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I just ran into an ex-girlfriend. She is married and has a two year old kid now. The whole time I was chatting to her I just wanted to shout at the kid “I fucked your mom!” Is that normal?

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would love to know who left a lifestyles condom in my guest bathroom that my mom just brought to me.

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Just LOL’d like a MOFO at my BF’s GF’s ID card.

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I think my friends ex-boyfriend is trying to seduce me. I would totally not go along with it out of respect to her but this kid has a mullet, so I’m gonna go for it.

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just decided that if I had to I would fuck Grace from “Grace Under Fire.”

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New tattoo idea: my back i am gonna get big ass Buddah and he is gonna be sitting Indian style and he is gonna have like some awesome incense, and from the incense smoke its gonna spell “CHILLAXIN”

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just smoked pot with my mom for the first time. It was her idea.

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Is it gay if we don’t tell anybody?

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is gunna S up that girl’s D

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My dick is older than your face.

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