Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Slack Attack



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  1. First

  2. @CumDog Millionaire

    Please don’t exist.

  3. yay cumdog you did it!!

  4. So Cumdog, how does that first make you feel?
    Did you spontaneously orgasm? Did God himself come down to personally shake your hand?

  5. I’m not gonna lie. It feels really good. I may be one of the best “first” posters there ever was. I’m new to the game but only time will tell. Thanks.

  6. CumDog, I don’t have A cup titties, though I can muster up a decent enough french accent. Regardless, I really want you to do me now. Your keen ability to cum first…oh wait…that’s not a good thing. Nevermind.

  7. FIRST!!!

  8. damn

  9. harjap? i can’t decide which is worse tung or harjap….yo i totally lol’ed at the first one…

  10. There is far too much troll feeding going on here. Please, just make your way over the bridge, people. Eyes forward.

  11. Wow, none of these comments have a god damned thing to do with the lameness posted above.

    Alina is a bitch. She is the reason that “group projects” in school are horse shit.

  12. Harjap sounds like a shitty roommate.

  13. Conspiracy theories: entertainment for the feeble minded.

    However, such theories are mighty useful in pointing out the darwinian unfit in society, so let’s just tolerate it. Conspiracy theory addicts are pretty much on par with the poor sods whose sole aim in life is to be the first to post a comment on a lamebook thread.

    Molly on the other hand shows a few necessary attributes for darwinian fitness.

  14. Let me start off with…”Eww…Comcast!!!”

    Secondly…Alina is the reason I hated doing group projects in college. Something tells me she’s one of those vain, superficial chicks that believes the world should (and does) revolve around her.

    Lastly…CumDog, please for the sake of humanity go play in traffic somewhere. Preferably at the closest interstate. Thanks.

  15. Capt. Jack Sparrow

    I think with the erectile dysfunction due to the manifestation of micro-penis like condition has given CumDog superhuman ability to cum first.

    Dogs are gonna bite off,
    and eat their dicks in shame.
    Your comment on being first of
    is lamer than lame.

  16. @Antarctic Circle: I saw what you did there and I approve.

  17. Alina pulled a 5 hour nap.
    I pulled building 7.

  18. Slanderous Princess

    Time for you to leave the stone ages. People like you are the reason this planet is going to shit. There were people just like you when Darwin first came up with his theory of evolution, they wanted to burn him at the stake.

    I’m sure when the majority becomes aware of the fact the 911 was in FACT an inside job you will be shouting that from the mountain tops too! Give thinking for yourself a try sometime, maybe do some actual research, then you won’t sound like such a douche.

  19. you guys (mostly antarctic circle and capt. sparrow) are a bunch of pretentious douches… quite trying to speak all eloquently and intellectually on a god damn lamebook wall. go write a paper. molly is the reason i loved group projects. cuz she would do all the work!!!haha atta girl alina!

  20. well put slanderous princess

  21. twentieth! Yeah I nailed it

  22. dammit!!!

  23. Actually, people like Molly are usually the ones responsible for people like Alina getting a failing grade for not even making a half-assed attempt at pulling their damned weight in a project.

  24. Slanderous Princess


  25. I’m not saying anything about the 9/11 thing because I’d rather not get into an idiotic internet argument.

    However, I will say that the fact that someone says they did not do something does not mean that they did not do it.

    I’d rather comment on the second post though. It seems like in EVERY SINGLE GROUP PROJECT I have to do, there is someone like that in my group. Every one. Or there’s the complete opposite: someone who decides that they will take over the whole entire project and won’t let you work on one single piece of it. Then they complain about how stressed they are with so much work. Then the project turns out horribly.

    Yeah, so it’s either they do absolutely nothing or they do everything. Can’t we just have a happy medium?!

  26. Slanderous Princess

    thanks durtyburt

  27. How does a 5 hour sleep constitute a nap?

  28. This is why we don’t friend people in our group projects until after the project has been graded, preferably after the semester is over.

    Also, Harjap is an idiot. Everyone knows the Jews did 9/11.

  29. you all need to be fisted!

  30. Sensible Madness…I must disagree with your assessment. From my understanding the hijackers paid full price for the plane tickets. We all know that is unacceptable for a Jew. Thus, your theory has been deemed impossible.

  31. @heavilyunbroken

    The second type of person you’ve encountered, the ones who takes over the entire project, are the product of the first kind of person.

    @9/11 folks. Sorry, as boring as it may be for you 9/11 was not an inside job. It was just what it was…successful terrorism. I think those who believe in the conspiracy theories are suffering from some kind of delusional PTSD.

  32. i knew it , it was the Aliens that did it

    Get me out of this straightjacket nurse, some random guy on facebook just proved my theory

  33. @Father Sha


  34. #1 is fitting to the name of this website. Lame…
    #2 Go hard Molly! Who does Alina think she is? Procrastinating by fingering her vag…

  35. Where’s my after-nap delight?????!!???

  36. @Antarctic Circle, Mapper, Cpt Jack: Loving your work, people.

  37. @ father sha
    hahahahaha that was amazing

  38. It blows my mind to see how many people believe 9/11 was an inside job by one of the most bumbling incompetent administrations of all time.

    The worst part is that they call rational people sheep and say things like “wake up!” all because they saw a video that says steel doesn’t melt at a certain temperature or some shit.

  39. @Penny Lane

    True. That or control issues. Or both.

  40. @ Mercure, Antarctic Circle


  41. I just have one thing to say. Look at any footage a building being demolished, then look at footage from 9/11. Take note of the trade towers’ roofs giving a slight sink in the middle before finally collapsing. Look similar?

  42. of*

  43. CumDog- I love u!!

  44. We need someone on here named Cum Dumpster

    Thera, care to step up?

  45. oh Alina, how wonderful. LOL. Molly FTW!

  46. Anitalaff-
    It is not my problem y’all get tired of reading the same ole thing over and over. Quite frankly I find it very funny! Id also like to note that CumDog doesn’t say one thing over and over again. He says other things as well and he is MUCH funnier than most the douche bags that post on here!!!!

    CumDog- I still LOVE you!!!!!!!!!

  47. @17-FTW!
    @45-a close second – and i agree!

  48. And one more thing you hate it so much then don’t come here anymore. Y’all are the ones feeding him! I just happen to love him because he is quite funny!

  49. You’re all retarded! 9/11 wasn’t an inside job, it was a preordained event, predicted by the Incas 50 million years ago! The terrorists were just Incas, fulfilling the prophecy!

  50. Fucking peasents

  51. First!!!!

  52. @ Thera

    Did I complain about repetition? Did i complain about repetition? Did I complain about… ar crap.

  53. Ok so my whole comment wasnt directed at just you anitalaff…but anyway…

  54. Ranger D I think I love you toooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  55. Thera, slut. On a forum. Not even a forum. A comments section.

  56. Thera

    Or any of it by the looks of things. Wth?

  57. I like turtles.

  58. @zombie fucker

    Get A FUCKING Hobby!!!!!

  59. 9/11 is 0.81 repeating. Coincidence?

  60. hmmm love=slut? thats interesting! Love how people can hurl insults on the internet when they have never even met a person!!

    and ps
    I love Zombie Kid too!

  61. don’t call thera a slut.

    slut is a compliment. <3

  62. But I love insulting people I’ve never met! It means I don’t have to deal with any consiquences of my actions! :D

  63. consequences*

  64. Well sluts are people too that also need love. So to all you sluts out there in the interwebz Insane loves you!

  65. I just love how Molly came in and kicked the shit out of Alina with her fluent typing. She be like, “Bitch, fuck you.”

  66. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E3oIbO0AWE

  67. My ex just sent me a facebook message to say he was cutting the cord with me. 3+ months after I broke up with him. We’d been going out a big six weeks. Now my question is WHAT THE FUCK?

  68. Why am I still alive?

  69. The lameness of the first one isn’t the 9/11 conspiracy, it is that these two morons air out basic ‘roomate business’ for the world to see on facebook. There are much better ways to talk to your roomate: the best being face to face, and the very least a text message; but a facebook wall? WTF?

  70. Of course 9/11 was a conspiracy. It was an Al-Qaeda conspiracy.

  71. If only Al-Qaeda had used Facebook.
    “Hey Ahmed, can you get the gun fitted in the shaving soap can for me? I’m swamped”
    “Sure thing. I was going to do that anyway”

    “BTW, we’re out of TP”

  72. I thought Miles was Osama Bin Laden and Harjap was Sadam Hussein? Then again Al-Quada sounding stupid is just plain old idiotic!

  73. 11/9 is 1.22 repeating. Coincidence?

  74. Wow Molly, way to be a killjoy.
    After that bitchiness, if I were Alina, I’d purposely f**k it up for the group. See how well that goes over with Molly.

  75. ahaha congrats you’re a mental catlady

  76. I’m jealous that she’s going to Moe’s too. I need a after-nap delight in the form of a Homewrecker.

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