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I want to look good in dark jeans and no shirt.

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God I hate fucking indonesian people. There’s a fucking billion of them and its like, just shut the fuck up and do my nails

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If you post about your vagina in your status, I will delete you. No offense.

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My nipple ring is infected, it hurts really bad. I do not like it.

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Is pissed at my husband for doing a load of laundry that contained whites, colors and dark blue bath towels that turn whites blue.

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is really fucking tired of seeing you post shirtless photos of yourself. Put it away please.

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WTF is wrong with people.

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I floss with my own pubes.

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A bartender is just a pharmacist
with a limited inventory

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just thinking about all the dirty, hot sex we had. god i loved your sweat dripping all over my body. god i miss you.

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