Mike Vick get charged with not letting his hoes know that he had herpes? Isn’t that where the Ron Mexico stuff came from?

  108. That’s one lucky bunch of fruit, ee.
    I’m jealous.

  109. from Wiki
    “In March 2005, Sonya Elliott filed a civil lawsuit against Vick alleging she contracted genital herpes from him in the autumn of 2002 and that he failed to inform her that he had the disease.[34] Elliot further alleged that Vick had visited clinics under the alias “Ron Mexico” to get treatments and thus knew of his condition. On April 24, 2006, Vick’s attorney, Lawrence Woodward, revealed that the lawsuit had been settled out of court under undisclosed terms.[35] Many fans bought custom jerseys from NFL.com with Vick’s number 7 and the name “MEXICO” on the back. The NFL has since banned customizing jerseys with the name Mexico.[36] ”

    so a civil suit but no criminal charges.

  110. My HPV was a typo – I was awaiting that correction. With regard to the creams and antiviral drugs, despite what you might have googled – you will find in practice, that 83% of those who know they have the virus actually take the drugs when they experience prodromal symptoms.

  111. Ellen needs to take a bit of responsibility for her own actions. If he didn’t want to use a condom then she should have kept her legs shut.

  112. Sorry Ben, but you fail. I was waiting all day for your comeback, and I must say that I am sorely disapointed. On to the next post…

  113. Ben, it’s hard to take any you say seriously when everything you have said up to now has been bullshit. I think it’s time to which over to meterology. They can be wrong as often as they like, they just have to sound like know what they are talking about.

  114. can someone kill misha for me… thanks

  115. Misha is a stupid fuck and Ellen is a nasty whore.

    That is all.

  116. grim, very grim. Irresponsible man, I remember hearing about a guy who infected over 40 prostitutes with HIV because he had contracted it, I think he got serious (rightly so) time for it. Scary to think twisted vengeance is not necessarily delivered by a physical weapon, but a disease.
    Misha is a filth bag – I feel for any stupid girls he manages to score in the future.

  117. Obviously, Meghan is a skank who gets around.

  118. Ben makes “first” posts, and even then, he can’t even do that right. There’s no way he’s a med student.

  119. Ben is an amateur proctologist, he practices on himself, squatted over a mirror with fingers up his ass. Fact. Medical Fact.

  120. Ben I was joking about “getting your money back from your med school”. Sorry. It was supposed to be serious. Really. Get your money back. As you can tell I, like “Who’s That Girl?” waited all day for your comeback and that’s it??? That’s you shooting down everyones google results that pointed and websites dedicated to Herpes?

  121. *at websites

  122. How does herpes leave the hospital?

    On crotches.

  123. Some people just fail. We’re going to have to accept this fact and avoid the morons in life like Ben. If you want to stay STD free, don’t sleep with the Bens and Mishas of the world…

  124. Hahahaha mcowles, you’re spectacular.

  125. And just to add fuel to the funeral pyre of Ben:

    “In the pre-antiviral days newborns with herpes usually died. Now with antivirals only 5% die, but many suffer brain damage. This is why preventing this from happening is critical.”

    Cold Sore Virus Leads to Baby’s Death

    There’s your ONE documented case of a baby dying from herpes. Jerkoff.

    Herpes and babies don’t mix.

  126. I think it’s a bit harsh to assume Ben has Herpes, don’t scare him off altogether, despite his poor comeback earlier I am amused by him in a fish-in-a-tank sort of way.

    mcowles – poor, poor, poor. Dude that deserves FTW lameness comment

  127. @mcowles – I liked it.

  128. Misha Should be charged!!! Being drunk and horny is not an excuse to sleep with someone without a condom, or informing them of his genital herpes. I would be so disgusted and furious if someone gave me herpes. Good thing I have settled down. The fact remains he is a douchebag! He is selfish and self serving. Good luck getting with another woman Misha, might as well give up sex for good!

  129. Ben, u can do it; give us a good comeback. The best would be posting a link of your med school refund

  130. We’re all forgetting Misha apparently was pretty drunk. Maybe even so drunk that he couldn’t consent to sex let alone remember his crotch flu. Ellen was sober and still took advantage of this poor inebriated young man. It makes sense when you think about it. Even his flippant attitude. He’s dealing with his confusion and feelings. Maybe even taking some comfort in knowing his attacker was punished for it. He’s obviously the victim of date rape.

  131. Ellen sure made a mistake, but that doesn’t make her a “nasty whore” who “deserves” it. stop downplaying his responsibility, people. she should sue his ass

  132. Michael writes like a teenage girl and I’m never hooking up with anyone named Misha.

  133. 2.smk5815..fully agree with you! litrally couldnt add anything or take away!

  134. Looks like some other people posted links to cases. Thanks. Been in bed with contractions for a few hours, and just now decided to brave the cold, cruel..bedroom, lol. I hope this baby is coming today!

  135. LOL! I think Ben learned a little something today…
    & although most of what he wrote was incorrect, it’s sad because you know he’ll become a doctor… And he’ll fit in juuust fine. I’ve had many doctors and I can honestly say 90% of them were rude and had NO idea what they were talking about. Idk what his specialty is, but he’s got the right attitude for it…

    & regarding the herpes situation- People here have found all this info on herpes already. Ellen had the same opportunity to use google and educate herself enough on sexually transmitted diseases to avoid a situation like this. She “wanted to get laid,” got herpes, and blames Misha. Typical. Then announced it on facebook! She’d be handling this differently if she cared half as much as some of the commenters do.

    I just hope she doesn’t spread it the same way Misha has (although the other way around would be considered rape).

  136. @126 why on Earth would you use the same login name as me? why? It’s not like you’re making stupid comments. You seem fairly intelligent. why? this takes lamebook to a whole different level. fuck this. do you scour the internet and facebook trying to steal real identities too? do you have herpes?

  137. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Fake. Grammar is too good. And anyone cool/grown up enough to a 1969 epic track from ‘Let It Bleed’ would, I hope and pray, be:
    a) unlikely to get involved in a public conversation about the legitimacy of fucking someone without a condom, yet with herpes;
    b) not have parents dick enough to call him Misha. Which doesn’t even work for Mischa Barton, and she’s a girl.

  138. hitmewithyourrhythmvic you could be right that its a fake, unless highschool seniors listen to old music like that Beatles, Rolling Stones, what was it?

    Anyway, its probably a coincidence that I found a male Misha who has friends named Ellen and Chad. holy s**t! Ihope its a coincidence, otherwise he’s a kid in his final year of highschool and he already has herpes!

  139. Yes hitme, that’s what I think is the most random thing about the whole post… some dude named Misha with a dose of herpes, quoting that great Stones track.
    It doesn’t fit.

  140. worst_episode_ever

    eeew ben has herpes!!

  141. HAHAHA, Sunny is a BOY. I lived next to him in Rutgers dorms freshman year… he has a twin brother named Sammy. This is great. I never thought I’d know someone on here. I’m POSITIVE it’s him because his facebook pic is white and blue and he always uses that little =[ smiley face.

  142. @ smk581, I think Patti was saying you are not a feminist because you called another woman a “desperate ho.” Ho no she din’t.

    I love the Rolling Stones parody; unfortunately, Ellen is a fucktard and she didn’t even catch the joke.

    Bottom line, it’s not cool to pass along an STD, but Misha is hilarious.

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