Friday, February 12, 2010

Snuggle Up!

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  1. I like turtles

  2. 2 person Snuggie??!! What has happened to this world. Oh, and I totally hate when people use the internet to have a conversation with someone who is 2 feet from them.

  3. *chuckling as I picture Lindsay and Davis in the two person snuggie and wondering how they possibly had room to fit themselves AND two laptops in there. Lindsay, he is right NEXT to you girl. Just punch him when he farts, don’t update your status to share the intimate (and noxious) details of your snugging.

  4. I once shared a bed with both my sister and her boyfriend (now husband) at a party (just cos there was nowhere else to sleep). In the morning, my sister got up to use the bathroom. My brother in law forgot I was was there, thought I was her and Dutch-ovened me. Ah, we still laugh about it to this day.

  5. Snuggies: possibly one of the most unmanly things ever invented. Stephen should be ashamed of himself.

  6. Having to remove the Snuggie to pee strikes me as a major design flaw for a product whose sole purpose for existence is not having to remove it to do routine tasks.

    Also, who will get the Snuggie in the divorce after Stephen leaves his wife for a male stripper?

  7. The whole snuggie phenomena ship kind of left me on the island, you might say.
    They seem like they serve a lot of different purposes though, they remind me of training wheels for moo moos, I also think of fart tents, blankets, capes for fat superheroes, and apparently places for sex and laptops and more disturbingly, cumrags…

  8. @gingivitis – hilarious!!

    @MikeysRight – I thought that he was waiting for Desperate Housewives to come on was even more unmanly.

    About Snuggies: seems like the dumbest idea ever, and I wish I had thought of it, so I would be rich now. I’d never be caught wearing one, however.

  9. @gingivitis- seriously lol :L

  10. ThinkingInPictures

    MikeysRight – Stephen is apparently really anxious for the start of Desperate Housewives, and you’re worried that a snuggie is jeopardizing his manliness?

  11. Does anyone else think that Bo probably learned the hard way that it is necessary to remove the snuggie before using the toilet?

  12. So, what’s next? A snuggie with zippers in the front and back for easy access?

  13. Hasn’t anyone here seen the segment in Real Time with Bill Maher about the Snug Wow? Hilarious! It’s a Snuggie made out of the Sham Wow so you don’t have to take those annoying bathroom breaks and don’t have to worry about spilling soda on yourself since it’ll absorb it. Ha!

    @yaya – Did you use “snugging” as a verb? Is that how people refer to it? Yuck!!

    @gingivitis – That story is hysterical!! Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  14. Snuggie Stove… That’s crafty.

  15. wen will the next one be up so that i can be FIRST!?

  16. when*

  17. It surprises me that none of these snuggie owners have never figured out to just put on a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

  18. The male version of a snuggie would be the arabic djellabah, a gown for men. You can also buy a ‘indoors only’-version which is similar to the normal one only thinner fabric. The upside of that gown is that it has ‘pockets’ in it which are not meant to hold stuff in, but to scratch your balls. Wonderful invention.

  19. But what if you want to read a book while being warm, Ms. Terri? How could you possibly read a book in a sweatshirt and sweatpants? Can you not see the benefits of the Snuggie?!?!

  20. Great! Now there is an entirely new inappropriate wardrobe option for my neighbors to wear to the grocery store. It is pretty much a certainty that one day, while minding my business picking up a loaf of bread, I will be forced to trade small talk with a neighbor who has stepped up their look to include the snuggie thrown on over the pj’s and slippers they regularly wear when out and about.

  21. I HATE seeing people wearing pj’s in public. I sometimes sleep in sweatpants and even then, I’m not sure if I should run to the corner store without changing.

    Tip: If your pants have spongebob or checkered/striped thin material, they are NOT meant to be worn outside.

    Oh, one more… it’s called an UNDERshirt for a reason… don’t wear it in public without something over top of it!

    I’m so bitter.

  22. I wanna get snugged… maybe in a 3 person snuggie..? mwahaha

  23. @Mcowles…you have to make an exception for the size 0-4 20-somethings

  24. If I’m ever seen even looking to purchase a snuggie for personal use…I plead on the community to go ahead and have me committed for my own safety.

  25. Sure Mykl42. We could use the snuggie as a straight jacket til the fellas in white coats arrive to take you away.

  26. And how do you answer the phone in sweats?? Gahhhhh – next you’ll say that ‘socks’ keep your feet warm…

  27. I don’t understand the whole snuggie phonemonon, it’s much easier to use the blanket I have.

    @mcowles: I once broke up with a guy in high school after he showed up at school wearing dinosaur pants. I told him that “this” gesturing to his pants just wasn’t working out for me.

  28. Hmmm…perhaps Snuggies are more Rascal friendly? Roll off the couch ride your to McD’s for two #1’s extra large and back to catch Springer?

  29. Today’s Lamebook inspired rant: Those bell-ends you see on these websites that do something fucking retarted like fart in their girlfriend’s faces and laugh when they get pissed off. What the fuck? Who dates these man-children?

  30. And before anyone says it, I will pre-empt this: yes. I am no fun.

  31. I think you’re fun 🙂

  32. @BritishHobo..What I don’t get is this. They date the nimrods, take the all men asses and get bored w/ you if you show them a little respect and run back to the guys that mistreat them.

  33. I’ve learned from horrible, horrible experience not to dutch oven my wife. The retaliation is swift and terrible, and her farts are much worse than mine could ever hope to be.

    We can make quite a symphony after a big meal though, especially if cabbage was involved. Good relationships are built on an appreciation, or at least tolerance, for juvenile humor. Once you stop laughing at farts, you’re well on your way to decrepitude and mutual resentment.

  34. @BritishHobo: ha ha, I have a man-child!

  35. I thought that was marriage’s job

  36. Someday we’ll all look back at the Age of the Snuggle. And we will never stop throwing up.

  37. Snuggies are by far the WORST invention. It’s just a f&$#in backwards bathrobe. And why the f&$# do people feel the need to wear them out in public! The inventor of the snuggie needs to be beat to death and buried in a heavily wooded area!

  38. yaya, I keep imagining your neighbor-in-shop horror scenario and can’t stop sniggering 😀

    Stephen is an absolute bumder.

    I love this thread and want to have its babies.

  39. Davis is awesome.

  40. What’s worse is that these people are out of high school… is this what the real world is like? 😐

  41. Davis’ a real womanizer! aa’haha!

  42. Dang… Maybe I’m wierd, but that chic with the cleavage in the snuggy is doing it for me… I imagine thats all she is wearing and I got easy entry from the back…

  43. Agree slimjayz, double-chins and a fetish for wearing only the sloppiest clothes really rock my boat too.

  44. Well it looks like that is a dress funky party so its hard to gather her actual style

    As for the double chin thing… She looks like a very reasonably shaped woman… Kind of tired of dickhole guys like you that jump all over a chic for the slightest imperfection… Meanwhile I bet you’re ugly and/or fat and talking shit about an average to pretty chic probably makes you feel slightly better about your own existance

  45. That’s not a double chin, it’s a little bit of loose skin that just about everyone gets in their 30s and 40s. It’s only noticeable if you smile like she is or you bow your head so your chin is close to your neck. She doesn’t look overweight at all.

    On the other hand, the fact that she’s wearing a snuggie in public means she’s probably about 3 months away, at most, from shutting herself in her house with her 87 cats until she dies of old age and gets eaten by them.

  46. I’ve said before, but I don’t think even Brad Pitt would look good in a snuggie.
    But if he came to my door wearing one, yeah like I’d turn him away!

  47. @Thrilled and Bored

    I know him and can personally confirm he did.

  48. Stephen spelled husband wrong.

  49. Someone needs to revoke Stephen’s man card right now. Either that, or his wife pulled a Lorena Bobbit on him and managed to get his balls, too.

  50. What, is Stephen now a girl’s name as well?

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