Monday, October 22, 2012

Start Your Week with Wins!

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  1. Frank made me laugh today. Thanks, Frank.

  2. Powdered toast counteracts the effects of roofies.


  3. sluts are like haunted mansions… they don’t actually exist, it’s all a matter of perception.

  4. I loved sluts back in the day, haunted or otherwise.

  5. That was really deep, frank.

  6. shiveredthetimbers

    it’s always a good idea to go in. just make sure you get out in time.

  7. Apparently no one here has ever heard of STDs

  8. STD’s are over-rated. it is a way of weeding out those who make dumb-ass decisions. natural selection in a way

  9. shiveredthetimbers


  10. Riiight, Evilcow… because no one mentioned STDs in this thread?
    Most of us have heard of them, but we cover our junk. Simple, huh?

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