Monday, October 11, 2010

Snappy Snaps

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  1. I wait all this time for a new post and THIS is what I get?


    Going to go and kill myself with fire now.

  2. What? I bring my desktop into Starbucks all the time.
    And Tre’s totally trying to cover up for being a retarded, only making himself sound more retarded.

  3. Man. How long to you think it took Tre to come up with that load?

    He lost the “C” in disciplined to honor his fallen comrades…who is the lost “E” from comrades honoring?

  4. He doesn’t exactly help his case by being obviously unable to spell in the explanatory post.

  5. Judging by the quality (or lack thereof) of mothering skills in the first picture, I’m going to go out on a limb and call her a slutty teenage whore.

    Tattoo fail + Explanation fail = Cuntbag

  6. ^ And her name is Tammy. Another clue.

  7. MEG? Is that you?

  8. I wait all weekend fit this shit!

  9. Don’t understand the lameness of the second one. Somebody ‘splain it to me.

  10. Juney. Someone appears to have taken a desktop pc into a Starbucks or similar cafe with free wi-fi.
    Yeah, I almost ruptured an eyeball laughing at that one.

  11. I take it that in no.1 – her ‘vag’ is represented by the bin in the image?

  12. @dukeguy, I don’t quite follow your logic.

    @Tre, Bahahaha! Is that your best bullshit?

  13. Tre is an idiot. Even if that load of shit explanation is true, have fun explaining it to every person who tells you it’s spelled wrong (ummmm EVERYONE) Just keep your shirt on, dumbass.

  14. Agreed, been waiting all weekend for nothing! Is Tre going to have to go through that whole spiel every time someone mentions his tattoo??

  15. That is one massive desktop to lug around.

  16. hahaha Tre is a lying sack of shit…hahahaha.

    juney – it took me a while as well. it’s actually a restaurant or something and it looks like someone brought their desktop mac for the free wifi.

  17. bollywood_rocks83

    lamebookpro beat me to it. It looks like an apple mac desktop screen and they’re actually light compared to the size or at least the one I lugged around for some lazy 6’2 MALE professor…

  18. Thanks Peds and pro. pro, haven’t seen you around in a while. How you likin’ the heat today boy?

  19. yeah if you have a kid, and they have a tendency to get in the trash can, get a trash can with a lid! geez.

  20. You know what the lamest thing of all is? The fact that half of you lot have actually been waiting all weekend for a new post… Try getting out once in a while, maybe then Lamebook won’t be the only thing you look forward to.

  21. i have ‘disipline’ tattooed on my throbbing gristle.

    i explain away the missing ‘c’ by visibly demonstrating the vastness of my foreskin, whose many folds could at any one time plausibly be hiding a whole host of characters.

    blushes spared.

  22. Oh that’s what it says, alord. I thought it was “dis pine”.

    Damn those folds.

  23. #3 – automaton, I think the missing “E” is for the education he never had.

  24. are there really ‘regulars’ at lamebook? what kind of losers are you that you would habitually hang out in the COMMENTS SECTION of a mediocre website, trying to find validation and companionship from other sad sacks.

    and the saddest part is, you people probably were waiting all weekend for a new post. go outside, quit being creeps on the internet.

    in before TROLLLLL. i’m not a troll, i’m just opinionated.

  25. @ DukeGuy – There is a plastic applicator from a tampon inside the trashcan…

  26. ohyou, oh you. I agree, people commenting on Lamebook are fucking pathetic. Good thing we’re not doing it, right? I wouldn’t want to be one of these sad freaks commenting on a website.

  27. Be my friend?

  28. i see what you did there. your wit, it’s remarkable.

    commenting sporadically vs. acting like these people are your friends. you’re right, i’m the sad one.

  29. All I want is somebody to love… :( Is that too much to ask for, lamebook?

  30. Oh no my life is so empty. Thank you ohyou for showing me the error of my ways. I’m off to help rehabilitate llamas used in the sex trade in South America.

  31. @ bsconi and ohyou – that’s mean. I’m been paralyzed from the waist down since I was three. My computer is broken and only works on a few sites like and I’m locked up in a room for the whole weekend because my family scorns my soiled pajamas. Commenting here and waiting all weekend for new posts is pretty much all I live for and here you are dancing around on my misery with both of your good legs. Fuck you.

    @ June – what’s up??? Long time. I don’t even get to see daylight from where I am with my two shitty legs, far less feel the heat. It’s cold and damp in here

  32. I love the idea of spending time registering for an account just to hen-peck people who post comments. Hahaha.

    I can almost see ohyou hunched over his keyboard, angrily murmuring about how burned we’re going to be when he just gets his activation email. “Should be here any second now. Man, when I get this bitch activated those guys are gonna be so humiliated!”

  33. i don’t care enough to address you all individually. but as a whole, you are incredibly unfunny. using weak sarcasm to deflect from the fact you’re all a bunch of dorks with no real friends, how new and fun!now i see why you have to lurk on lamebook. even livejournal is too cool and fast-paced for the likes of you.

  34. i’m a lady, and i have perfect posture. thanks :)

  35. Registering on a website purely to attack the people who already post there, and then claiming not to be a troll is akin to stabbing people in the eyes with meat skewers, dancing around in the moonlight wearing their skins as a dress, and then claiming not to be a serial killer.

  36. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I see MEG has already gotten a new identity.

  37. pro you poor thing. If I can, I’ll slip you a portugal caribbean cool through the window.

    ohyou‘re a lady. That explains it.

  38. haha,,exploitedsluts…haha

  39. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I checked exploited sluts too, it’s not a real website :(

  40. you can’t assume this is the only reason i registered. but, i’m beginning to explain myself to you and that’s not what i’m here to do. i’m here to be great. and it’s great to be here!

  41. and it’s still too warm to be wearing human skin.

  42. We can only operate with the evidence we are given. You so far haven’t bothered to comment on any of the submissions, or interact with the other posters in any way other than attack them, so we can only assume that your reason for registering was to be a troll.

  43. ohyou is a shitty troll, and a shitty troll is about as good as a serial killer who wears a hockey mask and creeps through a summer camp at night with a machete, except nobody’s fucking scared of him because he just looks like a goofy retard.

    Serial killer analogies are fun.

  44. @ junebug – they have portugal? I like that. I find it nice. I find it tasty

    @ ohyou – you’re still here? and you’re a “lady”? When I see you kneeling in front of my wheelchair like an exploited slut, I’ll decide whether you have good posture or not

  45. pro, you really haven’t been leaving your room. That’s all anybody drinks anymore. It’s like a plague. Oh and have you seen his other stuff? The Trini shorts and Trini kart? Real jones, I tell you. :D

  46. again, i don’t have to explain myself to you, that’s the best part. call me whatever you want, i couldn’t care less.

    of course i’m still here. it’s been, what, 20 minutes since i showed up? i knew you guys were just lurking around and you caught the bait so beautifully. i think i’ll stick around a while longer :)

  47. @ JB – yes, I think he has his own facebook page now. and he just did an interview on Gayelle which he of course, chopped up and modified.

    @ ohyou – you can’t leave can you? You’re just like us now. There’s been a new post of lamebook and yet you’re here with us, on this old post, posting comments. Explaining that you don’t have to explain and that you don’t care. Except you do, because you can’t leave as mush as you try.


  48. * much. fuck

  49. we just inherited a troll.

  50. i can, and i have to. my pizza’s done. AS MUSH AS I TRY I JUST CAN’T STAY.

  51. lol, what’s wrong with the name “Tammy?” It’s short for “Tamara.”

  52. you’ll be back. you love the cock


    may i suggest, as a diversionary tactic, that you click on my link and check out my band? call it intellectual spamming, if you like, but i’m rescuing you from a grisly gaping maw. and yeah, it’s my band, that i’m in.

    not that i ever have time for anything outside of lamebook activities.

  54. pro, I saw the interview. Didn’t know about the facebook page though. Heading there asap.

  55. Haha, I love the awesome explanation for why his tattoo sucks.

  56. Oh, I was hoping to become a “regular” but I’ve been silly. I didn’t realise you weren’t supposed to have a life AND look forward to new posts. Oh dear.

  57. Alord; Just listening now. Not just a pretty face and a lady-killing hunk of man muscle are you. Like it.

  58. I agree with alord. You all should go look at his band, that he’s in. It’s something special.

  59. pedantic,

    you’ve just written my epitaph. saved me a shedload of trouble. thanks!


  60. alord you sly bugger, you’ve gone offline.

  61. ok question…how can you edit your password and junk?

  62. nevermind. i figured it out

  63. ITT: a troll bitches about people spending too much time in the comment section and is then trolled into spending too much time in the comment section by those it had meant to troll.

    also, tits.

  64. Careful alord, looks like you have a groupie

  65. WHY ARE WE FIGHTING?! Oh God, the horror! We need jokes. Oh but first, @ British Hobo, I’m a first time commenter (to you) but a long time reader. Will YOU be MY friend? OK, now for some jokes.

    What did Ms. Hamburger name her daughter?

    What does a gay horse like to eat?

    Why did the peanut cry?
    Because it was a salted!

    Feel the love. FEEL IT I SAID!

  66. wait, did someone just call Hobo a douche?

  67. Ssh, Peds. He doesn’t know my plans to hide in an airvent and fall out when he’s walking past.

    Comments, Holy shit! Someone just called Hobo a douche!

  68. so i submitted the first pic (yes i know its not the funniest picture on here but the girl is the most annoying mother on earth) anyways..the definitely changed her name and that was not the caption of the picture…so just fyi, the captions on these pictures aren’t real…soo i bet tre (if thats even his name) doesn’t even know his tattoo is misspelled..just sayin

  69. Automaton, I already had an account on here, I didn’t make one just to make fun of you… I just don’t comment on here every single day, I’m not quite that sad.

  70. Nope – just sad enough to make a comment you knew would get a response, and then come back to read what had been said to you.

  71. @comments, that was funny. Hahahaha.

  72. I was only curious to see if anyone would try to defend themselves and try to deny that what they said wasn’t sad. They did, I laughed.

  73. Lets all be friends with benefits. We all know this is where it is heading anyways.

  74. #24: You obviously did not see the shít that went down last Friday night and then through the rest of the weekend. That poor last Friday post took more commenting than a porn star at a gangbang takes cöck.

  75. Wait…..can I smell irony?

  76. 1. White trash and classless…
    2. Wow
    3. Comrades**** you freakin’ ugh…

    Too PMSy to be in the right state of mind for intelligent comments. For the next week, enjoy my e-rage fucks on LB idiots. =3
    Yes… rage fuck. Where anger management failure and sex addicts cum together for one beautiful, bloody, insane unity.

  77. Her child, and all that white trash came out of her kooch? Or just that pink thing? (not the step-stool)

    I think part of me prefers this new, ‘e-rage fucking’ Keona.
    The other part of me thinks your pic makes you look like a vagillion bucks and that’s all that really matters.

  78. @ bsconi – man…that is, uh, you are a very special person. And I didn’t really see too many disagreeing with you! I think most of us just found it really funny that someone would be so sad that they would make an account on a site to make fun of people who have an account on that site. It’s just, well, it’s too bad that LameBook doesn’t feature posts from its own comments.

  79. really? you think i am making fun of everyone for having an account? you’re an idiot. i’m making fun of people pretending to be friends with each other on the internet. the internet is for porn, pirating and trolling. the fact that everyone brings up the fact that i had to OMG MAKE AN ACCOUNT to state my opinions is hilarious considering it took less than 2 minutes to do so. god it was really a struggle opening up gmail and all. so what if i’m a mean spirited, shit stirring troll, you’re all a bunch of losers. it all comes out in the wash.

  80. Automaton called out biscotti for making fun of those with accounts, etc. and then ohyou swooped in to defend themself. This to me says biscotti and ohyou are the same person and that makes this even sadder.

  81. @ohyou – who stuck a 11″ dildo up your ass and called it Moira? I don’t think anyone on here is pretending that we are all best friends, having sleepovers and sharing socks and reading entries from each other’s diaries. Just like if you regularly speak to someone on the phone for work, you kinda get used to people, and start to speak to them with some familiarity. Also, stating that you are not trolling, then saying the internet is FOR trolling kinda implies two things:

    1. You’re a troller
    2. You have at least as little life as we do, because you read all the comments, and eventually get so riled up by people being pleasant to each other (OMG – PEOPLE IZ NICE ON TEH INTERNETZ?? NOT ON MY WATCH!!) you have to sign up to call everyone pathetic. What’s the matter? Tell me, maybe I can help. We’re all friends here. OH DAMMIT – there’s our cover blown. Shit. Sorry guys.

  82. loma …. you’re on a roll today! Nice one :)

  83. @loma. you made me giggle.

  84. absolute dicks

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