Thursday, November 5, 2009

Search and Destroyed


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  1. this may be the biggest FAIL in the history of social networking

  2. Priceless!

  3. Weak.

  4. full of win and fail all at once.

  5. This is hilarious!

  6. I’ll admit, I’ve done this myself once :(

  7. I’d SO do this! ouch!

  8. I’m calling bullshit on this one. Why would “Stacy” have no picture in her profile pic? These guys clearly just whipped this up to send into the site.

  9. Nice try donald – She most likely has a private FB and the submitter isn’t her friend. Logical thinking ftw.

  10. Why is it even that big of a deal? So he was drunk and tried to search for her name. Oh No! I’ve searched for people’s names dozens of times for various things, from looking for contact info or wanting to see a picture of her to try to jog my memory.

    This is lame because it … ummm … isn’t.

  11. I’m just as cynical as the next guy, but here’s why it’s not fake.

    1) Look at the writing styles. The punctuation and capitalization habits (or lack thereof) lead me to think this was written by different people.

    2) The lack of a “Delete” button next to the comments means that neither of the three people involved in this conversation sent was the one to take the screenshot.

    Either this was painstakingly elaborite, or it’s real. Smart money’s on the latter.

  12. But are you able to see it when someone types your name in their status thingy then?

  13. Someone must have told her, AND he must have an ‘open’ profile, I presume.

  14. to Sami-
    if her FB was set to private, and they weren’t FB friends, then how did she even see his status in the first place to comment on it?? Actual logic FTW.

  15. @Donald: If her FB was private, and his wasn’t, she could still see it.

    …fucking duh.

  16. Okay, I’ll break it down.

    She has a private facebook, but her and Steven are friends on FB. They can see each other’s profiles. The person who saw this status and the comments isn’t friends with Stacy and can’t see her picture, profile, or even click on her name – because it is set up that way.

  17. umm her facebook isn’t private to Steven, it’s just private to the person who submitted it… DUH.

  18. Donald Downer FTW!

  19. Actually, He does have her on facebook considering she replied to his status, hence she saw it because they are friends you idiots.
    I like how all of you say logic but dont actually know what you mean.

  20. it doesn’t matter who’s private or not. If they’re not FB friends (which Sami suggested), then she wouldn’t see his status update in her news feed. The only way she could possibly see it is if Steven had an open profile, and she actively seeked out his page to look at what he had written, which isn’t very likely if they weren’t friends.

  21. Ratcoon is right.

    Steven and Stacy are friends. She replied to his status.

    Submitter and Steven are friends. He can see Steven’s status.

    Submitter and Stacy are not friends. Also, Stacy has her profile locked down tightly, so that non-friends can’t even click her name, nor see her picture.

  22. lol, “seeked out his page”

  23. @Donald. Seeked??

  24. I did the same thing! I meant to search Boz, but i just put Boz in my facebook status.

  25. @ Donald Downer – Because Steven and Stacy are friends but the person who submitted it (NOT Steven or Stacy) is not friends with Stacy.

    Obvious actual logic ftw.

  26. Its really Sam's Choice.

    Ugh, I’m always afraid of doing this. Thats why I double check it. Its so easy to do it on mobile.

  27. Okay, I found this pretty hilarious, actually. In a way, it would be kind of flattering to know that a guy I was talking to wanted to know more about me. That is, unless, he was a total creep. Then it would suck.

  28. I’ve almost done it a few times on my phone.

    I’m pretty new here. Why is there such an uproar about whether it’s fake or not? Doesn’t seem like a hill to die on, as far as I can see.

  29. @Donald: On a scale of 1 to 10, how dense are you?

  30. Or maybe Stacy just doesn’t have a profile picture?
    I’ve got some fb friends who just don’t have one, whether their profile is private to you or not.

  31. @StealthBanana: unlikely

  32. This happened to me, sort of. I let my illiterate aunt use my facebook one night only to find the next morning that she had put some random person’s name on my status update. It took me a while to figure it out but yeah, glad the person she was searching wasn’t a freind of mine.

  33. I have 11 people on my facebook list right now that do not have profile pictures. It happens. Some people just don’t care that much, they barely use facebook, or are new.

  34. Stacey could also be albino and had her picture taken inside her blue bedroom.

  35. Meh. This is boring. Who cares if someone is talking about someone else at a party.

  36. His search would not have been fruitful, he spelled her name wrong.

  37. Penny Lane Wins! – “Stacey could also be albino and had her picture taken inside her blue bedroom.” BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  38. Penny Lane, but the fact that Stacey’s name is black instead of blue signals you can’t click on it. That is a sign that her profile is just set up very privately. You can’t see those peoples’ pictures without being their friend. Although, if I had added Stacey, she might not have a picture still.

  39. This is NOT lame! It’s stupidly easy to do this on a mobile without even realising it.

    Penny Lane Win – LMAO. But, obviously Stacey just has a hidden photo for anyone who isn’t her friend.

  40. Well at least it’s a roundabout compliment.

  41. I bet Wes did it.

  42. I’ve totally done this before. My status ended up saying “Marie is Mary”

  43. Am I the only one hear that thinks Wes is a DOUCHE!?

    Yeah, Steven was really drunk at a party, haven’t we all been? But whose friend rats them out like that? If he was an actual friend he would have called him up and said…”Hey man, you might want to delete your status or come up with a story about it.”

  44. FUCK, grammar police please come and attack me

    *here rather than hear

  45. It’s okay, Erin, you didn’t say “seeked” so you’re not an idiot.

  46. Erin, Wes is definitely a douche.

  47. Rat aside, he wrote Loooolllzzz!!

    Please tell me actual guys don’t do this!

  48. Nice :D

  49. @Erin

    He was probably drunk. Bahahaha!!

  50. Best thing about this whole post is Penny Lane in the comments!! LMAO!!

  51. Ratcoon FTW!

    I’m really surprised you had to spell that out for people. Don’t you guys ever see someone you’re not friends with commenting on the status of someone you are friends with.

    I love that the last comment is Steven saying “aw fuck.” Priceless!

  52. I would die of embarassment if i did that

  53. AnonymousFacebookUser

    Lol, I’ve actually done this before, twice!

  54. This whole convo should be on lamebook…

  55. If this is real (I’d love to think so), she is probably absolutely stunning (hence being discussed by drunken boys at a party) and has taken down her profile photo to stop randoms trying to add her as a friend in a lame attempt to hit on her.

    Refer to: Theo The Creepo

  56. I have a feeling Theo would be shot down REAL HARD by this one :D .

  57. I really REALLY hate it when people use the wrong “your”/”you’re” although, it does make me feel better now that i know there are people even more stupid than I am.

  58. Keyser Soze , that’s what i thought , she must be that kind of girl everybody wants to be with …

    Because if he stood a chance he would have tried to make a funny comeback , no ?
    Wes is a bit of an Ahole but laughing at your friends stupid mistakes is common amongst friends … i for one would find it funny to see my mates do something like that :-)

  59. Penny Lane deserves a round of applause

  60. This would be funny if I hadn’t come really close to doing this on more than one occasion.

  61. this would be funny is he was actually drunk.
    if im drunk, the last thing im worried about is posting some stupid shit on facebook.

  62. what makes you think he wasnt drunk? he could’ve been, the time on the post is 2:48 AM and the time of him realising what he did is 2:24 PM. i think it’s fuckin hilarious, ive dont it before like

  63. “ive dont it before like” wtf?? are you retarded??

  64. I absolutely think it is funny. There are a few people I myself have looked up that I wouldn’t want to admit to most people – an executive at work I think is hot, a former friend I’ve had a falling out with and don’t talk to, an old FWB, etc

    But, what I think kinda makes it all work in the end is the “aw fuck” at the end. That signals defeat, not just a “so what?” situation.

  65. this was great! storytelling at its best. thumbs up!

  66. Donald is like one of those arrogant, stubborn retards. i don’t know whether or not this has already been explained, but if it has i’m sure he needs it again. Assuming that Wes was the one who took this screenshot, which Kyle has already disproved, Steven and Stacy are friends, which means stacy can read steven’s status. Steven and Wes are also friends, which means Wes can read Steven’s status. WES AND STACY are NOT FRIENDS, which means Stacy’s private profile cannot be seen by Wes, but these two non-friends (Stacy and Wes) are united by Steven and his mutually visible status.
    oh no i’m retarded too for caring. sorry.
    Penny Lane has the best solution. SORRY

  67. @haahh
    Nice succinct explanation. However, i think donald is too dense to get it through his thick skull as it has been explained to him a few times now! He probably thinks Penny Lane’s idea was right. As awesome as it is, it’s probably not quit right!

  68. Whoever posted this is friends with the initial post and the explanation comment, and not with stacy.

  69. I have def done this… sober…

  70. Hey I still think you’re wrong cos if Wes and Steven are friends, but Stacey and Steven are also friends, and yet Wes may or may not be a friend of Stacey’s, then who was phone??????? Obviously actually logic FTW plox

  71. I think penny lanes explanation would be best if it wasnt obvious that stacy and wes ARE NOT friends.

  72. I used to live with this girl last year, she stopped talking to me a fortnight into moving in, and pretty much hated me – due to a joke I made and she didn’t catch. Aaaaaaaanyway. I went on her facebook profile and she had my name on her status :D it was fucking amazing!

  73. Or if Wes took the screenshot and wasn’t her friend, it would have shown up like that if she has her privacy setting on high. That’s what I have mine set to.

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