Monday, October 11, 2010

Roughin’ It

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  1. What the fuckdo. Is this it?

  2. I feel for Jenna, if my ex was still a prick we’d totally be together.

  3. Jeremy broke up with a girl by saying he died in a car accident? wow. if i had found out that was i lie, i’d have burned his stuff. Oops sorry jeremy. it was an accident.

  4. Yeah ladyrisk that shit didn’t make any sense to me either. Unless she likes being with guys who act like pricks. Whatever works I guess.

  5. also, post are getting kinda dumb. ive seen better.

  6. How can you tell someone you’ve died in a car accident?

    Jeremy: Hey DollFace, I’m dead
    DollFace: I just burned up your shit. lol

  7. Uh, yea I agree… WHAT???

    Hold on, I understand being mad thinking someone is dead and then finding out it’s a lie…but the way she worded that… HE TOLD HER HE WAS DEAD? Huh? Did he come to her door as a zombie or something?

  8. maybe he told someone to tell her that and then she found out he had made up the lie

  9. @candidcamera – possibly. I’d like to think that if she’s friends with him on facebook that she might have noticed all the messages of grief on his page as his family and friends expressed their sorrow. And further, that she might have talked to his parents at the very least – maybe to ask them if they wanted his stuff?

    Maybe she caught him out when she saw that his farmville was still doing well?

    Or maybe this is just bullshit, and by that I mean both the lamebook post, and my own.

  10. You know, I don’t find the post so dumb as I find the ads that make noise and have no way to turn them off. WTF Lamebook?

  11. @areawoman – install an ad-blocker or turn down your speakers.

  12. I got an adblocker to get rid of those video ads and now I’m the happiest man in the world.

  13. ive never seen or heard an ad on this site.

  14. I don’t even understand the first one. Obviously my brain has ceased to function.

  15. i just imagine it would be really hard to fake a death on facebook. you would have to have so many people in on it. like his parents…unless their not on facebook, but surely someone would have called them and found out the truth…and i know my parents sure would not approve of that

  16. I want to know how HE told her he was dead? That’s an interesting idea.. like he put on a white sheet and wwent round her house going “oooohhhh I’m a ghoooost ooooh sorry love we’ll have to breaaaaakk uuuup!!”

  17. DUH, Leslie… the only possible comeback to ♥ x ∞ is “♥ x ∞²” I MEAN, HELLO!!

  18. @ loma
    read post #8

  19. Can someone please explain the 2nd one to me?

  20. @ mimi

    she couldn’t beat “i love you times infinity.”

  21. Jenna wants Chris to go back to being a prick so they can live happily ever after? Hell, if Jenna was my wife I would still be married.

  22. Why do I get the impression that MsDollface isn’t her real name?

  23. @ # 20… or else she is upping the ante because “fuck” beats “<3"?

  24. @ candidcamera – Look damnit it’s more hilarious to imagine a zombie coming to her door or a dude dressed up in a white sheet running around her house then to have you speak the OBVIOUS, We aren’t all idiots…

    yea she should have just worded her FB comment differently.

  25. Candid is Wallace

    Just installed adblock, now the world is a happier place

  26. Yep Saffer, adblock is your friend

  27. Does it really count as Wallace if somebody asks you to explain it? Wallace is when people are all, say, making sexual innuendos using food, and somebody comes along and goes ‘uh, guys, this conversation sounds a little bit like you’re talking about sex!’. He both missed the point and explained the joke that everybody was already in on, except apparently him.

    For example, I am not Wallace, but I am an annoying asshole.

  28. Unless Saffer was joking and I am now Wallace.

    Fuck memes.

  29. sorry didnt mean to ruin it for everyone geez. although i would like to meet the person who gets a phonecall saying “uh hey sweetie, im dead, sorry we cant be together anymore. See you on the flip side” and believes said phone call.

  30. Who is Wallace? i dont read these comments all the time so i apologize for my ignorance.

  31. wallace is frodo

  32. Wallace is this guy who… in a Lamebook post, this group of guys were making a bunch of sexual innuendos based around fast food (yeah, I know, the analogy in my previous comment wasn’t exactly the product of some hard thinking), and some guy called Wallace blundered in and basically said ‘guys, this conversation about fast food COULD be misunderstood to seem like you guys were talking about sex… maybe…’

    I don’t think you ruined it for anyone though. Although a couple of people seem oddly pissed off (or I’m being fucking Wallace again). Guys, it’s not really ruining it if they’re just answering someone’s question to explain it…

  33. and frodo is BritishHobo ;)

  34. @candidcamera

    She only bought it because he started the call with “You have a collect call from Jeremy in Heaven, do you accept the charges?”

  35. I only recently worked out what the Wallace reference means. I liked a comment someone made who’d been called Wallace by someone else. Alrighty then. Anyway, stacks of people commenting could be referred to as Wallace on the basis they state the obvious. Hell, I’ve probably been Wallace.

    Not one of the better memes… missing Frodo… and turtles.

    candidcamera, smile.

  36. ok thanks =] i didnt think thats what i did though…

    @ commentsatlarge–LOL yep. thats about right. but what would the charges be i wonder?

  37. I was called Frodo once – gay, too. Half-right on both counts. Miss you, dcrearview. Those were the days…

  38. @candid

    Dunno, it’d be a helluva long distance call though.


    You have a pool.

  39. maybe it would cost a piece of her soul or something.

  40. Where’s Wallace?

  41. Where isn’t Wallace, if ya know what I’m sayin’? ;)

  42. jeremy has a long-ass name. i’m extremely curious to know what it could be.

  43. I somehow doubt you can square infinity.

  44. Godwin’s Law also states that whenever someone describes something as impossible a Chuck Norris joke will ensue.

  45. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Stay thirsty my fiends.

  46. Standard multiplication by infinite is not defined. One must either go to multiplication by omega in the hyperreals, or else use the lim_(n->∞) n♥.
    However, this limit will not converge.
    One could alternately work with cartesian products of ordinals with {♥}. However, there is no largest ordinal, so one can always ‘one-up.’

  47. @candid – sorry, yeah, i was just being silly. I don’t really think he dressed up as a ghost and dumped her ass. I understand it was probably a rumour mill thing. Thank you, though, for your concern and explanation. It makes me feel warm inside to know there are such as you wandering the lamebook comments to help out the new girl. Hugs for all.

  48. Mad2, you just made blood come out of my eyes. You’re talking to someone who routinely refers to pi as three and a bit.

  49. Impressive, mad2. Pity you’re married and all that, or I’d harrass you sumfing awful.

  50. The second one isn’t lame. It’s cute.

    But cuteness is always welcome!

  51. @ loma. what a relief that my assistance can be accepted. i can now sleep in peace.

  52. @candid – smooch x

  53. @ loma. aww dont tease me like that.

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