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Rnt You a Failure

Rnt U a Failure

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  1. WTF are flight of the conchords?

  2. FOTC is a show about two guys from New Zealand trying to make it as a band in the US..

  3. this is really sad.

  4. Am I the only one who doesn’t think this is lame enough? Bo-ring, is more like it.

  5. LJC, I’m with you. I can’t figure out if the lame is the picture, which I don’t think is lame, or the comment of somebody thinking FOTC has three members in it?

    That’s just ignorance, not stupidity.

  6. James & LJC, you are as retarded as Chelsea…

    This bitch thought the fucking Beatles were FOTC.

  7. hahaha what backwards logic James
    “This is lame because this girl thought FOTC has 3 members”
    That’s ignorance and stupidity, boyo

  8. Jacquize is correct…they are the beatles not actors from a second rate HBO series who look like simon and garfunkel….its in black and white to boot….in the fanous words of Eric Cartman: I want some cheezeepoofs

  9. There seem to be a number of Lamebook posts where people misidentify the Beatles.

  10. You know why that is, me? It’s because the Beatles don’t interest everybody. I do not generally pursue knowledge on the subjects that do no interest me, and I can only assume that you do not either. What that means is that I am not always capable of recognizing figures that belong to a subject that disinterests me. I have nothing against the Beatles, I don’t think they’re bad musicians, I just do not enjoy the music they put out.

    This ignorance of mine is explained by a lack of exposure to the subject. It’s not stupidity. And ignorance is just not lame. It’s boring.

  11. I love the BeeGees! They’re nothing like the Flight of the Conchords. How could you get them confused?

  12. Um, Chelsea has got to be kidding. There are only 2 FOTC and they look nothing like the Beatles. I’m pretty sure she was just making a joke.

  13. James,
    That is no excuse to see a picture like this and at least have a little common sense as to who this picture might be. I do not follow Indian history but I’d be able to pick out Gandhi. Knowing who The Beatles are is general music knowledge if ever there was such a thing.

    And Canaduk, I doubt her comment is fake because of her poor delivery and the fact that she used ‘rnt.’ She doesn’t deserve that much credit. Plus, I’m sure the signs that someone photoshopped threw her off so that she thought this was a clip from FOTC.

  14. Jaquice – you may call me retarded if that makes you feel better, but I still don’t think this is up to lamebook’s usual standards.

    Oh, and Boz – props for the cross-reference. Looks like the Beatles are slowly being forgotten, seeing as no-one seems to recognize them any more.

  15. James, it’s the Beatles. THE BEATLES. Not recognizing them has nothing to do with personal taste. It’s like not recognizing the pyramids or the Eiffel Tower.

  16. This isn’t the Jonas Brothers james, it’s the fucking Beatles.

    “I do not generally pursue knowledge on the subjects that do no interest me”

    You watch MTV, don’t you? So you don’t read the newspaper, care about what’s going on in the world of politics and who’s at war with whom? Ignorance, in this case, is just stupidity. Go listen to Simple Plan.

  17. Anyone who doesn’t recognise The Beatles is a complete and utter moron and should be extremely embarrassed.

  18. I blame the parents. And the teachers.

  19. james… Admitting to thinking that The Beatles are boring is like coming out in a klan meeting.

  20. James, the fact that only three members of a band are pictured when there are actually four doesn’t mean automatically mean it isn’t that band. E.g. in the photo above John Lennon is missing but that doesn’t mean the other people in the photo aren’t Beatles. What I’m trying to get as is it isn’t the fact that there are four people in Flight of the Conchords that makes this NOT a pictures of Flight of the Conchords. It’s the fact that it’s a picture of THE BEATLES. THE BEATLES.

  21. Maybe they didn’t recognise that it was the Beatles as Mickey Dolenz isn’t in the photo, just Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork and Davie Jones.

  22. No man, it’s clearly Davie Jones who’s not there. I believe he was visiting Marcia Brady during this picture.

  23. He was frolicking your mum, hence hes your father!

  24. lol now wait a minute. I don’t recall every saying that the Beatles were boring, bad musicians, or anything negative. I only said that they are not my thing.

    And comparing the Beatles to famous landmarks of history, like the Eiffel tower or the pyramids is a little silly. Society’s education teaches us to recognizes such iconic landmarks, and then tests us on our knowledge. The Beatles are excluded from general education and therefore any exposure I would have had to them would have been a conscious decision. Because I do not car for the Beatles, I never exposed myself to them. Surely this is not a foreign concept to everybody.

  25. Yes it is, it’s the FUCKING Beatles, james.

  26. lol Jonas, I don’t recall every saying anything about television or politics. I do not watch TV. The entire idea of paying for it is just not my cup of tea, and therefore I do not watch television. This includes MTV, sorry.

    And I do inform myself on world affairs. Quite a bit actually. I consider politics to be far more important than the Beatles. But that is certainly not the topic being discussed. Ignorance is seldom stupidity, but on the subject of the Beatles, it’s far from it.

    While I do not care for Simple Plan, what has that got to do with anything? What if I was listening to Simple Plan when I wasn’t education myself on politics, voting and being a productive member of society. Would I really be worse than the guy who does none of that but has plenty to say about the Beatles?

  27. You’d be an MTV tween, wasting away your life on falsified reality television with spoon fed drama. You’d be worthless to society is basically what I’m getting at.

  28. They don’t teach red means stop in school either so hopefully you’ll be okay next time you come across a traffic light.

  29. lol Jonas, your arguments seem silly to me. What if I did watch TV. That doesn’t mean I have to conform to the immaturity that MTV promotes. I watched the Sopranos when it was out, but that doesn’t mean I was out committed crimes and yelling at my friends and family for trivial things. You seem to want to call my taste in music bad, because my opinion differs from yours. I’m fine with that. Like I said, I have nothing against the Beatles, but you seem to think that because I don’t much care for them, that makes me “stupid.” Seems similar to the irrational and immature mindset that MTV is promoting.

    And Doug, they do teach you that red means stop. So fortunately, I think I’ll be okay at my next traffic light.

  30. It’s the fucking BEATLES.

  31. lol, Jonas. Your point is now valid. My bad.

  32. the Beatles

  33. Jonas’ point (besides the fact that it’s the fucking Beatles) is that at this point they are not a band. They are the most iconic musical group of all time. It doesn’t matter if you care or don’t care for The Beatles, you need to know who they are. If someone saw a picture of Michael Jackson and couldn’t identify him would that be grounds for that person to be made fun of? In my opinion, absolutely. I don’t care for him, but if I saw a picture of him I could tell it was him. You need to do some actual learning, not just in school. There are many important people you need to know about that they don’t cover in school, but that’s no excuse to not know who they are or what they do.

  34. Do you not listen to music james?

  35. I think Michael Jackson is far more recognizable. While one could easily argue the influence of the two significant musicians, Michael Jackson had a tremendous amount of media attention in the last couple of years that even one who does not care for his music could probably recognize him.

    I do not deny that the Beatles were an influential band at all. But I seem to have made it this far without being able to recognize the members of the band. Why is it you claim that I NEED to know what they look like? I do plenty of learning, in and out of school. Like in my previous post mentioning that I inform myself on current affairs, which would you prefer me to educate myself on?

    And Jonas, sure I listen to music.

  36. It just seems that if you were maybe even a slightly avid music listener then you’d maybe, happen to, stumble upon “THE Beatles” and maybe know what they did for music? I mean, did you know who they are/were?

  37. It’s common knowledge man. One thing is for sure, if you knew what The Beatles looked like you wouldn’t have to justify to a bunch of people you will never meet how smart and educated you are despite the fact you can’t identify The Beatles.

  38. Lord, it’s frustrating trying to explain to a person like James why his comments are so bizarre. James, doesn’t everyone’s reactions to this tell you something? Are you that thick? It’s the mother jumping BEATLES! Like Doug said, it’s not about them being a band, or their music, it’s that they are ICONS. It’s like not recognizing Santa, Albert Einstein or Mona Lisa

  39. “Santa, Albert Einstein or Mona Lisa”

    And those aren’t the Rolling Stones.

  40. She actually is this stupid, guys. The beatles are great.

  41. Have to say I agree with Jonas.

    It’s the fucking BEATLES.

  42. I’m well aware of the Beatles, and I’m well are of how significant and influential they were/are. I do not know what they look like. I’m not trying to knock them, but I do not care what they look like. I listen to music to be entertained, and the Beatles took a type of entertainment and influenced, for the better, like nobody had before and arguably anybody has since.

    I have my bands that I enjoy and listen to. However, if I know what they look like, that is a rarity. I acknowledge that fact and am comfortable with it. If there is a band that I know what anybody looks like, odds are it is because something significant happened in modern media and their faces were thrown around, but even then, their faces only stuck out to me because there was something memorable about those faces. The Beatles were a couple of attractive white males with no scars, crazy contact lenses or wacky hair styles.

    I treat the music scene as an auditory experience. I am not entertained by adding a visual element to it. It appears that some of you people are. More power to you.

    So Jonas, I am well aware of the Beatles.

    Doug, if I knew what the Beatles looked like, I suspect the result would be that I wouldn’t find this Lamebook addition very lame. Similar to how I now know what the Beatles look like and don’t find this Lamebook addition very lame.

    Kiwi, what the reactions of everybody tells me is that many people find it important to know what the Beatles look like. I recognize their significance, not their faces.

  43. James let me tell you something. I didn’t read your post. Do you know why? It’s because you have already convinced me you are an idiot. When you are ignorant to the point of not knowing who the Beatles are or not seeing the failure to recognize them as idiotic, no one wants to read what you have to say.

  44. It is ridiculous she doesn’t recognize the Beatles, but asking if they are a TWO-person band from current times…

  45. the poster, if you don’t care to read my post, your forfeit your ability to make any reasonable assumptions about me.

  46. are we really going to have to screencap these comments and post them on

  47. James, you forfeited your claim to say anything worth reading.

  48. James, we only need to read your first post to make the reasonable assumption that you are a moron who doesn’t know what The Beatles look like. None of the other posts you have made (in a lame attempt to defend your sorry ass) will make any difference to that assumption.

  49. Why don’t you all lay off James? He’s tenaciously made his point and unlike other people didn’t have to resort to petty insults in order to make it.

  50. Halz, you seem to be very willing to call me dumb, but are not arguing against any of my points. I was enjoying the discussion I was having with Jonas because while I do not agree with what he was saying, he was able to argue.

    You seem unable to argue. Instead, your arguments essentially only come out sounding like, “You’re stupid. No. NO! Shut up! You’re stupid.”

    If you want to argue, let’s argue. If you want to call me a name, have the ability to back it up.

  51. i would argue the beatels are bigger then cancer.

  52. I think she was joking.

    Kinda reminds me of this Kids in the Hall sketch:

  53. You’re right James. I’m unable to argue. I’m at a complete and utter loss. Why should you be able to recognise the most iconic musical group of all time? You win.

  54. Well if you want to argue your point, Helz, you know where to find me.

  55. There’s a difference between KNOWING OF the Beatles and recognizing the Beatles in a photograph. You’d have to live in a cave in Nepal to not have heard of the Beatles, but not being able to recognize what they look like is perfectly reasonable, especially if one just doesn’t find them interesting.

    However, there’s really no reason somebody should look at a picture of the Beatles and think, “Hey, it’s FotC.” They have nothing in common.

  56. oooooohhhh Lamebook wtfight! but what I want to know is what does Chairman Mao think of this issue? Chairman Mao, where are you? Lend us your wisdom!

  57. James and LJC.

    There are only 33 million results. No biggie.

  58. There’s 473 million results for James, but that doesn’t make him culturally ubiquitous.

  59. This is the second time in a week someone didnt recognize the Beatles…What is wrong with the world?!?

  60. Yes it does.

  61. @james

    You know, it’s one thing to not recognize The Beatles. Fine. If I didn’t recognize them, I would feel embarrassed.

    I wouldn’t spend the day defending my ignorance. It’s indefensible. You’re wearing your ignorance like a badge of honor.

    “I do not generally pursue knowledge on the subjects that do no interest me”?? That’s nothing to be proud of.

  62. So anyway James, I guess while you weren’t out committed crimes, you were too busy education yourself.

  63. y’all should familiarize yourselves with the faces of iconic musicians so that the next time Bob Dylan comes wandering through your neighborhood, you don’t call the police:

  64. The world is going to hell in hand basket… the words of jonas…it’s the fucking beatles

  65. The awareness of one’s ignorance and the deliberate effort to maintain or defend it for any reason is, absolutely, stupidity.

    The bare fact of ignorance, though, is much closer to naivete, and the solution is educating oneself (or the individual who happens to be ignorant of a certain fact) as there is seldom an advantage to ignorance.

  66. I hope you at least have the knowledge that Paul was considered the “cute” one.

  67. Sorry James and Jonas, in the name of time I had to scroll through much of that. Aplogies.
    I think Chelsea is the penpal of the Asian girl who thought the Beatles were the BeeGees. And I’m thinking they are orphans with no relatives who were around in the 60s.

  68. Wow. This is intense.
    I must admit that I was totally taken aback with this one too… I mean most ppl can recognize the Beatles, assuming they haven’t spent your entire life somewhere that has no contact with the modern world and/or popular culture. However, that clearly doesn’t apply to this facebooking toddler, so I doubt there’s a good excuse.

  69. Jonas, I want to kiss you.

  70. Oh and BunchOfFives, I want to kiss you too.

  71. @LJC Dammit! I was hoping that no one would get it, and someone would triumphantly declare me an idiot, and then I could swoop in with my sarcastic rebuttal.

    Maybe next time.

  72. James, although people on this board have pretty much have your smack down covered, I felt compelled to chime in that you are a complete idiot. Witnessed not only by your lack of recognition of the Beatles, your (lame) defense of it, but by your overly formal language, which usually signifies someone attempting to cover up for their lack of street/book smarts. Dude, it’s the fucking Beatles. You might as well say you don’t recognize a can of Pepsi because you drink Coke. Or just go ahead and cave to the pressure – admit you are a clueless individual with a world view as broad as toothpick, because that’s how narrow it must be if you cannot recognize one of the greatest bands of all time (objectively speaking – forget about “taste” – this is about musical influence, cultural zeitgeist, albums sold).

  73. And James, just please, shut up now: “The Beatles were a couple of attractive white males with no scars, crazy contact lenses or wacky hair styles.”

  74. This thread has just replaced the Komodo Dragon as my favourite.

  75. Masta Batang Dollar Billz

    So, uh, hey guys. What’s going on in this thread?

  76. James, Jonas, STFU.

  77. Hey man, all I’m saying is that I keep getting older but they stay the same age.

  78. I think James is 8 years old. That explains why he cant recognize the Beatles..Maybe.

  79. hmm…this picture looks familiar…


  81. The Beatles are bigger than Jesus. :)

  82. That’s it. I’m starting right now! James will be the first entry.

    Ignorance is not a badge of merit.

  83. I would like to declare that james does not represent all Jameses.

  84. It’s ok James2, we know. I have a nephew called James who’s 8 and he knows what The Beatles look like.

  85. waaah, he doesn’t recognize the beatles, waaah!

  86. beatles suck, by the way.

  87. Chelsea should be shot in both her knee caps and wrapped in saran wrap and dumped in the river with a cement block tied around her neck! Whats wrong with kids these days!

    And to James 3…you suck too.

  88. Hey James: stop being a little whiny pussy. Lamebook doesn’t need a poster child.

  89. James, I teach history. I can tell you that a PICTURE of The Beatles are in the history book I teach out of.

    You said, “The Beatles were a couple of attractive white males with no scars, crazy contact lenses or wacky hair styles.”

    Wacky hairstyles? Do you know they pretty much changed the fashion scene in the US in the 60s?

    If you know what Elvis looks like, then you should know what the Beatles look like. If you don’t then you must not be exposed to anything.

    To me, being smart in school means nothing unless you have exposure to some things. Exposure=knowledge.

  90. I, for one, am glad that some young people don’t know or care about the beatles. They should have their own idols, not their parents’ or grandparents’ idols.

  91. @WhatWhat: It’s not about idolization. People should like what they like, yes, I agree; most commenters here probably would. But the fact of the matter is that the Beatles are culturally significant for light years beyond the actual, audible music they made, and THAT is a very, very important thing to understand, whether you listen to Miley Cyrus or Beethoven, whether you’re 80 or 8.

    It’s kind of like saying “I’m glad today’s kids don’t know or care about the American Revolution.” Whether or not they want to fight in that war (well, you know, they can’t, because it happened already, but you know what I mean), they should at the very least know about it

    (Is anyone else seriously disturbed by the fact that the Safari spellchecker doesn’t recognize the word “Beatles”?)

  92. Hahaha, I think this is awesome.

  93. Dear god, how does someone not recognise The Beatles?

    I mean really. Utterly amazing!

  94. Hey, hey, were the monkees. And people say we monkey around.

  95. haha! paul is the cute one! also guys the beatles were in my high school history textbooks so they ARE part of education in america. anyone who doesn’t respect their role in society should have to go to music rehab. or be shot on sight.

  96. I think James is a robot and his programmers neglected to update him to the most recent SP. I always set my robots to update automatically just to avoid this kind of embarrassment.

  97. LOL OK that’s called a joke. It’s funny because the Beatles are well known and she is pretending to not know who they are! HILARIOUS! Do you get it now, internet?

  98. @James: Wow… y’know, I don’t listen to reggae, but I still recognize a picture of Bob Marley when I see one…

    Cultural literacy FTW. Not living under a rock FTWx2.

  99. Someone mentioned the use of overly formal language to make oneself sound like they are clearly the smartest person alive in an argument!

    And I thought I was the only one who noticed this..

    Also lol FotC.

  100. best ever

  101. So there I was, smiling because of this pic, and then I read the comments.

    My smile died

  102. @Gizlone
    i’m with ya.

  103. OH. My. GOD. Culture fail.

  104. This is the Chelsea who posted that…

    I still don’t see what’s so funny…rnt they the flight of the conchords dudes? right?

    And in response to everyone else…who are the Beatles???

  105. If you’re actually the real Chelsea, you’re either a naive 14 yr old or just plain dumb. Ever tried to use GOOGLE??

  106. i might just punch that chelsea girl in the head

  107. …….. no. just… no.

  108. Listen, I am little bit offended at not being recognised. Look, I like Flight of the Conchords as much as the next guy, but Ringo, John, George and I tried to incorporate humour into our public image as well. To get confused with Flight of the Conchords is flattering, as it shows we were successful, but I think George, Ringo and I should get some credit.

    Oh and, not recognising me is a little strange. I mean, I can understand avoiding everything that isn’t within your comfort zone and then bragging about it. Hell, that’s what’s kept Christianity alive for so long. But come, bragging about it. Not knowing something is the definition of ignorance and deliberately being ignorant is the definition of closed minded and stupid. Sure, there are more important things in the world than the most influential musical act of the twentieth century, selling close to a billion records, but surely there’s some room in there for us.

    Oh and check out my bass playing on Something, Taxman and Baby You’re a Rich Man. Class A stuff, man.

  109. Flight Of The Conchords are way better than the Beatles. The Beatles are the most over-rated band in history. They were just a boyband whose management took advantage of the first MTV. You know, ordinary TV when it was new and when transatlantic flight was becoming affordable and available. N*Sync, Backstreet Boyz and so on are no fucking different.

  110. oh noez dey rnt!

  111. how dare you say the Beatles were a fucking boy band loves to spooge you obviously know nothing on the subject and have never actually listened to their music. why dont you open your fucking mund and do a little research before you go making asinine comments like that and you said “whose management took advantage of the first MTV” what the fuck are you talking about MTV wasnt around until fucking 1977

  112. @ cshoemake

    There is so much fail in your above comment, I don’t even know where to begin…

  113. Astounding ignorance. Well done, James.

  114. Spooge, you’re an idiot. Boy bands are so much different than the Beatles that it almost causes me physical harm to put them in the same sentence together. You’re an idiot who was probably raised on terrible music, so I don’t know why I’m bothering, but here goes. The Beatles are so culturally significant that 40 years later, their albums are being re-released along with a video game based on their music, and both of those things are selling well. They influenced basically EVERY SINGLE MUSICIAN from the 70′s to the 90′s, and a ton today. Even if the musician wasn’t influenced by the Beatles, they were probably influenced by someone who was. To recap: it’s the fucking Beatles.

  115. Otrola, you know you’re a legend right?

    FOTC are very funny and all, I love the series, but seriously..well as Otrola put it;

    It’s the fucking Beatles.

  116. Its the fucking Beatles

    You called? Stop abusing my name for fuck’s sake! :|

  117. Its the fucking Beatles

    And just to clarify James, it’s the fucking Beatles man. C’mon now! :P

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