Monday, February 1, 2010

Right and Wrong

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  1. There could have been a tad more effort into the drawing on the hand, maybe made the mouth from the pointer finger and thumb…other than that I likey.

  2. Someone has too much time on their hands. Boom tish!

  3. This is more hilarious than lame.

    “I’m all right!” Hahaha!

  4. I gotta hand it to them…

  5. The drawing has Paris Hilton eyes.

  6. Not enough lips for me.

  7. That face was no doubt smeared by the end of the day and he had ink stains on his dick.

  8. That mouth is really small. Poor Trevor.

  9. WTF is this? Is this the best you guys can come up with?

  10. Calm down.

  11. Beanstalker has a very sensitive lame-palette.

  12. wooow someone has too much time on his hands… :D

  13. Spanka beat you to it dinosgorawr…sorry.

  14. Oh, for fucks sake!

    Someone give this guy a hand! *zing*

  15. lmao

  16. This is win. The comments are win. I have to hand it to you guys.

  17. cute.

  18. Hmmm, some one elses name apears on lamebook… He’ll never be she who might be maimed though.

  19. This is pretty damn awesome

  20. He should make a page for Trevors Left as well, so he can brag about his threesome experience.

    @Roacsors: I second that.

  21. Get a load of that…

  22. there’s something really funny about this but I can’t put my finger on it…

  23. #17
    you said it.
    high five anyone?

  24. As lame as this is, there has to be other folks out there that have thought about doing the exact same thing as Trevor here.

  25. “Lulla – He should make a page for Trevors Left as well, so he can brag about his threesome experience.”

    Haha! Win!

    So, it seems Ms. Right has changed her relationship details. I just had to check this out for myself, and “she” went from “In A Relationship wtih Trevor [Insert last name]” to just “In A Reltationshp.” Perhaps Trevor got wind of this?? :(

  26. **Relationship – damn typos! :p

  27. if my hand cheated on me I would cut that bitch!

  28. @ Lulla: your comment reminded me of that Andrew Dice Clay routine where he suggests that prior to masturbation, you lay on your left arm for half an hour till it goes numb – so it’s like “doing it” with a strange chick.

    Then, you lay on the other arm, and you can pretend you have her twin sister playing with your ballbag at the same time.

  29. I'm Canadian Also

    If this was created by a friend of Trevor’s as a joke Trevor was a good sport by confirming that he and his right are “in a relationship” – though as beckyboo points out he is no longer displayed.

  30. I love that the hand has to be female. Otherwise onanism would be totally gay…

  31. When Trevor and Trevors Hand go on a date, who pays? Who greets their friends?

    For Trevor’s sake I hope Trevors Hand never cheats on Trevor – unless she becomes gay.

    I kind of feel sorry for Trevors Left. She has to pretty up Trevors Right’s face but doesn’t get to be in a relationship with Trevor, etc.

  32. I’m friends with Trevor on facebook, and he’s still listed as “in a relationship with Trevors Right”.. you guys probably can’t see it due to privacy restrictions.

    @ I’m Canadian Also – Trevor did create this profile himself

  33. Oh wait.. Nevermind. He must have recently changed his relationship status, he is now set to “single”. He probably did catch wind of this. :(

  34. This is getting too touchy-feely for me…

  35. What I notice is the relationship has been going since may 1st 1988; is that when he first had the hand (i.e. being born), or more disturbingly, the day he first discovered what his hand can do !!

  36. Hmmm. Trevor himself is a fan on lamebook..?

  37. @ Storblington Ah, yes, the stranger…

  38. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    I really did find this hilarious

  39. Pardon the puns

  40. What a handsome lady.

  41. hootie the blowfish

    Haha Trevor’s profile says he is a fan of Lamebook. He definitely saw it on here. Maybe his significant other sent it in – the left hand doesn’t (want to) know what the right is doing!

  42. *facepalm*

  43. *palmdick*

  44. *palmpalm*

    Wait… Is that group sex now..?

  45. I think it depends if he’s washed his hands or not.

  46. What a handsome profile pic.

  47. Well, it seems Trevor has a good handle on puns. Seriously, he’s got a good grasp of the concept. Although I guess this post is loosing its grip on reality, it still deserves the hands you’ve been handing it. As for the face, I assume he drew it with his left hand, so its good to know he’s not lame and can still palm a pen when he needs to with his left, while righty palms a different kind of pen… But lets not point the finger here, everyone does it right? Besides, everyone needs a right hand man, or in this case, woman.

  48. i just hope ‘trevors right’ doesn’t post any photos of him/her while at work!


  50. It’s Mrs Palmer with her 4 daughters and her queer thumb.

  51. so a high five=a slap in the face?

  52. @Gogloplex:

    Well, this guy was fist. You paw thing.

  53. @mykimani: good one! hahahaha!

    @Gogloplex: YOU.ARE.FIRED!

  54. Hey Lamebook Admins! What happened to blurring out faces so no-one knew who the photo was of, in case they knew them/bumped into them in the street??!

  55. Because relationships cost money…

  56. Maybe he gets a state hand-out?

  57. What kind of hand jobs do you think she gives?

  58. @ 1

    If he’s right handed, he probably had to draw that face with his left hand…and writing let alone drawing with your weak hand is pretty hard, lol.

  59. LMAO their anniversary is on my birthday…
    This idea was a total WIN

  60. They should totally blur out the face.

  61. I just became a member of lamebook 3 minutes ago… I did not post this on lamebook… but I think it’s awesome that others can laugh with/at me now lol

    I made the profile myself because I was bored writing an essay/ making fun of my own downfalls with women.

  62. Nice to put a face to something you fuck.

  63. @Zippo – WIN

  64. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    This is a STROKE of genuis here.

  65. Bet her name is Rosy :P and I do not doubt she is dedicated to “the job at hand”

    I liked it, clever.

  66. PALMela HANDerson

  67. @yaya: rosie palmer ftw!

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