Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Skye Needs a Limit

Skye Needs a Limit

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  1. I’m not really sure, but I think Skye misses someone?

  2. That would be very annoying.

  3. Obsessive much?

  4. The pathetic thing being that this isn’t just a lovey dovey admission, this is her way of getting her ex back. A bit scary…

  5. Dopey bint.

  6. Laura rules.

  7. Skye, welcome to Dumpsville.

    Population: you.

  8. The best part is, whoever this is directed to probably has Skye blocked.

  9. Scary Freak!

  10. Skye’s a keeper :D

  11. I give it a week.

  12. Laura wasn’t harsh enough. This Skye bitch is crazzaay

  13. Whoever posted this must have posted too soon. I bet the “Skye went from being in a relationship to single” posted about 10 minutes later.

  14. Skye needs lithium

  15. she used the wrong you’re

  16. I think it would’ve been better if Laura had corrected Skye’s grammer as well.

  17. Is this on her status or on the dude she’s talking to wall?

  18. The LEAST she could have done was to use proper punctuation and maybe they might cut her a little slack.

  19. Skye is probably 12, and been in a relationship for about 12 hours, she hasn’t seen her other half since school got out 3 hours earlier..

  20. “Your kiss. you touch.” Enough said.

    She failed at “your” twice within an hour.

  21. i meant she failed at USING “your”

  22. Awww, 15 year olds are so cute.

    And stupid.

  23. I feel like I could use this to induce vomiting.
    I hope no one ever does this for me. Ever.

  24. The ‘you touch’ one is a typo. get over it. Everyone does typos occasionally. People should be given slack on having typing errors. Not so much on grammatical errors.
    Therefore, the ‘your my faith’ one is the wrong your/you’re and needs correction.

    I want to see what someone else wrote after Laura’s comment.

  25. Bipolar, much?

  26. how is that bipolar?

  27. @what: Her next post was “im fairly indifferent to you. im fairly indifferent to you. im fairly indifferent to you. i really really am indifferent towards you.”

  28. Dear Skye:
    If you want to get your message across, be a little more succint.
    It took me two reads to realise that the last sentence of each post was a little different to the rest.
    I’m sure your beloved ran faaaaar away before he even reached that point.
    Short and brief. With better punctation please.

  29. it’s a news feed, not a home page.

  30. Actually, Hootie, you click the “home” button to get to the news feed, so… I guess calling it a home page is somewhat accurate.

  31. I'm canadian also

    @ Mark / I piss you

    How are you getting the subsequent posts? I am new to lamebook, am I missing something?

  32. I have known a male Skye, and this seems typical male behaviour. I say it’s a he.

  33. “TYPICAL” male behavior my ass. This is not something typical males should be doing.

  34. I reckon! That ‘male Skye’ you know must be a work of faggotry, because that’s no ‘typical male’ behaviour.

  35. *weeps*

  36. Great that she called Skye out on it, but it’s fairly likely that she submitted this herself. And that’s lame.

  37. Why threaten to block someone? You’re obviously not close friends, just block them…Skye is crazy lame, but threatening to block someone is just as lame.

  38. @jess I can see why she did it, it might make her wake up to how annoying and pathetic she’s being.

  39. THAT’S WHAT THE “hide” BUTTON IS FOR…Laura you dumbass

  40. Uhh… LM… Laura clearly understands what the “hide” button is for, as she said “I’m about to block you.”

  41. Team Laura. That is all.

  42. welll…you can actually “hide” a person from your homepage. you dont have to block her/him forever for the lame posts she sends…

  43. thats prolly wat she meant coz there’s no “block” in fb…

  44. Yes there is a block lol there’s about a million ways to block people ;)

  45. almost certain this is Skye Blue Wood from the Kennesaw Network

  46. I suppose after this he’ll be Sky Blue Balls.

  47. BAHA! This is MY Ex, God she is a knob. And “Laura” is my Sister. :D God this is a pisser.

  48. #47 it’s knoob not knob- you knoob :)

  49. #48 I’m sure he meant to say ‘knob’ you knob.

  50. skye got dumped like last nights dinner!

  51. 10 point for Laura.

  52. ..*points. :)

  53. Laura wins, it is lame.
    Thats why its now on lamebook!

  54. Laura is kinda a bitch… all you have to do is hit the hide button if there are things you don’t want to see, it’s not difficult.

  55. #54, You have a point, but at the same time. I’d want to KILL this Skye person if they were on my friends list. Yes, you can hide them, problem solved, but I think Laura telling Skye to stop benefits everyone.

  56. skye's pretty lame

    so i know this girl, i no longer have her on facebook..thank god. But i guess that answers your whole it’s a male skye, because she’s a chick and a stupid one at that..

  57. I’m pissed. Bitch ruined my name. >:|

  58. The only three words she knows?

  59. Buy a rubber dick and get over it.

  60. i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you wow this is annoying just to type it…WOW

  61. I believe it’s simply saved onto her clip board, and she ctrl+v’d a lot.
    But seriously, I wanna know who it is she misses so much. He(?) has gotta be either super hot or super . . freaky.

  62. This Laura girl is the hero of Facebookers who hate people keeping their relationship public… everywhere.


  63. Facebook needs that warn system that AIM used to (or does it still?) have. For rare occasions like this.

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