Friday, April 23, 2010

Sexy Snaps

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  1. daddys big girl it seems to me

  2. Ben!

  3. Ben?

  4. Right here.

  5. daddy’s little tramp..

  6. Damn! Late by a minute.

    Help me here, probably i am a little blind, but whats wrong with the last pic?

  7. I dont understand the last one…

  8. I think Jack Lemmon’s gonna eat that carrot standing next to him.

  9. This is better

  10. The last one – the two people on the outside followed the yellow brick road and had a picture taken with an Oompa Loompa. Nothing “wrong” with it – it’s just so rare, they had to share.

  11. Goodness, she has a lifted leg and she’s giving the peace sign! That lady scares me.

  12. 1) the top of the right ear will still be seen after the cover up
    2) with statements like that it seems dentists world wide will be in business for quite a while
    3)did she put her leg there herself or is the person taking the picture also doubling up as a crane?
    4) who knew someone could have rusty as a skin colour??

  13. Look! Look at these people! They aren’t supermodel-hot! Point and laugh! Ha! Ugly freaks! Fuck you for not being conventionally attractive!

    Okay, that’s pretty much only pictures 3 & 4, but 3 especially. What the fuck, Lamebook? A picture of a slightly overweight girl passes as a joke now? :S

    Yes, that girl is me.

  14. ^Shit joke.

  15. are my eyes playing tricks or is there something weird going on in the crotchal region of the man in the last pic?

  16. ItMightBInteresting

    As a “big girl” myself, I must ask that 2 & 3 please…just stop.

    And it’s funny that the chick in pic 2 should mention rot, because rotten was one of the first words that came to mind when I saw that ghetto hot mess of a picture…please, if you’re gonna brag on yourself, at least suck that gut in…

    And the chick in pic 4 looks like something from the classic cartoon Zoobilee Zoo…don’t remember it? Google it. It was AMAZING!


  17. the swan- It looks like just the lining of his jacket. It’s the middle lady’s insanely orange skin that makes the pic lame.

  18. Does the lady in pic 4 have jaundice and a really bad fake tan?? Or just jaundice?

  19. @sarahBear33

    thanks for the clarification; it was bugging me.

    about the woman… unfortunately, i’ve seen orange-er :(

  20. Woah, wait a sec. That old bag in the 4th pic is WHITE? I totally thought she was a negroid.

  21. I came.

  22. im glad im not black so the enamel in my teeth is strong enough to withstand tainted twat… this finally explains gold teeth though

  23. The two “white” people in the last pic don’t wanna get too close to her ’cause she’s likely radioactive.

  24. Somebody’s been rolling in doritos..

  25. And let us not all ignore that unfortunate apostrophe in the first picture. Daddy is a little girl.. HEHEHEHEHE.

  26. DAMN. Ok scrap that. Apostrophe legit.

  27. Oh thank you Pippi for realising that, so I didn’t have to pull you up on the grammar and make myself look like an uptight grammar-nazi twat.

  28. Also, fake-tan lady looks like she’s been dipped in diarrhoea.

  29. @ItMightBInteresting I registered just to yell at you about Zoobilee Zoo. That show gave me nightmares as a kid! The theme song alone is terrifying.

  30. And it clashes with the hair dye.

  31. fealkj – thanks for that, made my day, haha… And I thought so too, until I started reading all the comments.

  32. Playboy to Daddy’s little girl….Once a tramp always a tramp
    and the last pic omg I would sue for thinking the tan was photo worthy

  33. Okay, picture 4 is disgustingly tanned. But I stick by my absurdly exaggerated and hysterical comment on behalf of the girl in #3.

  34. LOL @ BringYourOwnSun

  35. ‘dipped in diarrhea’ …that’s funny and I will use it someday…thanks mwnci.

    I like the ballerina in the 3rd … I wonder if she is still stuck there though “help I can’t get my fuckin’ leg off this railing”

  36. @Hobo
    it would be incredibly lame for a smaller woman to do the same.

  37. Playboy bunny and Daddy’s little girl?

    Where Hugh Hefner is concerned, it’s basically the same thing.

  38. I have no clue what’s lame about the third picture. Can someone enlighten me?

  39. @ misha

    nothing that I can see… seems like a gal just trying to be whimsical in her pic

  40. @ slimjayz

    really? you dont think thats even a little bit pathetic?

  41. @ slim …HI!

  42. If I remember my Pythagorean theorem, picture #3′s hypotenuse equals the blast radius.

  43. Maybe the girl in pic #1 was being whimsical as well? Being ‘big’ and all …

  44. btw I wondered whether the bunny tat was done in a women’s prison in the late ’70s.

  45. @soup Good one

  46. @ soup

    only problem is it’s not exactly a right triangle. that shit’s more like.. 110 degrees.

  47. Actually, I thought the gal in the last pic was Whitney Houston for a minute.

    She toured here recently, and I use the word “toured” very loosely.

    More like a train wreck on legs, and she even had trouble staying upright on them.

  48. @benisglory – you’re jack lemmon comment was freaking hilarious!

  49. GOOD GOD! thankfully you people were here to explain it to me…I actually thought the lady in the last picture was black! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was lame-worthy about it….

  50. Even her bodyguard Kevin Costner couldn’t save her this time.

  51. Picture four explains why B&Q were out of Ronseal.

  52. ItMightBInteresting

    @6673: That show was so much fun! I can’t believe it gave you nightmares. Maybe you can try to watch old episodes now, if you’re up for the challenge.

  53. She’s never going to get that leg back off the railing. It probably took hours and a lot of heavy machinery to get it up there in the first place.

  54. @ mburnez

    Just because someone expresses themself different than you doesnt make them pathetic… maybe its a little lame to post it on facebook, but not really lamebook worthy

    @ cupid

    Hello there :)

  55. I agree S&M.


  57. Ok, so let me get this straight. Blimpie is just being whimsical, but tat, rust, and ghetto are lame? What if the tat was just a joke? What if she purposely put an over the top caption? What if she got retardedly tan on a whim?

    Truth is, Burger Town there is lame

  58. CampGrooveThang

    What’s wrong with #2?

  59. @ slimjayz

    uhh, dont you think that’s basically the nature of this website? making fun of people who “express themelves” differently. also, i’d be totally down for the whimsical theory, if she seemed even a little bit whimsical in any sense minus the fact that her leg is miraculously on that railing… but i am definetly voting no on that one.

  60. Maybe Jumbotron was just trying to demonstrate how a normal person can lift something much larger than their own size using levers

  61. she’s got impressive flexibility for her size, there’s no denying that

  62. I dunno, I think the post was about “sexy snaps” and since none of those are sexy I can see how they got posted. I thought the last chick was black and the reason it got posted was that it seems like the two ladies are doing the “F**k me” sign with their fingers. My bad. How do people let their tanning escapades go so wrong?

  63. for true, i thought she was black as well, i was confused about the last one until that realization kicked in

  64. In comparison to the other three the first one really isn’t that bad. #3: maybe she is starting an exercise program. (i hope).
    #4: I thought it was two people and a radioactive alien for a minute.

  65. Burgertown ftw
    The last one is just scary, too many carrots?

  66. God damn, shes the fucking chocolate that rots my fucking mind.

    And whoever built that railing, great work, very sturdy construction.

  67. Nuh uh. The girl in picture 4 is black. It’s just too sad if she’s not.

  68. I concur, Azirik. That carpentry is at a standard only Jesus could create.

  69. @mburnez: Nah, the website’s for laughing at people who, say, drag all their drama on to Facebook and have it out right there in public, or purposely go on about their relationships and their amazing partners to try and feel superiour to other people. Or even just a laugh at a funny comment somebody’s made.

    A picture of an overweight girl who’s lifted her leg? Not so much.

    The Hobo is OUTRAGED.


  70. @ BritishHobo

    i actually dont know how you dont think that’s mildly amusing. i’m not saying this because she’s fat, i have no problem with that. i just keep thinking about the few minutes previous to this picture being taken… like “okay, get this picture of me with my leg up on this railing!” just super duper pointless if you ask me. i’m not tryin to piss off any hobos here.. i’m jus sayin

  71. I’m with you Hobo. Let’s keep the obesity humor at an obese standard.Poor girl was midly fluffed at most… However, If the caption had said “MY milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” or “I’ll take you for a ride on my big green tractor” then yeah, sure… I’d giggle. But leave her be…

  72. Are you people crazy? #3 is not “mildly fluffed” or “thick” or any other euphemism. Jesus Tapdancing Christ, that disgusting fat sack of shit is built like a 50-year-old truckdriver. And she’s probably 22 years old! Stop excusing poor lifestyles; the bitch is gross. End of discussion.

  73. Exactly Knucklepopper!
    If she’s “slightly” overweight then I’m Bono.
    And I fucking hate that Irish prick.

  74. Ok its true. She’s pretty chub. But damn Knucklepopper! Fat sack of shit is kind of overboard isn’t it?

  75. suckmebeautiful

    Meh, I’d still do her.

  76. suckmebeautiful

    Ok, well, I’d let her do me.

  77. Sorry all, but the woman in #4 is not black, nor is she jaundiced. There is no race that naturally looks like that, and jaundice doesn’t look like that either. Unfortunately I see a lot of middle-aged women with ridiculous fake tans and ridiculous hair colours, living in a fairly “fashionable” suburb. I think they’re trying to reclaim their youth or something.

  78. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    what if she crushed you suck me?

  79. Totally agree EmKitt.

    I was going for a Whitney laugh.

    Where you been girlfriend?, I’ve missed you.

  80. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Oh and a girl in my class looks like the lady in the last one… she was lily white one day and burnt orange the next. pretty creepy

  81. EmKitt, if I remember correctly, you’re from Melbourne right?

    I’ve been travelling there very frequently of late, and staying in the so-called fashionable area of town.

    If I’m wrong, please disregard this comment.

  82. I’m gonna have to with hobo on this and say I don’t get it. And I will be the first to laugh at a fat person, retarded person, ugly person. (Yes, I have low esteem, but I am not telling strangers I blow guys in bars, I have to reserve some dignity).I even looked hard hard and thought it might background check I was missing. But I weigh at least half that and wished I could get my leg up that. But I so the funny orange chick.THAT is not normal.

  83. I worked at the spring racing carnival last year, the guys i was working with referred to the dark fake tan girls as terrys. as in terrys chocolate orange. I dunno which side of the river you’re from Emkit but the two tone bleached hair, bleached teeth, blue contact lens, day glo orange, insane stiletto, arse flashing, mannerless cougar terrys seem to taking over the inner west. I yearn for the days where my bogan neighbours screaming at thier cheating spouse and hyperactive kids would keep me up til the wee hours.

  84. “Im the dark chocolate that rots ya nigga teeth”
    Um, no, that would be the crack.


    P.S I thought the middle lady was Whitney Houston. Then I realized she was just a random orange person ):

  85. Oh, and “high five” to word-girl for thinking the same thing.
    Glad I was not the only one


    @ Knucklepopper
    Thank you.

  86. does anyone else think the rose looks like it was drawn in biro? having never had a tattoo myself, i don’t know if this is a normal act that precedes a tattooing. so if it was just a practice she better remember to extend the petal so the tip of the ear doesn’t show.

  87. maaaaaan, whoever put up no.1 .. not cool.

  88. @Emac, the ear was turned into a leaf.

  89. … That a fact? I dunno I think it was less amusing that the ear still showed then she is covering a playboy bunny with “Daddy’s little girl”, I dunno seems a bit off.

    @Emac, Yah they always do that just to give you an idea on how it will sit, also they need an outline to follow.

  90. @ british hobo,
    i dont see it as laughing at a girl cause she is over weight…i think the lameness is the pose!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING?!?!?

  91. oh yeah, and i dont get what is lame at all about the first pic…it’s a sketch that is going to be a cover up tattoo…the rose is good, and ‘daddy’s little girl’ is cute

  92. @emac
    yes its biro…that is the copy of a stencil before they tattoo it…
    and the ear still exposed will obviously be a leaf

  93. @word

    Yes, I’m from Melbourne, although I don’t think I’ve ever said so before.

    And where have I been? Well, I’ve been visiting lamebook every day but I’ve been pretty quiet. My head’s a mess and I’ve been taking a few ‘mental health days’ to sort things out. So I just haven’t felt much like contributing here.

  94. @word

    Oh, I did make reference to North Fitzroy the other day after I had lunch there with my girlfriends.

    If I recall, you said you come from a small town. In Victoria, by any chance? I grew up in a small town in Victoria.

  95. @ cookies and Disdain… thanks

    @ thatscool. is it you or someone you know? judging from your knowledge of what happened with the ear.

    @ EmKitteh and wordpervert i have no idea how you put up with the cold! i used to live in the uk but relocated to qld because i could not put up with it :P


  96. @Emac – they never draw on you with biro. There’s a stencil they put on so you can check before they do the ink, but it certainly never looks like that!

  97. Well, they spelled it right anyway.

  98. And I think it’s cuz she’s doing the splits with her legs and her fingers?

  99. Milo: I don’t know about Biro, but that is how it looked with mine.

  100. EmKitt, no I come from Sydney.

    I’ve been coming down to Melbourne frequently of late, and staying in the South Yarra area.

    We should meet up for a beer.

  101. Oh, my bad. I thought you mentioned being from a small town once upon a time. But no, that Sydney place is apparently pretty big (4.5 million?).

  102. lol :|

  103. @Disdain – I’m gonna go ahead and guess that every tattoist does it differently (oh look, accidental innuendo). I thought maybe I forgot but my bf and I have had 3 tattoo artists between us (oh for the love of god) and none of our tatts have looked like that. However, they’ve all looked a bit different so I guess it’s just whatever =)

    However tut tut for missing the bit of ear – I’d like to see the finished product though.

  104. The cougar’s bright, the cougar’s Orange.

  105. In that last one, is that Hugh Hefner with Whitney Houston and Courtney Cox?

  106. ok i really dont get pic #3 that girl isnt even that overweight, so what is so lame about it??

  107. see lamebook, when you can’t amuse malteaser you know something’s wrong…

    And yeah there’s nothing wrong with #3 :/

  108. I feel like on the last one the people might be only taking a picture with her to show people her weird skin colour. You know, like when you see a bizarre looking person and pretend to take a picture of something near then when you’re actually zooming in on them….
    Or am I the only one who does these things?

  109. I totally do that. ^

  110. lol at the first 2
    3rd one, c’mon lamebook, that’s mean.

  111. 4th picture she looks like a muuppet !!
    ew. no bueno. :-/

  112. @WoodfordELF that can easily bee colored green and turned into a leaf.
    @cookies it’s just the fact that she went from playboy to being daddy’s little girl hahaaa!

  113. OMFG! I spotted an alien in the last one.

    See it there?

    In the middle.

  114. Eye heart Hobo.

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