Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rough Day



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  1. ha, the jeffery post is amazing. graduation + janitor = amazing

  2. Good for him. Finally a young man that’s not afraid to work and make an honest living. There’s nothing lame about that at all.

  3. Good work Jeffrey! Congrats on your new found career. You’ll make your parents proud!

  4. A janitor – with those round shoulders?
    It’ll never work out . . .

  5. Also – will someone please buy Regana and Marcie two large full glasses of STFU?



    MAN I WUV THAT 1!!!!!!!!1!1!2!!!

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA JEFFREY!!!111!!!!2!!!one!!

  8. @Marcie, don’t worry, I will give it to you very fast and very hard…I also like robots and sausages…

  9. posty mcposterson

    1. @Thesaurapist 13F- LMAO.
    2.Where is zombie kid? I really do miss him.

  10. The Scarlet Pimple

    Well, Jeffrey, congrats on being appreciated for your special skills and abilities. Always look on the bright side, I guess.

  11. Jeffery is gonna be the bread winner in his household, hands down.

  12. I think Jeffrey needs some practice recognizing racism in the work place. Especially since he just graduated from MIT, and he was applying for an engineering position.

    Also, Marcie is a cunt. Next time someone says “my glass is half full” on FB to me, I’m going to say “my wife got drunk, shot my dog, burned the house down, and passed out in a half-full glass of water, in which she drowned” just so I can be like her.

  13. My glass is half full.

  14. lol @ Jeffrey

    At least his post his not rife with spelling and grammatical errors. I would say he’s well qualified for the job!

  15. Jeffrey = priceless.

  16. lol @ #12.

  17. My glass was half full of pee, does that count?

  18. I met a gal in Vegas about 6 years ago. She let me suck the sourcream off of…oh wait..never mind.

  19. Lamebook monitors n**ga but not cunt?

  20. hahaha wot exactly did he graduate in?

  21. good for you jeffrey!!!

  22. Vince from purchasing

    Kudos to Jefferey. I have no idea why this post is here. He’s not lame at all. Jobs are hard to come by in some areas. Shit, I’d take work as a janitor for the next 5 weeks until my next job starts.

    Glass half full … yep, I laughed at that.

  23. Good for you Jeffrey!
    You break down a racist wall,
    Then clean up the mess.

  24. Vince from purchasing

    Damn, that’s some quality haiku right there. I dips me lid, Mr. haiku.

  25. @Regana: I can cum into your half full glass. That will fill your half full glass ;)

    @Jeffrey: I’m glad to hear you got a job man. Really i congratulate you. With that being said I am now off to take a massive dump in the middle of a walkway where you work. I promise it will be fun. I’ve had chilli chicken.

  26. Jeffrey post too funny, got to be a joke!

  27. I’ll certainly hire Jeffrey to empty my bins. And pay him with fried chicken.

  28. @#17 Anita, you sure it’s not half empty?
    (And I swear) it was a vodka and lime I ordered for you!)

  29. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Marcie – look on the bright side. Now your single you’re free to go and bang Tiger Woods. They you can be in talks with various media organisations and buy your sister a new car. Glass fuller now? You’re welcome.

  30. No openings for a drug dealer in his neighborhood?

  31. HBM23: you’re a complete cock.

  32. I used to feel sorry for myself for having a glass that was half empty. Then I met someone who didn’t have a glass.

  33. Dee-lite. I’m not all cock… but a pretty good portion of me is.

  34. @HBM23 : I’m intrigued, tell me more… ;)

  35. Well, I lost my legs and arms in a tragic Combine Harvester accident, and as such, I get around pogo-stick style. Builds up certain muscles, y’know?

  36. Somebody else keeps drinking what ever’s in my glass.

  37. @HBM23 : Sounds strangely amusing… so I take it the girl is always on top?

    @SeeBea : What do you usually have in your glass?

  38. Yeah, but she has to be cool with the gravel rash

  39. I lol’d so hard at Jeffrey !

  40. @HBM23 Gravel rash? Now you have to explain…

    Agreed, kiwi. So much for looking past his bla bla bla…

  41. back@Svetlana: I order Vodka but I am not sure since it’s seems to be gone so quickly…though I have been known to order Margaritas.

  42. So is it Vodka or Margaritas? ‘Cause I love both… Margaritas for the Tequila and Vodka, ’cause it’s well, Vodka… :)

  43. @Svetlana It depends, Vodka if I’m in a jazz bar, online late at night or require some sort of discrete use, and Margaritas if I’m in Vegas or Mexico or a Mex restaraunt or at home on the patio or in the car on the way to someplace or with my girlfriend or with my wife or…

  44. Sorry to disappoint, SeeBea, but I don’t do discreet… does that bother you?

  45. No darling it does not, but there are times that you cannot appear to be drinking adult beverages and vodka is easy to hide.

  46. I get where you’re going with this, I just avoid such times ;)

  47. Jeffery is 33. That display pic is his high school grad pic he earned just a few months ago. Go Jeffery!

  48. I’d imagine Marcie’s hubby’s Las Vegas girl is more than half full of something…

  49. Regana’s glass is completely full now that Marcie has shit in it.

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  51. [...] Eπιτέλους κάποιος εκτίμησε τα προσόντα (το 2ο διαβάστε) [...]

  52. LOLLLL!

  53. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! CLASSIC!!!!!!!

  54. “pay him with fried chicken” PRICELESS!!! LOL!!

  55. Stereotypical KneeGroid. Janitor….LMAO!!

  56. ouch poor guy… hang in there bud its not like that everywhere!

    and marcie maybe you should have put out more.

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