Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Snappy Snaps

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  1. Richard FTW!

  2. Oh EEEW! I’m eating I didn’t need to see the last picture.

  3. Eeewww!!!! Crap in a shoe….no lunch for me.

  4. I really don’t understand why people think having $300 in 20s makes them look rich. Any fool that works at McDonald’s can wave that shit around, if the don’t put their check in the bank.

    Wave around your bank statement or your stock portfolio and THEN maybe my panties will start getting moist.

  5. I’s that girls name really “Chassity”?

  6. I like Richard. He is a classy dick.

  7. Why, why, WHY at the last one..?? Is it real? Where do these people come from??


  8. Lol @ Mcowles.
    And +1

  9. @Mcowles

    You win.

  10. Ok I don’t get the second one. What’s so lame/funny about it?

  11. She’s spilling the beer on some guy’s ass, I think.


  12. Whoever puts these posts together is getting evil lately. They slip in the worst one last, the one that makes you lose your lunch.

  13. She’s pouring beer onto another girl’s ass. It took me a little while to figure it out too.

  14. Yeah the first one is like “$7.50 an hour, yo!” And that last one, oh God please let that be a dog turd or something. For some reason I can handle him picking up dog poo and putting it in a shoe, but to actually think about him squatting over a shoe…ewwww.

  15. So a guy gets turned down at a dance club. This upsets him. In anger he hatches a plan. As soon as the woman goes out to dance with her shoes off he sneaks over in a crowded bar and lifts one of the shoes. The guy then secrets it into the public men’s room where he figures out how to shit in it or get shit into it. Okay, then he secrets the shit filled shoe back into the dance club and places it back in the spot she left it. All that in the space of a song or two? Now that is lame.

  16. @ Leira79: that is what I noticed too. The turd looks fake on that shoe.

  17. T.t.?

    Just no.

  18. thatjennchick, don’t be ridiculous! Everyone one knows when you crap in a shoe, you don’t squat over it! You hold it up to your bum. Makes aiming that turd torpedo easier.

  19. The comment from the first one ” I thought we wuz da next Jay-Z n Beyonce… ” is hilarious. And what sort of name is Dionte??

  20. LMFAO @ Richard!

  21. Wow.. That’s put me off my dinner! Thanks Richard

  22. I think Richard has serial killer traits.

  23. Funny how many of you cant count, but the lame in the 1st pic does have over 600$ though thats still the same as working the drive-thru on a bi-weekly pay period.

  24. @rolltideroll

    I’m glad you pulled out the most important information out of the comments here.

  25. At least it was an ugly shoe. He did her a favour.

  26. @debcatwoman Dionte must be da brutha of Dionne, Dion Jr., DionneFay, Dioncé, Diondress and Myana.

  27. @Elle Bee

    Wow… good eye, I don’t know how that missed me. :P


  28. It was all going good until that last one…

  29. WTF is with the first picture? Dude’s only holding like $600. Wow, so you got that McD’s paycheck and cashed it in at the check cashing place? Yeah, YOU MAD ROLLIN’ NOW, YO.

  30. Toadette is the winner

    I really hope T.t. and Dionte work it out…those crazy kids obviously have something special.

  31. @Kiri, thanks for the link! I’m still pissing myself at the name Jermajesty, the son of Jermaine Jackson…

  32. What kind of “stuff” was Janisha’s mom getting? Was Chassity’s mom running some sort of underground business?

  33. MsBuzzkillington

    I was thinking the same thing about the guy with the money.

    Oh wow, a handful of 20′s. Someone’s a balla. Looks like a small pay check cashed in 20′s. Now if if they were 100′s, maybe he’d be worth keeping around.

  34. That last one… HOLY CRAP! (no pun intended)

  35. So when that girl finds her shoe again, I’m not exactly picturing a Cinderella story ending.

  36. @ BritishHobo: T.t. as in “Total Twat”

  37. To clear up the technique questions, when my eldest daughter took a dump in my husband’s shoe, she squatted over it rather than held it up to her. I caught her.

  38. lol

  39. I would never HOLD a shoe, while taking a dump in it. That’s just asking for your fingers to get a nice brown tinge to them.

    Set it on the floor, take a dump… if you miss, you could always roll it around in it, the effect is still there.

    And the corn… that’s still there also.

  40. No one’s got anything to say about the “please don’t jump nigga”? That was the funniest of them all.

  41. though the beer spilling hug was pretty funny too. Looks like something I would do by accident haha

  42. CommentsAtLarge

    I, on occasion, have been known to threaten to pee on people. This is just a hollow threat; I’d never actually whip it out and douse them like a fire. I can’t picture how Capt. Wonder-turd up there 1. came to that plan and 2. actually went through with it. What did she do that made him fecal-matter-mad?

  43. Chassity? Seriously? That’s her name? Her mother must have been a Grade A moron.

  44. Why is “please don’t jump nigga?” funny? It’s pretty shitty, why post it?

  45. The next Jay-z and Béyonce hahahahahahahaha

  46. bollywood_rocks83

    Anyone care to explain the dress one? Please?

  47. Chewbacca shagger

    We were at a friends unit block in the pool on Australia day and the manager came down and went ape shit because we had a few glass bottles in the area. When he left Daron sugested that we leave the pool ’cause he took a huge dump right in the middle. Take that wanker manager!

  48. But boo,how do you think he made all that money. Of course he had to sleep with other women. He only did it cause he loved you.

  49. The two kids on the wall looking scared, and the caption isn’t funny? I LOLed.

  50. I feel my dinner coming back up… I shouldn’t have eaten so late anyway. Thanks LB

  51. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    one things for sure….richard is sick LMFAO

  52. LOL :) The next Jay-z and Béyonce. If that was true perhaps Dionte would be waving a little more than a sorry bunch of 20s.

  53. Richard the third!

  54. The Salmon Mousse

    I thought I was the next Jay-Z and Beyonce :(

  55. Are you kiddding padme?? That was my favorite shoe.

  56. richard’s lame. if some girl did that to a guy, everyone would be like “what a bitch”. but since it was a guy doing it, everyone’s all FTW!

  57. Lmao!! Richard has some balls to do that :L

  58. Richard the turd!

  59. I don’t know what more disgusting, the fact that some guy took a dump in her shoe, or that she took off her shoes in a club and decided to dance barefoot? Gross.

  60. hehehehe ohh goodness.
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  61. .

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