Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sex Ed Status

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  1. BEN!

  2. ben²

  3. Ben 3

  4. WTF is Ben anways ?

  5. Ben’s Dad

  6. being extra naive = BEN

  7. lol

  8. Ben=Frodo=No Pool etc…

  9. don’t forget Ben=herpes!

  10. BEN10. I lamely waited for someone to comment at #9 so I caould say BEN10. Thanks dc

  11. *could

  12. oh, and Ben-dover.

  13. Ahhh, Ben…

  14. Keegan, I realize you are probably making a public service announcement to warn people away, but shut the fuck up.

    (Note: I totally typed “pubic service announcement” the first time.)

  15. Fuck Ben (not Ben Ben. Not the Ben who comments. I like the Ben who comments. But fuck the ‘Ben!’ meme).

    Also… this post… what?

  16. Ben10, surprisingly good show.

    I cannot for the life of me figure out wtf Cole and Seth are talking about. Roofies and broomsticks??

  17. So wait, did Seth rape the chick or just beat her senseless? We know he didn’t have any sort of consensual sex with her because he specifically said he wasn’t talking about sex. And why would he brag about that?

  18. I’m going with a broomstick.

    @BritishHobo: you’re quite wound up today

    @Chinchillazila: i totally read “pubic” until i got to your note!

  19. Game of twister gone bad ?

  20. LMAO @ Seth. Unspeakable acts happened there. No telling what he saw on T.V. Could have been Animal Planet.

  21. @xxMW2xTOKERxx: Let me tell you a little story ’bout a boy named Ben. One day, not so long ago, Ben posted angry statements about people posting “first” if they were lucky enough to get on first. He ranted and raved. But THEN, Ben started posting “first.” Well, there was quite a backlash and many posters commented negatively about young Ben. BUT THEN, Ben claimed that someone was using his user name. Yes, that’s right there was also a FAKE Ben! Can you believe it?

    Anyway, it was quite fun and many people, to this day, enjoy posting Ben. The Frodo thing only comes into play because I, and others, began posting “Ben is Frodo” which is based on an old Lamebook posting which you can see here:

    The herpes thing comes in because Ben (we think it was the real one, not the Fake Ben) who claims to be a medical student, was posting very lame and very false thing about herpes and how it is transmitted.

    I think that covers all of it but I ask other to add anything I’ve forgotten to include.

  22. Is Keegan bragging? Lamebook always finds a way to show me something new and stupid. You’ve got crabs man! crabs. And you want all of your friends to know cuz it means you’re getting some pussy?

    xxMW2xTOKERxx posted Ben and didn’t know what it was? That’s kind of funny.

  23. Keegan sounds like some who should be hit.

  24. Kameron sounds like someone who lets people write on his dick.

  25. dcrearview you did a fine job! That pretty much covers all of it.

  26. @eenerbl: thx! i’ve saved that text so the next time i won’t have to type it again!

  27. @SeeBea: you can get crabs without having sex with a woman! :-)

  28. Wheres the fun int that ?

  29. i remember the night i got super crabs from keegan… bes night ever!!

  30. @Father Sha: ask a gay guy!

  31. Like wearing somebody elses underwear?

  32. Unless it’s Ben’s underwear…then you might get herpes…

  33. lg wut

  34. Sharing a furry toilet seat.

  35. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  36. Lol @jfwilliams you mean you might get herpes, and you also might learn some frodo-ben mannerisms

  37. @21, The real Ben is kinda lame now. Whatever happened to Ben’s dad?

  38. ben stuff is getting old

  39. Yup. Ben there, done that.

  40. hehehehe you guys made me chuckle

  41. Ben will never grow old! He is eternal.

    I think Buddha said that. :-D

  42. After reading Keegans post, the first thing I thought of was Karigan (spelling?) from Starcraft. I would love to do that thing to her I read on the comments a while back and eat some crabs while I’m at it. I’m sure they’re delicious.

  43. @dcrearview: yes, look your shoes are untied …

  44. @Ben Dover: ha, i’m wearing loafers!

  45. @ Ben Dover you should’ve just dropped $ and waited for her to pick it up.

  46. On one hand over sharing is annoying, on the other it is highly entertaining.

  47. True Keegan, like all diseases, crabs get more potent as they become resistant to the treatments available.

    I’ve done some research, and I think a blowtorch to the pube area for a minimum of 5 minutes is the current treatment of choice to eradicate the little bastards.

  48. @wordpervert It would certainly stop him from spreading them… or reproducing, more importantly…

  49. Crabs? Jesus Christ. Good thing every woman and man he’s ever thought of fucking knows to stay away from him.

  50. @slippyslappy Keegan is a girl’s name. At least, the only Keegan I know is a girl.

  51. MachineGun Monica

    @Thug…I definitely know a dude named Keegan. He’s a crazy sonofabitch

  52. @Thug The only person I know named Keegan is a guy..he’s ridiculous sometimes, but lovable.

  53. Pet Peeve of the Day-The Duck Tours

  54. ahem >_>
    i happen to be the “cassie” in the one status.
    no biggy.

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