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Our readers are one of the best things about Lamebook … and as a reader this is your chance to tell us what’s REALLY on your mind. Think of it as your chance to write on our wall. So go ahead. Make up your own lame or funny status, submit a thought of yours, or just tell us what you’re up to!

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Stuck on a rig beer and woman free and it sucks!

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Brad Grsee no sitll cudldeing is better cuz cudldign is liek an open door to kisisng and other such things cuddling is alsoa godo way to make osmeoone happy or warm them up and cuddlign dont ahve to

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drinking wine

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I thought we were trying to avoid lame statuses, and now we’re giving people the opportunity to be even more lame on a site that made fun of them already!

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I shoved a 12 inch Gene Simmons action figure up my ass for 5 dollars today.

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why do boys always run away from me????

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Whats on my mind? Cakefarts are on my mind

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Laughing at Pollock’s Masterpiece

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Lamebook should post on weekends!

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is sick and freaking tired of Chemistry… seriously i am not going to use this EVERRR

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