Friday, February 12, 2010

Sassy and … Classy?

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  1. What?!

  2. Think Rebecca is trying to convince herself more than anyone else.
    And Maria….
    “I’m sorry love, your entire family has been killed in a hideous explosion, you have no one left, no home, no possesions…are you ok?”
    “Oooooh, PINK phone – yay!!! :-)

  3. *possessions

  4. Jesus tittyfucking christ!?!?!?! Some people have zero shame…
    Facebook accommodates vanity like whores are crab hotels…

    How deep is Marina? If you read carefully she is talking about a Taoist riddle.

    And it sounds like being a guinea pig in Beccy D’s house is a creepily dangerous occupation.

  5. A few more perfect examples of why we need to bring back voting tests. At least, not encourage shallow non-thinkers to vote.

  6. “Jesus Tittyfucking Christ ” bwhahahahahahahahahaha

  7. Nothing is sadder than someone desperately looking for attention, and liking their own posts, when no one else will. **glares at Rebecca**

  8. Does anyone else ever come to lamebook looking to ridicule completely vapid, ignorant and/or idiotic musings of the peanut gallery but instead, when they arrive realize that today for some reason, it is not amusing but rather really depressing to realize these morons breath the same air as you? Anyone? Just wondering.

  9. Hahaha. The mental image of a 90 year old stalker is hilarious, falling over bushes and breaking their spine and pelvis in 5 different places. Like the age you will be still getting stalkers until is some kind of barometer of beauty. I hope Sara’s dumb shit friend doesn’t know her stalkers from her torturing serial killers and goes missing….

    yaya: holy shit you nailed that fucker right on the head, it kind of makes it hard to poke fun of these obvious signs of mental devolution.

  10. @yaya Agree completely. Some of these ppl are a complete waste of oxygen

  11. Yeah, wtf with people liking their own posts?! Is that the same as talking to yourself in thr grocery store?

    ‘Cause, um, I do that. Talk to myself, I mean. Not like my own posts, that’s lame.

  12. @yaya Nope, I still like coming here and ridiculing them. I guess since I don’t have folks like this on my friends list, I can pretend these are all fake. Also, it’s Friday- how can you be depressed on Friday??!

  13. @yaya – I feel your pain. There’s so much wrong with these, I don’t even know where to begin.

    However, I’d like to challenge Rebecca D to a “BEST out there” competition. I bet I could beat her hands down!! Silly strumpet.

  14. I am pretty sure that Yvonne is one of those creepy soccer mums that enjoy a nasty S&M session in their local swingers dungeon.

  15. And yaya , turn that frown upside down

    Things could be worse , you could be forced to engage in to conversations with these people on an everyday basis …

  16. moosegeek I have a sneaky feeling the girls in question today all have a little bit of a struggle with narcissism, a clear cut symptom would be loving the crap out of your own posts, even when no one else does. It’s onanism for facebook.

  17. Sarah’s status is a lyric from a Kid Cudi song. A pretty awesome song, in my opinion. So I’m gonna go with Yvonne failing on this one. Sarah could have used quotation marks, but Yvonne definitely needs to STFU.

  18. Hobbes FTW on Maria…

  19. Didn’t know they were lyrics, but I have to say either way Nash ftw!!

  20. I have a acquaintance that posts things similar to what Rebecca D. posted on Facebook. Always saying that life is full of joy and happiness and that she is so happy with herself and her surroundings. But then when I see her in the bar and talk to her over a couple of beers, she always wants to talk about how shitty she feels, and sometimes it even ends in tears (from her part).

    Don’t post your emotional state on Facebook people, it is just ridiculous to read.

  21. Well I think posting lyrics as a status update is lame as well. So Sarah is full of fail no matter what. However, Yvonne does need to STFU. Who needs to be scolded on FB by some self righteous twat?

  22. Maria is impervious to all psychological attacks on her emotional state, unless, of course the reason why she is upset is because of the realisation that she is such a waste of organs, piece of shit human debris that the only thing that gives her happiness is her super bling pink swarovski crystal phone. Then she’s fucked.

  23. The only appropriate response to Yvonne is “shut the fuck up”.

  24. I love that song. That is all.

  25. ThinkingInPictures

    What if the reason Maria’s upset is that somebody smashed her super bling pink swarovski crystal iPhone?

    Also, Rebecca there is obviously deluded. EVERYONE knows that I am hot like fire and generally perfect. She totally needs to quit trying… (what’s a zoo model?)… I mean, I post about my awesomeness every hour on the hour, not just every three or four hours. Seriously, weak. Oh, did I mention that I’m awesome? *likes this*

  26. Aww you know it has always been about you guys and not the lamebook nominees anyway right? You folks make me laugh and give me hope. There is intelligent life out there, ya’ll are proof positive :) Bad mood over. Woo hoo, you are right. TGIF

  27. Haha, woah. I went to school with Rebecca D, she’s on my friendlist and whenever I sign into facebook, I see her name popping up with those ridiculous status updates saying how “hot” she is and how she’s always on “fire”. Heaps weird and quite far from the truth. A few months back she posted a photoshopped modelling photo claiming it was her, but when people questioned her authenticity, she took them down.

    Poor girl, she did get bullied a lot in high school. I guess she’s just trying to convince herself she’s hot. But Jesus fucking christ she takes it to extremes. I almost want to delete her but it’s just too amusing.

  28. ThinkingInPictures: A tacky Australian guy’s mag.

  29. lmao@ThinkingInPictures smashing Maria’s phone

  30. @yaya: Absolutely!

    That doesn’t deter from me wanting to kick Maria and Rebbecca in the gud, gud and render them sterile. I’d do it for all of humanity! I don’t doubt though that Maria would recover quickly, I mean come on… She has her sparkly pink phone.

  31. ThinkingInPictures

    Ok, but seriously guys, what’s a zoo model? Because the only explanation for that term that I’m coming up with wouldn’t really be something to brag about.

  32. ThinkingInPictures

    Ooohh! Got it, thanks redgreenblue!

  33. I can see how between the guinea pig massage oil and the zoo models reference it might be confusing. However, having been guilty in the past of perusing the odd Zoo magazine, I can tell you wholeheartedly some of the models do look like rodent fuckers.

  34. Marias, if you’re out there, I’m willing to test this theory out. Don’t worry, all you’ll need is your iPhone.

  35. I hope Maria and Rebecca die in a fire.

  36. when i imagine Sara (#1) reading her post out loud with all the “hahahahaha”s it makes her sound pretty darn crazy.

  37. I can see why Marina has self-esteem issues…being named after a place whose primary characteristic is the overpowering smell of rotting fish will do that to a person.

  38. Rebecca, “just got hold of some really great massage oil”…really? Is it forbidden where you come from, some sort of illegal contraband, cause last time I checked, you could just go to Boots and buy massage oil, not go on a covert mission to “get hold” of it…

  39. wutefa, u guyz jus mad cuz yal aint hot like me. yavonne u can jus shut up, im hot and u not, that de reasun you mad. I do wut I wunt, an u fat n-eway hoe. dat y u gittin mad. i jus bling wif my fone….

  40. What a bunch of crazy bitches…

  41. Rebecca D### Can you hear me Daddy? DO YOU LOVE ME NOW????

  42. Sigh, these young girls need a swift kick in the babymaker to give mankind some hope.

  43. What the hell is a zoo model?

  44. awww Rebecca D. likes her own post. That’s so cute!

    redgreenblue, don’t use the “got picked on in school” excuse! I was a total nerd in school and was picked on a lot and now I am HOT HOT HOT…oh wait…

  45. A Zoo model is a woman who poses naked to provide wank fodder for men as desperately sad as she is.

  46. ThinkingInPictures

    pretendr, we went over that a few posts back ;) I didn’t know either but apparently it’s some tacky Australian men’s mag

  47. Give my name back, Rebecca. You don’t deserve it.

    Yvonne sucks. Not saying that Sarah doesn’t suck, but Yvonne sucks harder.

  48. Holy F’ing OMG! I’d like to throw acid in Rebecca’s face just to be able to say “what now bitch!?”

  49. @eenerbl …hmmm I might need an attitude adjustment, I’m the retired Marine and you’re the one ready to kick people sterile…oh wait…I have levels in between let live and kill

  50. Did anyone notice the time frame of Rebecca D’s posts and the total lack of response? The real question is finally ran across this to capture and post it? If a nut rants on the net w/o a web hit are they still lame?

  51. @MYkl42, yes and she also Liked her own vanity status. Sad.

  52. What a winner.

  53. @danica #48 – Me too! and Yvonne! Stupid, self righteous bitch!

  54. I’m an Aussie. ‘Zoo model’: Well ‘Zoo’ is this tacky sort of.. soft porn mag, in Australia. One of those porn mags that has cheesy interviews with dumb broads about their sex lives, and has competitions where guys send in photoes of their naked girlfriends to see who’s the hottest. Fucking lame.

  55. Zoo Magazine is what strippers do on their days off.

    Daddy issues all around.

  56. I think it’s time to reinvent the “burning man” festival. These people can be the first contestants.

  57. i would like to clarify, “Zoo” is a mens magazine in Australia, and a pretty good one aswell.

  58. ^ yes people, Zoo does attract these sort of people. ChampionHuStLeRz!1!

  59. I’m pretty sure Rebbeca is a girl who I lived with on college a couple of years ago…where she earned herself the nickname Crazy K, she also won a wet T-shirt competition, got her period while a guy was going down on her and told him to keep going…and her drunk skank ass owes me money for a taxi she got home with myself and a few friends at a pub crawl…the last time i saw her she was puking in a push before a law exam…which im pretty sure she failed

  60. championhustler, way to prove our point… Everybody can stop asking the same question now.

  61. a quick squiz on zooweekly’s website offers up some shots of ‘STRIP SEARCH: REBECCA, 18′ – it’s a regular feature they do where they pull up a mildy attractive girl on the street and offer her a fifty and a six-pack (or something) if she’ll let them take some photos as she strips down to her undies. top shelf stuff, you see. if this is the same rebecca she does strike me as the type who would spew in a bush before a law exam. i can’t think of anyone who filled this role when i completed my own LLB so it must have been me… shit.

  62. brybry, just sussed that out. that is not the beccy d that posted these! i wouldn’t be surprised if the zoo model thing is a lie. not sure why someone would want to lie about that, but whatever!

  63. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    @ anotherllama

    Can you send me one so I can “judge” the worthiness of this so-called men’s magazine?

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