Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some PhoDOHs!

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  1. this is fuckin great

    “Hoe Foreshore” hahaha i want to go there

  2. Jesse, she may be “waiting for marriage” where you’re concerned, but not where the football team is concerned.

  3. Me too artysmalls, me too!

    And, wth does that tattoo say?

  4. lol @ “tired of trying to get a gud man”

    I wonder why.

  5. And since when does crying get you a *gud* man?

    LMAO @ Sensible Madness! “This good-good is reserved for diamonds or quarter backs only folks.”

  6. Allways & Forevl?

  7. “allways&forever” @ SomeRandomChick

  8. The tattoo says always and forever.

  9. Oh, it’s *trying*. Got it.

  10. Well I got that it’s suppose to say that, but it looks a lot more like what padme said. Forevl?

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH omfg I hate it when people type “gud” or “cud” FFFFUUUUUUU

    And lol at that tattoo… “Allways & Foreva”. Wow.

  12. But spelled oddly….

    Allways & Foreva

  13. People are allways spelling that wrong.

  14. “Hoe Foreshore” Funny how I have been there loads of times and not even noticed this!

  15. OH and when people spell “my” “mi”. RLY.

  16. Allways and ForevA – that’s my favorite Heatwave song :-/

  17. I long for the day when people get tattoos that are SPELLED CORRECTLY! Until then, we always have lamebook!

    Hoe Foreshore! Where is that?? That’s hilarious!

  18. Hoe Foreshore –,-4.11953&sspn=0.054319,0.153637&ie=UTF8&hq=hoe&hnear=Plymouth,+UK&ll=50.372073,-4.151115&spn=0.025784,0.076818&z=14

  19. Perhaps All-ways refers to how she takes it ….

  20. I'm Canadian Also

    I was hoping street view would be available, so I could find the sign myself.

    @smartie: good one

  21. Jesse FTW !

  22. Places to visit before I kick the bucket: Hoe Foreshore and someplace where I can find a “gud” man!

    Hey, maybe they’re the same place! :D

  23. Ugly tatt on ugly back

  24. GrammaticalErrors

    I am beginning to think that all tattoo artists are illiterate. Or they just don’t care……

  25. Poor big fat girl :( She’s gonna have to keep trying a little harder.

    And the picture of the dog humping that guy cracks me up way more than it should. It’s very gud.

  26. Tattoo artist are not spell checkers, sometimes different spellings have personal meaning( mostly people are just idiots, but you know). Most artist will tell you to get it right when you write it down, cause that’s how it will go on.

  27. I like the guy being humped by the dog, he looks so scared. Bet he got smiled real good.

    What’s a gud?

    So she always and forever wants to have a load shot there? That’s just ridiculous.

  28. @eenerbl

    Here’s an example of “gud”: “There is nothing gud about her gud-gud.”

  29. “Gud” man? for crying out loud (as you probably do when you have a good man buy you dinner…)!

  30. The fat girl baffles me. I realise that’s her shoulder behind her but I can’t stop seeing it as if she’s raising a tiny, invisible arm.

    And she baffles me anyway, but she’s Mii fav.

  31. @SomeRandomChick: Nice! Thanks!

  32. lmao happy to help! :D

  33. @GrammaticalErrors — Me too. I wonder if all the artists have a good laugh about it afterwards. Maybe they’re bored and not correcting spelling errors is all that brings them joy in while working late…

  34. Minus the word in at the end there. Oops.

  35. Fat girl cries tears of fat.

  36. GrammaticalErrors

    @SomeRandomChick….I know they aren’t spell checkers, I just wonder if they ever say “are you sure? as it’s usually spelt A L W A Y S” or something like that. Or if they just snigger and say “right o’ sit back and relax”. Or if they just don’t notice at all….. I could ponder on this quite a lot I think. I am going to ask when I go in for my next one.

  37. Good doesn’t sound like “gud”…it’s not even phonetically correct. So what the hell is the point?

  38. I feel bad for the nameless fat girl. Bottom line is, men want a pretty girl or at least a not fat girl. I hate to say this. But it’s true. I have another brother (yes, my brothers are the source of a lot of eye rolling in my life) who married a frighteningly controlling bitch. She’s VERY pretty. She’s almost model like. But she has nothing to say, can’t hold a conversation, and only cares about her house being immaculate and forcing the baby to follow her insane schedule. But he has hot pussy…so he’s happy. I suppose…

  39. Yo fatty go on a diet lose some much need weight, so you don’t squash the poor fellow. Then and only then, a gud man you will find.

  40. Hot pussy is gud. A girl can be pretty even if she is fat. It’s gud.

  41. But she no gud :( I feelbad for her.

  42. So you are saying you are available then Penny Lane ? :D

  43. I’ve been blissfully married for 11 years. :)

  44. that old lady in the first picture might look all sweet and innocent to you, but I tell ya she’s a hoe fore shore!

  45. Lusty, that is just a bad angle. She needs to learn the “my space angle” and maybe some dude will give her a chance. Not always, but a lot of the time fat girls spend time honing their personalities rather than fighting off arrogant douchebags. Not to say that women are one or the other, but…come on.

  46. @ 43.jaytheslayer: Well played sir, well played indeed.

  47. Penny Lane, I agree, completely. Hmm… I don’t understand the sentence “Not to say that women are one or the other, but…come on”, what do you mean by that (probably noticed that English is not my native language…)? By the way, I have to say that most of the fat girls I know are quite pretty. And I don’t have any fetish or anything…

    And I guess you have heard this a lot but I can’t get the song out of my head now, “Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes…” :D

    And jaytheslayer, you are my hero.

  48. I guess I wasn’t clear, sorry. I mean, it’s not as if all pretty women are dull and all ugly women are interesting. But it seems to me that women who are gorgeous have no real reason to do much to improve their intellect or personality.

  49. Oh and yes, I was named after that song. I have parents who love the Beatles a lot, to say the least!

  50. Hey, don’t knock fat chicks. Built for comfort, not for speed. Generally known for their, um, oral prowess.

  51. No problem, I thought that that was what you meant by that. Sadly it’s also in many cases true. But that depends on what you think is gorgeus and what’s not. For example women who I think are beautiful and gorgeus definitely doen’t fit to the profile of a brainless skank. Well, it’s a stereotype: A physically attractive woman who lacks intelligence. It doesn’t come just nowhere…

    Your parents ftw! :)

  52. My parents gave me my name because they love The Simpsons and they are horny. Not so flattering :(

  53. Immediately before that photo was taken, Scooter was smoking crack. After he fishished making Darren his bitch, he ate some pickle-flavoured potato chips and then shot 4 of his classmates from obedience school. May he rest in piece.

  54. Or peace.

  55. The tat definitely says “Malays & FopeA.”

    You cannot convince me otherwise.

  56. Well done Walter. I am with you on this now. Inflexible.

  57. the “Hoe Foreshore” looks photoshopped

  58. Fat chicks need love, too.

    But they gotta pay.

  59. Aw the poor little old lady gazing out over the bay, with probably no clue about the ambiguous meaning of the sign.

    And poor ‘horizontally challenged’ girl, well she looks mean and kinda scary in that pic. Maybe because her eyes are blurred? Hmmm.
    Also note that she’s labelled it ‘This Is Mi Fav’, I predict it won’t be long before the rest of the album makes its way to lamebook. Stay tuned it should be ‘gud’…

  60. Earthangel, earthangel,

    I think the “this is my fav” is the thing that adds the most interest to the entry. Makes me wonder why it is her favourite… Is it the bad photo? The annoying font? The pathetic message? The retarted spelling? We may never know. I stopped caring….NOW

  61. An urban legend I think Anna, most regular sized girls have those skills as well

  62. Or myth, take your pick

  63. I agree with PennyLane on this one. I have noticed the “Pretty Girl” factor. Not that I think it’s right.

  64. I’ve always tried to skid by on my winning personality, and my smiles… jeez I should totally loose some weight!

  65. I logged in just to doff my hat to Walter Sobchak
    “The tat definitely says “Malays & FopeA.” I almost spit my chardonnay out at that one :P

  66. Myth my ass, bigger girls give way better head then thinner ones do…. If u give good head, a guy will look past how fat or how much of a bitch she may be

  67. She’s not horizontally challenged! Gravitationally enhanced.

    Take your word chingaso, my rule is if you can’t bench press them off don’t get on.

  68. Fat chicks: Warm in Winter, Shady in Summer!

  69. What a touching sentiment chingaso

  70. How on earth can she be tired of crying to get a good man? It’s my favourite technique when dating. Really separates the wheat from the chaff. If I’m out on a date and the guy can’t deal with my incessant wailing and sobbing then I know it’s just not meant to be. If he hands me a kleenex however…

    * * * *
    * * *
    * *
    * *
    * *
    * *

  71. aw crap- that was sposed to be a love heart but it messed up when I submitted it, how sad.

  72. posty mcposterson

    Walter Sobchak makes me giggle….

  73. @Gaybriel – Chumbawumba is ‘Tired of Tryin To Get A Gud Man’. If you thought that was a C then she would also be ‘Cired of Cryin Co Get A Gud Man’.

  74. Maybe she meant, “Tired of tryin to get cud, man.”

  75. Kudos to Anna and Walter Sobchak for their excellent commentage.

  76. Is anyone else of the opinion that the fatty isn’t looking too hard?

  77. Anyone else notice that the guy beinh gumped by a dog is holding his head in shame? What a weird phot.

    Allways and Foreva, though! Oh, God! Why don’t people spell-check before getting stuff permenantly tattooed on their bodies?

  78. ohh whoops- I just got wisdom teeth out and am high on pain killers so I’ll use that as my excuse

  79. I can assure you that Hoe Foreshore is not photoshopped or fake.

    This is in Plymouth, England, where I am from. The seafront is called “The Hoe”, which, if you grow up with it isn’t that funny but people who have never heard it before usually find it amusing. “Me and my friends went down to the hoe on saturday.” “WHAT?!” etc, etc.

  80. christina looks pretty

  81. You know you are too fat when it takes three boxes to tag you in a picture…

  82. 1st: good one. I will go next wkd to check that!
    2nd: Jesse is secretly in love of Matthew, but he doesnt bother. So, she feels envy of Christina… Jealousy!
    3th: I think we have the idea from the entire thread
    4th: No comments
    5th: “Allways & ForevA” a big loser

  83. lostintranslation

    I like to think that Isabel is the lady in the photo, and that she uses words like “Photolicious”, and that she wanted to have her photo taken there because she thought the sign was funny for all the same reasons that we do.

  84. Doggy style :)

  85. @lostintranslation: yeah, could be that she wanted to show her “freshness” to her grandchildren. Mayyyybeeee…

  86. lostintranslation

    Or to embarrass the hell out of them. I hope that someday I’m that kind of grandmother :)

  87. When I first read the “hoe foreshore” one, I was sure it was fake, name of the place on the sign in out of perspective with the rest of the signs writing etc…

    then I used the powers that be Google and MY MIND WAS BLOWN!
    Some teenager has obviously just became a place-namer. If there is such a career.. :P

  88. Christina looks like a man crossdressing in his gran’s jumper…sexy baby =)

  89. Is spelling “good” g-u-d supposed to be cool and hip or something? It ain’t.

  90. I thought some men like to ride the waves? (Waves of fat)

  91. OMG the dude getting humped by the dog, heheheheee. I cannot stop laughing and I am at work so it is hard to laugh without a sound, there are tears running down my face.

    The others are forgetable or simply more of what I’ve already seen here but

    The dude getting humped by the dog, *snicker* I have officially caught a case of the sillies. I must stop crolling up to look at it or I AM gonna pee my pants and that is not gud.

  92. @penny lane, I know loads of gorgeous people who have amazing personalities, so I have to disagree with you there.

  93. Who cares about the fat chick!! That dog is humping that guy!

  94. Dog humping is funny! I always love a good dog hump.

  95. I think my favorite part of the dog humping picture is that, because the submitter has their FB set to “Pirate,” above the picture, it says “Retreat to Travis’s Port.” I think the dog’s taking care of that.

  96. I LIVE THERE (THE HOE)!!!!!

  97. This is not an attempt to justify her lameness or anything, but in northern British accents, “good” and “gud” are pronounced the same.

  98. hey, it’s still all “gud, gud” right?

  99. Anyone wanna take a stab at why she can’t find “gud” man? Anyone?

  100. she’s tired of trying to get a “GUD” man because she keeps eating them all.

  101. She’s obviously looking in the wrong places. No dear, he’s not hiding in the fridge. Nope, he’s not in the cookie aisle of your local supermarket. Try again, he’s not under that stuffed crust pizza!

    (i can’t believe i sunk to the level of doing fat jokes… oh well… im probably going to hell anyway)

  102. Looking at the “gud man” picture again… I realised that the angle from which the picture was taken was very high… and if your face is that large with that much of a double (triple?) chin…

    I dunno.

  103. I am going to plymouth to see that sign

  104. HAHAA I live in Plymouth :) I love the Hoe :D

  105. Shawing! Plymouth made it only Lamebook! =D Gonna have to go see that sign tomorrow. From Wiki- ‘The most famous (but probably apocryphal) anecdote about Drake relates that, prior to the battle, he was playing a game of bowls on Plymouth Hoe. On being warned of the approach of the Spanish armada, Drake is said to have remarked that there was plenty of time to finish the game and still beat the Spaniards.’

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