Monday, October 12, 2009

Sean John Gone Wrong


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  1. I couldn’t be bothered to read all of Sean’s crap. Funny stuff from Tyler though.

  2. Holy retard.

  3. What is this… I can’t even read it

  4. Bit too heavy on the ol’ exclamation marks there Sean John.

  5. Wow. Tyler said so much about this guy with so few words. I am impressed, and maybe even a little turned on.

    Sean… is retarded.

  6. I’m really glad his girl talked him down. I was literally afraid for Tyler’s life. Whew!

  7. I just lost faith in humanity.

    Please tell me Sean John is 12.

  8. SJ is one of these guys i would like to shoot dead to keep him from talking.

  9. I love the part where he says “udont even know me ass well as u think u do”. Not just for the beautiful English (although that’s certainly part of it), but for the more obvious reason that Tyler’s only impression of this psycho came from his FB info. And a tirade of insults for daring to turn down online friendship with him.

  10. woah.

  11. This is gold. Tyler, you’re amazing.

  12. Wonder how Sean John is going to react when he finds out he’s on Lamebook? He’s gowne sho nuff killz us all (or something like that).

  13. This is precious.

  14. Clearly, we need to get Sean John in here. Someone send this to him.

  15. I love how he drives a “black on black lincoln navigator”. I bet he actually has one of those old sedans that’s like 6 different colors, including the ever-popular “primer gray”.

  16. “Psycho pathic”?

    I think “psycho pathetic” is more suitable.

    Now. Who’s all “afaird” of Sean John, Retard Extraordinaire?

  17. You ah busta Sean John

  18. you could have said “yes, your retarded”, and I bet he wouldn’t have even gotten it.

  19. This is the best part :”now move alone dont message back and learn some proper manners!!”

    ..talking about manners…

  20. I do appreciate how Tyler never says more than three words, nine total

  21. Tyler, I love you. You summed up this guy completely in 3 words.

  22. “shit face cunt licker” – shame on everyone who doesn’t recognize Sean’s beautiful poetry…

  23. perfidious_albion

    And what exactly is wrong with cunt licking anyway? Personally I love it

  24. HaHA! thanks snj for pointing out the ‘learn some proper manners’ bit at the end. By that point I had tuned out too much to really notice. Fuck, that’s gold.

  25. @Tyler

    Please please please send a second reply to Sean John’s message, something along the lines of:

    Dear piece of shit scum of the earth,
    By the fuck, everyone is laughing at how pathetic and moronic you are, you retard.

    Sean John needs to die a slow and painful death. I would pay to see him suffer.

  26. Oh no! I’m going to have nightmares about black-on-black Lincoln navigators coming to get me now!

    I’m so AFAIRD!!!

    (And, ahem, it’s ‘pussy’ – with a ‘y’.)

  27. This is awesome…like an episode of The Wire or some shit.

    Extra credit goes to Tyler for avoiding the “your retarded” comeback fail.

  28. So, someone should let S-J know that the KKK haven’t risen above hate crimes yet.

  29. SJ is far from retarded. I work with low functioning disabled kids, I teach them to read and write, they are far better spellers. SJ is a virus in the bloodstream that is society. He is the human equivalent of HIV, he slowly kills the english language.

  30. Please post SJ’s last name. I want to find him and friend him.

  31. My favorite part of this is that he thinks the proper response to “Who are you?” is “You don’t.”


    real talk, i’m not even wasting my time on you

  33. Tyler FTW

  34. You know he sat back, reread it and though “Oh, yeah. Now he know.I showed him what time it is.”

  35. Q: Who are you?

    A: lol u dont!!!

  36. @SRJ

    That was a work of art. I’m in love.

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  38. Ahahaha, now we know his name.

  39. flash_in_the_ pan

    IDK…Did anyone ever think SJ is possibly foreign? His lack of grammar and poor grasp of the English language suggests that he’s been listening to, too much exported rap music? Just a thought…

  40. flash_in_the_ pan

    Also denoted by the fact that he calls himself Sean John which is P.Diddy’s clothing line?

  41. He’s from Toronto.

  42. @ SRJ. You are a God.

  43. SJ is right that adding random people make you popular on facebook… he isn’t a lost cause after all… also i understand “l8tr” saves you one letter from “later” if you’re in a rush but “cee” saves no time… just write “see” SJ’d look less retarded if you wrote “c” than “cee”…..actually no, no you would not.

  44. Not only is he Canadian, BUT he went/goes to a crappy Canadian community college.

    If there’s one thing we do well, it’s second rate community colleges.

  45. Fuck yeah! Go Tyler! Keep it short and sweet.

  46. “Sean” here sounds way too ridiculous to be real.. unless he really is mentally ill.

  47. I would not make friends
    With a retarded stalker
    Unless she blows me.

  48. OMG, I literally couldn’t stop laughing soooo hard. Tears, a lot. Omg. So funny.

  49. That’s fantastic.

  50. oh pleeeeaaase someone who knows SJ , tell him that he is on lamebook and let him read these comments :) Now that would be real fun.
    By the way , hope those 2 dont live in same area. Retarded SJ might really try to do something. I dunno , fun to have fun with ppl like him online but i wouldnt like to face a stupid son of a bitch like that on streets…

  51. Better watch out peeps, if SJ comes on here and see’s our comments, he’s gunna hunt us all down an kill us all LOL, retard has just been redefined lol.

  52. am I the only one here that thinks this could be fake…?

  53. No, I thought so too at first… but then, who could make stuff like that up? SJ is either real or a genius.

  54. <3 SRJ <3

  55. Please someone sterilize this Sean John chap, quickly, you know just in case…

  56. I definitely just sent him a message on facebook linking him back to this page…

    Everybody say hi to Sean John cos he’s bound to be on here soon.

    Fucking scum.

  57. @SRJ – FTW! Excellent – more please!

    And I add my voice to the chorus asking someone to let SJ know we’re here – I think that would lead to Lamebook platinum . . .

    I strongly suspect that *real* dangerous gangsta nigz don’t need to cruise social networking sites trying to befriend white boys they don’t know to increase their popularity.
    Threat level: barely more than zero. Beyatch.

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  59. Yeah, search, “Sean John Rocafella,” as this Tyler linked to on his blog. links to the blog are already up. His facebook popularity probably just went, ‘off da ho0k![!!!!]‘

    but he very well may, ‘cut us into pecies,’ and, ‘slit our throat!!! b4 we can say’iz name!!!,’ but not before asking where we live. I’d probably tell him, and he’d reply, ‘you a scared nig k.k.k homez maken up somdat shit country some what da fuck is a Beirut? i’m a slit you throat and rape you super tuff like i had nuff of ur shit packing pussi whakin’ and stuff!’

    That said, he aint got my smooth rhythm and moves.

  60. @ Madison Avenue


  61. Sean John Rocafella 13 October at 14:16 Report
    lol nice post, i like it :)

    Sean John Rocafella 13 October at 14:17 Report
    too bad im all too grown for this childish non-sence!

  62. I hope you reported him!!!!

  63. Breanna – Send me a little picture please. Preferably of the bathing suit area x

  64. Hey Sean John Rocafella

    You are on lamebook… retard!!!

  65. Hahaha. Is it definitely Rocafella?!

  66. He’s Canadian?! Yes! One of my people! *overwhelming pride*

  67. It has!!!
    to be!!!
    more difficult!!!
    to spell!!!
    incorrectly and!!!
    use improper grammar!!!
    than to just!!!
    write normally!!!

  68. Ok, so I gave in and also sent him a message (clearly he is a catch and I need more friends…)
    And thank you thank you thank you SRJ! I laughed so much my flatmates probably think I am crazy now

  69. what a twat

  70. This is why I don’t accept friend request from people I don’t know.

  71. I’m a little hot for Tyler too! sean john is psycho pathetic

  72. @63 isn’t me. I have never used the phrase “bathing suit area”, and I never will. Except that one time where I said I wouldn’t say it.

  73. “Ahahaha, now we know his name.”

    He’s changed it!

  74. Did anyone else read Sean John’s part using the voice of the fat pointy alien guy from Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

  75. I like how he’s changed his name to “Kareem Abduljabbar”…

    Too bad doing a search with his previous name pulls up Google’s cached FB page of his.

    Going by his FB link, I’m willing to bet his real name is Kemarc Johnson.

  76. SRJ, i love your song lol

  77. Since he’s a Rocafella, it makes it that much funnier if you read his rant with a “Thurston Howell” accent.

  78. This is fucking spectacular


  80. Here’s mine:

    My friend Tyler said you were looking for friends with an appreciation for misspellings, bad grammar and fame mongering.

    I got your info from where we know you NEED friends. I hope you don’t sense the obvious sarcasm in this message and hunt me down then kill me. Hopefully your girl can talk some “sence” into you before you hop into your black on black Lincoln Navigator.


  81. forgot to post this little beaut by the way people. i’m thinking of submitting it to lamebook as well…but the fact is that might not post it so easier to post it on here:

    Kareem Abduljabbar 13 October at 14:25 Report
    too bad who ever posted this on lamebook.
    most thought that were going to get the best out of me!
    sadly it never worked!
    Even thou that guy name Tyler **** Exposed me for something
    that happend two years ago! I blessed him who curse me for god
    only know i wish the best for him & hopefully he changes his wicked ways!

  82. they*

  83. If this is how you make friends I finally know how I’ve gone wrong all my life. Damn SJ was so nice and tyler went and spoilt it all by saying something stupid like retarded. Lol.

  84. I need a map to Sean John’s replies.

  85. Wow how ammusing very entertaining
    & thank you Tyler for Exposing Me :)

    I just want to say one thing!
    that post happend three years ago :S
    im surprize you save this for a while.
    awww & yes by the way i reacted was very
    immaturefor my age, i dont know what i was trying
    to prove so i guess i did kind of came off like
    a retard. I see alot of people commenting (LOL)
    and knowing how ya’ll don’t even know me 1%
    except for my past as you see located above!
    everyone talking all that garbage about me, i ask
    please stop sending me messages! I appreciate your
    humor & im very happy i made you laugh.
    As much as it may seem that i am the laughing stock
    of everyone here, it’s very funny to believe &
    proberly think how i would respond to this exposure
    perhaps might cry about this or want to throw another
    one of those temper tantrums as i did in the past.
    Recently that’s not how i choose to behave anymore,
    a matter of fact that’s not me anymore, so technically
    whoever you are comment & sending messages, you are
    incorrent, Your proberly waisting your own time trying to imform me about this.(LOL)I admit that made my day. :)
    Plus i’d say thanks you for showing me this as a reminder.
    Now as i seem to then look back at the past and thinking just how i handled this same previous situation, i was younger youth,
    i was acting childish & see how foolish i was saying such things, i couldn’t believe how immature i was back then. Now it’s seems i’ve learned a valuable important lesson and that which is to not feed off of negitive engergy like before as i did in the past with my anger problems, this made me seem very stupid i admit (lol) I was only boosting myself. Finally i’m doing something with my life & trying to make the best of it.

    Thanks Tyler :)
    Keep up the good work! and stop being rasist, why do you hate black people so much c’mon man i see you got alot of potential, don’t let black people be a problem in your life, just worry about you & try to make the better of you life.

    God bless you man & hopefully you become a successful man one day. I say this to you because in the Bible it say’s.

    “Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.”
    (Ro 12:14) – meaning thou you did expose me like this
    does not mean i have to continue acting out of emotions or
    out of Pride!

  86. still retarded

  87. that was one of the most incoherent diatribes i’ve ever had the misfortune of reading

  88. all of the lame bible quotes in the world will not change the fact that you’re an ignorant sh*t head that should be eliminated from the gene pool.(P.S. that implies death you worthless paramecium)

  89. by the way SRJ, that was one of the funniest things I have ever had the pleasure of hearing

  90. If you’re going to accuse someone of being “rasist”, the least you could do is spell it correctly….

    along with a host of other mangled words. is your friend here!

  91. Hahaha. Love the song.

  92. Well I personally think it’s cool how much he has changed….kudos.

  93. Yeah, I agree with BigWiggly. He does admit to being a douche back then. Hopefully this change is true and he really is a different person.

    If you still want to make fun of his mangled spelling and improper grammar, then that’s your choice. Personally, I think it’s funny how much of a tool he used to be, and I hope he’s matured as much as he claims.

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  95. This is the first post i read in lamebook and it´s one for the ages… what a welcome for a fist timer… LOL

  96. SRJ

    This will be my only post here.

    I am a man in his 20′s who has been lurking on all manner of internet sites over the past decade. Many forums, blogsites and fansites have come and gone, and this one surely will too.

    But I can safely say your reply to this post on Lamebook is the greatest post in the history of ever. I love you. Never change.

  97. SRJ – you are magnificent.

  98. Tyler and SRJ = MY HEROES.

  99. I’m glad you’ve changed for the better, Sean John. (lol)

  100. Sean John, good to hear you’ve turned over a new leaf. Keep it up. (I’m actually being serious :) ).

  101. BWAHAHAHAH dude sean tyler…really??? really? haha he says he is a new friend and then flips a shit. XD that made my day cause um how can he find tyler? and anyway thats what you get for friending random people. just saying…just saying

  102. this shits funny

  103. hands up who hates niggas who think they are shit hot

  104. Sean john is a disgrace to us blacks, he’s probably 12

  105. @ # 103…Seriously..can you stop grasping at strings, spewing your racism and horrible grammer?? Like honestly, just stop with it. You probably think being lame on lamebook is appropriate but it’s not.

  106. WOW… Way to go EBONICS :) … How do you buy a black on black Lincoln Navigator when you can’t even put enough words together to put down an application much less a resume??? “Is dat hoe u getted throw da skool hose is speallin like dat”? lol

  107. SJ has “proberly” learned some manners…but still…LOL

  108. hahaha

  109. LMAO… hilarious how some minorities call anyone who says anything disrespectful to them “racist.” Tyler said nothing about the fact that you were black “Sean John,” just that you were retarded… which seems to hold true. He called YOU retarded, not black people.

  110. Is like his writing a poem
    Very poeticy

  111. I’m only 1/4 black but I’m fully ashamed for our race. People like this are the reason that racism still exists.

  112. LOL PardonMySanity, you’re not black, you only threw that in there so you wouldn’t seem “as racist.” One black person is not a spokesperson for every black person in the world and there are NO excuses for racism you gigantic dickhead.

  113. PardonMySanity wasn’t being racist, people like Sean John there ARE a reason to be ashamed. And racism is certainly still around, so that’s that.

  114. Sean Johns skin colour did NOT:
    -determine his ability to construct sentences
    -Influence his judgements on how to approach ppl on facebook
    -demonstrate control over his anger
    so there is no excuse for racism unless you attribute levels of stupidity/twat (lol) to skin colour.

  115. Tyler-1 Douchebag-0

  116. I don’t get it, when was Tyler a “rasist” [sic]? All he did was point out the obvious

  117. The first person to pull out the race card is always the racist, and that person for some reason uses it as a fall back for their own insecurities generally caused by a paranoia that only those of different ethnicities than themselves can be the “racist”.

  118. I get what that Sean John dude is saying in his comment. Like I would be so embarrassed to read some of the shit I wrote on the internet 2-3 year ago! I can still hardly understand his sentences though! Boy needs to learn some proper English!

  119. SJ has not changed. The comment he made on this post was obviously a sympathy card he tried to pull. He then calls Tyler a racist for observing he’s retarded. Then, he pulls a verse from the Bible???

    “thou you did expose me like this does not mean i have to continue acting out of emotions or out of Pride!” – (WHAT?!?!) – douche bag. A round of applause for “Kareem Abduljabbar – Kemarc Johnson – Sean John Rocafella” whatever his name is. I’ll just refer to him (or “it” rather) as Retard.

    SJ, your grammar sucks you pathetic haemorrhoid. There is no room for sympathy let alone empathy. You invaded Tyler’s privacy and then threatened to kill her. You are the biggest fkn mullet. Ever.

  120. He must have shot his school teacher. He doesn’t know how to write.

  121. Has anyone noticed how he uses three exclamation marks ONLY? LMAO!!!

  122. Pity he’s changed!!!

  123. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    HAHAHAHAH Tyler’s sooooo cool…and yes, sean is retarded :P

  124. PWNED. i love tyler.

  125. @SRJ awesome…one of the funniest things i’ve ever heard

    Tyler totally owned this guy, definitely retarded

  126. Tyler couldn’t have said it better

  127. @SRJ …

    i just… i can’t stop laughing….!

  128. so that’s a yes? (!!!)

    SJ just got, uh, “raped in his asshole” (!!!)

    Tyler deserves a BJ. (!!!)

  129. There’s something beautiful about annihilating someone with a few simple words.

  130. What a complete dumbass. I know this is really old, but I just came across it. This guy is/was a real piece of work. It goes to show no one has any accountability for what they say online.

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