Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sour Power


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  1. First. Ha. ;-) I have never got to do that.

    But, really, a sour vagina?

  2. This seems fake to me. Brad and Megan are really discussing their soon-to-come sex life on Facebook? I don’t think they are legally smart enough to get married. :\

  3. insert clever name here

    I still can’t get past “mandatory field trip to the STD clinic.”

  4. I’m sure ‘sour vagina’ is the medical term, much like “sticky dick” and “ring piece”.

  5. I’ve tasted some rather tangy vaginas in my day. There is a certain tart pleasure in it, and they go well with a nice shortbread, or, if you want to go in the other direction, possibly a fine stoned wheat salted cracker with thick creamy chicken broth. Either way, be it a spicy chili variation, or the elusive honey sweet, the bouquet-like palette of vaginal flavors is a spectacular testament to the joys of human existence. Bon Appetite!

    Also, Zombie Kid likes turtles.

  6. So much for ‘sugar and spice and everything nice.’

  7. @cumdog millionaire

    Hit that sour vag and get back to me on that.

  8. Hey guys, stop being unfunny in the comment section, you’re killing my buzz.

  9. You know, it occurs to me that STARTING married life with a sour vagina does not bode well for the coming years.
    Brad has a LOT to look forward to.

  10. Dontcha luv how shallow Brad is?? He’s ready to bail.

    You’re supposed to love her whether she’s dream pussy or a wizard’s sleeve.

    This would have been better if he had just said, “K. I’m out”

  11. I think I saw a movie that started out like this…

  12. There are things nobody should ever know. I get the whole were about to married lets share part but Im married and there are things I will never share with my husband. And there are things we share and shouldnt. And there is something about hearing something horrifying and still being able to look that person in the eye, well thats true love. Like the time he told me his hemmoroids were so bad that he felt like he was sitting on a metal spike. But announcing to everyone on our your facebook friend list about your sour vagina? That bitch needs to be slapped.

  13. stinky twiz.

  14. @Cumdog – I am already relishing.

    And do you say the same thing on every post?

  15. Brad must be very selfish in the bedroom. He was unaware that his fiance’ tasted like sour patch kids? Megan should dump him.

  16. They didn’t need to taste it, Brad. They could smell it.

  17. No

  18. If not for the sourness, I’d say hold off the plans to marry a woman who can’t keep stuff to herself.

  19. @fleakfragfry, LOL!!!

  20. Ewww. First, TMI. Second, Brad, you have the right idea…run away from this skank as quickly as possible. The vows may say “in sickness and in health” but they say nothing about WHOREDOM.

  21. freakfragfry…. he-larry-us!!!

    and wtf is a “sticky dick” and “ring piece”?? im lost

  22. I have A cup titties and I took six years of French, thus I can fake a French accent.

  23. i like that even her hubby dissed her for that revolting comment.

  24. Name: the first person on lamebook to try to seduce cumdog. incredible. get a tit job, lose the accent, and look for a guy known for more than regurgitating a vaguely unpleasant description of a woman every time something new is posted.
    word on the street is he ejaculates prematurely while advertising his willingness to hit…pretty much anything.

  25. I like my titties thank you very much. The internets are so serious…

  26. HIT HIT HIT!!
    You saw it here first, folks!
    Fleakfragfry rocks for his vagina-eaters monologue. Kudos, Sir.

    WTH? You just vomited your hubby’s back-door mix-up all over this page. Some things shouldn’t be shared? Riiiight.

  27. #3, same here. I can’t get past that mandatory field trip thingy. Is the visit to STD clinic a field trip?? Like ones we have on junior school?

  28. Don’t sow in sour soil, add lime and then fertilize.

  29. @name I like your titties too.

  30. @3, 29: A few states won’t issue a marriage license without the tests.

  31. #32, I see. Thanks for the info.

    But poor Brad, humiliated in front of the Facebook world that his soon to be wife has sour vagina. LOL

  32. gotta wonder what they did to determine the sourness…had to be the taste test

  33. I like turtles.

  34. A few years back i was with a chick that had a tangy tasting vagina. I showered with her a few times and realised she was not washing it. I think to myself yuk! as any self respecting individual would. Then i kindly asked why she dosn’t wash it. She quickly became embarrassed and began washing it regularly. I left the growling out for a while. When i went back alas it tasted ever so sweet. Moral of my story is maybe this Megan is not washing her cooter properly, in which case Brad needs a new missus!

  35. i can’t sleep now thinking of sourpuss…o god…


  37. sighs , should not read stuff like this in the morning

    Little science fact : sour vagina is not equal to a sour tasting vagina …

    Could explain the proces but am a bit taken aback by the lack of knowledge about pussy demonstrated here

    get to know the prize , gentlemen

  38. Eww, I just threw up a lil there… This is dirty, and she SHOULD NOT *EVER* complain about her sex life again since the advertising extra cheesy taco!

  39. @Father Sha: I am not ashamed to admit i do not know the difference. In saying so i must ask for you to find it in your infinite wisdom to enlighten us whom lack that particular knowledge.

  40. Too much information indeed..
    When she says sour vagina the doctor obviously told her her vagina is slightly acidic – it makes conceiving a bit harder (I think I’m right. Am I?). It doesn’t mean her vag tastes like vinegar. Hahah, random line of thought – vinegar, chips, fish and chips, smells like fish. Ahh, how immaure of me.
    Oh, and by the way, I think A-cup tits are cute, I wish I had them.

  41. Im guessing someone wanted to get on lamebook.com with this one.

  42. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    She should douche with some honey, and she’d have a very tasty sweet and sour chicken marinade going on…

  43. hehe insane you ironic lil’ bastard , i do not have to explain any more because dandified did that (partially)

    it has to do with the natural balance and especially the ph value.

  44. oh yeah , and i ment that ironic lil bastard comment in the nicest possible way

    hitme , thanks a lot for ruining my chinese lunch for me lol

  45. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Father Sha – even for me, that was a pretty borderline comment. Please accept my apologies, and have a fortune cookie for me ;-)

  46. [...] I think that facebook is the perfect place to have an open discussion with your fiance about sour vaginas.  But then I generally ask a girl her thoughts on oral within the first 10 minutes of a date too.  You are all just sexually repressed.  And have sour vaginas.  <lamebook> [...]

  47. @Father Sha: I’ve never heard of sour vagina before either, but I have tasted a few tangy snatches in my time, most notably the one of a young lady with tight pvc trousers that I picked up in a local night club after a night of dancing.

    Incidentally I had an ex who ate so many mangoes her pussy tasted of mango and her tits tasted of vanilla ice cream. Can any other readers beat that?

  48. @ Anitalaff I may not share all with him but for you people I’ll share almost everything. BTW your one of my faves on here. I always find your posts very amusing. :)

  49. mango and vanilla … you lucky sod

    But there’s an link between what you eat and how you taste down there both men and women …

  50. Hit me , my fortune cookie said : Face facts with dignity

    They should sent that to every FB user but then again we wouldn’t have the joy of lamebook any more

  51. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Father Sha – pretty accurate. If only Sheena from the latest post had got that fortune cookie after she lost her job – she might not have needed to take so many pictures of her well-rehearsed ‘unemployment face’.

    But you’re right as always, I do get joy from it.

  52. we should stop being so nice to eachother , haven’t you noticed how this site is full of haters

    We are going to be left out of the ‘group’

    imagine the loneliness and pain that would inflict on us

    googled the song btw yesterday , liked it !

  53. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Father Sha – What? You mean they’ll exile us to the fringes of Lamebook society? And then it’ll just be us, like lone wolves, like Bonnie and Clyde? Sounds pretty good if it means that Clarice and earbud aren’t there. Just think of all the fun we could have! ;-)

    The song rocks. Good ol’ Brit punk rock. And if I get to incorporate my name into the title of a song that talks exclusively about sexy-boom-boom, so much the better.

  54. Hehe you just made me laugh out loud in the tube , and thats something you are not supposed to do judging on the strange looks i ve been getting.

    Lone wolves roaming the prairie looking for a prey to satisfy our hunger for humor, i like that !

    And let the clarices of this world join in on the party, they are so delightfully thick

  55. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Totally – it makes it fun! The haters do get the party started!

    And there’s nothing wrong with laughing on the tube – I did it on Monday and I get some pretty funny looks. Glad I cheered up on your journey :-)

    One thing – you’ve referred to the tube but spelt humour without the ‘o’. Colour me confused.

  56. @Father Sha
    I was going to go into pH but decided it was a little too complex for the average lamebook commenter ;D

  57. Hehe dandi i was glad you cleared it up for me :-) but it was rather strange that nobody seemed to know this, including the original poster.

    Hitme , there s a simple answer … English is my third language ( i m bragging i know) so i do sometimes write the yank way … Out of ignorance or mental laziness … And you have been known to cheer me up on a few occasions :-)

  58. To be honest, I’m not sure how I even know to begin with. I’m 17 and have yet to have my vagina inspected on a regular basis, but I thought it was fairly common knowledge. And if English is your third language then you have every right to brag, it’s impressive! You put native English speakers to shame. WELL DONE SIR.

  59. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Well, don’t you just get more interesting, Father Sha. Just like an onion… all these cyber-layers.

    and @dandified – you will learn it’s more fun and less clinical is you refer to it as ‘getting head’ rather than ‘being inspected’! :-) And you’re absolutely right about Father Sha – he da bomb.

  60. hitmewithyourrhythmvic – ROFLMAO! I was meaning that I wasn’t speaking from personal experience, i.e. I don’t have a gyno so I haven’t been specifically told about acidic vaginas. :P

  61. Hehe thanks to the both of you but please hold off the praise … I ll be the victim of the sour prumes on this site in no time :-)

  62. @ Father Sha & Dandified: Thanks for the information. The thought of an elevated Ph level had not crossed my mind and believe me when i say i do feel silly after being informed. LOL

    @Father Sha: A man who speaks two languages is worth two men. You’re up to three, so you’re worth three men. Keep up the good work

  63. So let me get this straight.
    She went to the doctor.
    The doctor told her vagina is “abnormally acidic”
    In her little brain, she thinks, “acid- lemons are acidic-lemons are SOUR- my pussy is SOUR”??

    Is that about it??

  64. A man who speaks three languages better know how to talk dirty in all of them, or what good is he?

  65. @67: Epic win!!! LMFAOWPMSLROFL

  66. Ahem:

    From the Wikipedia article on Taste: “Sourness is the taste that detects acidity.”

    So a more acidic vagina would, indeed, taste a little more tangy/sour. But the difference might be negligible.

    Personally, I love that tangy taste of pussy.

  67. Without stating the obvious..
    This left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

    Sorry, I just had to!

  68. An acid pussy
    Could burn off your penis, Brad.
    Dont sleep with Megan!

  69. Mr Haiku, I just LOL’d.

  70. Was this one related to the girl who put skittles inside her vagina to taste better for the boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?

    I would have her use M&M’s instead, “Sweet pussy” has a better ring to it.

  71. Throw some lime in her pussy then make her squirt. You will be drinking Lemon and Lime bitters in no time ;)

  72. I am guessing she just does not know how to spell “sore vagina”

  73. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @lc – if it was only that she had a sore vagina, wouldn’t she already know, rather than having the doc point it out? I think you’re giving her way too much credit – I really do think she was saying that life had given her lemons, so her vagina had made lemonade.

  74. #73 – LMAO!!!!

  75. I can’t imagine the test they did to get positive results for “sour vagina”. Let’s hope it was a swab rather than an oral.

  76. @75 peaceenz: If it was a taste test let’s hope the doctor had salt and vodka handy!

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