Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Terrible TypOHs

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  1. Benjamin Linus


  2. cool username

    BEN haha i have no clue what that means but it seems to be the trend

  3. cool username

    fail i thought i was first

  4. Benjamin Linus

    Looks like Melissa is also “ritarded” ;)

  5. Honey I blew the kid with Jordan and Connor, yeah I think I saw that porno too

  6. @ cupidscurse and Lamebook: Honey I Blew the Kid REALLY IS a porno – starring the infamous Ron Jeremy.

    I’ve no idea whether Amber is referring to the porn film in this instance, though it seems unlikely.

  7. comusal? really, comusal? i spent five minutes just trying to figure out what that one word was. until i finally realized that helo must mean halo, and harley saw a halo: reach commercial.

  8. Comusal is pretty damn bad. Even if you were just going by how you say it, it would at least have a h in there somewhere. Comershal, maybe. Comusal? Com-you-sall? Who says it like that?

  9. Benjamin Linus .. love the name :)

    Honestly why can people not spell, do kids not learn anything anymore? This does not give me a lot of faith in the future of humans.

  10. I read Harley’s in a really heavy New York accent. Like Janice from the show ‘Friends’

  11. Dancinganimal256

    Harley in translation: “I just saw a commercial for a new Halo game. Will they ever stop making them?”

  12. The rest are fair though. Retarded is pronounced ritarded, so easy mistake. Excepted and accepted are a tiny pronounciation different (and Mike probably isn’t taking an English Language course. could be taking anything). Manya… doesn’t seem like an English name (then again i’m an IGNORANT RACIST), so English quite possibly is not her first language, making that status fairest of all.

    Amber is probably watching the porno.

  13. Dancinganimal256

    Am I the only one worried about the content of a porno named ‘Honey I blew the kids’?

  14. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @howdy I’m a New York with a heavy accent (at times) and I can’t imagine the word sounding like that.. I think Harley’s just a moron

  15. @Dancing No you are not the only one worried

  16. What about the fact that tuckin knows about and who stars in said porno. The creepmeter is on the rise.

  17. I am going to give Tuckin the benifit of the doubt and say he/she looked it up

  18. Spanka, I’ve heard of Ron Jeremy, and I’ve seen some of his “work”.
    In the porn world, he is pretty huge (and the pun is intended there of course).

    But as for watching something called “Honey I blew the kid”,
    whatever that might be about, the name would turn me off immediately, and thus it would be a NO thank you from me.

  19. The fact he/she (it) claims to know so much about a porno called “Honey I blew the kids” is cause for concern. It’s not like it’s a well known porno such as Debbie does Dallas, Deep throat, Animal farm, One night in Paris…well you get the gist.

  20. As I said, if it’s child porn or anything along those lines, then count me out. He/She/It can have that one all alone.

    I’ve never heard that particular movie, but really Spanks, anyone who has seen any porn in their life has surely heard of Ron Jeremy?

    Or am I one of the few?

  21. What idiot let Manya into Yale?

  22. Oh, for fuck’s sake…

  23. Yes Hobes, the idiots are reproducing.

  24. I think SANCHEZ is the spawn of Alenoo1 & Alenoo2.

  25. seriously, could the just block these guys?

    I mean they are amusing, but…

  26. iloveyouwordpervert


  27. Benjamin Linus

    @Vanzie101 Thanks :)
    Harley. Wow.

  28. Sharing time! I actually starred in a porn when I was 15. It wasn’t mainstream, so I wasn’t under the scrutiny that a lot of the popular actors are. It was fun, but holy Christ did my ass hurt!

  29. NoLongerTroll

    Dirty Sanchez.

    @Soup, Did the absence of cameras give you some concern.
    After my 3rd time I started to get suspicious.

  30. I saw that one Soup.

    You and Ron were quite a pairing.

  31. And I love you iloveyouwordpervert.

    Wow that’s a mouthful.

  32. @NoLongerTroll

    Hey! Kodak disposables are what all the professionals use! Granted, I did question why they needed to stick it up my urethra, but they did a good job of explaining the artistic merits.

    Sure, now my penis whistles when I pee, and hiccups at inopportune moments, but that is the price of art.

  33. “Wow that’s a mouthful”

    If I remember correctly Soup, that’s what you said to Ron.

  34. Word, Mr. Jeremy made me feel a little inadequate downstairs, but after looking at the whole tiny hairy chubby package, I realized how magnificent I truly am.

  35. My fave one of Ron was the one where he was sitting in some suspended wicker chair or something.

    He was fellating himself.

    An oldie, but a goodie.

  36. And yes Soup, he has now gone to seed.

  37. I never would have guessed comusal meant commercial. I thought maybe he was talking about a console? And I thought sore meant scored, not saw. I was very confused.

  38. I once gave a half-hearted effort at sucking my own dick. I’m pretty flexible, so I think I could have done it, but the desire just wasn’t there.

    I’ll abuse myself like no one’s business, but I just won’t put it in my mouth.

  39. That’s what God created Eve for Soup.

    Adam was a tad on the lazy and inflexible side.

  40. And now I shall burn in hell for all eternity for saying that.

    I’m just getting in first, before anyone else condemns me.

    I’m gonna go get drunk now.

  41. Word, I was at an open bar banquet tonight, so my drunkenness is already well established.

    If God didn’t want our dongs to be moistened by the female uvula, he would have shaped them like pineapples.

  42. Bottoms up, Soup.
    Have a wonderful alcohol augmented sleep tonight.

    I intend to.

  43. Colt 45 and two zig-zags, baby that’s all I need. Literally, after about 2L and that blaze sesh, this shit is hilarious ATM. Soup, Word, you guys rock.

  44. word – it’s not only you and Soup that have heard of Ronny. He will always be the big daddy of porn.

    I was once dating a guy who told me people said he resembled Ron Jeremy. He was short, tubby and italian. I understood what people were getting at. THEN he took his pants off and rendered me unable to speak or walk the following day.

  45. Walter Sobchak

    “Kid” could refer to a 19 year old. Doesn’t have to refer to a 9 year old.

    word’s boyfriend: Sweety, some guy called and left a message. He was American. He said he met you 3 years ago on a 14 hour flight. Why would he still care to phone you?
    word: Honey, I blew the kid.

    Soup, I don’t believe for a second that you wouldn’t blow yourself if you could.

  46. Just to clarify: I don’t know the porno from experience! I just suspected that there would be a porno with a name like that, so I Googled it.


  47. sanchez you’re a loser.

  48. I’m thinking that melissa might be referring to ‘the hangover’ with the ways she’s spelling retard. I’ve done it a few times with people trying to correct my spelling, after which i go on to call them a ritard for correcting me!

  49. OH MY GOSH, Lamebook should have spotted that ‘ritarded’ is from “The Hangover” and not a misspelling. Ritards :P

  50. Yale? For real?

  51. Sounds like Amber is enjoying her version of the movie instead.

  52. The Hedgehog is cool … Peter North was good in his day too.

  53. Bah, from hangover or not to write it out wrong is dumb, say it… fine I will appreciate your comedic value. Write it, that’s dumb.

  54. It just occurred to me that people are not getting dumber — Facebook is just forcing them to communicate in writing regularly. Now I feel better. I am a bit slow, really.

  55. Amazing how people like that can get into Universities and I can’t. *sigh*

  56. I also think that Kyle and Jeff are both “ritarded”, but only partially.

  57. i have to say..i think every typohs on statuses or anything submitted from an iPhone should be excused. i mean that stupid piece of shit changes every word you type.

  58. I have nothing….

  59. ahhhhh so that’s what its called, alcohol augmented sleep..I have been trying to find a proper term for my little ‘habit’..Bless you word..Tonight’s drink(s) will be in your honor.

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  61. Wow, thanks sara110.

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  63. Yeah…wow…thanks sara110…spam is what I’m looking for at LB.

  64. The spamming is getting pretty ridiculous. They’re taking over!!!!

  65. slippyslappy funny post. it is wild. have you checked out the new spring/summer collection over at it’s “to die for”.

  66. You know, I was just informed that that the Alen’s 001 and 002 have finally been blocked, but now we have sara110 to contend with.

    Well, at least it’s a female bot. I can finally run my experiment on how sexually inept a man has to be to disappoint something that doesn’t even have feelings.

  67. Oh, wow, I love shopping, sexy AND personality! I can get all of those things at your fashion store?

  68. Quick question, does it sell coherence?

  69. lol

  70. And to think, we were just getting to know Alen001 and 002 that much better. Now this bitch sara110 has to come along with her inability to use proper grammar and annoy the shit out of everybody.

  71. Damn me, I go away for the weekend,and I miss this! I love porn! Damn my luck!

  72. What’s better than porn?

  73. Nothing is better then porn!

  74. Other then the act itself, I stand corrected.

  75. I’m rofling at the Yale one. Oh wow..

    God’s investment(His Son) in you was SO great, He could never abandon you!
    “Seek me and you will find me, if you seek me with all your heart!” Jer.29:13

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