Thursday, October 15, 2009

Star Dorks

Star Dorks

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  1. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

  2. Roleplaying. On Facebook.

    Save it for your mom’s basement.

  3. These are the kind of guys who get walked out of theaters for masturbating during coming attractions for sci-fi movies ( No pun intended….)

  4. I love when guys talk geeky, makes me so wet I need a snorkel or I will drown in my own blood vaginal secretions.

  5. I don’t know whether to be mortified some people do this sort of thing, or happy there is a post on Lamebook with actual, real, spelled out words? Tough call.

  6. I have no problem with guys talking geeky. I also have no problem with roleplaying. I do have a problem with roleplaying on Facebook.

  7. LMFAO PATRICK. Oh man.

  8. I role play that I am role playing on Facebook while eating a tampon popsicle


  10. What are they, 13? lol but I love Patrick lol

  11. aw, how cute!!! lol @Patrick~ Oopsy! :D

  12. The best thing about it is the Pirate setting.

  13. Im a butt pirate AND a fireman

  14. how is this not 5 thumbs down??? I honestly think this is the lamest thing ive seen in a really long time.

  15. (Force persuade) There is nothing geeky about this.

  16. Fuck me like my poppa does.

  17. It might be lame, but at least they have good grammar. This excessive use of punctuation is not as @Nn*yinG. That and I love Patrick.

  18. I like Star Wars. I like roleplaying. I like Facebook. If only there were a way to put all three together.

  19. Haha I do think that all these sci-fi shows are incredibly geeky yet I am strangely and pleasantly entertained by this post! They’ve acknowledged the “wooden acting” (so perhaps they aren’t actually real fans, just doing this as a joke), and if you read it in your head how they’ve actually described it, it’s kinda funny. Especially with Yasmin and Patrick’s posts. To describe Patrick in one word – genius.

  20. Mega Lols at patricks last post.

  21. LOL, classic ….. i actually found the whole thing quite humourous ……

  22. Boz, don’t try it.

  23. Patrick makes it all worth while.

  24. Is it me or does it look like Cap’n Koroko’s blurred profile picture is of him doing the “Lord of the Dance” pose???

  25. Patrick rocks. Patrick was the icing on the cake.

  26. ¿Patrick is like the man who makes the blooper in a movie scene… hahahahaha

  27. This made me laugh.

    That is all.

  28. and this is the list of the people who will be real life 40 year old virgins.

  29. Dorks who can spell and have the ability to laugh at their own dorkiness? Sorry, that renders them automatically non-dorks.

  30. I kinda like this. its lame in a lovable way. also patrick ftw.

  31. #9 mcowles- thanks for that link, it’s supplied a few giggles

    mainly at the people bothering to tell me if they can or can’t relate to having a partner that wants you to dress up as a star wars character

    but also the lameness of the people taking the site seriously

  32. @tibithecat #30: Uh-oh, there’s a new feline prowling the neighborhood. Time to defend my turf! =)

  33. *points to his vag” OH YESSSSSSSS.

  34. LOL@”jumps to high ground”.

  35. *** Walker is actually a girl – surprising!

  36. MannequinSkywalker

    This is the worst disgrace to Star Wars since Thumb Wars.

    Oh wait, Thumb Wars was fucking awesome.

  37. No way, this isn’t lame. It’s cute and lovable.

    I want to click the “Like” button.

  38. I don’t know what you guys are talking about… This isn’t that bad, just sort of silly. I think it is cute, anywho,


    I don’t think this guys are lame at all. Have to say I find their unapologetic nerdiness quite adorable.

    Might have developed a crush in all of them.

    Having said that, I would probably date them and then proceed to dump them for cooler Patrick.

  40. *punches you in the face*

  41. Aww, I like these guys. It’s lame but deliberately so.

  42. *pukes in mouth*

  43. Haha, go Patrick.

    I don’t think this is that lame. At least it’s not badly spelled ranting like most posts are.

  44. I’m sorry, but this is kind of adorable. I love sweet nerdy kids who do this kind of thing without caring. At least they’re smart and just having fun with their friends, fer chrissakes.

  45. Patrick is awesome.

  46. More geeky roleplay conversations via status comments please.

  47. This. Is. Awesome.

  48. These geeks will make a
    fine gift to Jabba the Hutt.
    I hope he eats them.

  49. I hope that second coffee is for me Patrick!!

  50. Dude. How did they get the time to say “’bout 4 turn o’ yer hourglass ago” and “3 shots o’ rum ago”?! that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! I want to customize that on my FaceBook!

  51. change the language to pirate

  52. I enjoyed Star Wars, but this is literally ridiculous.

    I couldn’t even fathom being this lame for something in my life time, and I guess I’m proud of that.

    Thanks lamebook, savin’ lives.

  53. Facebook comments…spelt…correctly…must…resist urge…to masturbate…

  54. Alice (aka Harry Potter)


    But now I’m worried that I’ve out-lamed you guys by calling myself Harry Potter so you know it’s me…

    Oh and I caught the snitch and won 150 points to beat slytherin today XD

  55. Did anyone else read that with light sabre sound effects in their head?

  56. Loved the lightsaber sound effect man BVVVVCHH!!

  57. @sarcasticmeow we’ll have to do what my two cats do and act like a couple of feline gun slingers whenever they see eachother

  58. Geeks on facebook, now the circle is complete.

  59. Lameness is the path to the dark side. Lameness leads to Facebook Posting. Facebook leads to retardedness. Retardedness leads to suffering.

    FTW does young Patrick…..Earned it he has

  60. hahahaha
    patrick is incredible

  61. Wait, Walker is a girl? So not only was he able to role play with a real girl, but Yasmin Bleeth (I’m assuming) also commented in a positive way?

    The main reason I never did this stuff was that I didn’t want to “role play” too intensely with a dozen other penis owners.

  62. seriously, how do you get the pirate setting? that’s freakin’ sweet.

  63. Menace to Society

    They were having fun and Patrick was spot on.

  64. Menace to Society

    Go to your profile page. On the bottom you will see English{uk] or {us]Click on it and a list of languages pops up,Choose Pirate!

  65. thank you AuroraLupus & Menace to Society :D

  66. I bet Ben and LMAOJKLOLROTFL just sinned in their pants.

  67. Hilarious! I wish my Facebook friends were this entertaining.

  68. haha Alice! The Harry Potter thing gave you away instantly! :D It’s freaky how popular this thing is. 4 out of 5 lames!?

  69. Sure is freaky.

    I love you Patrick.

  71. It’s so awesome I read this today because last night at this party I met a kid doing this…only he actually had a plastic light saber. I left early.

  72. Fuck. Yes.
    #54: I just got wet. Also, you’re fucked

  73. I have to admit, I cracked up at the *walks into frame holding coffees* part.

  74. Holy fuck, Patrick is so popular.
    I’ve failed you, Master! *ignites lightsaber and cuts own head off*

  75. I love Patrick, too. And we who are dorks may roleplay WHEREVER we see fit!

  76. Oh noes! Terribly inappropriate use of comma there. You have my apologies.

  77. Geeky, yes. Lame, no. Patrick seals the win.

  78. im not from texas

    i drove by the mall at night last year and saw kids LARPing star wars scenes. i thought it couldnt get any worse. i drove by the mall at night last week and they were all on blackberries and iphones e-LARPing via facebook status. so i killed myself.

    and! they’re all scenes from the new movies! so much worse! kill it with fire!

  79. NERDS!!!!!!!

  80. *ponders the virginity of these four*

  81. Patrick ftw.

    *smoke forms everywhere and I disappear*

  82. I can only think of one word to describe those 2 and it is CUNTS

  83. Damn, he interrupted right when it was getting good.

    Anyone know why he had coffee?

  84. I don’t know what you guys are blathering about it, this is awesome.

  85. What I want to know is how he has a pirate themed facebook….

  86. CCC, go to language settings on facebook, should be Pirate Beta… or something along those lines.

  87. I think it’s adorable in a nerdy way. :3

  88. Only now do I realize the power of the dork side, these guys make my giner moist, and i’m a dude

  89. Were they serious? Or just playing around?
    Coffee dude was a little funny though.

  90. As in, Were they actually role-playing or intentionally being dickheads?
    (I didn’t actually believe two jedis were involved in a fight, its okay)

  91. lawdy.

    so, how does it end? do they all die??


  93. fucking peasants.

  94. this is win

  95. Reminds me of Space Balls. Patrick FTW!

  96. This is the bomb of all conversations.
    Nerds Rule! :)

  97. Thank god for ppl like Patrick ^_^ rofl

  98. The last line made the whole post….

  99. To all the haters. You continue finding the nerds insanely nerdy, and they will continue finding you insanely boring. Hey, how bout you make another post about how your gonna get coffee at starbucks this morning!

  100. Only a true lamer would make their Facebook language “pirate.” Getchu some, Cap’n. I just saw you’re name was Cap’n. Pirate talk and Cap’n. I do not want to meet you.

  101. I couldn’t read all of that, it was too lame for me :p

  102. That was AWESOME!! You people are retarded!

  103. Oh, sweet mother. . .

    Now find me one for Star Trek. ;D

  104. this is epic. i need to find these guys.

  105. I’m fairly certain these guys have never had even one tiny bit of sex.

  106. This is hilarious!! Come on, they’re funny! And Yasmin’s getting no credit! But yeah, Patrick was inspired! I found them on facebook! Hahahahaha! Easy enough to find.

  107. All of this… So damn funny.
    I don’t understand why people don’t see the humour in this.
    And Yasmine and Patrick, that was brilliant.

  108. this is lovable and fun. they are not hurting anyone or swearing at each other. WIsh I had fun friends like this… just have fun and not care what the world thinks of u :o )

  109. Koroko and Walker will never, ever get laid. Sorry guys.

  110. #109 — actually, there are many girls who like star wars too, so the COULD get laid…

    I loved Patrick’s comment hahaha

  111. that was fun =) and patrick is like the comedian Hollywood never had <3

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