Thursday, July 2, 2009



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  1. hahahahhahahahahhahhahhahaha

  2. Le Epic Fail!

  3. haha wow i just laughed for a couple minutes straight

  4. this is what lamebook was created for hahahaha

  5. Greatest Moment of the History of the Internet. Hahahaha

  6. *facepalm*


  8. LOL

  9. I really enjoy how she didn’t even bother to spell Eiffel correctly.

  10. i truly believe its because Jen doesn’t have maps.
    Like, such as.

  11. lmfao lmfao lmfao lmfao lmfao!!!
    that made my day. Stupid girl.

  12. At first I thought maybe she didn’t know she was in New York and somehow thought she was in Paris….then I saw the album title. I can’t believe no one commented on it.

  13. lolololololololololololololololololololololololol.



  14. maybe while she was watching the tower, she felt a tower behind her back? I feel tower.. eifel tower?

  15. gahahahhahahah so good


  17. haha WOW this girl is freakin retarded.

  18. hahahahahahahahaha

    “i truly believe its because Jen doesn’t have maps.
    Like, such as.”
    That’s even better than the pic & caption! LOL (really, I did)

  19. seriously? seriously? omg really.. fucking idiot


  21. hmm, well that’s not it.

  22. perhaps Eifle is a…code?

    i mean, they both start with an E. and they’re kinda both tower-y, even though one is technically a building…

    such as.

  23. hahaha I LOVE THIS

  24. I’m pretty sure if some American confused Nevsky Cathedral with Hagia Sophia nobody would ever notice.

    Still, funny as fuck XD

  25. omgggggggg this made my night

  26. Let’s never let Jen visit Las Vegas

  27. First one to make me laugh out loud.

  28. no fucking way.

  29. wait i’m confused – what was satix trying to say?

  30. @James: say the word Eiffel seperating the syllables. Say it a few times slowly, you’re bound to get it, maybe.

  31. OMG…. This is why i could never teach kids. because if they posted things like this, i would feel like such a failure.

  32. I don’t get why this is on here. I thought it was a pretty good photo of the Eiffel Tower

  33. I hope you’re kidding Jordan…

  34. Still holding my breath for miss no. 32′s response…

    It has potential to breathe new life into the comedy.

  35. why? Do you think I’m stupid? I’ve been to london. I can recognize the Eiffel Tower.

  36. right click -> save as

  37. @Jordan well, at least you can take comfort in the fact that you’re about as smart as Palin

  38. Actually, this is something I would do just for laughs!

  39. hahahahahahaha!!!!

  40. Omg, Paris is liek, so awesome guyz

  41. Also, Jordan you’re RONG — teh Eifil tower is in Alaska, not London — omgggz, get ur geography straight, DUMAZZ!11

  42. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA are they serious??? wow…

  43. stupid girl got the name wrong. they changed it to willis tower.

  44. I dont believe this is real. No-one is that stupid, they even spelt Eiffel wrong

  45. I love that it’s filed under “Personal Problems” HAHAHA!

  46. Jordan=win.

    thanks for an early-morning giggle, Jordan. your internet deadpan abilities rival mine.

  47. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Oh come on..

  49. Photoshop, maybe? Please? No? Shit.

  50. haha thats actually one of the funniest ones on here…

  51. I agree with 46– to everyone calling out Jordan… you shouldn’t feel so superior to to Jen herself if you’re completely incapable of recognizing irony when it hits you in the face.

  52. This could very well just be a joke. I purposely mislabel photos of easily identifiable sites in my picture folder.

  53. Yeah, it’s clearly just a joke, calm the fuck down nerds.

  54. I refer to every city/state in the country as “big sky country”, because it makes me laugh. Jen could have been joking, and the fact that she misspelled Eiffel could have been part of the joke. Lamebook=pwn’d?

  55. nope – she’s stupid as fuck

  56. hahahahaha that cannot be real

  57. She should at least consider jumping off that. It would probably bring up the US intelligence index.

  58. Ok, I realize she’s a moron, but I’m guessing 2 out of 5 people on Facebook would misspell Eiffel, even if they were in Paris.

  59. ummmm…no one is laughing at the spelling…its kinda the fact that its NOT the Eiffel tower, but rather downtown New York…smooth…

  60. I think the “…even if the were in Paris” comment signifies that 58 recognizes that fact. Also, some of the earlier comments seem to indicate that at least one other person is laughing at the spelling.

    Right back at you.


  62. Inhaled sharply and swallowed my gum…not cool.

  63. haha wow and it even says New York “09″ wow haha


  65. im officially speechless

  66. unbelieveable

  67. That is terrifying. Someone should sterilise her, or at least make sure she can pass a geography exam before she breeds. I mean, has she never even seen a movie?

  68. OMG that is sad. xD

  69. New York 09? Didn’t this building get blown up some years ago?

  70. @Liam, I really really hope you’re kidding.

  71. Ha ha yeah but nobody is taking me on!

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