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  1. Not actually lame…

  2. Are you kidding? Totally lame.

  3. I can get past everything but the poor photoshop job…

  4. Hahahah. Getting your wife knocked up? Fine. Poorly Photoshopping a sonogram photo on her stomach, next to your face while closing your eyes? Lame.

  5. This is lame because it looks like a horrific cutaway of the poor woman’s stomach…gruesome, cheesy, ill advised, and generally lame.

  6. This is more like it. Lametastico!

  7. eeeeek!

    Note Mom’s French tips. Puke.

  8. wow, cheesy as hell

  9. Interesting how the new mother has already lost her identity. All she’s good for in this picture is a pregnant stomach and French tips. A sign of things to come? Also, sepia and photoshop put this in a Far Side of its own.

  10. In the future, all women will have the Clear-View™ Uterus from GE.

    Nice how mom is doing all the work, but doesn’t even rate having her face in the photo.

  11. this is just dumb

  12. God, that’s shit and tacky.

  13. As well as lame, this is also anatomically incorrect; surely the baby is upside down in the womb?

  14. Yeah, the head is usually pointing up at that stage.

  15. Anyone notice the baby cutaway is shaped like a football? Anyone?

  16. This photo just made me want to eat my own face in SHEER TERROR. I’m a 23-year-old woman who’s still freaked out at the thought of human beings growing inside other human beings, and this is NOT helping.

  17. This is a perfect candidate for awkwardfamilyphotos.com

  18. uhm, babies done lay that way.

    uhm. wow.

  19. Sometimes the comments are lamer than the picture.

  20. Lamest ever. The French tips just take it to that next level of lame.

  21. Epic levels of lame.

    1. Horrible idea. I mean, really. It’s freakin’ gross, for one thing. It’s stupid, for another. And to top it off, it’s about your pregnancy. PROTIP: Nobody but you gives a shit about your kids. Really. We only pretend to care to be nice. People who post that kind of crap on Facebook end up getting blocked or hidden by most everybody else.

    2. Horrible execution. Babies don’t lay that way in the womb, the photoshop job is pretty terrible (use the fade tool, you jackass), don’t wear a d-bag shirt next time… Just a generally poor job.

  22. I actually don’t hate it, and the idea is kind of nice. The photoshop is bad, but damn, everybody can’t be a photoshop pro.

  23. this child is going to grow up to eternally hate it’s parents, both for this photo and because they thought it was a “good idea”

  24. Now if the baby could just fart..

  25. As a woman, I find every single aspect of this too horrifying for words. Gross and creepy.

  26. Well, her name is Missy…expectations must be lowered.

  27. Everyone is saying their photoshop skills suck but not everyone has downloaded a pirated copy of Photoshop.

    This looks like they threw it together in 5 minutes using Microsoft Paint. It could be improved slightly to make it look less creepy, but not to the extent of fade and rotating it in a non-90/180/270 degree sort of way.

    And to the people that are saying that she doesn’t have an identity because her face isn’t in it? Lighten up. The album is “mommy’s belly”, so I’m sure the rest of the 18 pictures are all stages of her expanding belly, probably JUST her belly.

  28. I don’t think this is lame at all. A pretty cool idea, actually. Wish I would have thought of it after having the 3D sonogram done on our son.

    Some say it looks like a bad Photoshop, blah blah. Not everyone is skilled with photo editing programs, people.

    Looks to me like this is a picture that her family and friends surely appreciated her sharing, except for the one lame douche bag who submitted it to Lamebook, of course.

  29. I can’t believe it took number 13 to figure that out.
    And what is wrong with french tips?

  30. @ brandi

    you are lame. get the fuck off the internet.

  31. Not lame. Beautiful.

    Christ, lamebook… you don’t accept the submission about Johnny Cash being an “emo” but you accept some happy couple’s pregnancy photo?

  32. Azazello, it’s okay. You’ll grow up one day.

  33. LMFAO that someone called “Yep” is handing out advice.

  34. What is lame – People complaining about lamebook entries and saying that THEIR entries are much funnier/more lame.

  35. I actually think this is sweet. My only problem with it is the way the baby is lying, since that’s clearly not accurate. You people saying its “gross” need to get over it. There’s nothing gross about a life being brought into this world. You used to be in your mother’s uterus, you know. And you will probably have babies of your own one day, as well.

  36. ew ew ew ew EW!

  37. Ahhhhhhhh this is TERRIFYING and super creepy and it looks like a hairy growth!!!

  38. @Becky: the miracle of life is lovely and amazing, this tacky fucking photoshop is not.

  39. It’s not Gray’s Anatomy (and yes I mean the medical journal, not the fucking TV show) and she isn’t a diagram. It’s not only physically wrong, making it look like the baby’s going to shoot past her spine and out of her back, it’s also terrible and cheesy, and the french tips make it that much worse. The sepia tone doesn’t help in any way, idiots. There’s no class to be found here.

  40. It looks like the mom has a massive gaping sore on her belly.

  41. Who cares? Mommy’s absolutely hot. She’s got a great ghetto booty. Look at that big, smooth, pretty thing!

  42. They tried.

  43. They could AT LEAST put the the baby in right position and make it the right size. And maybe put some pants on. Pregnancy pics should NEVER EVER involve booty shorts.

  44. Goddammit, that is unbelievably tacky. I don’t understand these pathetic lunatics who think that because something involves the glooooorious miracle of new life, we have to overlook how stupid and ugly it is.

  45. Wow, that’s a sonogram? I thought it was a picture of a fish and I was like “huh?”

  46. Ratbag – nah, I’m good thanks.

  47. My eyes just went wide and my chin dropped when this scrolled into view… O.o

  48. Creeptastic.

  49. The picture would be sweet, without the edit. He looks pretty happy to be a daddy, she has a pretty fine body in bloom there.

    So they’re crap on photoshop? So what?

  50. Totally not lame… they’re parents that are proud of their kid, and they put up a (corny) picture to show how proud they are… the lame part is that some lonely fuck cared enough to post this on lamebook in hopes that some of these other fucks are as lonely as him. And trust me, when you’re gonna have a kid, people (who have gotten laid outside of a jar of peanut butter and the neighbors dog…I’m looking at you, Otto) hound you like mad to put pictures like this up…

    so not lame… and just because your dad molested the shit out of you doesn’t mean that other parents can’t be proud of their kids.

  51. How did you now about my dad?

  52. Wow, and I hear that trying to birth a baby feet first can be a bitch, but imagine trying to birth it horizontally?

  53. @ Malnu: This is lame because it is tacky. Sure, you can say that the thought counts, but there are SO many things wrong with this picture. Tacky photoshop job aside, I’m pretty sure babies never lay horizontally in the womb.

  54. I agree with Julie. The lame here is so fucking dense it is distorting earth’s gravity.

    - the sepia
    - the idea of the photoshop
    - the execution of the photoshop
    - the orientation (and scale) of the inset
    - the pose
    - the lingerie
    - the name “missy”
    - referring to your stomach as “mommy’s belly”
    - an aging Vanilla Ice in his polo shirt
    - fondling a man’s ear while showing off your engagement ring

    What did I miss?

  55. I agree with Brandi, and 30, shut the fuck up.

  56. @canuck..
    “referring to your stomach as “mommy’s belly”
    I’m pretty sure she didn’t eat the baby…therefore, it wont be in her stomach.

  57. This is reminding me of 7th grade Health Sciences project I did. I made a clay sculpture of a calf and foot, cut away to the muscle, and put in a clay tapeworm. Please don’t ask why I chose tapeworms as my project subject. I don’t want to try to analyze that.

  58. I don’t find this lame. I think it brings the lols.
    Unfortunately for them, I don’t think it was intended this way.

  59. rofl
    this is hilariously tacky

  60. @MM good point. That makes it lamer.

  61. @canuck

    Thanks for that. I had only identified three points of lame.

  62. No wuckas.

  63. @Julie

    …whoa whoa whoa, I don’t want to make the wrong impression here, it’s TOTALLY tacky but not lame. I guess what I’m getting at is that the parents have trumped us by being so damn proud of this kid that they couldn’t give a shit if anyone thinks it’s lame. This pic automatically enters the realm of anti-lame because it is made with blind love and not “look how awesome I am at photoshop”…or something. Does that make any sense?

    …or maybe I just don’t think it’s cool to rip on happy people

    either way, my kid is way cuter than theirs.

  64. Finally, your baby could be transverse which means he is laying completely side-to-side over your pelvis. A transverse baby cannot be delivered naturally.

    If your baby is transverse, he may be able to be turned to ensure a natural delivery. According to Ina May Gaskin in Spiritual Midwifery (read my review), 99% of babies are longitudinal at term.


  65. Strange that people are bothered by the orientation of the baby, but not by the fact that SHE HAS A FUCKING WINDOW IN HER ABDOMEN! That is not normal.

  66. Aswell as being too small as people have already pointed out, the baby is far too high up! The womb is lower down. Duh.

  67. Anyone wearing hot-pants during pregnancy is fucking lame in my book.

  68. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…I’m finding it hard to believe that anyone who doesn’t find this lame would be looking at this website. Being excited about being pregnant is not lame, posting any more than one or two unadulterated pics of your sonogram is fully lame (and even that’s not a number I’m comfortable with).

    What a lame piece of uber-tack.

    @ canuck: nothing, you missed nothing. Oh, except perhaps the fact that this is pic 17 of 18 in an entire ALBUM of ‘Mommy’s Belly’…

  69. Poor Baby!
    It has to jump out of the belly button!

  70. she thick as hell though

  71. @Jebus are you a parent?

  72. Whatever you guys I think this picture shouldn’t be on here. It’s actually pretty cool. WTF is wrogn with a dad being proud of his first child (cuz it probably is)

  73. Nothing Spark Ticus, nothing is wrogn at all.

  74. stupid…lame…GAY

  75. Emma=insightful

  76. It is lame to me. Parents on here, getting knocked up isn’t actually that big of an achievment. It’s not a ‘miracle’, it’s how we are all bloody here! Sorry to be immature but this grosses me out, it’s lame, it’s tacky, and all of you people who think you’re the best in the world for having children need to realise that some people have different aspirations in life than to destroy our vaginas, get vomited and shat on a lot and give up our identity for one that revolves around watching shitty CG kids movies and talking about the size of our childrens shit. good day.

  77. Oh how sad. you think your baby is lying sideways

  78. It looks like the baby is going to fart in his ear.

  79. so a happy couple want to share a happy picture with their friends and family?? so what??

    sure it’s cheesy..but each to their own.

  80. Aren’t “cheesy” and “lame” kind of similar? Isn’t “lame” kind of the point of lamebook?

  81. he kind of looks like he’s not supposed to be there. you know. like, “this isn’t my baby”, or “i don’t actually know this woman that well”, or just a “i really don’t want to do this”


  83. I think it’s odd and creepy looking.

    But, I just cannot get past feeling bad for the poor esthetician who had to get in and the wax pregnant chick lady bits.

    It’s one hell of a process and she’s pretty well preggers so I wonder if the person waxing stood back when she ripped the wax off. Just in case a kid came shooting out of her vag.

  84. The baby is not in the wrong position. Sure, most babies are head or feet down, but my second was transverse… just like that pic. My midwife turned her while I was in labour, but she would only go one way, so she was a footling breech birth. Meaning, the feet were delivered first.

    Anyway, the ultrasound pic in the belly is ugly. Take away the photshop and it’s a very nice picture.

  85. wow i’m so embarassed for them this is the lamest, most losery photo i have ever seen. they photoshopped the ultra sound onto her belly and have his ear pressed up to it looking at the camera?? OMG this should be on awkwardfamilyphotos.com!!!

  86. That has to be the shittiest tattoo I’ve ever seen.

  87. I don’t necessarily think it’s lame…it’s pretty creative. I’m sure the families appreciated the picture. Caveat…I might have had the ultrasound inset professionally done before I sent to family and posted on facebook. I like the black and white use of the pic…nothing is wrong with the short short panties…it’s probably as sexy as your going to get being prego and politically correct if you were to share with family/fb.

  88. Dear blargded:

    I’m sorry about your lack of fertility.


  90. @ blargded

    You are awesome. Procreation is overrated. Come join the VHEMT.

    @ Malnu

    Congratulations on pumping out a genetic unit. *thumbs up*

  91. I agree that the picture would have been better without the sonogram. BUT! It’s…different!! I just can’t believe everyone is mentioning the French tips but skipping right over the weird stripper shorts. What ARE they? If I was a dude, I would not want my baby momma dressed like a cheap hooker who forgot to take birth control…

  92. @luluchacha

    Um, They are boy shorts (underwear) she is in a bra and undies. They sell them for non-preggos at Wal-mart and Target and many other stores. They are a perfectly normal variety of underwear. Her’s are just made out of stretchy material because she’s pregnant.

  93. OF COURSE she has french-tipped nails.

  94. I think it was kind of a neat idea that was poorly executed.

  95. Gee if babies don’t lay sideways then can someone please explain to me what position my daughter is laying in with her butt at my belly button and head at my spine (which is a rare version of transverse achieved generally before 28 weeks.)

    What irks me the most about this picture is the dad with his face on her belly. That pose has ALWAYS bothered the hell out of me. You can’t hear the baby and the only thing you’re gonna get is a swift kick in the face, asshole.

    I also think maternity shoots done in underwear are just downright tacky. Okay, yeah you’re trying to show off the belly. There are other ways to do that without just lounging in the studio in your bra and panties.

    The photoshop job is bad too.

    And black and white would’ve made the picture look WAY better than sepia, but then again I have a natural aversion to sepia tone. Nobody knows how to use it properly anyways.

  96. holy shit! D.

    what happened?

    Buck up, I’ll find that amateur photographer who knocked you up with his with weak sperm. And I’ll make him pay.

  97. what is this…americas next top model impregnated season? and I guess the baby is striking a pose due to the x-ray vision of her stomach?

  98. a foetus doesn’t lay in that direction…

    i hate couples like this.

  99. Triple ghey

  100. somethingwittyplz

    oh that poor, poor man… unless of course he did it out of choice, then i suggest we slam his face in a car door.

    - and the foetus isn’t even the right way up no?

    Horrific, perfect example of lameness to the highest degree

  101. I’m not someone who is baby crazy, I don’t even want kids – but I do think it’s sweet when a couple is like this about the whole pregnancy thing.

  102. I don’t think this is lame, just a tad weird =/

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